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  1. People like this have special name in Europe. They belong to some extinct or semi extinct tribe or language. They can change between very big/important principle/issues easily. To these kind of people, the time the issue would have been principle is passed.

    Its good to study and research one's background, if they make life changing matters of principle look and feel easy.

    The best part at least is these kind of folks do not join Al Shabab, at least openly and directly as they do among political groupings.

    Belgium suffers a lot of these kind of politicians.

    So does the Baltics and Poles/Ukrainians.

    There are 2 Americans, one Lithuanian, one Georgian in the Uknrainian government.

    In the past government Sackashivili the ex president of Georgia, another country was Governor of Odessa region in another country. Only excuse, he did his schooling in Soviet Ukraine.




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  2. You can change buildings, but the people are almost impossible to change.

    Even hard working Takala is finding out.

    Xabeshi is lazy and too much talk politics on empty stomach. PhD, Dr. Eng. is only for feeling upper class. That many years in western school has not changed the holders.

    Unlike Somali with PhD who has not changed, which means he is proud and free running, free wheeling nomad, the Xabeshi are timid and subservient to westerners.

    Addis Ababa has been center for British, French, Italian at least and for Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russians, Germans..to some extent. Yet it was a big village until recent decades.

    The mentality and culture is still big village. Hopefully Takala can make an impact. At least he has infrastructure to work with like, roads, industrial area, recycling, rail, buildings...etc unlike the ones before him. He may prove to be the best, unless they frustrate him with envious gossip and manufactured "news" which they are good at.

  3. 2 hours ago, galbeedi said:


     Al-shabaab claimed responsibility for this roadside bomb. IT has nothing to do Madoobe. Unless you are rooting for Al-shabaab. 

    Some of us check the Somali news not from Andalu Agency but from local news.



    I first saw the death and injury to Ethiopian soldiers on a Somali site, then an Ethiopian site. I still did not believe it until I saw it on Anadolu. At least that confirms there was an incident, there were deaths..etc.

    These days I try to see the news from all sides possible. There is so much outright lies posted on many web sites, especially in Somali and Ethiopian ones. I compare it to Sudanese, where even enemy websites of any side have some morals. They exagerate, but outright manufacturing news is still taboo.

  4. 3 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    Russia doesn't have ventilators or other essential medical equipment to help anyone . 

     THey do not have testing kits or ventilators. Look at what they sent to Italy. It was basically a dozen trucks to disinfect and wash streets.

    Do you know what help the Italians asked for?

    You would have known it if you had given it some thought. Every Italian that came close to these buildings and streets was getting infected and mostly sick. These whole places were totally contaminated with everything even dead bodies that was assumed the virus would not survive on.

    BTW Italy had strong communist party and even the days of soviets there was a lot of exchange between the two. LADA was FIAT to give you just one example. There is a monument to Russian sailors in memory of how they saved Italians during an earth quake in 1908.

    As you know Berlisconi and Putin are close personal friends. Berlusconi is from the area where Russian help mostly went to.



  5. 2 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

    They are already in very dangerous territory and any kind of mass testing will show as well as when the incubation period of this virus end that Turkey is in Italian's level of spread of this deadly virus. Which is when the cases explode in exponential manner.

    It just that, your Mr Erdogan and his government actually think that they could "hide" the numbers. Or could at least pretend that it will not be as the worse as Italian's case is. Hence, Turkey will be as hard hit as Iran, Spain, Italy are.

    But Mr Erdogan will do everything he can within his governmental's power to "blame" on someone else. Or he will try to "fiddle" the numbers from his hospitals, even if the Turkish population are in that right moment burring their dearly departed dead ones in their hundreds and in their thousands victims of them from this virus in each single and passing day.

    Are you folks for real?

    Since when did it become normal accusing someone without any facts?

    If each of you spend few minutes checking what your current countries are doing, I think you would be modest and fair in your suspicious, untrusting..etc.

    How is it in the UK, a country that until recently had decided to do nothing, just ride it out? The English logic was 1. Everybody will have spent so much wealth and still die, but we can die, but remain wealthy.

    2. Old people will dies anyway, so why destroy a country to give them few years more.

    3. Let 80% get infected and those who survive it will be immune for future Coronas. This actually was officially stated.



  6. 20 minutes ago, Oodweyne said:



    Leaving aside the breathless propaganda of the old Soviet's apparatchik hand (like Mr Peskov in here) who are very much an "adept hand" of the Pravda's era kind of massive misinformation, I am not sure the Russian's State will be of any help in here to anyone. Particularly when this virus hit Russia hard. And it will hit her. For that have no doubt about that, my friend.

    Of course, like China, they will close the air and they will closely monitor the nation's cyberspace as well as control the flow of information from every "hot-virus-spots" within Russia, so we will not get the true picture of it in here (just like Turkey).

    And more to the point, they will simply stop doing a "massive testing" just to ensure the numbers will not look that bad in Russia. Which is what on the other hand the likes of Mr Trump knows he can't do it and therefore stop it happening since the US's federal system in the Yank's land will not allow him to stop each individual State to have the wherewithal to do test or carry out such test. Although, he can at least delay given them the test equipment.

    So all told, once this deadly Virus start raging in the steps of Russia and the Volga River (say for example) as well as in Moscow city itself, I expect to hear different tune than this cockiness from the likes of Mr Putin and from his "cheap verbal artist" by the name of Mr Peskov, who is the spokesman of Mr Putin, who also never missed an opportunity to engage a "spot of misinformation" against the West at every given chance, even if the situation is about a dead or life issue, like right now. 

    "Now, when the existing situation affects everyone, with no exception, and is of a global character, there is no alternative but to act together, in the spirit of partnership and mutual assistance", he said.

    "It is important to note that, offering assistance to US colleagues, the president [Putin] assumes that when US producers of medical equipment and materials step up production, they will be capable of responding in kind, if needed", Peskov added.


    That would be tongue in chick with what seems your outlook. Sorry that the UK is out of the game by combination of so many factors. The only success for UK may come at the destruction of EU, where UK can get some European countries to deal directly.

    As for Russians and Turkish, they have one character that other societies lack. They can take pain, better than others.

  7. It was only a matter of time such thing to happen.
    When America tells you to get out. When EU tells you to get out. When Jubaland regional powers tell you to get out. Using armies for personal childish quarels may have worked in SWS, but will not be as easy in Jubaland.
    Moodabe and Co. have six ways to get at you from Sunday, the famous Chuck Shumer saying.


  8. India signed a 2.3 Billion deal with Turkey for Armaments. Pretty soon Turkish may become no.4 after US, Russia and China, surpassing UK, Israel, France...in the process.


    By March 31, Yemen’s Houthis have delivered a major power to Saudi-led forces in northwestern Yemen capturing a large part of the border with Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, they resumed missile and drone strikes on targets inside Saudi Arabia. On March 28, they employed Badir-1 artillery rockets, Zulfiqar missiles, and Qasef-2K and Samad-3 suicide drones against vital economic and military targets in the provinces of Jizan, Najran and Asir, as well as the Saudi capital, Riyadh.


    In Afghanistan the Taliban have sidelined the western supported government. US by cutting one billion dollars, pulled the rug underneath.


    Coronavirus will reshape of what is now known, countries, societies and countries.

  9. Some US officials are resisting. They would rather struggle themselves than being helped by Russia. Those forget history.

    1. During the American independence war, It was the Russian Navy that stopped Britain at most critical time and place

    2. During American civil war it was Russia that prevented Britain and France taking advantage of the civil war, to come back to their colonies even the ones sold.


    From all that is considered European, Russia is most capable and most prepared and most organized at this time.


    "Today, technical coordination was conducted, and preparations were underway to send an aircraft from Russia [to the US], which is expected to leave by the end of the day," Peskov said, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Donald Trump, discussed this assistance during their phone conversation on Monday.

    The Kremlin spokesman noted that he had an impression that "some people from the US side were at least not contributing to urgently resolving technical problems for implementing the agreement of the two presidents".

  10. Glad that at the very least the locals are benefiting. When two elephants fight the grass suffers did not apply.

    Investment goes where the direction is known.
    The Problem Puntland has with a lot of the population between Somaliland and Puntland is, people hesitating and looking both ways.

    It would have been easier if some of them were just looking Garowe and Hargeiza. The big problem is they looking to Mugadishu and Hargeiza. If they look to Mugadishu then Puntland has no motivation or obligation to sacrifice anything. Let Mugadishu spend the money, pay the life and limb and treasure necessary.

    I am sure if the issue was Garowe Hargiesa either would have been very difficult for you or would have been easy to solve between Puntland and Somaliland. That way you are lucky.

    So now Tukaruq will be showcase and will have its own web page, face book page..etc to attract the rest of the villages.

  11. Che,

    They are in a kind of war and will use any thing to get at each other.

    The Amxara closed a road from Addis to Tigray years ago. The stupidest thing to do. They ended up killing 3 of their own towns on that road. The Tigray had built a road through Afar decades ago, but they used the one through Amxara mostly, because the climbing is not as steep and the twisting roads are less.

    The Oromo and Amxara have been in open conflicts in few districts. There is an Oromo zone in Amxara Kilil which is mostly kept safe by the Army.

    If it continues this way the Amxara kilil will split in two. Almost all the north is Agew and other nationalities. The Tigray so far are not even responding on face book let alone on the ground, but if they acted in kind the whole Agew is closer to them than to Amxara, both historically and by intermarriage as well.

  12. How did each country act after it was confirmed the virus is serious?

    America until 3 weeks ago did not have testing. President was saying, it will just gloss over since I did close border for flights from China. We are most prepared, we are best in the world...etc Even last week he wanted to relax the control system and go back to work. Americans were also hoping China will collapse and we do not have to fight them.

    Turkish, Russia and their Euro Asian vassals all were quietly distributing masks, other equipment. Both Turkey and Russia had 3 types of test equipment more than month ago. They still can get hit hard, but are not going to blame anyone.

    Europeans did nothing.

    Britain was the last country to worry about Coronavirus.

    I think you are aware that Canada was collecting information, since they have a lot of sources. Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia...and even mainland China.

    Americans are ill equipped for anything that looks social. Good only at individual. Even those who do not have coverage, about 80 million of them hate socialized healthcare. Do you know why Americans could not test. Nobody will pay for it.

  13. On 3/27/2020 at 11:07 PM, galbeedi said:

    Who would have thought Mexicans will demand a wall.

    The Orange man in the white house was trying to put soldiers few kilometers from the Canadian border. He said he was looking for Illegal steel being dumped at USA.

    He probably thought Canada might deploy security to stop Americans crossing to Canada and overwhelm our healthcare system.


    This might be a sign of great upheavals to come. Americans, those who can are moving to empty lands or less inhabited areas and even out of the country.

  14. Haatu,


    What is common among all the societies that have achieved fast Industrial development?


    Individuals in these societies are so convinced or indoctrinated they will work 24/7 for the objective, kill and be killed without fanfares and announcements, be pirates, steal technology from anywhere they can, be soldier, be Imam, be Beggar....ready to do anything and everything for the objective.

    The Turkish, Koreans, Japanese, Germans, English...are all known for this.

    You cannot steal a Camel milk processing technology from somewhere over FACEBOOK.

  15. 9 hours ago, Haatu said:

    Oodweyne, Xabashi,

    The problem with you two is that qumanahiinaa qoorta idiin suran as they say. So despite all the evidence I present you will not change your beliefs despite what the research may say. It's probably because you are both from the same generation that failed Africans throughout the continent. So let's just agree to disagree and move on, illaa qalbidhagax lalama dooddi karee.


    You are unconsciously displaying the main problem. Pointing out issues from what has been tried, what worked and what did not work.

    Xabeshi had chosen at least for a decade, the South Korean model. All they achieved was more than 10 percent GDP growth for that decade. They sent each year hundreds of students, trainees, and also brought in Korean businesses and educators. Even the Chinese did not mind this. The Americans did not mind this. The Europeans were not happy about it, but did not at least openly work against it. Year 2000 to 2010.

    Then Politics took over. The accusation that ONLY Tigray were benefiting from this development found ground and and off to the races to get rid of them. People in Ethiopia are cursing them for tying the country in knots with Djibouti. Knots that are almost impossible to undo.

    This decade Ethiopia will spend all its energy and time to go a different direction. Any direction except what the Tigray attempted to do.

    Not to pile up negativity, but you are also ignoring background.

    Japan was a highly developed country in the 1900s. Around 1905 when Russians were doing their revolutions, there were Xabeshi (intellectuals of the time) who advised the King to follow Japanese model and Japanese Technology not Western.

    Cohesion is also one of the factors that is common with all Eastern Religions.

    Division is the main factor in both Islam and Christianity. War between different branches of both Muslim and Christian is common occurrence that wasted centuries.


    My point is only to say that you need to consider where you are at the moment, since that is all the energy you have to attempt at any task/project. Othersise you can have the Xabeshi experience where they burned Turkish investment in Amxara just because the Amxara assumed that Turkish are friends only with Tigray. Now they do not have Tigray and Investment.





  16. 2 hours ago, semel said:


    Hope they rest in peace,

    i think china need pay for this chaos

    You infected by the blame China regardless syndrome? Its is still under investigation. The only thing known so far is US has 17 bio-warfare labs around China and Russia some Ethnic research.

    RIP for the case in Puntland, the most talked about region of Somalis from all corners.

    Even in Coronavirus, Puntland has to be in the news first.


  17. 3 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

    They are doing for own interest. Farmaajo is a tool, hopefully, a useful tool.

    You can see all those WB, IMF and Countries rubbing their hands, how much is their cut. Half of the money does not even leave to Somalia and of the half that arrives in Somalia is already allocated.

    Something funny is happening in Ukraine with the same thing. IMF preconditions are as follows:

    1. Land has to be privatized and be sold

    2. Banks that were nationalized must not be returned to previous owners (Funny thing, since the previous owners did not take the looted money to the correct countries)

    There are similar conditions for Sudan.

    What are the preconditions for Somalia?

  18. On 3/28/2020 at 6:04 PM, Haatu said:

    The cultural arguments against development have already been debunked. You can read the literature on the subject.



    Culture is the determining factor in technological/Industrial development.

    Take the threee basic groups of Somali. Nomad, Farmer and hunter gatherer.

    Nomad is 24 hours on duty, but not at work. Nomad takes too many breaks. Nomad is prepared to give his life ONLY for his creator and his family. Nomad will never be Kamikaze for any governor or king.

    Hunter gatherer is limited by geography, season and landscape all things very hard or impossible to influence or control

    Farmer is the laziest. He works maybe 3 months a year and the rest of the year he goes house to house of relatives, neighbors for all kinds of festivities including spending week on a weedding and two weeks on Wake.

    Among Somali these are classes. Only Nomad can be commander.


    Find me a Nomad that will committ suicide like Japanese or Chinese for making a mistake and not to be embarrassed or not to embarrass his boss.

    If you think dictatorship is more effective, which I agree, then you have the number one enemy, Nomad. Nomad by environment, upbringing and work, is against dictatorship. Nomad is autonomous even inside his small susb-sub-..clan.

    Look at the Xabeshi. The whole world for one reason or another is on their side. Yet since they are farmers, they never take advantage of it. They are still most technologically backward and poorest even on Food and other necessities.


    Any thought of Industrialization should take into account CULTURE. South Koreans did not allow Japanese to supervise even in Japanese companies. That is because of culture and culture that grew from war experience.

    I do not have a link now, but I would point you intervies done with Herman Gref and a Turkish Big executive in explaining how even big corporations in Turkey and Western Europe function very differently.