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  1. Israel asked Turkish if Israel can buy supplies from Turkey.
    Turkey said yes for 2 reasons. 1. Its understood that if the Trukish allow Israel to buy supplies and equipment then Israel will allow Turkish agencies (humanitarian) to help Palestinians.
    2. Turkish have policy that medicine and anti plague should not be withheld even from opponent/enemy.

    Serbia relies on China and Turkish.
    Even Armenians have been assisted by Turkish.


    UAE supplying Libya rebels from Israel.

    Coronavirus in Turkey: Erdogan's approval ratings surge to four-year high

    Coronavirus: Turkey to deliver medical supplies to Israel
    Ankara draws a line under issues with foreign countries, with assistance also earmarked for countries such as Serbia and Armenia


    Somalia should have been mentioned repeatedly on the list, but Farmaajo has fantastically failed this project which sshould have been easiest. Farmaajo was either threatened by UAE directly or through Abiy and Afwerki.

  2. 6 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

    Have u seen Mogadishu,  people protesting when told simple social distancing,  what is wrong with these people?

    If it helps, they are not alone.

    If you are thinking education or technological development, that is not the case either.

    If they do not modify soon, all these countries quarantining will have major problem in their hands. Man is not made to be quarantined no matter what. You have to give a lot of incentive which is hard to come by in Mogadishu.

    Some countries are paying people more than they earned working and spending money to go to work etc. Now they get more money and spend much less.


    On the other hand there is also what they believe in Brazil, Mexico, Belarus..etc



  3. 10 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    The Guardian reports today that 30% of those in intensivev care in UK hospital syatem are Black, Asian and middle eastern people. Even among the 10 or so doctors who died are all born outside UK.

    Amazing. A Sudanese and Pakistani Doctors.

    In USA so far the hardest hit places are all about from 25-50 percent blacks. NewYork, Michigan, New Jersey, Gulf coast south Luisiana.


  4. Gro Intelligence is now shockingly reporting that more than 25-million hectares (61.8-million acres) of farmland have been wiped out in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia—an historic devastation of epic proportions when joined with the coronavirus pandemic now threatens global food security—most particularly because the world’s two staple grains rice and wheat are now seeing their prices skyrocketing—which unexplainably, even bizarrely, is a battle front being met with the American people buying and hoarding toilet paper for reasons no one can explain, as the world is not running out of trees from which it is made—instead of rice and wheat flour everyone else in the world are stocking themselves up with.

    Rice & wheat prices surge amid fears Covid-19 lockdown may threaten global food security

    Horn of Africa nations bear brunt of worst plague in decades
    Coronavirus pandemic hampers efforts to contain growing swarms/Locusts


  5. Saalax,
    Thank you for bringing such great news to SOL developmental army.

    Cagjar has not planned let alone build a one room house yet. He will be claiming projects that were : almost completed, half completed, started, ready to go...from Illey days, yet cursing and cussing Illey for being separatist when Cagjar is speaking in his bosses language.

    Hopefully the Kilil will complete those projects that were in the pipeline.

  6. The Puntland representative democracy is proving to be the superior system.

    Have TV set for everyone and let them debate and vote that way.

    One man one vote was impossible to implement anyway. What a relief from all the deception, false propaganda, face book postings about democracy, when there is neither republic nor democracy.




  7. So far only South Korean method seems complete success. Copy that and can't go wrong.


    I think culture is decisive in this. The difference between Italians and Koreans was culture.

    Japanese have lost a lot of their culture of the old and now are already into state of emergency...talking like western country.

    I would hate this to go to India with their caste system, enmity to Muslims by current regime..etc.



  8. On 4/5/2020 at 11:25 PM, galbeedi said:


    There is a 20 trillion lawsuit filed in Texas district, and some Indian lawyers had filled a genocide against China in world criminal court. I do not bet on the Indian case in Hague, but the one in Texas which is pushed by American lawyers could force America to confiscate the two trillion Chines treasury bonds in America.




    Very simple.

    US Dollar is abandoned, then what. The Two trillion become worthless.

    That dumb texan should keep his mouth shut if he needs masks, medicine and eveything else to survive. If shipment from China stops for a day, that texas man will not have his breakfast or dinner that comes from China. He will not have cloths, shoes, socks...

    Even the most agressive person Trump knows his limits here.


    Is that Texan sure where the virus was manufactured first? Britain, Russia, US, China, India...all have this virus in their labs and computers.


    India has now started talking empty, but noisy. Economy tatoally failed. War with Pakistan totally failed. Plans in Afghanistan totally failed. Pipelines for Gas and Oil totally failed. India chickened. India abondoned everything with Iran and Pakistan who has some courage went in. Pakistan now friends with Turkish, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia...




  9. Oodweyne,

    My friend, give it up. You are just beating a dead donkey.

    The Turkish are winners in this. They bought time and now they know which masks they can use to run production plants even when 100 or even 200 thousand are infected, since what percentage get really sick is low.


    The key is testing. If you are in US or UK your numbers are completely nonesense. The testing is only done where the situation has exploded, its a reaction to people falling like flies, not planned selected and focused. Tests are not reliable as well.

    That is where the Turkish come in. They have been testing different systems from their universities, exchange with China, Russia, Iran aand Euroasia.countries.

    Secondly Its how you manage not not how many infected. Germany is best example in this case.


    Bad news for everybody:

    The Spanish flu (which easily could have been called American flu) came and went 3 times/cycles/waves.

    Wave 2 was the worst. It came after 5 months when people thought they are OK since graphs have been flattened and new infections were down to trickle.

    2nd wave came and the death tall was 5 times greater than 1st wave.



    Do not finish your arguments. COVID19 just started. There may be wave 2 and 3..


  10. 21 minutes ago, galbeedi said:


    don't get me wrong. I like the preacher as long as he is in favour of strong, united and free Somalia. I .like his open trade concept also. 

    I hope after the election he will ditch the ugly Amhara and we can all get along.

    Considering how much you wish for the Somali to be under one government, one law, one contigeous land..etc makes sense, but Abiy is none of that:

    He cannot get rid of his Amxara base. As you know he cannot rely on Oromo.

    He cannot allow Somali to do their wishes, he will be out if he allows Somali to accomplish their wishes outside of him and his Amxara.

    Now there is one group that is problem for Farmaajo and Abiy at the same time. The ONLF and allies.

    This never happened before. Now both Farmaajo and Abiy are in a pickle. Even far away Afwerki is in a pickle. He hates Moodabe, but he knows can't do anything about it.



  11. 5 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    They even sent medical equipment to Italy and Spain.



    The UK does a lot of weapons sales, yet never brag about it since their main business is financial services.

    Turkish can brag about weapons sales, but never about health and food issues, since they are big in Food, Tourism, Garment/clothing..which kind of makes them keep Corona virus to a minimum news.

    They are working very closely with all Euro Asian countries. Since there was some suspicion this virus maybe Ethnic, in the beginning. All countries that have Turkic population had joint centers and sharing centers.



  12. 5 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

    Suldan Erdogan of Anatolia is hoping that "herd Immunity" will be what will safe his folks and therefore his brutal calculation is that those young people will make it through if they catch this virus. Whilst on the other hand, the old will simply have to get to whatever deadly fate that is likely to be coming their way.

    It's nothing less than a form of "modern Darwinian selection" being imposed by the government on to the population in the hope that they young will weather the storm of this virus and will eventually develop antibodies large enough to have a "herd immunity" sort of thing when the storm passes on, even if in the mean-time the virus will take a really and painful toll on the weak and the aged ones in Turkey.

    It's the stuff in which wannabe-dictator of Brazil is also banking on it. Which is why both States of Turkey and Brazil, there is no large-scale testing going on publicly as well as tracing-back the contours of those who are positive in this COVID-19 in-terms of who they did come contact with while they were carrying this virus.

    Hence, you can say that it's like, in every sense of it, a large-scale "social experiment" that is now taking place across the world and in many countries, where each country is doing different things.

    Some are ruthless enough and are waiting to ride it out this virus to the other side without doing anything to "flatten the curve" of this infection with large scale health and social intervention in the mean-time. Some are the like the Chinese, who are doing a government's lockdown on a massive scale of every virus hot-spots. And others, like the Yanks, are losing the plot altogether and they do not know how they should approach it.

    So soon we will see which "national experiment" was the best method in dealing with this virus. And which in turn was nothing less than a "criminal neglect" on the part of the government of that country. 

    Belarus, Mexico and Brazil are officially and formally on the herd immunity plan. UK is the coward traitor for this group.

    Turkish are upper class. Quietly have been copying just from anywhere in the world techniques to avoid shutdown, while being totally proactive.

    Turkish cannot brag about any Coronavirus related thing, since Tourism is big deal. A lot of food export as well. But they are among the most effective countries in their quiet way. They also help a number of countries, including China (in the beginning). They have their test system, some Pharma products, good chemical industry for anti infections..etc. War in Syria also seem to be under control.



  13. 34 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    It is nothing but a propaganda. Other than say it will boost immune they got nothing serious. Don't count on Ethiopia producing any vaccine.

    Last year , they put Ethiopian flag in a Chinese rocket  orbiting to space and they claimed to be Ethiopia launching satellite.


    Ethiopia was one of the countries selected to produce the anti AIDS drugs a lot of them.

    The current face book propaganda government heard that one of the anti-AIDS drugs is being tested and very fast tried to get on the band wagon.

    There is already bad news from the Chinese that this drug was not effective.


    Since when galbeedi started exposing the fake news, false news...of current Ethiopian govt?

    BTW the Pharmaceutical complex is in the north very close to Eritrean border.


  14. Coronavirus
    Turkey exempts young workers from pandemic confinement order
    "Public and private sector employees as well as seasonal agricultural workers aged between 18 and 20 will be exempted"

    1. The 18-20 year olds could be carriers and make the whole country sick, but not get sick themselves. That would be dumb.

    2. The 18-20 could keep the country functioning and with some smart protective masks, medications, decontaminations, disinfectants keep safe. Most Brilliant.

    We will see with in a month. But then what is to lose, people will get sick anuyway, but at least the 18-20s can deliver food, medicine, basic needs..etc.

  15. I am sure Somalilanders are extremely happy that Ghelleh is being excluded by Mugadishu too scared of Abiy and Afwerki to even go to Djibouti.

    Something is very dishonest and most highly likely ill intentions, bad motive.

    The best current SFG can get out of this is asking MPs to vote for them since they are in the middle of the greatest the best the miracleous the audacious never done before...negotiations. The next day after the re-election post on face book and go to war.

    If you see Somalis avoiding Ghelleh, going to others, they are doing something that dishonors the whole Somali people. Say what you will, or Ghelleh has been unfair to Somaliland or Puntland, but he can never be accused of disrespecting Somalis with non Somalis.

  16. Why is some of the glaring facts being hidden.

    Vietnam is neighbor of China, lots of chinese factories and industries in Vietnam, a lot of Chinese went to Vietnam to weather the storm..Yet Vietnam has managed to keep numbers low and also increases low.

    Russia has long border with China and a lot of business between the two. Yet numbers are low and increase also low. The infections are also European side of Russia, not Asian side.

    What they do not tell you in the west:

    Italy has 11,000 seriously infected/ill healthcare professionals, Spain maybe even more. America should have had more since had least PPE.

    Russia was first country to 100% seal itself from China, yet had lots of trains and planes open to West and South to Euroasia and Turkish. Azerbaijan and Russia are still open.

    Russia sent millions of gloves, masks, cover alls to China first few days in Wuhan and now China is sending supplies to Russia.

    Russian medicine was tested in Wuhan and now Chinese vaccine is being tested in Russia.

    All the other countries have public healthcare so testing is free. America does not have, so you have to pay for testing.
    There are 80 million people without healthcare coverage. These people cannot go to anywhere even when sick. They have to find hospital that can accept the lowest pay.

    Many countries wanted to ride it out. Do nothing. Who ever dies dies. People will develop anti-viral anti boddies..

    So these countries did not do anything.

    Turkish for example are accused of not doing anything, that is until you find out that they were disinfecting public places and facilities quietly not to affect Tourist business. Checking temp and other easy signals at Airports, ports and even discreetly in streets.

  17. Che,

    Guarantee for business works as follows:

    1. The governance and government is in complete synch with west (made and controlled)
    2. The country has international trade significant to others and closure of this would mean death. Closing China from US or EU
    3. The country has enough money in international banks (gangs)
    4. The country is resource rich and sooner or later will want to sell this resource (here you get guarantee by rich countries who can wait 20-30 years).

    Somalia has the no.4 option so that Norway, British, Turkish..can venture and others will risk based on those above.

    The best Somalia can do is get the Turkish to work in Agri-business, construction..etc and others will jump the next day. UAE and Saudis would have been building roads by now, had the government focused on Turkish and showed dedicationa and concentration.

    If the Xabeshi can used GERD as collateral, Somalia could have used any port as collateral. Give the Turkish a port completely and make them invest in Agri-business. You get food, export and attract other investors.

  18. Who is being affected if you stop it completely.

    You cannot stop by police or law anything like this. America tried with Alcohol, Cannabis..etc nothing works, except wasted money and time and broken families and corrupted police.
    Saudi Arabia does not officially allow sale or use of alcohol, but there is some years where alcohol is consumed there more than Scandinavian countries.

    Affected among Somalis:

    1. Addicts
    2. Tea houses where sold and consumed
    3. Dealers
    4. Transport and handlers

    No. 1 will be least resisting. They feel guilty as it is to their family and even state.
    N0.2 will immediately go underground, buy some police and get protection
    No. 3 will corrupt the police and army
    No.4 will go underground and increase the cost


    I agree flights which can be easily controlled need to be stopped.

    The rest I would say study what happens in Xabeshi land. Ethiopia is biggest producer, but least consummer. How did this happen?

    1. Some places its culturally unacceptable and not tolerated. Men who use it are considered low and looked upon with some despise. Women who use in these areas are divorced, considered bad and almost ostracized.
    2. Dealers want to export it so they sell at a high price in Ethiopia, but lower in other places for hard currency and money transferring.
    3. Farmers sell to dealers, since dealers guarantee them, therefore not sold locally.
    4. Elders and Religious leaders and U lemma condemn it and also in elementary schools is openly mentioned as something bad.

    Compare the fact that Khat is more grown, traded, handled around Dirdhaba and Harer. This is areas where Somali is majority by far. Yet the consumption is very low compared to Somalis far away.

    Banning has its limits, and is most destructive by creating mafia, corruption and illegal activities.

  19. Oodweyne,

    These are Bloomberg without money or name brand.

    Is quite coomon in countries with not long history in one shape.

    Example: Hungarian Empire joined with Austria to make Austro-Hungarian Empire. After generation or so that was gone and look now: Hungarians in Hungary, proud of Turkic nomadic heritage even though is long long time ago. Self assured culture and country of Hungary. Friends to EU/NATO and Russia and Turkish on its own terms.

    Hungarians in Serbia have their own political party and except with Kosovo they were changing sides, now seem to be solid with Serbs.

    Hungarians in Ukraine were OK when Ukraine was under control of Russian Ethnic, but now Ukraine is under Ukraine/Polish Ethnic with Jewish nationality alliance. Hungarians have geographic separation from Russian Ethnic which they are always natutral allies by choice otherwise they have different origins, language and religion.

    You have politicians in that part of the world between Slovaks, Czecks, Hungarians, Poles, Ukrainians....are available all the way from Germany to Bulkans who ever can pay or position for corruption (means pay).

    Eritreans (Xabeshi part not Others) were like that from Mugadishu to Khartoum through Addis Ababa and even Kenya.

    Served as soldiers from Mugadishu to Tripoli. Served as government officials and commanders for all 3 regimes in Ethiopia.



  20. Dean Koontz is a writer who almost to a Tee wrote of Coronavirus.

    The name was Gorki Virus/400 in the 1981 edition and was changed to Wuhan 400 in 1989 edition.

    2020s could have been 2021 or 2019, but 2020s is on spot for timing.

    In the original edition the virus has 100% kill rate, but who knows the story of COVID-19 and future mutations is unknown.

    In the original and also later editions Gorki or Wuhan 400 were all man made bio-weapons. CNN says that was a miss, of course as major media, but not known yet and could be man made and man distributed as the book says.


    Is George Orwell or Dean Koontz closer to real happenings.



  21. EU Ambassador is not what is crucked up to be, for a person who has seen it all long ago. I mean the trappings of city, big city life and if corrupt helping some friends and relatives use the connections.

    For most African Ambassadors, its more support/generosity of Local and EU institutions, rather than what one gets paid from home or places rented.

    Where as back home, of course there is big risk of getting killed, but other than that big risk;

    1. He would be highly regarded for education and social status

    2. He would be an authority on just about any issue regarding EU since experience and personal knowledge of some acquaintances and friends.

    3. Speaker for a person courageous enough to use it, is not a cheap/glorified position. It has some stick to it. Sherifka has been in every position in Somalia and also SWS, look how he was always significant. Chairman, Speaker, Governor, Minister..you name it.

    Wish him success and since he seems accomplished, hopefully the locals can use his need for speed and efficiency and finding solutions.