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  1. Somaliland President have tonight met with the Opposition Party leaders and iron out all outstanding political differences so the country goes into a united war footing against terror cells and their backers.
  2. LOL Waar tani waa hadal daysay. Walaahi aakhiro ayaa la iskula dhaadhacaya.
  3. Somaliland Army is closely coordinating plans to capture or kill the Terror cells with its International partners.
  4. According to military experts, the armed melitia who are hiding inside the town, have greatly reduced their firing since yesterday afternoon. There are two reasons for this. 1. They are running low in ammunitions. 2. They are digging in defensive posture, rather than their offensive posture in the last few days. Laascaanood area is now a military only zone. No vehicles are allowed to enter the town, but vehicles are allowed to leave and checked thoroughly. Any prisoner caught who are recognised as being from Puntland will not be returned to Puntland as previously done, as Puntland has stated that they are not taking part. The same goes for other PoWs from Somali State or elswhere. They will forever be held in captivity in Somaliland.
  5. The town of Laascaanood sits on roughly 5km by 5km sq, not hugely big in the grand scheme of things. It is probably a midsized town.
  6. A number of South Somalia terrorist cells have been spotted in Laascaanood including Fuad Shangoole and Cabdi Madoobe. Like rats, if you see one of them, there are certainly many of them around. Another good reason why Somaliland must decisively clean up Laascaanood.
  7. I agree. Fake news will give way to real facts on the ground. Dumarka iyo caruur, we will play the long game. Ayaga u baahan nidaam iyo kala danbayn iyo school iyo magaalo nabad ah, ciidanka Qaranku is not going anywhere. Sawiro iyo video taariikhda gala ayaa dhacay in the last few weeks.
  8. There are already signs that the melitia is running out of fuel and bullets as the intensity of the indiscriminate firing from their side has greatly reduced.
  9. First of all, Somaliland Army is not the one on the offensive at the moment. It is the misguided militias that were told to fight Somaliland that has been attacking without any success in the last 3 days. Secondly, Somaliland is open to talks, the other side is not. So the stragety at the moment are two pronged: 1. To force the Garaads to come to the table, this is so far the strategy that Somaliland has taken with minimum force applied to the city. 2. To eventually go into the city and clean up the mess, and at the same time open talks with those who want to talk. In this later strategy, the talks will not have significant as the first option. Laascanood is not going anywhere but Somaliland. There is enough force available on all sides to completely flatten it, but we are not. We will take the most sensible option to get to the goals.
  10. is that all you came up with? The army has so far displayed a huge self-restraint. It is playing defensive for the last 3 days. Has not moved into the city. But when the time is right, the army will enter the city. In the meantime, a lot of people have chance to get out of the city before street to street fighting starts.
  11. LOL Burco is too far. There is a military hospital in Oog, why go to Burco? kkk Beentu lug la qabto ayay leeday. The news I am getting is, the Army is not even fighting at all, they are fighting with one hand.
  12. @galbeedi Contrary to the false news, in fact, the Somaliland base in Gooja Cadde which is about 7 km outside Laascaanood was attacked. Somaliland was just responding and as part of the response the attackers were quickly broken and chased back to the suburbs where a bit of fighting took place. The SL Army was pulled out once again. However, the melitia kept firing, trying to pull the SL into the city. That is where it is.
  13. The other clown that should just keep their mouth shut and disappear is the VP of Puntland Ahmed Karaash. This fool had the audacity to put on camouflages for igu-sawir. After few minutes returns back to his Garowe safe house.
  14. Is Farmaajo still talking? Farmaajo's comments he made live on TV will forever be cemented into the history books, no amount of gimmick or social media posts will erase that shameful history of his.
  15. LOL These people are fighting a war that is already been lost. Somaliland is Fait Accompli.
  16. Among the dead is SSC melitia commander Maxamuud Ali xirsi CARTAN (Afgaab), the grand son of Xirsi Cartan Boos.
  17. Garaad Jaamac Garaad Ismaciil oo la hadlaaya Garaad Jaamac Garaad Cali, "Car magaalada ka bax". It is said, Garaad Jaamac left the city. Waar ninku fulaysanaa. Miyuu xataa maydka inta laga aasayo joogo? Sawirkaa ayay ku soo dhamaatay filimkii. Nin dadkiisi ayuu u tudhay, nina intu halaag ku baaqay ayuu dhabarka jeediyay.
  18. Ilaa 2004kii ilaa 2007kii ilaa Tukaraq, guusha way sheegan jireen, laakin runta iyo reality waa different. Saaka mayd kii ay ka carareen hadeer ayay Dawladda Somaliland soo ururisay. Kuwo aan xataa mayd kooda qaadan karin.
  19. LOL cheap. Nin laga adkaaday ayuunba caytama. Anyway, the news I am getting say otherwise. There was no agreement in this gimmick declaration which is why it lacks signatures. Filimkan waa soo dhamaanaya.