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  1. And we are strongly loyal to Somalia's central government based in the capital Mogadishu
  2. I am very disappointed, i expected more since they had peace since 1991, even war torn Mogadishu still looks 10x better http://radiomuqdisho.net/daawo-sawirrada-magaalada-hargeysa-oo-sameysay-hormar-baaxad-leh-oo-dhinaca-ganacsiga-iyo-dhismaha-ah/
  3. Somalia;905280 wrote: Oba, how dare you split HAG Supreme council, are you not the sons of Diiriye and Xaad, you are my friend, you have to be, otherwise it will all start to crumble down, the HAG theories depend on you my friend, you are the link. Don't concern yourself with Oba, you got nothing on the brother LOL
  4. Ambassador;905187 wrote: It's amalgam of fear and envy that made this fellow speak so low and vile. Let us not reciprocate the idiocy sxb. Fear of what LOL I just got pissed off when some O started talking abt forming Azania in my own backyard LOL
  5. A Ethiopian and a O, how sad http://golisnews.com/human-rights-watch-oo-si-xoogan-uga-hadashay-dhibaatooyin-ay-fuliyeen-ciidamada-liyuu-boolis/ Its instead of hating on HAG, go and free your PEOPLE. Aids ridden ethiopians rape dem and he talks abt having peace with ethiopia. LOL oh my God Don't get jealous abt us being FREE people, what can we say other than Allah has blessed us We will feed you outta somalimo and Islam
  6. Walahi i'd rather feed a O than have him hit, LOL They are Miskeen people, all they hve is Ahmed Madoobe and they think they hve it all set LOL
  7. Somalia;905157 wrote: What are you talking about, we've been riding on foreign tanks since 2006 'til infinity. Horta, what is yours and the official HAG position? The official HAG position and that of mine is that we don't want Bantu Kenyans stealing Somalia's oil, that's it and Kismayoo belongs to all Somali's Forget abt Kismayoo you can't even take control of Galkayo, these people should take a good lesson in what we've done to YOU Opening your mouth, telling these miskeen people lies, leave them outta it, why don't you come and claim Kismayo and see what happens, LOL
  8. Somalia;905152 wrote: First of all, I think we can all testify to the fact that I am not a clan cheerleader. Number 1. :eek: Second, I was no good friend of the big footed people, politically speaking. I believed they were going in the wrong direction, a truly horrendous direction with a lot of dire consequences. However, the recent Jubbaland affair has shown me another side to these men, a side of hunger. I myself possess this hunger, it is a rare trait my friends but it can yield tremendous results. Once you have this intricate gift you will not stop, you will not rest, you will not linger, you will fight. Today I embrace my hungry friends, because I feel them, I understand them. God bless them, and God bless America. Faroole's children encouraging these people to do what they are too afraid and can't do LOL
  9. Apophis;905133 wrote: Stop trashing tolka young un' Fine am out, outta Somalimo
  10. xiinfaniin;905127 wrote: To the admin: pardon the usage of Og-aadeen term. This is a nation, not a qabiil. In the jurisprudence, there is a mark for water volume and when it reaches, it becomes immune to contamination (najjaasah). Similarly , this community is etimated to be around 7 million , in that sense, speaking of them is akin to speaking of Republic of Central Africa. They are no longer clan. EDIT: XX, and the new script are missing the point. I await those on the fora with more intellectual muscle. eDITED