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    lol that was a good one. Turn out to be chinese women are Gold diggers but what about the somali sisters..*LOOL* The Real sistas: First date: Nice fanzy dinner. She finds out whether he is sexy, caring and understanding. Second date: Goes home and does her home work searching who he really is! Third date: He meets her bestfriend..still not sure but she smiles anyway Fourth date: that's when things either go well or the sister changes her mind about the brother.................COS MEN LIE ALOT
  2. To be honest i prefer him to be virgin in that case we both feel confortable... I don't think a virgin brothers exist nowdays..
  3. x_quizit great topic gurl.. Well personally speaking i love kids and I rather keep both usuall society is always regarding women who choose their careers over kids selfishness but AS AMEENAH SAID who says we can't have both... We can always have maternity leave which is growing pretty well..
  4. You guys are probably like what da..this funky^sista is over taking the forum *LOL* According to our religion it's allowed men 2 marry 4 wives right...that's if he could provide them n'equally treat them same way...But men do it regadless.... The question is would ya still stay with him? Can you stand another women sharing your husband?..LOL
  5. X_quizit Go gurl, the bother obvoiusly needs to touch his feminen side.*LOL* OG_moti walee adaa ubahan wax bur iyo basbas Ofcourse our mothers are happy cos they have great men who knows what women is all about unlike what our generation have to deal with nowdays..lool.people like you og_moti make women to be NUNS..LOL Adios
  6. MAPLE TREE (Independent) no ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-confident, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.
  7. Loool@x_quizit damn gurl you are funny. Sure there will always be Dumb& dumber the perfect couple.LOL..shaqsii as you got told you can't run.. try to come down a little cos this tiger of yours woun't protect ya... It's funny how always men critisis women and expected to leave easy Not anymore X_quizit we should repect elders cos shaqsii wants somebody to help cross the road..LOL
  8. My GOD you guys have no idea how much i hate them, it's sickness to even talk about it..when i ask the brother why? he answered I don't understand WOMEN..LOL what a pathetic excuse...the question is how can we prevent? It's funny how they get up in the morning and say MY gosh i found it that i'm gay today and i was suppose to be that's what i call twisted wires..
  9. Miss L ameenah is should think about it what you getting into and it's you life so if you think it's good idea well, go for it I my self have been trying to get into n' where ever i go people assume i'm a model and when Searching for Super model came to australia i took a part of it (Ford modelling agency) at the same time i was so worried about what my parents would think but it was something that i always wanted to do so i went for it... After i passed few stages the worried increased and i became the top 60 and the result was they were after Blond chicks with blue eyes.LOL so i though damn that was a sighn.... It's huge thing and i should advice you think about it...........there different models like face modeling or hand modelling so i'm sure they will make you to wear swim suit modelling damn that's when alot of eye browes will raise..LOL so think about it if you really want it....go for it, it's worth trying sis Adios
  10. The question is Do we have Gay somalians? or have you guys ever seen one? (somali) You guys probably wondering why i ask this but I met a somali brother who is a actually a gay...Subhana's amezing how shit is happening beyond believe.nowdays......LOL
  11. x_quizit isn't that so typical..running after him i didn't see anybody chazing ya shaqsii and talk about taking personal nobody that how you define expressing your thought....hmmmm gee nowonder you complain alot..*LOL* X_quizit gurl he probably needs some TLC AS I SAID...*LOL* As Soul_lady mensioned you can't Hit and run you didn't expected from us to let ya go easily aight...perhabs we might let you leave easy is you shake Shaqsii don't you know we are your mother, sister, granny and your child cares...if it wasn't for women u would be been childmelestered...see where women stand even though kids like you are let go and became anti-women.. try to be cevil aight Adios
  12. OG_MOTI LOOOL @ other is that another threat to slow down the sisters..MAN sudanes aight to be honest each nation will lead you into another culture that will freak you out....I reckon you should remain with the sisters and show some far i can see we fair enough..but there are little things i agree for a change but not all.. I can see the percentage is still remaining the same, well the thing is we ain't taking any sides what we spoke of is the truth and nothing but the speaking of hard headed, we are not the only be fair you gotta lose that 80% and say maybe 50%. We feel for the brothers who are taxi drivers and it's part of work what they are dealing with and it ain't shame but what about young men who can benefit from the sysytem and go to school....that was what we were indicating at if u misunderstood.. Ofcourse women don't wanna go back to a country that is not stable and God knows how long somalian would except to 4get about clans and shit like that....c'on OG_moti would you go back today and stay a place that u worried about who is gonna attack you..that needs another major debate.....
  13. looool@Jonh Howard Buubto i feel ya gurl what's happening here is way beyond believe. Indeed we are all corrupted gurl and whatever happen to the Youth in australia?that needs another topic hey....
  14. x_quizit that was a good one i was about to label him as he mensioned alot about labelling,feminism,protestors..etc Don't ask me to read all over again cos i can't be bothered reading that crap n' it's obvoius shaqsii needs some TLC U know what i mean. "][/img] People often talk about "great men" but less often about great women. Yet such women certainly have existed all over the world...we have heroines of myths, legends, mothers who live in our hearts and minds. Mistresses, madwomen and wise women, angels and demons...take your pick shaqsii or u wanna me to release the DEMON TO SHOW YA AROUND where the great women are located @..lool Adios