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  1. Baacda iska fuur kulaha, walahi inaad sheeko beesani uun ka baratey hargeisa, walaal maar hore ayaan ku sheege hadal badnaan oo macno laheyn maar uun ayeey doqonimo iyo liidniimo kama dambeys gaarta, adiguna maar hore ayaad xaadkaas daaftey. Waax aan tarikh laheyn, oo asal laheyn, gabaay niiman cuqdadeysaan tiriyeen mooyane, oo habeen iyo maalin internet ka caaytamaya, waa meyd soocda oo kabihis eey damaan walaal. Ditoore iyo umaadahisa uun baad hadal kooda uu qalantaa. Hibo Nuura in Mogadishu
  2. haaye our resident shaababi caruur laaye is at it again miyaa? these guys in baidoa feel they have lost the battle for their rights in the future jubba land state and they are doing exactly what they have seen gets results from the SFG in somalia.....they are treading a well worn path, that gets results...more power to them . All Hail clan federalism.
  3. Bwahahaha loooool waar iga daa ya ditoore this is too funny, if more than puntlandi posts this I would love to see certain dayusbaaro posters responses
  4. Ditoore why do fail to mention that this is the same aada dugsiyada program created and detailed by the SFG ministry of public services and specifically the Minister of Education Qassim?
  5. Ask not for whom the bell tolls it tolls for ictirafers every where, love how many twists and turns of spin has occurred from this thread, everything from we told them to leave, to it was their attempt at cajoling us, or now they went because of a bomb blast in far off mogadishu, if mogadishu could have such effects due to a single explosion with 10 explosions aar baa somaliland mapka laga waaya baa? Where is garoodi's take on this, ninkaasi horta waa 100 xininiyood, but I would like to know what rockeffelers fantastic technicolor company withdrawing from somaliland is going to take the new kurdistans dreams to? P.S I know something are emotional issues but do people still not get that projects like these or the proposed bollore port project, or the german investors in somaliland coal e.t.c will not occur if there are no project insurance and finance facilities available, all of these predicated on a recognized entity existing? In the search of aqoonsi reality of every form has been ignored and now basic finance regulations are to be twisted?
  6. He was a genocidaire and only a certain minority consider him anything but.... setting the blueprint of false nationalism to clan massacres faithfully followed by every other offspring politician of a certain minority....
  7. An entire people held to ransom by their elite, what would you expect. AUN to the dead!
  8. loool I wont respond to the point scoring but I really like mooges threads its like a car crash happenes every time, waryaa do you know the diffrence between DNA and biometric data held in I.D documents such as passports or I.D's consisting of fingerprints and facial recognition camera's e.t.c hahhaha just I am wondering were you thinking people had to give blood or swab their mouths every time they were to take their salaries, did you have a flashback to your refugee process? as for the rest of it, biometric data is the standard for banks across the world, and will reduce the chance of "ghost workers" being paid a problem in all civil services across the world, but thats not what you emotional kids wana hear is it people are getting paid and its norways money
  9. Alpha, how you cling in your evident inferiority complex to a tired narrative, how this must nurture you when you consider the years you have wasted on a dream among a community that never accepts you, mogadishu lives brah, and hargeisa the capital of somaliland is smaller than medina district and has less services, the people are friendlier and less qabilist, and full of cuqdaad as your people, after 22 years the count of foreign embassies in Hargeisa is O in dangerous mogadishu it is already 11 with to my knowledge another 5 are to open this year, the level of reconstruction in xamar in the past 2 years has surpassed anything that has happened in SOMALILAND the past 10, and am talking of private investment and not turkeys belevolence, mogadishu port already surpasses the increasingly moribund berbera port [thanks to djibouti's 5 ports project]the port of mogadishu after just 1 year of operations is raking in more than berbera with out access to the much lauded 80 million market that you guys have singularly failed to serve, with a $170m PPP project in the offing, beyond the reach of anything your trolls nest can produce ...its residents reduced to their natural reality of rock abseiling, the banadir police force is already better equiped and paid more than a bedraggled SOMALILAND officer, the highest paid engineer with the UN in somaliland is paid $900/= net and is termed taajirka beesha while the starting salary of one in xamar at graduate trainee level is $2,500/- and that is with the dan guud project a minor banaadir province program. But since you are the knower of xamar the real discerner of everything xamari, please talk to your fellow qowdhans in xamar, the influx of shop owners and waiters, the drivers of taxi's and beautiful lady owners of hairdressers and carwos, the rebuilders of their properties or the goverment employees in xamar, the m.p's and the students in mogadishu colleges and universities, the great picture takers at lido beach with their fake samsung phones, indeed to personalise it tell the ex-dumbuluq cargo manager of mogadishu airport about your dystopian visions, your perverse ineffectual nac-nac on sol, please tell them to go back and wait for ictiraaf in hargeisa on empty stomachs and hopeless minds as you continue your biliqo of your people just like a proper dayuusbaro should. Xamar is 2.5 million residents moving on... family ties and freindships sustained through every perversity and conflict, with the steely determination, inspite and despite of the approbation or odium of others in any fora, the city lives & grows and is still the most cosmopolitan and dynamic city of al-sumal and lays claim to a dynamism that none of your litany of dust bowl agglomerations of clan watering points can ever develop or claim. Only in SOL were a post is a post is like any other can it seems that there is any competition any sort of intrigue or comparision between the actions of a 20 ton bulldozer and the meanderings of a coackroach running helter skelter, trying its best to proclaim that being king is everything even if it is of a dunghill. In summation raag ba meesha ku hadlaya ee ka dheex baax.
  10. it is unfortunate the sort of troll behaviour the simple rebuilding thread is causing in so many.... most of you know the blog and forum i use and my new updates will be on them.
  11. Isniin, July 15, 2013 (HOL) — Magaalada Nairobi ee xarunta dalka Kenya ayaa lagu soo gabgabeeyay shalay oo Axad ahayd shir looga hadlayay dhaqaalaha iyo maal-gashiga Soomaaliya, kaasoo socday laba maalmood, waxaana shirkaas ka qaybgalay ganacsato Soomaaliyeed iyo kuwo ajnabi ah. Shirka waxaa soo qaban-qaabiyay Somali Economic Forum iyadoo maal-gashadaayasha ajnabiga ah iyo kuwa Soomaalida ahba lagu tusaaleeyay fursadaha ka bannaan Soomaaliya xilligan oo ay nabadgelyo ka jirto. Agaasimaha Somali Economic Forum, Xasan Muuse Dudde oo shirka hadal ka jeediyay ayaa sheegay inay doonayaan in Soomaaliya laga kaalmeeyo dhinacyada ay dadkeedu u baahan yihiin sida beeraha, kalluumaysiga iyo xoolaha nool oo Soomaaliya ay hodan ku tahay, wuxuuna u mahadceliyay ganacsatada gudaha oo uu sheegay inay dalka ka sameeyeen maalgashi aad u wanaagsan. Shirkan ayaa laga soo saaray talo-bixin ku wajahan maal-gashadayaasha Soomaalida iyo ajnabiga ah iyo sidoo kale talooyin loosoo jeediyay dowladda Somalia oo ku saabsan sida ay u soo dhoweyn lahayd ganacsatada doonaya inay dalka ku sameystaan maal-gashi ballaaran. Dhawaan ayay ahayd markii golaha baarlamaanka Somalia ay cod aqlabiyad ah ku ansixiyeen sharciga maal-gashiga dalka, kaasoo in muddo ah la sugayay, waxaana arrinkaas aad u soo dhaweeyay shirkadaha ajaanibta ah ee doonaya inay Soomaaliya maal-gashadaan. Soomaaliya hadda waxaa ka jira dowlad rasmi ah oo geli karta heshiisyada caalamiga ah, waxaa sidoo kale dib u soo noqday nabadgalyadii caasimadda Soomaaliya ee Muqdisho oo laf dhabar u ah isku xirka ganacsiga dalka iyo maal-gashiga, iyadoo lagu howlan yahay sidii maalgashi loogu sameysan lahaa Soomaaliya. Shirkadaha caalamiga ah ayaa waxay indhaha ku hayaan Soomaaliya si ay maal-gashi ugu sameystaan, iyadoo sidoo kalena shir midkan ka horreeyay lagu qabtay bishii lasoo dhaafay magaalada Nairobi, kaasoo looga hadlay sidii loo maalgashan lahaa Soomaaliya. Maxamed Xaaji Xuseen, Hiiraan Online maxuseen@hiiraan.com Muqdisho, Soomaaliya
  12. Again sorry yaa haabaro xaaji
  13. Kulan afur ah oo ay isugu yimaadeen siyaasiyiin caan ah oo isugu jira Soomaali iyo Kenyaan oo ka dhacay Nairobi Isniin, July 15, 2013 (HOL) - Waxaa xalay magaalada Nairobi ka dhacay kulan ballaaran oo isugu yimaadeen siyaasiyiin caan ah oo ku jira siyaasada wadamada Soomaaliya iyo Kenya. Waxaana kulan kasoo qaybgalay Ra'iisul wasaarayaal hore: Cali Khaliif Gallayr, Cali Maxamed Geedi, Cumar C/rashiid Cali Sharmaarke, Musharraxiin Madaxtinnimo: Dr. Maxamed C/laahi Baadiyow, Yuusuf Garaad Cumar, Sheekh Maxamed Yaasiin, madaxweynaha maamul goboleedka Khaatumo Maxamed Yuusuf Jaamac (Indhasheel) iyo wasiirkii hore ee gaashaandhiga Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdi Gaandi, Xildhibaano Keenyaan ah: Diiriye Cabdullahi Maxame, Maxamed Shidiye iyo Ilyaas barre Shiil. Waxaana kulankan oo markii hore la filayay in lagu weeraro dawlada federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya intiisii badnayd looga hadlay taageerada geedi socodka nabadda Soomaaliya. Ra'iisul wasaarihii hore ee Soomaaliya Cali Maxamed Geedi ayaa sheegay in ujeedka kulankan uu yahay inaan dhiig dambe uusan ku daadan Soomaaliya, isagoo walaac ka muujiyay rabshadaha kasoo cusboonaaday Puntland iyo dagaallada asbuucyadii lasoo dhaafay ka dhacay Kismaayo oo uu sheegay inay nasiib darro ahaayeen. Wasiirkii hore ee gaashaandhiga Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdi Gaandi oo kulankaas ka hadlay ayaa sharraxaad ka bixiyay qorshihii uu ku bilowday maamul u samaynta gobollada Jubbooyinka oo uu sheegay in dawladii hore ee Soomaaliya ee uu madaxweynaha ka ahaa Shariif Sheekh Axmed inay qorshahaasi si bilowday. "Waxaan sugaynay in dawlada dhalataa ay meesha kasii wado heshiisyadii ay galeen dawladihi hore, dawladii hore ee Soomaaliya ayaa Kenya ka codsatay inay ka taageerto maamul u samaynta gobollada haatan laga sameeyay Jubbaland" ayuu yiri Gaandi. Xildhibaan Ilyaas Barre Shiil oo dhalleeceeyay xildhibaanada dalbanaya inay Kenya isaga baxdo dhulkooda ayaa sheeegay inaysan Kenya ku jirin wax damac ah oo ay ku doonayso dhul Soomaaliyeed. "Annaga ayaaban ogolayn in taako kamid ah dhulka Soomaaliya ay Kenya hunguriyayso, war waxaan idin leenahay inta aad dhisanaysaan ciidamo adag ammaankiina iyo ammaankeena waa isku xiranyahay, waana ku khasbanahay inaan idin taageerno" ayuu yiri Shiil. Madaxweynaha Khaatumo Maxamed Yuusuf Jaamac (Indhasheel) oo goobtaas khudbad ka jeediyay ayaa sharraxay qadiyadooda isagoo sheegay inay isu taageen midnimada Soomaaliyeed balse aysan jirin wax taageero ah oo ay kaga heleen Soomaalida halganka ay ugu jiraan inaan Soomaaliya lakala karin. Xildhibaan Maxamed Shidiye oo isna ka tirsan baarlamaanka dalka Kenya ayaa ku dheeraaday muhiimada ay leedahay in Soomaalida ay isu taagaan adkaynta midninadooda iyo ammaanka dalkooda. Ra'iisul wasaarihii hore ee Soomaaliya Cali Khaliif Galayr oo kulanka soo xiray ayaa sheegay in qabiilka Soomaalida ee la isku haysto inaysan caddaynba in la wada dhashay. "Qabiil baa la sheegayaa, yaa DNA u kala qaaday, war hoy meesha wax la isku dilaa ma yaalliin, ee Soomaalidu danahooda ha qabsadeen" ayuu yiri Galayr. Dhammaan kasoo qaybgalayaashii kulankan ayaa diray farriimo nabadeed iyagoo sidoo kalana taageero u muujiyay geedi socodka nabadda Soomaaliya.
  14. Tillamook;968103 wrote: It seems this Ahmed Khayr guy is against the air-control operations being handed over to Somaliland. He says this is unconstitutional, and only through a parliamentary statute can this be handed over to Somaliland. I wonder, will Culosow have to defend this act along the many other things he's been defensive about lately. Only time will tell... Since hargeisa is a part of somalia, consequently the situating of the office in Hargeisa does not need a parliamentary ruling
  15. Lool sorry to pop xaajis bubble but these men are not undermining the president but advising..... waan ka xuumahay xaajiyow...maanta habaarkaga waax ey tareeyso majiirto...
  16. diffrent marksman and it is a large mosque being built with in the compound
  17. cadnaan1;968505 wrote: carwo cusub oo xamar laga furay maanta http://radiomuqdisho.net/wasaaradda-ganacsiga-oo-xariga-ka-jartay-qorshe-maalgelin-ah-oo-ay-waddo-mid-kamid-ah-shirkadaha-ka-howlgala-muqdisho/ cadnaan you cant post directly from that website it does not allow hot linking but look for other sites with the same pic walaal...
  18. The Governor of Banadir regional Administration and The Mayor of Mogadishu City along with his deputies and officials from the administration office , opened the new offices for the waberi District Administration.
  19. Digfeer with large mosque being built with in compund...200 beds with an extra 30 bed ICU.
  20. Ciyaar Dhaqameedka Shirta oo lagu qabtay Degmada Xamarweyne
  21. Muuqaalka Ramadaanka ee magaalada Muqdisho