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  1. Nairobian, believe me if we Somalis were united, we would put you Kenyan dogs in your place. Wallahi, if Somalis from all the major clans gathered together and set aside our differences and worked together as brothers, there would be NOTHING you Kenyans would be able to do to us. Nothing at all. Your Kenyan government has sponsored different Somali warlords to kill our own people, your Kenyan troops are raping our Somali women, your Kenyan State is occupying 137,000 square kilometers of Somali territory, and you now have the nerve to claim we are the aggressors.
  2. Al Shabab is on a death spiral niiyow. I doubt this will last much longer. They're on their way out already.
  3. CidanSultan, if you're a pro-Somaliland nationalist then go right ahead. But there's no reason to degrade and insult those in Somalia. Somaliland itself has a whole array of serious problems and you should focus on trying to fix those first.
  4. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> I don't know where DK gets the 97% Somali people stat in that region. Garissa university college is a mostly Christian institution as attested to by numerous new articles. The police are mostly non-Somali as are most of the teachers and other professionals. Remember the quarry workers killed in Mandera sometime ago - they were all Kenyans from other regions? Apparently Mandera is so rich - the Somalis there need not debase themselves by working in a quarry - is the place Kuwait or something? IF you have abandoned all the key middle class jobs to Kenyans from other regions - what does your majority in the region get you anyway? The NFD Somalis are still asleep at the switch. They get a few high profile MPs and they think they actually matter. Time to actually build NFD, educate your kids and have them come back to the region and work there. 97% of the people in the NFD region are indeed Somalis. This is a statistical fact. That land is populated mainly by the Bigfoot clan and the Gedo clan. Garissa is a city on the border between the Kenyan portion of Kenya and the Somali portion of Kenya. So of course the university will attract students from all over Kenya. But just drive through Garissa and enter the countryside and almost everyone you meet will be Somalis. All I'm saying is that the NFD Somalis were never given opportunities to succeed in their own land, as their territory was carved out by the British and given to the Kikuyus to administer. NFD is Somali territory and it should either be given independence or it should join Somalia and become a federal state.
  5. Are you sure Puntland is even capable of sending 3000 troops? Puntland itself needs all the soldiers it can get.
  6. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> I don't think family planning is illigal in Islam. It is probably just undesirable because according to a sahih Hadith the prophet(scw) questioned its usefulness given that every soul destined to be born will be born regardless of our intervention. It's not illegal at all. Sometimes when you just want to get intimate with your spouse, you don't want to have that possibility of having another child especially when your wife JUST had a child right now and money is tight around the house. Everyone in the world has different circumstances, and if they need to use birth control then so be it.
  7. A lot of these terrorist recruiters seem to target those who are transitioning to religious life but haven't quite made the full transition yet. So if a Somali guy is a non-practicing dude who isn't religious at all and has almost no knowledge on Islam....what would happen is that these recruiters would target him as soon as he starts to transition to being a practicing Muslim. And since this naive brother is susceptible to all sorts of negative influence at this stage, it would be easy for any ISIS recruiter to manipulate him and make him join a terrorist organization. And since these Somalis have almost no knowledge on Islam, it would be easy for an ISIS recruiter to feed them lies, and tell them that these despicable actions are actually condoned in Islam when they're really not.
  8. This is gonna be the fight of the century Gonna be looking forward to it wallahi.
  9. <cite> @Miyir said:</cite> DR What's with you and Alpha? Saff spurned you somehow? You make no sense mister I assure you. This isn't personal. I really do like Safferz personally. I just really hate the victimhood mentality which most Somalis in the West have started to develop. I hate how our rhetoric is now starting to resemble that of the African-Americans, and I hate our inconsistencies. We Somalis are a proud people, and we should never concern ourselves with the petty opinions of some Ajnaabi. You will never find a proud German ever worrying about what some foreigner thinks of him, yet we Somalis have this mentality and it's an extremely poisonous mentality to have. I'm well-traveled and I've encountered the Somalis who live in the Horn of Africa and trust me they DO NOT think like this at all. The average Somali in Somalia couldn't give a damn what some European or Asian thinks of him. Yet now we have Somalis like Safferz who make twitter hashtags about "White Privilege" and you're actually giving this Markus Hoehne character a pedestal. You're making him more important than he really is. If you really don't like what this man says, then you could easily create an academic research paper and counter his points factually. Going on twitter and making hashtags won't solve anything. Complaining that a "White Man" is studying Somali history won't solve anything either. White men study every single topic in every single country. I know Whites who actually take the time to study the history/culture of some obscure African tribe in the Congo. So it shouldn't be surprising that we have some who have gained an expertise on Somali history and culture. Why do we even care?
  10. <cite> @somalee said:</cite> Safferz don't be disheartened by these unsupportive brothers. This campaign is much bigger than that German academic and the journal, and it sends a clear message to those cadaans who believe we can't think for ourselves and study our own people. Stop acting like a victim. Nothing is stopping you from studying your own people. You are free to register at your local university and study any subject you please. I personally know Somalis who study French history and Chinese history, and no one says anything about this. Yet when some German guy wants to study our Somali history, you want to throw a tantrum and start a Twitter campaign. If you don't like what this man has to say, then you are free to challenge him in the academic arena. Create a research paper, make it peer-reviewed, and send it out to the general public. Creating Twitter hashtags about #CadaanStudies reeks of an inferiority complex and a lack of confidence in your own abilities. I know Safferz would be laughed out of any University lecture hall with this nonsense she's trying to sell to the Somali community. This is academia. No one cares about your racial origin in the academic world. Either you compete or you sit down. If you can't handle the heat, then maybe you should have chosen a different career path.
  11. <cite> @Naxar Nugaaleed said:</cite> "Abortion and family planning are illegal under Islam, and I don’t see Somalis ever doing anything to go against the teachings of Islam." This not true at all. Abortion is permissible under certain circumstance such rape or wither the life of the mother is in danger. Also family planning is not illegal... You have no right to use unusual circumstances and make that into the general rule. Abortion is haraam, unless the life of the mother is in danger. This is indisputable.
  12. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> Abortion and family planning are illegal under Islam, and I don't see Somalis ever doing anything to go against the teachings of Islam. I agree with you that we need to stop having babies that we can't take care of, but u can't tell Somalis that. Exactly bro. Somalia is a large territory with few numbers of people. We are twice the size of Germany with 1/8 of their population. We shouldn't be worried about birth control. We should focus more on economic development and creating free markets in Somalia.
  13. This shouldn't be surprising. Somalis didn't enter the United States as immigrants.....we entered the country as refugees. We had a lot of unemployed and unskilled Somali refugees entering the USA in the 1990's and trying to find work in factories, driving taxis, and cleaning buildings. So of course we are uneducated compared to African migrants. Most African immigrants in the USA are skilled professionals (doctors, engineers, business professionals, etc.), which is how they were even allowed to enter the USA in the first place. They were given a green card and were allowed to migrate to the USA from Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, etc. The USA has a system where only the best and brightest can settle in the country. All others are left behind. But we Somalis were the exception and we were allowed to live in this country with absolutely NO SKILLS and NO EDUCATION. It was a peculiar exception that benefited us. But it isn't fair to compare African immigrants to Somali refugees. You're comparing apples and oranges here.
  14. I would be indifferent to this development if it wasn't for the fact that Kenya occupies about 130,000 square kilometers of Somali territory. That is a piece of land equivalent to the size of Israel and South Korea COMBINED. This is Somali territory which the Kenyans are currently occupying and keeping it as their own. This huge chunk of land is Somali. The people living on that land are 97% ethnic Somalis. They voted to be part of Somalia yet the Kenyans continue to occupy our people. If the Kenyans want to build a border wall, then let them do so on the NFD border, and let the Somalis have their own autonomy.
  15. <cite> @Safferz said:</cite> Neither of you make points, let alone valid ones. I'm involved in things much bigger than debating undereducated trolls on SOL who have nothing important to contribute to the topic. From what I see here, Namrood is way more intelligent than you. And he's not falling for your emotional traps.