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  1. Democracy in the way Somaliland is attempting to do it is doomed to failure. You can't have a multiparty system if the difference between is not ideological but just a mask to a clan congregation. Somaliland would be better off going back to their old traditions and electing a council that is representative of the people, and to let those council members choose the best qualified to run things. Western democracy is not a panacea to the ills of Somaliland and can't mask the problems they are facing.
  2. A very beautiful building, and extremely huge for such an insignificant country like Somalia (as it currently stands), I still wonder why Turkey is so interested in Somalia. Am I missing something?
  3. What a shame. I'm a second generation Somali exile, so I don't have the connections to go back and rebuild and the longer it takes for Somalia to be safe for educated people like me ( Chemical Eng. (2nd class power eng)) the less I'm incentivized to do so. This guy went back and he is selfless enough to try to build a future there and thugs just kill him in cold blood. Is anybody there trying to do something to stop it? I find it incredible that nobody recognized the shooters.
  4. There has been a string of bad news for Somaliland and now some of their politicians want to add the blue and white star in the flag.That's like "Oh, we want to secede but we want to put this as a reminder". Somalilanders should get rid of those old folks and elect some young technocrats, although I find young people are even more fanatic about secession.
  5. I'm really happy for Mogadishu, it has the potential to be the trading hub for east Africa. In few more years I don't think anybody will recognizer it if the security situation keeps improving.
  6. Why is it wrong for a federal state president to attend a meeting that involves federal states? It's funny that two people at the opposite end of the spectrum are the only individuals who see anything wrong about this meeting. They should make it an annual or a biannual affair, and hopefully soon we will see a huge federal state in central Somalia. It was really great seeing them together to remind us that we are not adversaries but one people.
  7. That group might be corrupt and incompetent, but they advanced the federalism train more than I thought was possible, It's as if their fumbling and resistance made the impossible possible. Jubaaland and South West State are now a reality and maybe something will happen in the center of the country. I'm tired of this constant infighting between the President and the PM. Hopefully the new PM can do his job and sway that group for the betterment of the country.
  8. CidaanSultan, Why don't you calm down a little bit, you can present your points without resorting to insults. To my surprise I actually agree with you on some points, though comparing other Somalis to monkeys is taking it too far ( don't forget that there was similar behaviour in Somaliland's Parliament). Yes, all this constitution posturing and ministerial shuffling has clannish roots, it's also true that the government doesn't see to care about its people as much as stealing money that was supposed to help them. This infighting is a big setback, but it might be a golden opportunity. Any notion of a central control of Somalia is out of the window now, this president is compromising everything he stands for just to score some cheap points against the prime minister. Bribing the parliament was a stroke of genius (just kidding), the world sees now that they can't depend on some corrupt officials in Mogadishu, the road to federalism is cemented and the power of the president, pm and parliament will be enormously reduced.
  9. Looks like a great project, I wish them luck.
  10. Since he became the prime minister I noticed improvement in many issues, I didn't hear of any corruption scandals regarding him, so what is this motion about? Is it only about the shuffling of the ministerial posts? Are the president and the parliament that silly that they will fire a PM after one year over this? This solidifies my wish for a completely autonomous federal system, a government based in Mogadishu is a complete failure.
  11. Unfortunately this Abdi Johnson person is known for making stuff up in the other forum that shall not be named.
  12. News24 -Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab, say military officials and an al-Shabaab commander. The al-Qaeda-linked militants on Saturday launched a mortar attack at the president's plane as it was trying to land at the airport of the southern town of Barawe, military officials said. None of the artillery hit the target. The plane was carrying Mohamud as well as several ministers. The delegation planned to visit Barawe after the army recently recaptured the town from al-Shabaab. The militants claimed responsibility for the attack shortly thereafter. Al-Shabaab, which wants to establish an Islamic state in Somalia, has killed dozens of government officials this year.
  13. Somaliland needs a young and pragmatic leader, it is really shocking how things have fallen apart in the last year. A ruined reputation and dwindling influence. Somaliland needs to rethink all its policies, their self imposed isolation was one of the most idiotic blunders in recent memory, and their antagonistic stance towards the SFG and Puntland shows how immature they are in diplomacy. There is also too much tension inside Somaliland, news coming out of there show that they are not that different than chaotic Somalia.
  14. Looks great,It's nice to see Mogadishu get safer and its infrastructure improve.
  15. I don't know what's worse, the drug dealer getting a diplomatic passport or the the ridiculous letter they sent to the ministry. Who am I kidding, this is only the tip of the iceberg and as foreigners find it safer to go to Somalia new kinds of problems will rise.