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  1. "The Warlords are gone and the time is ripe. Ironically the institution built to achieve peace and reconciliation between our peoples is the only obstacle left." How? So we need another revolution and your very sure the next time there will be no obstacle left. Because the rise of clan courts in moqdisho we have better chance? I think, we never being close for peace and reconciliation. for first time the international community concerns what happening in somalia. They do not care us but for their safety, they want help. By the way all warlods are NOT gone, some are still in large.Atleast the TNG should do us favor for finnishing the remaining warlods in Marka and Kismaanyo.
  2. hadeyna xilka kaqaadin umalayn maayo inuu iscasili doono. Runtii sheekhu waa qofka kaliya ee qadiyad aaminsan, uguna geesisan, madaxda maxkamadaha. Shakiga reer galbeedka iyo itoobiyaanka galay ee kusaabsan maxkamadaha waa waa midaan sufudud loo furdaamin karin, waayo waxaa isku dhexdhuumanaya oo magaca maxkamadaha sita, ama taageersan qabiilaystayaal iyo argigixiso dhaba, iyo inbadan oo kale oo udhexeeya. waa hubaal cismaan dadkiisii xitaa inay joogaan, cid sigaara usoo qaban kartaana majirto. Horaa laysugu dayey waana lagu fashilmay
  3. What court do about this news? will this news force them to negotiate? write another letter?
  4. Briefly: U.S. to bolster forces of old Somali regime Reuters, The Associated Press, The New York Times Published: June 30, 2006 WASHINGTON The Bush administration will work to bolster the police force and other security troops of Somalia's government in exile in the hope of marginalizing the Islamic militias now controlling much of the war- torn country, a senior U.S. official told Congress. Jendayi Frazer, the State Department's top Africa official, said that the United States had no intention of holding direct talks with the leaders of the Council of the Islamic Courts, which took control of the capital, Mogadishu, last month after prolonged clashes with Somali warlords backed by the CIA. Instead, Frazer said that the United States and its allies would push to strengthen the security troops of Somalia's largely powerless interim government, which she called "the only legitimate framework for governance in Somalia." Frazer admitted that this would be a tall order, as the Islamic militias have expanded their power base beyond Mogadishu and the government was not even able to control the town of Baidoa, where its headquarters is located. (NYT)
  5. what soamlia_ethiopian war? Do you think anyone want fight the ethiopian? why fight ethiopian this time? the court in reality will not fight anyone else than somalis. At moment the court takes advantges to use the ONLF and some other organisation against moqdisho warlods and use the ethiopian invasion to collect money from Arab public and recruit fighters. So far moqdisho is better of . Somalia need real political solution and now shortest way is a cooperation between TNG and Moqdisho court.
  6. I agree the TNG is strong enough to defend Baydhabo in case of an attack from the court. But what happened the TNG programs. 1) Building national army 2} choosing administration for regions, so far Bay governor was elected I guest all money is spent accomodating housing and food (qaat) for all these people in Baydhabo. even Caydiid Jr is there now.
  7. the secessionist sponsors convict Riyaale and his administration to lobby hard for African leaders. Few weeks ago Riyaale visited six African countries and spent half million dollars. Tomorrow he is leaving to Gambia in order to attend the African leaders confers. Riyaale is under pressure and he just want out. He do not have nothing more to tell a secessionist public who is doubting his work and loyalty. Zero chance for Riyaale this time because of new situation in somalia. However this a new policy from the secessionist side
  8. Madaxweyne Rayaale Oo U Xadhko Xidhan Safar Berri La Filaayo Inuu Ugu Baxo Magaalada Banjul Ee Xarunta Dalka Gambia Somaliland.Org — Hargeisa, Somaliland — 29 June, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hargeysa (Somaliland.Org)-- Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland iyo xubno ka tirsan Wasiiradiisa ayaa la filaya inay berri ama sahandanbe u ambabaxi doonaan Xarunta Waddanka Gambia ee Banjul, halkaasi oo horraanta bisha July oo ka furmaayo Shirka Ururka Midawga Afrika. Madaxweyne Rayaale Oo La Filaayo Inuu U Ambabaxo Xarunta Gambia Ee Banul Inkasta oo aanay jirin ilo si rasmi ah u xaqiijinaya socdaalkani Madaxweynahu la filaayo inuu ku tago Banjul xarunta gambia, ayaa haddana ilo lagu kalsoonyahay oo Caawa Somaliland.Org kula xidhiidhay Khadka telefoonku waxay u xaqiijiyeen in Madaxweynahu uu ka ambabaxi doono dalka Maalinta berri haddii uu dib u dhacana ay xaqiiq tahay maalinta sabtida inuu waddanka uga baqooli doono dhinacaa Xarunta Gambia, waxaa iyaguna xarunta Gambia ee Banjul hadda ku sugan wasiiro ka tirsan Xukuumadda Somaliland oo kala ah Wasiiradda Maaliyadda Cawil Cali Ducaale iyo Warfaafinta Cabdilaahi Maxamed Ducaale oo olole balaadhan ugu jiray sidii ay uga qayb noqon lahaayeen gogol xaadhkii shirkani madaxda Afrika oo wasiiradda dalalka afrika uga furmay todobaadkani magaaladaasi, balse taasi uma ay suurtagelin labadaasi Wasiir, waxaasi wararku tibaaxayaan in xubnahani wasiiradu ay olole balaadhan ugu jireen todobaadyadii ugu danbeeyey sidii Madaxweyne Rayaale uga qayb geli lahaa shirweynahaasi Madaxda Afrika ee ka dhici doona Magaalada Banjul oo aan ilaa hadda la xaqiijin karin inuu Madaxweyne Rayaale ka qayb galayo, waxaa dhinaca kale socda olole balaadhan oo ay ku jiraan saraakiil ka tirsan Xukuumadda Embigathi oo ah in Somaliland laga hor istaago ka qayb gallka shirkani, Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda Ee Dawladda Embigathi oo hadda ku sugan Magaalada Banjul ee xarunta Gambia kana qayb gallay isagu shirkii
  9. Big mistake from the court. Instead dealing with moqdisho and creating a regional goverment, they are now claiming authority the whole country. the court militray power works the comfortable zone in x-banaadir. They already had lot of sleeping enemy in moqdihso. their success in national arena is zero. It is hopeless for somali people.
  10. This group is very organized. small steps but graudually progressing slowly. This is probably the begining of second round, totaly taking over Moqdisho. Overall it is better if one group takeover moqdisho. Good by warlod Qaydiid we will not listen your cry.
  11. this news will not change nothing. it will not give advantage one side or disadvantage the other side. Simply U.S is not either side. The U.S goverment chose to support moqdisho warlods, ignored the TNG and now more likely searching new warlods in moqdisho.
  12. some times it does not matter how good you are educated, you still can be discriminated. There are all types of discrimination, testes are culture based, not mention teachers and school adminstration personals As many pointed out parents make the differences. in my experience working different community schools in MN, this is not bad idea
  13. As I understand, it is optional to participate the public stoning but please, no pictures!. Taking pictures in the process is a different issue. A time when they are collecting electronic equipments from homes, simply they cannot let media to be present.
  14. there is hope. First time I see some hope for somalis. Actually I feel it is tunning point. we do best when we feel hopeless. Overall positive news coming from moqdisho and Baydhabo. End of the day it is somalis who need to shake hands. the foriengers are not either side.
  15. is fine for me, as long as it is no public. I do no want see pictures taken in the screen. West kill innocent people by assumption. Guilty poeple go free because they have good defenders and kill innocent because they do not have money to hire defenders. at least this case they are not innocent.
  16. Alle ubaahne do not break the sol'rules, he is expresing his view. forum should have one more rule, an unprofessionalism. "I don't see any positive so far, I only see a defusion they trying to make for the escalating issues between the warlord entity and the Islamic Courts, that is all. And that man, the deadly traitor will never become my president, I rather have Somalia without any legitimate governmental system." Alle ubaahne is another bitter man, does he pray? he does not seem healthy. However I do not think his alone.
  17. it is a good news indeed. Much of difficults is still ahead. The court was recognized as powerfull organisation in somali politics, while the court recognized the TNG. The court must get grip now the area they controll . This agreement will allow the court to be treated like puntland goverment. But the biggest winner must to be the TNG and Odey Abdulaahi
  18. this is intresting. nothing changed in moqdisho except warlods are gone and replaced by fake clan courts. Qanyare tribe have four alone. how to reconcilate all these new clan courts? impossible.
  19. You are not very well imformed. The BBC is pro-court media.
  20. there is no ethiopian army in Baydhabo now. Muslims should nor lie. At least you should listened the BBC news. It is very clear now. the ethiopian officers normaly enter border cities is not something new. get the point
  21. how did you know that is not the intrest of the people of laascaanood? people are health and open minded in laascaanood. I now there are strong Culima group in laascaanood for long time now and they are doing good job. the region needs it is own administration but a the same time need to be in front for any national inspiration as usual. for the moment somaliand is the problem ,laascaanood should find effective way dealing with the reminent. What about Hargeysa? is hargeysa natueral for the war in the south? no att all.where is waraabe? where are the guurti? the south tribes need you now. Because of Melazawi and co. Hargeysa cannot even express a support or give advice. Tommorow they will cry help from the southern tribes.
  22. "He wants Ethiopian troops to be his protectors in Baidoa and in the meantime to make sure Mogadishu returns to chaos." How? I though he was hated there. in that case why not focus in moqdisho.
  23. Indhacade is stll in jowhar, I do not known how he will convince Shariif an attack on Baydhabo. Although much of the moqdisho power is hand of court and they do not left no one behind the experience in past 16 years. will court & co attack Baydhabo with ethiopian in the border now is open question. Indhacade see his fortune treated.
  24. The owner of these bussines are waging war in all front against the Old man. with very skilled propaganda and finital support with his opponent. Both sides are open war now. the uglies part are still to come Dayniile version. Xaruntii Baydhabo ay ku laheyd shirkadda Isgaarsiinta Telecom-Somalia oo albaabada loo laabay, kadib markii lagu eedeeyey maamulka sare ee shirkadaasi in la dhageysto taleefanada xubnaha dowladda ee Baydhabo ku sugan Baydhaba Waxaa maanta albaaba la isugu dhuftay xaruntii shirkada Isgaarsiinta Telecom-Somalia ay ku laheyd Baydhabo, waxaana amarka xariga xaruntaasi bixiyey mid ka mid ah wasiirada ka soo jeeda beelaha ********, iyadoo la jaray dhammaan qadkii shirkadaasi ee ku yiilay gobolada Bay & Bakool. Warar kale duwan ayaa ka soo baxaya sababaha loo Jaray qadadka taleefanada shirkada Telecom, iyadoo wararka qaar ay sheegayaan in loo jaray xaalad ciidan oo degdeg ah maadaama ay goboladaasi soo galeen ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah, halka wararka ay sheegayaan in la helay xog ku saabsan in la dhageysto taleefanada gacanta ee ay leedahay shirkadaasi oo ay wataan xubnaha dowladda federaalka, taasoo soo dedejisay in go’aan lagu gaaro in la jaro qadadka shirkadaasi. Maamulka shirkadda Telecom ayaa ka mid ah ganacsatada taageerada weyn siiya midowga maxaakiimta, iyadoo ka hor midowga maxaakiimtana uu maamulki taageeri jiray xubnaha beesha ******* ee ku jira Isbaheysiga dooxada Jubba, waxaana qeybo ka tirsan gobolka Sh/hoose & J/hoose ku sugan maleeshiyooyin & baabuur tikniko ah oo ay leedahay shirkadaasi [ June 19, 2006, 01:25: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  25. no at all, I am so happy too about the islamic state! Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.~