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  1. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/458253/SAS-sniper-kills-Isis-thug-executioner-save-boy-dad Tears of joy in my eyes. I am so happy. We will defeat IS.
  2. They should only be allowed in if he is a discriminated minority (LGBTQ, "midgan", atheist/agnostic or Christian/Hindu/Jew/etc). They must prove it first. Or if they dont have extremist views and are threatened by extremists for not sharing their views like those of "lesser clans" should be discriminated or gays should be thrown off buildings. Extremist views can range from not believing in human rights for all, wishes harm on others that are different to them or involved in terrorism. 99% of asylum applications from Somalis should have been denied. 99% of them are economic migrants and they only have low skills. We don't need more janitors or cashiers or khat dealers. Many dont do low skilled jobs because its beneath them and a "shame to their family". We want discriminated Somalis and we need skilled Somalis
  3. Somaliland = Somalia = Zimbabwe = North Korea = Hell Hold the damn election. You are not above the weak laws in place. There needs to be 10 intl election observes at each polling station. These animals are destroying democracy. They will stuff the boxes. Africa needs a revolution
  4. I hope this includes Somalia http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/harper-promises-travel-ban-to-places-that-are-ground-zero-for-terrorist-activity/article25897926/?service=mobile
  5. No jobs except some low skilled labour which can be done by the locals but they are lazy and think its beneath them. Misleading video by the Al Shabab supporter Jamal Osman.
  6. Native people don't work in Canada. They get generous guaranteed incomes paid for by the federal government. They have a govt issued id they can take to any store and have sales taxes removed from all items, including tobacco and alcohol. If one of their tribes is sitting under oil, oil companies pay them checks directly. University and college is free for them. They are guaranteed jobs in` any indystry they so desire to work in. They don't compete for government jobs. They don't compete for oil and gas jobs. They get everything for free. The Natives are a pampered community. If some Natives want to be drunk and want to shoot needles with their government checks and oil money, that's their problem. If some chief wants to steal the tribes money given to him by the government, that's not our fault. They live in horrible conditions in the reserves because their tribal elders steal the money given to them. Small communities of just a few thousand get hundreds of millions per year but they spend it all on alcohol and crack and fancy cars for the elders. They have privileges and things that I can only dream of. They are the "landowners" and money and diamond rings are thrown at them. They have their own problems they need to address. The generosity has been extended officially by the govt since 1867. Canada is home to over 200 ethnicities. Stop with the colonial links and "occupation" talks. I am sure the Germans and Irish have already caught up in size. If you want to speak of "occupation" talks, lets talk about the Somalis who are currently occupying Somalia, NFD and K5. As you may know, these lands belonged to the Oromo and Bantu just a few hundred years ago. Or the illegal occupation of the Indian subcontinent by Muslims, after their successful Hindu slaughter of 100 million, the biggest massacre in human history
  7. But I care that you guys come live with us even when you hate us. Why can't you guys just go to the Gulf and if your Sunni "brothers" call you kalab aswad and if they don't give you the passport and if they make you guys live a life of limbo, just accept it. Why suffocate us with your presence and your extremist ways? This is hypocrisy. Muslims are hypocrites. They hate the gaalo but they want to live with them because they are more humane than their Gulf "brothers". And when we foolishly open our doors they show loyalty to the Arabs that treat them like dirt. Somalis are ungrateful punk. I am writing to my MP to ask him to look into stopping Somalis from coming here unless of course they are a persecuted person (i.e. a minority clan, homosexuals, Christians)
  8. The Kenyan Somalis come here because their Kenyan masters abuse and hit them and put them in cages and demand they pay extra taxes and bribes to cross the street. The Somalis from the Gulf come here because their Sunni Arab brothers call them kalab aswad and don't give them permanent residency or a passport. But Somalis continue showing loyalty to their Arab daddies but the Arabs don't claim them. I have read a very religious Somali from the backwards forum I shall not name is moving to the most liberal place on Earth. Vancouver where there is gay marriage, government issued needles for drug users, prostitution, and all sorts of kufaar things. Why are Muslims such hypocrites? Why do they beg to live with us kufaar?
  9. I don't like these new fobs coming from Kenya. They are khat addicts, they haggle prices at stores (Western ones), they are very rude, they don't give you personal space. They are also hate Gaalada so much. Which is completely OK and I would accept that but why come here if you hate them? Doesn't make any sense.
  10. Africans are understanding conditions have been placed on their life saving aid. The hopeless and helpless and useless Africans are becoming wiser but even monkeys and cats and dogs would have figured this out on their own a long time ago. Gay rights = human rights. Get with the times. Human rights will be forced down your throats. Not even the barn animals are safe in Africa. There is no safety for goats and cats and dogs and camels. I've seen animal abuse on a daily basis. I've seen Madhibaan abuse. I've see all sorts of abuse. These people love to abuse everyone and everything.
  11. HutuKing your people are a threat to yourself. I am no threat to you. Today Saudi Arabian mosque bombed. Sunni vs Shia. Shabab kill fellow Sunnis in Somalia. You Muslims kill each other. I am not a threat to you. I am just a spectator. I am eating my popcorn with 3D glasses while you destroy yourself. Atheist who insult Islam should be your last concern while you people kill each other for no reason.
  12. HutuKing I was in Amsterdam just last week. I heard you live in Amsterdam. I should have informed you of my wherabouts so you could have killed me and make Allah pleased with you and guarantee a spot for you in fairytale heaven. Maybe you would meet Mohammed. Maybe next time you Arab booty clapper. You are an Arab slave.
  13. Is Somalia4Somalis the man called HutuKing? Aren't you pro Al Shabab and faithful follower of Ayrow and Aweys?