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  1. Cali Xaraare is a genuine guy. He's true wadani. Put him in a leadership position and he'll bring good change.
  2. DoctorKenney;986165 wrote: I would rather be shot with AIDS-coated bullets before I allow a Missionary to set foot in my homeland. I will never allow it, and Angelina Jolie already has more than enough children to take care of. Didn't she already adopt like 7 or 8 different children? She's not doing young Somali orphans a favor when she's adopting them and converting them to her religion. It's a disgrace. And I agree, we are totally at fault for our own predicament. Our own backward mentality. Not just our tribalism, but the way we look at orphans, widows, divorcees and others. I see 45 year old Somali men from the diaspora flying back home to Mogadishu and marrying some pretty 20 year old Somali woman while their wives and children are left behind. Sooner or later, they end up divorcing this young Somali woman and marry another one. They all want that "fresh" young woman from a good family, and it's almost as if they're competing with each other in how many virgins they can "deflower". It's disgusting. I myself would have no issue with adopting a Somali child, and I think every single Somali family in the diaspora should play a role in sponsoring these orphans and caring for them. Totally bruh! Apophis wrote: And I know several who are on welfare, what's your point? His point is, don't generalize mate.
  3. Indeed! This might be off topic, but I'd like to mention how there are countless Somali orphans scattered all over the Somali peninsula. Somalis need to learn how to adopt these children instead of having their own 5, 6, 10 children. As a people, I think one of the reasons we're in this predicament is the wrath of Allah is upon us, not only how we have treated each other (qabyaalad), but also how we have neglected the thousands of children that have lost their parents/families in war, starvation, droughts, illnesses and whatnot. One of the unfortunate calamities of having a government in Somalia will be the flow of Western missionaries, disguised as "helping humanity" setting foot in Somalia. Angelina Jolie already made landing near the Somalia-Kenya border. It's a matter of time when she'll be in Jubooyinka, Hiiraan, Bay, Bari or Waqooyi Galbeed, adopting a Somali child/children.
  4. DoctorKenney;986147 wrote: And think about the great ajaar you'll receive from Allah if you help raise these young children into responsible and well-mannered adults. Think about the benefits that society can gain when you have these young children raised by a father-figure. And when these children grow up, they'll think of you as their "real" father. DNA doesn't mean anything. And more than anything, the problem our young women face is that in our community, we tend to look at divorcees as "used up" or something like that, and this is awful for our community. Everyone wants that "pure" untouched woman who's never been in a previous relationship. That's the true essence of Islam.
  5. DoctorKenney;986146 wrote: Not really, we don't know why this woman was even divorced in the first place! It could have been something that was totally not under her control! A woman (or man) can be perfectly well-adjusted and have great character, and still end up being divorced. It happens every single day. Think about some of your relatives who've ended up divorced over the years. I totally agree.
  6. DoctorKenney;986150 wrote: Yeah exactly. In the 13th century, the European Christians also used to bash Islam, but they made all sorts of other claims against our religion that aren't used nowadays. The people in the 13th century weren't attacking Islam from a "feminist" standpoint, but they attacked our religion regardless. Times might change, the types of criticisms might change, but the war is still the same. They might claim Islam is against women's justice in 2013, but in 200 years they'll claim something different. Exactly! My God! It feels good to know that many people agree with your sentiment.
  7. thefuturenow;986096 wrote: Higher education is the liberal's territory, his church. This is where the liberal liquors up youngsters and distills them of any and all principles. This is where he challenges the leaders of tomorrow to be unique in an environment that demands conformity. Note the echo-chamber that is the liberal classroom where a conservative student cannot voice his opinion. Safferz, I believe what some of the brothers here are trying to say is that you are operating within this fragmentation. In the Islamic context, religion regulates political and economic life. Islam operates on a sphere entirely separate from any other ideology. It speaks a different language. To exercise dominion of Muslim political and economic interests is to exercise dominion of a part of their faith. Even with their economic and political aims accomplished, the good imperialist knows that he has not finished his work. He knows that it is only a matter of time before “blind faith” springs up and angry savages rid him of all that he has gained. To survive, the liberal needs clones within and without the lands that he desires to infiltrate. These two paragraphs pretty much sums up everything. lol "To survive, the liberal needs clones within and without the lands that he desires to infliterate." MY GOD! You hit the nail right in the head! The liberal is undisciplined. He suffers from a superiority complex because he is educated and can recite Lolita from memory. He decries the 'dark ages' and seeks enlightenment. The liberal is savvy. His own sense of superiority allows him to listen to other opinions diligently--because, after all, the liberal knows that this 'savage' only needs to be enlightened. He feels he can deconstruct any argument and win over the unenlightened savage because he has studied all the classics. The liberal, drunk of his own superiority, believes that he knows what humans want better than any other. He has one aim and one aim only--the creation of a society that operates within the parameters of liberal thought. He doesn't care for the color of your skin or the language of your ancestors. But the liberal demands political uniformity of which the cornerstone is individual freedom--his own formulation of individual freedom. See, the liberal is complex. Lol @ "He feels he can deconstruct any argument and win over the "unenlightened savage" because he has studied all the classics." That describes some members on SOL.
  8. In this post-modern era we're in, 90% of the time, a divorcee will divorce again and again and again. Doctorkenney, your cousin is about to take the risk of joining the 90%. If he's willing to continue with it, I'd suggest, you should tell him to ask the girl of what she thinks about him having a second wife simultaneously, while he's married to her [the divorcee].
  9. Can you guys update the smilies? Make the smilies look realistic, instead of just plastic. It would add more flavor to SOLers are posting.
  10. xiinfaniin;985957 wrote: From what I am hearing the Oodweyne folks are warming up to the current Mogadishu seduction. After all, the Madam at the top of Somalia's foreign office is one of their own. Even the Sand-Dwellers as Mr Waraabe's rhetoric manifests are getting excited about this prospect I heard Dr. Gaboose will be maamulaha of the new Hospital that was opened in Mogadishu. Any truth to that?
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;985956 wrote: This was obvious the US cannot recognize Iran’s legal nuclear rights even though Obama wants to reach out to Rohani diplomatically there is so little he can do for them but the iranians know this they want to win time. They already have enriched enough uranium for a nuclear Bomb thats why the israelis are huffing and puffing.By the way these talks in Geneva have angered the Israelis, the israelis want to attack irans nuclear facilities in qom . But the US refused to give the green light. The year 2014 will be very interesting in that part of the world. Malaa Israel can use Berbera Airport to bomb Iran. Hayeey, Israel is waiting for Somaliland to give the green light. Xaaji Xunjuf you're going to be the next Moshe Dayan.
  12. Xinfanin, one call from Washington can change the entire dynamics of Africa's political stage. Markaa maxaad iska daalin, waynu oognahay who's calling the shots. SL, PL, JL, Iley iyo Xamar are all on a payroll. The Landlord (Reer Galbeedka) will ultimately choose whom he'll give the shift to.
  13. US President Barack Obama US President Barack Obama persistently refuses to recognize Iran’s legal nuclear rights, two analysts say, noting that it has scuttled an agreement on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear issue. In an article published on, Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett blamed the Obama administration for its “imperious refusal to acknowledge Tehran’s right to enrich uranium under international safeguards.” “The Obama administration’s hegemonically abusive refusal to recognize Iran’s right to safeguarded enrichment is not just diplomatically and strategically counter-productive-it is illegal,” they wrote. In their article, the Levretts cited articles of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which authorize signatories, including Iran, to exercise nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. They said the “UN Security Council Resolution 1696, which commands Iran to cease uranium enrichment, constitutes a violation of international law.” The closed-door talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council -- the United States, China, Russia, France and Britain -- plus Germany began in Geneva, Switzerland, on Thursday and ended in the early hours of Sunday. The two sides could not reach a deal in Geneva, but stressed that significant progress had been made and expressed optimism about the prospect of achieving a deal. The two sides agreed to continue negotiations on November 20 in the same venue. “The recognition by over 190 states parties to the NPT that all states have such an inalienable right... to include all elements of the full nuclear fuel cycle including uranium enrichment, strongly suggests that the right to peaceful nuclear energy research, production and use is one of the fundamental rights of states in international law,” noted the Levretts. KA/HGH/SL
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf;985934 wrote: Classified haday laan dheeryihin wa mashallah wa la kudi doona inshallah LOL, ma Fircooni or Sunni?
  15. Dalmar1;985946 wrote: walaal classified, dont wast your time nor breath on these delusional over excited emotional button bashers, they believe a country called somaliland exists or ever existed!HAHAHALOL:D A country called Somaliland, technically exists right now. It can and to my opinion, it will be officially recognized, seeing how things are going in the Somali socio-political spectrum. The question is, will the communities/clans that are against uniting with Somaliland be forced to go under Somaliland by the International Community or will they be given referendum, thus their territory will be recognized as "not part of Somaliland".
  16. Hawdian;985939 wrote: ^ he is just talking about somaliya, Not the republic of SomAliland also these two countries were in a union before. until the The union failed.:cool: Two countries? Do you know the definition of a country? lol Country: 1. a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory : Before Colonialism, there was no central authority that controlled the entire British-Somaliland protectorate or the entire Italian-Somaliland protectorate. European Colonials came, divided up the regions under their respective flags and in June 26th, 1960 the nomadic Somali tribes in the British-Somaliland colony was freed. On July 1st, 1960 the nomadic Somali tribes in the Italian-Somaliland colony were freed and with a unanimous consent, the nomadic Somali tribes united to form a Somali Republic. There never was two countries or governments uniting to form a single government/country under a single flag. Which country of the "two countries" that "united" abandoned their flag/currency? LOL
  17. No word from Mudane Jaalle Madaxweyne () Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud Siilaanyo?
  18. Apophis;985913 wrote: The real question is, at least for me, is: will Culusow get such a supine character as Saciid? If yes, then there won't be problems, at least for a while; if no, then expect constant power struggles. Why can't we just balkanize Somalia? Why can't Kismaayo and Garoowe secede from Muqdisho, like Hargeisa did? We're just prolonging the inevitable.
  19. Xaaji Xunjuf;985905 wrote: Just so that a puntlander can replace him The Socialist Faisal Cali Waraabe baa lagu badaliya.
  20. Xaaji Xunjuf;985902 wrote: Classified haatu is a kenyan and naxar is a somalilander. Do you know how far xudun is from garisa wa arli kale adeer. These people shaqu isku malaha wa japan iyo china By the way shir is not bad if the khatumites are happy with their shir let them have their shir. Shira shira oo meel walba ku shira Oo sharka ka shira shadaadiinta faroole ka shira Shirqoolka galaydh ka shira, oo shacabka somaliland la shira Shira shira oo sidi awoowgin shir shoore shirka u daah dihiya LOL Xaaji Xunjuf, nimanku dhulkaa baxaada weyn, ilaa Xudun ilaa Gaarisa bay daadsanyihin. War malaa laandheerihii la sheegijiray waxbaa ka jira.
  21. Cali Khalif is currently supporting Saacid. Go figure :rolleyes:! I say good riddance. Xassan Shiekh was pretty much both the President and Prime Minister simultaneously since he was elected anyways.
  22. Ciidanka amniga PL oo bad baadiyay qoysas roobabku ay saameeyeen Ciidanka Sirdoonka dowlada Puntland oo marka magacooda lasoo gaabiyo loo yaqaan PIA ayaa maalinkii shalay gurmad xoogan u sameeyay qoys reer guuraa ah oo ay dhinacyada ka dageen roobabkii da’ay iyo daadad biyo ah oo dhanka waqooyi ka yimi,waxayna ugu danbayntii ku guulaysteen inay soo bad baadiyeen qoyska iyo xoolahii ay la haayeen. Qoyskaan ayaa deganaa meel aan wax badan ka fogayn halka ay shalay ka kala go’day wadda laamiga ah ee qiyaastii magalada Garowe u jirta 60-Km.waxayna timi bad baadinta qoyskaasi ka dib markii madaxwaynaha dowlada Puntland Cabdiraxmaan Farole oo xiligaasi booqanayay buundada go’day uu amar ku bixiyay in qoyska la bad baadiyo. Bad baadinta ka sakow ciidanku waxay qoyskaasi u qaadeen Cunto si looga bad baadiyo xaalada murugsan ay ku jiraan,dhanka kale ciidanka badda Puntland ayaa gurmad sidaan oo kale ka wada deegaanada ay duufaantu halakaysan,waxana jira dad faro badan oo ilaa iyo hada la la’yahay. Madaxda wasaaradda xanaanadda xoolaha Dowlada Puntland ayaa sheegay 400-qoys inay ku cayroobeen duufaanta,qiyaas taaso oo aan ilaa iyo hada la xaqiijin karin,waxayna wararka ka imaanaya inta u dhaxaysa Eyl iyo Dongorayo ay sheegayaan khasaaraha inuu intaasi ka badan yahay. <img src="[/img" alt="" />
  23. ElPunto;985837 wrote: Granted this is not where the OP was going. But the verse has relevance to this topic. This 'crusade' re women in Islam is part and parcel of what the verse is talking about. That Western aka American imperialism is affecting other places or that certain non-Muslim scholars stick up for Muslims or that there is more to 'it' doesn't negate this fact. Ever since the Islamic revival of the 1970's there has been a concerted effort to attack Muslims and Islam on all fronts. And this topic is part of the continuing salvos against the religion. Exactly! But, of course, the individual whom you responded to, deliberately avoided to give a reply to your post as expected. Apophis;985892 wrote: Same coin, different sides. Their end goals are the same. The difference is, the liberals mask their attacks behind “human rights" and "humanitarian" nonsense ( didn't the thousands of poor Libyan soldiers killed by liberal inspired war have human Rights??). In fact, the liberals are much more dangerous than the neocons because they're insidious and underhanded. Indeed.
  24. Naxar Nugaaleed;985801 wrote: Xaaji sidan waa laga fiicanyahay. You know very well this is nonsense, if khaatumo would be left to its affairs, there would be no need for all these meetings. Instead what Khaatumo has is neighbors bent on destroying any outcome by any means necessary, need we recap the constant interference from Sland and Punt. And the rest of that Somalis are like that simpleton laughing all the from the bushes of Garissa Haatu;985889 wrote: Someones feeling emotional Weligiinba shir ku jira. LOL @ Weligiinba shir ku jira. Aren't Haatu and Naxar Nugaaleed cousins, like how Xaaji Xunjuf and Oodweyne are to each other? Haatu, get ready, you'll be a 'special guest' in Shirka Khaatumo 4 ee bisha June 2014.