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  1. The court is clever, they refuse to engage Qaydiid Melesia and Puntland army. They backed up and no where to find them in mudug. Very clever tactics, they do not give puntland a chance to score easy point. losing a battle in mudug and Galgaduud the origin of court base, will not look good, so they really avoiding confrontation there. the time is their side. they are more strong in south and simetime more volnurable
  2. The west had industry revolution and colonized the rest of world. West have benefited the immigration when they needed labor for their factories. things has changed in West, the factories is gone or back to third world countries. The west is experiencing population decrease because the birth rate is low, new economic and military power are emerging from third world countries. The west do not have chance, either choice isolation or face new reality. They could not do any different. Only the sick, getting sicker.
  3. I can only say. Somalia is either closer war or peace. The real issue here is, will court maintain peace in Moqdisho for long time to come, if they do, at least the life will change those people in that region for the better. The issue of Shabeelada Hoose will overshadow the court future. They cannot ignore if they want make transition from local to national. Why it is important, not only justice for people in Shabeelada hoose but also clan's of overthrown warlods are watching For TNG, I already gave up for them. no money, no support from moqdisho and ethiopia. note! although TNG is more representative in the papper, the court has been more open and transparent so far. The nomination for Bare Hiiraale as defence minister will not lift TNG. if not peace,because it never been closer. I am afraid more wars, factions and self declared regions for ever.
  4. Losers: 5) All moqdisho warlods,they are prison or hiding. Particular muse sudi and Bashir Rage who was jailed 4)Riyaale: what passaport, he is travelling? does he care? not really 3)Puntland vice president, Afqudhac. He does not known what he is talking about. The court has cleaned their home. Politics is local 2)Xaabsade from Baydhabo: He cannot come home yet. He will probbly take revenge and order his melesia to moqdisho 1) Abdilaahi yusuf. it is getting him even more difficult. Shariif or Geedi. no one taking order. I am a dictator people used to take my order, what went wrong? Winners. 5) Moqdisho. new future 4) Shariif Xasan, never underestimate. 3) Indhacade, increased his stock, ready the next level. 2) Cade Muse. With uniform he is new King. The Kingdom had better luck. 1) Geedi, experient NGO worker, has more money in mind
  5. are they coming at all? probably a tactic to push the court for negotiation. who is going to pay? They cannot get peace forces for libenan, where the priority is. I do not think it materalize. Training security forces for TNG and partialy lifting embargo is better for Baydhabo goverment if they want help.
  6. Very good analyst. many people here made same prediction. The court still making headlines, but where they go from here?. if not somaliland, Puntland will also experience a down fall too because a different type "indhacade" mafia emerged the cost others. Samatar needed to go far and suggest a solution.
  7. No Criticism, AAMIIN. Before the court rise, where all these pationated poeple have been? The analyses are wrong and feeling are strong. they are more like fans of football team. The court are still very good position to make peace with the other side. They had four good months but the future is bleak. The court still is local, they never make transition from local to national level. SHEIK Shariif tried his part, when he talked about the return of property But Afgooye, just outside moqdisho, still rule a friendly warlod and the court not responding the local people asking for justice, the port is close with internal disagreement and the move to Gaalkacayo complicated the court agenda. As I mentioned many times before, it is very clear the court will stay local. But the question is, will the court maintain controll moqdisho for long time to come. The hope of TNG taking controll the country is dissapearing, it is better for people of moqdisho to have one ruler.
  8. We are muslims and we welcome the court. We suffered a lot in past and present. we are asking the court to rescue us. We demanding the court to show up here. simply you cannot resist. It is first time people in Afgooye and Baraawe are demanding their muslim rights since the begining of the court revolution. People are arrested both Afgooye and Baraawe. will Indhacade Group give up his domination for the powerless? if this happen, this could be the most remarkable event after moqdisho liberation. Very intresting Maamulka Degmada Afgooye oo maanta Xabsiga u taxaabay odayaal iyo Dhalinyaro sameynayey kulan ay ku taageerayaan maxaakiimta Sida uu xaqiijieyey Gudoomiye ku xigeenkii hore ee Degmada Afgooye C/laahi Xasan Cabdi waxaa maanta xabsiga loo taxaabay dhalinyaro iyo odayaal ka qeybqaadaneyey kulan ay ku soo dhaweynayaan maxaakiimta islaamka, si looga wareejiyo dhibaatooyinka ka taagan deegaanadooda. C/laahi Xasan Cabdi waxa uu sheegay falkaasi lagu xeray Ragaasi in uu ka dambeeyey Gudoomiyaha Degmada Xuseen Weheliye Cirfo oo uu ku eedeeyey in uu yahay nin doonayo in uu si adoonsi ah ku sii heysto dadka Degmada Afgooye, waxa una ku cel celiyey in hada dadkaasi ay yihiin kuwo ka koray silicii ay ku noolaayeen waa sida uu hadalka u dhigaye isaga oo ugu baaqay Maxaakiimta in ay deg deg uga soo gaaraan. Mas’uulkaasi waxa uu sheegay in ay 16-kii sano ee la soo dhaafay ay ka dhaceen falal ka baxsan Bani’aadanimada, isaga oo tilmaamay mar hadii kacdoon uu ka dhacay Muqdisho iyana ay doonayaan in Maxaakiimta ay ku soo dhaweeyeen si ayuu yiri looga baxo dhibaatada mudada dheer taagneyd. Waxaan diyaar ula nahay Maxaakiimta in aan dhaqaale iyo dhiigba u hurna, ee hanaga soo gaarto sida ay dhibaatada uga dul qaadeen dadka Muqdisho ayuu yiri mas’uulkaasi, oo intaasi raaciyey in dadka ku dhaqan degmada Afgooye ay yihiin kuwo aad u jecel kitaabka alle. Mar aan isku daynay in aan xiriir la sameyno gudoomiyaha Degmada Afgooye Xuseen Wehliye Xirfo ayey inoo suurto gali weyday in aan wax ka weydiino eedeymahan loo soo jeediyey, hase yeeshee waxaa muuqata in Gobalka Sh/Hoose uu ka bilowday kacdoon ay shacabka ku nool deegaanadaasi ay ku doonayaan in ay ku tuuraan Maamulada ka taliya deegaanadooda.
  9. the ethiopian will not go as far as Guriceel and they do not discriminate civilian and army forces. they kill everyone in there target and burn villages. there are no national army either if you smart the only thing you can do this time, is save your town. the court understand the ehtiopian army are savage and they do not want deal with them. They will go around near the cost line.
  10. I do not think they only concern Baraxley town , there are other part of the city which puntland leadership neglected. Puntland leadership have been a family bussines since it created for 8 years ago. the fear of losing everything is there. One's court show up in Baraxley, nothing ever will be same in Gaalkacayo. There are more poeple in Gaalkacayo than the whole Galduud/south mudug region. The city is the commercial center of central somalia and Howd region as far as wardheer. That will give Punland the upper hand, for any political survival, internationally, nationally and locally, puntland must confront it is enemy who ever it is. The mistakes done in Adhicadeeye, should not be repeated.
  11. General you see the dilema!. remember I suggested TNG should advance Qoryooley and Marka when Moqdisho war was worst. You responded than the goverment is for peace mission. Now when ethiopia is involved, it is very hard, if Indhacade wins, he will get the credit, if he loses, it is Ethiopia, not the weak goverment. The ethiopia had made difficult the TNG to do anything. They are not even arming the TNG, to be a bit stronger military. the only thing left for TNG is a peace agreement with court and court do not want peace this time.
  12. that is true. you can not pay poeple in somalia but you can beat. The Moqdihso group will sabotage the old man the rest of his term. I do not think he will be able to put things toghether.
  13. Another hasty and ungrounded idea, for another self-elected group. This is real problem for the people in SSC have. Another week, widhwidh online will present us another coherant news. Who speak the people of SSC? is the answer anyone. that must solve first. secondly the traditional leaders and whole community need to sit together and disscus broad solution the issue concerning the people of SSC. The recent peace journey, from traditional leaders was a good start. building a census and informing the people is the first step, the second step should a major confress. Before Puntland, Somaliland and TNG, SSC need a voice defenitly.
  14. The court knows they cannot win a battle in Gaalkacayo this time. I do not think they will go there. If they do, it will be a big mistake for their future. For Puntland it will be very costly to have so many men stand by for long time. so this should be solve one way or another.
  15. they still need to dial 252 the Demoqratic republic of Somalia country code, than 292. it was easier before, they needed to dial 252 and Hargeysa 1.
  16. Another fabricated news from somaliland. What country code? Country codes are not for sale, you still need to dial 252 or somebody else country code. Riyaale team are brian washing this poor people in Hargeysa.
  17. you otherhand ignoring the fact on the ground. The ICU controll the capital and they do their homework well. I do not think TNG have an option. It will colapse faster anyone can imagine. We knewn, the effect of cancelling Khartuum.
  18. Everything was going good for TNG, the world were their side. embargo was about to lift, but than tourning point came. Gedi and C/laahi yusuf refused to go Khartuum and they brought ethiopian. Now it is hard to undo their mistakes. but they cannot refuse Khartuum meeting, for public perception and international perception. the court is not intresting any peace for now. Shiek shariif alone cannot make peace and his Geedi is out of balance The TNG needs to regroup and build a team who can works toghether
  19. I am so sorry . Get Ak47 and find the webmester, how that sound?
  20. do not worry, Your uncles in Hargeysa will not lose their status. I do not think the court revolution will reach Hargeysa.
  21. Fine! I do not have any problem with sheik aweys but With Indhacade and some other people, the court will stay local.
  22. Qaydiid was behind the killing of col ismaaciil. the rest mr cayrow who is member of the court. this is a fact. you still can be a fan of the court but stop misimformation and the liad.
  23. General The TNG policy is the old policy of odey Abdulaahi, when he was puntland president. Geedi is just confused, accusing Iran is the most regratable. In the beginig he hired number of advicers somehow they desappeared.
  24. connect the dots and you know who killed Mr Deerow. Same people who killed eleven high rank officers and forieng journalist. A pistol was used most of these cases. They just keep killing.