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  1. These are the local police force which are drawn primarily from locals. The RRU are only used in special operations as they are Anti-terrorist task force. The RRU have different hardware and equipment, recently got upgraded toys.
  2. Taiwanese Oil imports reached close to 300 million barrels in 2022. 75% of the imports come from Middle East (i.e. Saudi Arabia). Taiwanese National Oil Company (CPC) recently purchased 49% of Genel Energy's Somaliland Oil holdings. It is expected that Somaliland will be in a position to export its first Oil to Taiwan by the end of 2024. Currently CPC is building a huge Oil Depot in Berbera Port. ----- Taiwan: Oil imports surge in first five months in Freight News 28/06/2022 As crude oil prices rise sharply this year due to the war in Ukraine, the value of Taiwan’s oil imports surged by 75.6 percent to US$11.9 billion in the first five months of this year compared with the same period last year, the Ministry of Finance said in a report on Thursday. The import value is expected to reach from US$28 billion to NT$31 billion by the end of the year, the highest in eight years, the ministry said. Taiwan is almost entirely dependent on imports for its oil supply, the ministry said, adding that the import volume was stable from 2012 to 2019, at above 300 million barrels a year, while the import value fluctuated with changes in international oil prices. Taiwan last year imported 282.88 million barrels of oil, up 6.6 percent from a year earlier, while the import value rose 59 percent to US$19.9 billion, as the reopening of major economies boosted crude oil prices, the ministry said. That was in contrast to 2020, when the nation imported 265.26 million barrels of oil, down 18 percent from a year earlier, while the import value plunged 41.5 percent to US$12.5 billion, the lowest in 18 years, after responses to the spread of COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the global economy and severely dented oil demand and prices, the ministry said. Oil imports this year have extended momentum from last year, as the war in Ukraine drove oil prices to more than US$100 per barrel, it said. The nation imported 121.86 million barrels of oil in the first five months, up 10.9 percent from a year earlier, at average prices of US$97.80 per barrel, the ministry said. Most of the nation’s oil imports came from the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia accounting for 34.5 percent and Kuwait contributing 20.1 percent in the first five months, while those from the US comprised 21.1 percent of the total during the first five months thanks to an increase in shale oil imports, it said. Taiwan’s exports of refined petroleum products also have a high correlation with oil prices, the ministry said. In 2013, exports of such products reached US$22.9 billion, but dropped in subsequent years, with the value falling to US$5.7 billion in 2020, the lowest in 17 years, it said. Exports of refined products last year increased 68.8 percent from a year earlier to US$9.7 billion, and increased 100.5 percent to US$6.5 billion in the first five months of this year, of which diesel exports accounted for 55 percent of the total and gasoline products comprised 20 percent, the ministry said. Source: Taipei Times
  3. LOL Gallad ishuu ka raday maamulka Garowe ee hadal daciif ah meesha la soo taagan.
  4. The unethical lip-service and false hope continues. Coming clean and telling the people that you have nothing for them, must be the hardest thing to say.
  5. Pictures that will make the Anti-Somaliland groups cry. As the Somaliland security forces mop up operation comes to conclusion, parts of the city are now open for traffic and normalcy.
  6. Somaliland will join a handful of African countries to get Starlink enabled. Somaliland's MSG Group, SomCable will be the contractor enabler of Starlink in Somaliland.
  7. Amin Amir is a prepaid callbox. He is a man of no principles.
  8. @galbeedi You are reading too much into this. It will never see the light of day. Kuwa lacagta ururinya, waar lacagtiina haysta, walee rag ayaa daaro ku dhisan doona waliba Hargeisa ayay ka dhisan doonaan.
  9. You are wrong. There is some donations but absolutely the Somaliland exists on its own. Yes, recently there has been some donors who fund projects but they do not fund anything to do with the Somaliland system. They fund specific projects which have start and end, for example water projects, road project, even education project. Since its inception, Somaliland national army was 100% financed, funded by Somaliland Gov't. Ethiopia and UK have scholarship for Army Staff and Officers - those who are in the office doing the nitty-gritty stuff of planning, budgeting and training.
  10. The International Community cannot dictate anything to Somaliland. For Somaliland's security is home grown and they have no say in it. Back in 1990s, United Nations Secretary General Betros Betros Ghali put a lot of pressure on Somaliland to accept foreign millitary to be deployed to Berbera. Both President Tuur and later on President Egal totally rejected the proposals and even declared the UN Rep PnG Since those days, Somaliland has kept an arms length of foreign powers to get involved into its own internal issues. Somaliland has always proved them wrong. And today, nothing is going to change.
  11. Meanwhile, Ahmed Karaash, the VP of Puntland, left Garowe after disagreement with his leader. He has moved a few technicals and melitia to somewhere just outside Puntland's new Customs office. This is possbily a response to mounting pressure from the Dhul*hante clan members for him to do something. This is what he is able to do, just for the cameras. As it will be suicidal if he tries to mount an attack on Somaliland Army.
  12. The clean up and mop up operations by the Security services is going smoothly. We have uncovered safe houses where bullets and other explosives were stored, about 50 armed gangs are apprehended. It is a very delicate operation as it involves cordoning a whole section of the town and going house by house and room by room. And in the process minimising impact to civilians. Movement between different parts are prohibited as to stop armed gangs moving their weapons and what not between different sections of the town.
  13. That is wrong assessment. Every region has equal opportunity to register and vote. The political parties have 10 year license. The 10 year license of existing political parties have come to an end which is why 2 political associations belonging to the Dhul*hante are now vying to compete in the upcoming election to gain the "Political Party" license for the next 10 years. There is no free lunch and certainly there is no one that is going to give anything for free, you have to work for it. It is a very competitive environment.
  14. Another crude oil seep comes to surface near Berbera.
  15. Latest news coming from Burco say that a huge column of armed security forces have just passed through the town heading for the East.
  16. Hargeisa bypass is now almost complete.
  17. Another ship carrying Food for WFP arrived in Berbera, this is the second ship total over 50 thousand tons of wheat from Ukraine. Also another ship carrying 28 thousand tons of Wheat belonging to local businessman Al-Harbi Group's Al-Waddaniya Flour Mill arrived in Berbera back in September.
  18. Former Puntland leader lets cat out, says Puntland is not in a position to help Laascaanood.
  19. Sow maantaba 13kii Garaad Somaliland kama soo horjeesteen? Midnimo taa ka badan oo aad raadinayso anigu garan maayo. Hadii aad leeday 110% dadku meel ha isugu wada raaco. Wax caqli gal ah maha. Una malayn maayo inay suurta gal tahay. There will always be 5% that will oppose anything. Having said that, it will not have any change on the ground. Somaliland have passed the stage when few people would be enough to change the course. I think, Xaabsade was the first to find out. Once Somaliland goes into anywhere and settles down and makes itself home, it is for good. It will defend those positions at whatever the cost.
  20. Back in 2018 when Somaliland Army went as close as 25km outside Garowe, it was Ex-President Faroole who went on the phone with President Muse Biixi. The National Army were retreated to where they are today which is around 50km from Garowe.
  21. LOL this is news: Deni already on the phone to Mujaahid Muse Biixi Cabdi.
  22. If this, if that, if if. In this world nothing aligns for anyone in row like a line of ducks. You have to create the opportunity. There has been many opportunities including today's. And Garowe tried to take advantage previously but they were defeated, fairly and sqaurely. You cannot possibly expect someone to deliver when they have not left anything behind in their fforts but still failed. That is the situation in Garowe. They have been defeated, both militarily and politically. And this time round, there is nothing that is going to change from another guaranteed defeat. Which is why Garowe is playing lip-service more than anything else. So this "if this, if that, if if" is just that - words on a screen. Not really. That is far from truth. The clan itself is divided - naturally. It is not b/c Somaliland spent anything on it. Somaliland just welcomes anyone who comes to her and where our interests meet. That includes uniting the whole Sool clan clan if that meets our interests. So this idea that Somaliland is actively dividing, is just not true. There is very meagre resource in this part of the world which is not enough for the whole Dhulbhante clan to divide up. It is only enough for one or two smaller clans - and Somaliland helps those smaller clans to gain access to those resources. That fundementle truth is not going to change anytime soon. In fact, as Somaliland's economy grows and its military prowess increases, the opposition's significant reduces. Today, Somaliland is at very strong position, much stronger than it was 10 years ago. And those who oppose Somaliland have become weaker.
  23. A lot of security forces are taking positions around the city. Checkpoints are being erected. If peace and freedom has become a problem for the locals. Now checkpoints and security operations will become the normal.