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    back to school

    Pucca I love winter too, people give me a weird look whenever i say that. Aah I cant believe summer is over, I haven't went out to buy my books yet. I have soo many things to do before school starts.
  2. ^^So what are you saying? if you weren't born or raised in Somalia your not a somali?
  3. Interesting i've never heard of Jamac Bare, good to know he was the first somali person to use the net. 1991 Ottawa, Canada
  4. Salam Aleykum Nur, No one has read it yet. It's probably the somali that's scaring the people away. InshaAllah I will read it whenever I have time. Your english articles are very good mashaAllah, makes you want to read more and more of your writings. May Allah reward you ameen
  5. MD

    Lailat ul-Qadr:

    Salam Thanks for the reminder
  6. Salam Aleykum JZK LST, Bilaal (R.A.A) is one of my favourite companions. I loved reading and hearing stories about him when I was younger. He was one of the companions who had a very BEAUTIFUL voice I heard his grave is still existing in a graveyard in Syria, where muslims till this day go there and pay respect.
  7. Salam Aliekum Thanks for the explanation of the haddith. Khayr I know what you mean, like for example when you know your doing something WRONG or you have an idea of what your doing is wrong, sometimes you just dont want to hear your parent or friend telling you the truth about it. It just makes you feel more guilty, it happens sometimes. You just get annoyed and you do not want to hear it. I think it all comes down to your Iman and how well you know about the Deen. For me personally, I know it is haram to spray or use perfume when leaving the house(talking about the females). I still do it and when someone tells me about it, i get annoyed even though i know its HARAM. I guess you first have to work on your Iman and reach that high level of saying "JZK for telling me that is haram, I will not use it again". May Allah help us become better muslims ameen
  8. Salam If left unchallenged, it is Samsam today, but shall be someone else’s sister, daughter, mother, friend, or neighbour. True May Allah help her at a time like this and make everything easy for her ameen. I hope those men who took part in this are punished inshaAllah.
  9. Salam JZK Raxmah, I always had hard time focusing while in prayer. Alhamdulilah, Now it has become easier for me. Now that I know what I'm reading, it is better. Just keep in mind that Allah is watching you while your praying. It is only 5 mins or even less sometimes.
  10. Salam Thanks for the reminder, I'm looking forward to it inshaAllah.
  11. MD


    Salam Death should be on our minds 24/7. The more we think about it the more closer we will be to allah. I wish I had someone who can at least remind me or tell me something about death every once in a while, we all need that. May Allah make it easy for us ameen. Remember that haddith,Where the prophet s.a.w says for the mumins this world is like prison for them and for the kafar it's the compelete opposite its like a paradise for them. We have to be patient inshaAllah and Allah will reward us.
  12. Salam Thanks for the article SH, I think I've read an article similar to this one before if its not the same one.
  13. MD

    Ramadan Kareem To All

    ^Ameen, May allah make it easy for you. Ramadan Kareeeem SOL
  14. Salam hey ladies whats the thing that makes u fall for guy I would have to agree with SH, how big his beard is, how modest he looks..This actually reminds me of this one particular guy I use to spy on ok ok i should not use the word spy..more like he use to go to my school for a while, mashaAllah just the way he was, praying on time, how he behaved. How he lowered his gaze when he had to gosh what's sexier then that?
  15. Do you people realize how old this thread is? lol
  16. Salam Aleykum Thanks for the info I really hate the smell of bleach, I always open the doors and windows before I start using those strong products. The sad part is, Not a lot of people know how dangerous these prodcuts are.
  17. MD

    Energy Colours

    What colour is your energy?? Mine Says- Your Energy is Purple. You are a visionary with unmatched intuition and spiritual consciousness. The mystical world and unexplainable forces fascinate you. There resides in you a true dignity and nobility, and others see you as a worthy leader, and loyal friend. You are often very mature, with a deep understanding of human nature, and you will instinctively encourage and guide others toward their full potential. You find it natural to express yourself aesthetically and artistically, you may be involved in the artistic professions, a religious organization, or in activities that have a degree of ceremony and ritual. You would make a good therapist, healer, psychic, or entrepreneur. Here is the test.
  18. Now married people cant use the computer?? Very odd indeed lol Walaahe Somalis, they have a say in everything.. :rolleyes:
  19. Asalamu Aliekum Nur JZK and may allah reward you. 1. Make Salat on the Soul of The Prophet SAWS Could you please elaborate more on this plz
  20. MD

    W O M E N!!!

    Salam MsWord I've actually heard of a story like yours before..scary i must say Og_moti..thanks alot man i'm feeling sick now
  21. man....Half of the people here I don't know.. lol do you know why you dont know these people? Scroll up and check the date..these topics are last years As for the topic, what's with all the girls and their love for older men? bismilaah Personaly I wouldn't mind if me and my hubby were the same age..or if he was 1yr or 2 older. But 10yrs? 20yrs? :eek: I really don't know what you would tell a guy who's 10-20 years older. Freaky