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  1. It's a failed society product of which is a failed political system. Expecting something good from such system is foolhardy. Best case scenario is it ends without all out war and violence.
  2. Is there any country in the world where a former president is a member of Parliament? Anywhere?
  3. Reer Waqooyiga markey Zoomalia yuraahdaan, this is it!
  4. Did any say anything about Ismail Cumar Geelle and his direct involvement in this election. I heard he is financing any worthwhile opposition to Farmaajo from any group. His preference being HSM (president) Deni (PM). And with that, 'would the last person please turn off the life support machine ' of Somalia.
  5. Really? Permission to go to your home town, in your own country, to see your family.
  6. It should essentially become a commercial capital. Period.
  7. I once heard this white Anglo-Saxon man say, "everything we have in the west is based on mutually agreed principles, and if we lose them, we are done for " or words to that effect.
  8. Are you agreeing with this despicable capitulation of the so called Arab leadership? Just to twist the knife of shame, they held the meeting the tomb of Ben Gurion!
  9. It's an issue of faith not lineage. Shia might have twisted understanding of Islam but at least, they proclaim 'Laa ILLAHA ILA LLAAH'
  10. Chinese are taking note. Billionaires think Link with western businesses Every possible way they can protect when the day comes.
  11. This is broad daylight corruption. In the long run, shyt like this is only going to mess up this Godforsaken country even more
  12. Shabab have the best tax avoidance laws in the world: death
  13. This fat b@stard needs to be demoted ASAP. Why parliamentary seat is a hot cake all of a sudden? Hiding justice? Done a lot of shyt behind closed doors?
  14. These mfckers that support president cause of his qabiil will never seize to amaze. MMA, the brother of XSHM had nothing before that I have been told. Now, his little gift from brother Xasan he is OK. I think, Farmaajo, will leave presidency with no loot from his tenure, hopefully. Thus far, the trajectory is good.