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  1. On 4/14/2020 at 3:24 PM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    Truth hurts  the onlf is a failed organisation they have been in the bush since 1984. Its a failed silly subclan organisation and it will never amount to anything. I know the truth hurts laakin that's the reality on the ground. And ina cagjar is there to rehabilitate them back into the Ethiopian society. 

    You do not think the establishment of Kililka was great success?

    You do not think self government was not a success?

    A lot has been achieved and ONLF was part of most of it. ONLF even participated on something they did not like initially like Liyu or educational system.

    ONLF also had improved a lot in the last decade. They had minimum obstruction on eduacation, health and development activities. I know where Kililka brought Ethiopian engineers from other Ethnics and made them work in far away small villages without any security risk from ONLF.

    ONLF just missed the negotiation with Illey. ONLF should have accepted everything and entered Jigjiga while Illey was transitioning and be first in Ethiopia long before Abiy or anyone has come to power. Would have been smooth transition and Amxara could not have done anything to dismantle Radio, TV, Education, Liyu, Construction companies...etc that they are doing now.




  2. On 4/17/2020 at 9:42 PM, Holac said:

    Deni is on the torturous path of premature failure.  

    Something looks run out of steam in Puntland. Either Deni, past admin people, future contenders, federal posts and positions hopefuls...all run out of steam. Very dangerous.

    Nothing seems to be that important anymore at this time. Somaliland is not on the Radar, Mugadishu is not on the Radar, Arabs like UAE don't seem to be on the Radar....

    Puntland needs to focus on some issue, regardless what. Needs the focus and concentration of energy. Even the diaspora seems gone to sleep, not driving or pushing any issues.


  3. On 4/17/2020 at 10:57 PM, Apophis said:

    Propaganda 101.

    I am actually convinced, barring major fck up, Abtigiis will win bigly over the ONLF.

    They have been flat footed and weak when it comes to propaganda war. They are underestimating him.

    Which is a shame as he is an Amharic stooge and will set back the people of that region another 50 years.

    Most likely that will happen. The autonomy will be set back and even disappear in a decade.

    ONLF catastrophic mistake was not taking over from Illey. Illey wanted to have smoth transfer and ONLF were told the situation. ONLF trusted information from Eritrea rather than from Kililka.

    Abiy and Co. were very fast in disrupting any transition by Illey. That was the difference between Afar and Somali. The Afar changed leader, but was no room for Amxara to interfere and also no violence or even small disruption.


  4. On 4/15/2020 at 6:34 AM, Suldaanka said:

    Construction as far as the eye can see.... 


    Very pleasing to the eye.

    These machines do not sit there and talk politics. They do something that will be there for long time.

    Hopefully after this Coronavirus distraction the roads to Kililka and the dry port will be priority.


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  5. Accusations and counter accusations are a game that go up and down in ante..


    Unfortunatly the accusation that says, Farmaajo admin co-operating with Shabab, has more traction than the other. Every one I know thinks from somewhat likely to very likely. I do not know of any person that says its impossible, its very unlikely for Farmaajo to secretly do something with Al Shabab.




  6. Eastern (2,113; 46; 401): Djibouti (732; 2; 76), Eritrea (35; 0; 0), Ethiopia (105; 3; 16), Kenya (262; 12; 60), Madagascar (117; 0; 33), Mauritius (324; 9; 108), Rwanda (143; 0; 65), Seychelles (11; 0; 5), Somalia (116; 5; 2), South Sudan (4; 0; 0), Sudan (62; 10; 5), Tanzania (147; 5; 11), Uganda (55; 0; 20)



    Country or region (first number is infected, second number is dead, third number is recovered)

    Of course they are not testing. The Ethiopian numbers make total sense now.

    Both Eritrea and Ethiopia have high density,very low technology and educational development, poor diet, lack of enough food, ...yet their reporting does not make sense if you consider them as part of the system. It only make sense when one realizes that Eritrea is most likely just the capital and Ethiopia case about 50% of its land mass has not included in any reporting.


  7. Suldaanka,

    Don't brag too much. Australia is just an outback nomadic country of 25 million on geography the size of USA.

    There are few countries that really acted that had all the making of disaster, and avoided.

    Germany, Turkish, Euro Asia/Russia (mix of big land small population and also hard work),

    Iran also came out well considering the circumstances. Germany was first in everything..test machine, test materials..etc. Turkish have 3 different kinds of machines. Australia is making progress to vaccine, but has no invention in terms of testing or medication.


    Considerering the British getting burned by hesitation, Australia has performed well.



  8. 2 hours ago, Holac said:

    Guess what is going to happen in the next few months or a year? The world will defeat this disease, but Africa will become the newest and only hotspot and the rest of the world will quarantine Africa, Africans shunned and called "corona carriers". It is very possible. It is how the game of poverty works. 

    You brought out every African's nightmare.

    Imagine the shame the humiliation either the disaster that can happen back home or in Western countries.

    Heaven forbid if something bad happens in Mugadishu every Somali anywhere will feel the shame and embarrassment.



  9. 1 hour ago, maakhiri1 said:

    What is Germany and Turkey doing? To reduce death rate? 

    According to both German and Turkish officials:

    1. They got into preparation mode when they saw Wuhan lockdown

    2. The family doctors/general practitioners/ district health officer in Turkish have a lot of authority and also responsibility unlike American where who ever pays has the authority.

    3. There was already two months ago end of Februaray a formulae what to do with infected but not sick, infected and sick mildly, infected/sick moderately and infected/sick extremely.

    The German minister said that all the investment of decades showed up and also the good infrastructure and governments decision to go into full preparation as if Wuhan was going to happen in Germany.


  10. Suldaanka,

    Never rely on people like us who can be cheated so simply.

    Remember the whole talk here about the IMF WB pages and pages in SOL.

    Farmaajo did not do diddly squats about it. He was getting information on what is being done from those who failed to get money like Abiy.
    Farmaajo and Co. were just making propaganda out of nothing, the same way bankers make money out of nothing.

    We all fell for it and applauded and some even danced...its so funny yet sad how we think we are so informed yet simply dupped to waste time over nothing.

    Farmaajo will do whatever Abiy tells him to do.

    If Abiy can get away in postponing or changing the election system in Ethiopia, Farmaajo will do the same. Including holding meeting in 4-5 places small groups of which 3-4 of these will be under Ethiopian observation.

  11. MMA,

    Have you ever heard the saying - Its much easier to deceieve people first time and almost impossible to show them that they have been deceived.-

    Check the court papers in Ethiopia, even the flimssy ones the go vernment presented:
    1. Illey was a separatist who wanted to destroy unity of Ethiopia
    2. Illey has encouraged the Somali youth equivalent to Oromo Qero..to burn Churches, expel Oromos...danger to unity of country and resulting in loss of life on Christians.

    Do you see anything there what Illey may or maynot have done to his fellow Somalis?

    What does that tell you?
    1. All that face book propaganda could have been manufactured
    2. It was not important enough for Abiy or Cagjar once Illey was removed from the chair they were after.

    You have been had.

  12. On 4/12/2020 at 7:51 PM, galbeedi said:

    The sun can not be covered with hands. Turkey have a capacity to help its neighbors.

    Their death rate is small . Turkey  are sending PPE to Uk.


    I like it

    Its very uplifting for all Middle East people. Seeing in London the sign is very meaningful.

    It goes to show you that the Egyptians were never important and have never amounted to anything. They cannot even help one place that is almost under their control, GAZA.

    Where as Turkish are helping Qatar and Iran providing them enough protection and friendship when everybody trying to isolate them.

    Turkish are really establishing the Turkic brotherhood from Mediteranean to China.

    Turkish are trying to help Somali, Yemen, Sudanese, Xabeshi, Kenya...etc anyone that was remotely related to Ottomans as well as at this time is not "servant" of some groups.



  13. 4 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    He is right onlf is a terrorist organisation and they took allot of lives not just amhara or tigray but allot of  the same clan they claim to fight for. 

    Kililka is a reflection of all Somali people. Every clan is represented in the territory.

    It has become a habit that if one clan is with Amxara the other is with British or Italian. You are just a continuation of that.

    ONLF at different times has tried and done fairly well in uniting the Somali people. ONLF was part of the group that achieved autonomy that you do not seem to mind throwing it away just to hate on ONLF and friendship with Amxara.

    No matter what  happens in Ethiopia Amxara will never be even one tenth of what they used to be.

    Amxara do not brag Xabesha anymore, since the only real Xabeshi is Tigray

    Amxara have no hope of their language to continue in use...give it 10 years will be gone

    Amxara cannot change the federal system and as long as that system is alive they have no chance on earth..

    ONLF is actually back at 91 when it has full support of all Somalis in North. Djibouti, Somaliland and Puntland for sure. ONLF had delegation sent all three and made up what ever went wrong during Meles days.




  14. 1 hour ago, Haatu said:

    Abtigiis is a stooge. We all seem to be forgetting that he was handpicked by Abiy. I don't know why people expect him to act any differently.

    Lesson of the color revolutions and good sounding good looking slogans:

    If you see someone accusing another without concrete facts, without alternatives, without way to correct the others mistakes...etc rest assured the new guy is going to do the same only differently.

    If somebody shouts corrurption, corruption without facts and also how to prevent the next corrupt..it means he is telling you let me have my turn the other guy has taken enough.


    Illey was accused of very contradictory things:

    Somalis were told Illey is "devil" incarnate, cruel, torturer, murderer and he belongs to this clan....

    Amxara were told Illey is this Somali snake who has finished preparation to separate Kililka and the Tigray are not going to do anything about it.

    Oromo were told that Illey is typical Somali nomad who will invade you if he continues arming and training Somali Nomads. Illey is secretly wotrking with ONLF..etc.


    Facts are:

    Ethiopia did not accuse Illey of any cruelty or anything of what happened to Somalis

    Contrary Illey is accused of what happened to Amxara when Illey was under house arrest by army already.

    Cagjar accuses Illey of being separatist and teaching hate of Amxara rule. For that Cagjar is told "you are next candidate for prime minister when we have unitary system and an amXara is president.


  15. On 4/12/2020 at 2:54 PM, Holac said:

    This disease will cause a lot of harm to Somali people everywhere. Ilaahow na caawi. 

    I think the effect will be very low.

    This virus seems to almost in every case prefer density. That was true in Asia and is now proving true in America and Europe. That will help.

    Addis Ababa will be the criterion/indicator. Density, nt so clean, not so organized especially zones older than 30 years and never destroyed and rebuilt.

    India is another powder cake. The Hindu are already scared and ministers of Modi are accusing blaming scapegoating Muslims where ever they go and whatever they do.

  16. Saudi Arabia is gathering and shipping back Ethiopians by the thousands.

    Ethiopia does not have the capacity to quarantine these many people on daily or weekly arrivals.

    Abiy friendship and diplomas from Saudi and UAE has not helped a bit. Saudis are not even responding to begging from Ethiopian authorities to slow the deportations.

    UN warns Saudi deportation of Ethiopian migrants to fuel coronavirus spread

    he United Nations says Saudi Arabia’s recent deportation of thousands of Ethiopian migrants will risk the spread of the new coronavirus, urging Riyadh to suspend the practice for the time being.

    The UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Monday that Saudi Arabia has so far deported 2,870 Ethiopian migrants to Addis Ababa since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

    An aid worker familiar with the deportations, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that "about 3,000" Ethiopian migrants have arrived from Saudi Arabia in the past 10 days.

    "The expulsion and deportation of Ethiopian irregular migrants while their country's COVID-19 response is under-prepared puts them in harm's way," said Catherine Sozi, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Ethiopia.

  17. Any talk of this type that does not remotely involve Ghelleh is:

    1. 99% fake trial balloon put for internet and waste others time
    2. Not Somali idea or process, but ordered by foreigners who remain hidden for a reason
    3. It has no Somali interest, content or purpose to it except serve someone's "masters".

    Talk now should have been Coronavirus even if it was for propaganda. But NO has to be covered by the top lie, to bring SL back.

    Make the lie big. Seems to work.

    Before any talk of anything Somalia and Somaliland should renew, validate and make public the agreement between Mrs..Selaniyo and Ahmed Shiek in Djibouti.

    Should be ratigfied by both Gurti and FParliament. Printed in Gazettees or whatever is used.

    Anything else is talk of the day or talk of the week...

  18. 5 hours ago, galbeedi said:


    These Virus will change how the world views China. 

    They are using their medical aid for political reasons too. 

    We will keep them out of Somalia.

    Agree the virus will open so many minds, but as keeping Chinese out may not be feasible.

    Abiy now relies on them. Ghelleh relies on them. If you are not Ghelleh type of Somali you are "Abiy" type of Somali.

    Either way you can't keep them out. The best you can do is balance them out with Turkish, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Britain....etc and hope to drown them out.


  19. 5 hours ago, Holac said:

    Observer, China has done nothing for the Somali people. Many of us are American citizens. We love this country as much as anyone. Chinese are among the most ignorant and racist people on this planet. Read the news of the shocking stuff the Chinese people are currently doing to Africans living in China,  treating them like animals. It is reported in all over the news. 



    I agree with the first part as to Somalis making a living and also getting home in western Countries.

    As per respect for Africans in China, Let me ask you a question thst both you and I know:

    What respect do Horn Africans have for other Africans and even for Arabs before some Arabs used their oil smartly?

    If the Chinese treat an African in China only 10 times worst than a Somali or Xabeshi does, then the Chinese have more respect to African. Everything is relative.


    If you have nothing to show for, nobody will respect you for anything. The treatment is just relative.

    Even White and lately Indian Jewish will not respect Xabeshi Jewish.




  20. It depends the strength of the federal states.

    Puntland and Jubaland and SWS can say they can elect representattives, since with Puntland method you do not need too much fanfare.

    Farmaajo is totally reliant on Abiy.

    Farmaajo cannot do election while Abiy postponed. Farmaajo cannot postpone election if Abiy is doing one.

    Its completely and totally dependent on Ethiopia.





  21. 12 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    The evil Chinese and their Virus will kill millions. 

    The WHO declared the pandemic almost two months after it ravaged China. If it declared pandemic in early February , the world could have been more prepared.

    In March 10 , the Ethiopian WHO figure head said, " Europe is now the epicenter of the virus", but he never declared a pandemic. 

    America contributes $300-400 million a year for WHO, while China pays around 35 million.

    America contributes more on everything and America had more say on everything.

    Its just now America is on open political civil war and everything is partisan.


    As for the Chinese, the question is simple. What did you do after you knew it was serious?


    Britain just committed to fill the gap in financing WHO. That was quick.


    Why are the British happy and America is not for WHO not declaring pandemic early?

    Actually Trump is happy for WHO not declaring pandemic early. Trump would have been forced to do a lot of things he woyld not have liked.




    How come you are the only one here so emotional about China and America?

    How come Canada is working extremely closely with China, actually closest from western countries.