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  1. Indeed, from top to bottom. Hence why all the drama.
  2. This is a somali affairs discussion forum and it's right in my opinion to bring private companies when their business behaviour is predatory and monopolising businesses. Nor to mention the fact they're literally central bank of South Central Somalia. The scary thing is, not only are they bankrupting any flourishing business entity but they are deciding on telecoms and monetary policy through financial brute. So, let's talk about this mammoth of a company in Somalia. P.s. we probably all heard, but some of the mafia style dealings are on El Chapo level stuff.
  3. What would Rooble's response be, I wonder? Place your bets. Bet now!
  4. I hope that people of Djibouti survive this fitna.
  5. If there were dignified people, the family of the girl, they would go a great length that the fate of their daughter should never be used for political ends. But hey ho.
  6. What a waste for a human you're! You ask others to refrain from partisan politics yet you can't even help yourself in every word you utter. Hypocrite of the highest order. Come out of the closet, and wear your colours with pride or not. And in your upended logic, the president (without an elected president he is still the president) is not legitimate yet the pm he appointed is legitimate! Wow! I'm amazed with this warped intellect. I don't give a fck.
  7. The pot calling the kettle black. You're in one camp, some are in the other. Who the fck gives all these powers the PM is grabbing? Yet you seem to accept he is legitimate but the president (expired term or whatever) is illegitimate. They're both transitional posts, and should keep their powers until there's an elected Pres and PM. What's going is a coup based on Qabiil.
  8. This Rooble threw one he'll of a spanner in the works. He is going for the jugular. 1. His appointments to powerful positions in the government will go on, whether it is accepted or not. 2. He will try or take control of security, all of its facets. 3. Money already in the works 4. Major sources of income. And eventually, voila! EL PRESIDENT. Or civil war 2.0
  9. ...that Rooble, and whoever is behind him, were after. Now it's the money. This is nothing but coup d'etat.
  10. ^They, his friends and Co, are already calling him 'el president '.
  11. ^Dawlad ku lahaa. Dawladda aad sheegeyso dadkeedii aa lugaha goynaya. Shisheeye tabar uma hayso. Wax dawlad la yiraahdo Somalia kama jidho. Period. This country and people are doomed unless there's intervention from above.
  12. If only Shabaab would change their mindset and modus operandi, they would save this nation