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  1. Some people were criticizing me for blaming Hassan too early. The fact is things will not get better for national symbolism. In a few days, it is the national week and you do not see the festival around the world where Somalis live. Here in Minneapolis, one main street is normally closed for celebration. This year is very quiet. Hassan is not even the country busy with signing the Abrahamic accord in UAE.

     About this time five years ago, Somalia was winning games, in fact, was close to qualifying for the final round one time. Volunteers from around the world were participating, without getting paid and fighting hard for every second of the game.

    Here in America, the celebration of July 4 is already started a long time ago. A country of settlers, slaves, and the worst civil war. The myth of nationhood is important for the psychic of the nation and that is why people want to pay for a house for Farmaajo.

  2. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    But Deni does not need a house, he is self made millionaire before he even joined politics. So no tuugsi for him from poor fellas ūüėā


    Right I read how he got his money, different way than Hassan. For sure he got his local support as well. ¬†He gets fish money directly without going the putland bank as wellūüėĀ



    Garowe (PP News Desk) ‚ÄĒ¬† Since 1998 Puntland State of Somalia has issued fishing licences to foreign companies. Successive...


  3. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    There was no plan B to be had. Home base would be like " Dani iigeeya" if he had became president. It is nature of human being that they lament the losing part.

    But they are buying a house for Farmaajo who lost the election!. He is done with Somali politics forever. It will be difficult for him to come back. He probably lost to the UAE man of Somalia status as well. He will be lonely in Garoowe with his usual family supporters.

  4. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    Balo sheeg badnidaa ninyahoow? Cadyahoow Fatmaajo  ku cun ama ku ciideeyay miyaa waxaagu?

    Maah maahda si khaldan ha uisticmaalin. Aniga ima khuseeso, xoogna malehi aan wax kuciideeyo. waxaan kahadlaynaa, waxaad kaga fiicantihiin ama aad kufiicantihiin inaad soo bandhigtaan ayaa larabaa.

    At the end of the day, it is governing, law and order, or stealing, maintaining the status quo.

  5. 55 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:


    The anti- Farmaajo foriegn camp would not encourage Deni to antagonize HSM as they now have direct access to Villa Somalia. Emirates ambassador practically lives there.ÔĽŅ

    I agree it's all about Geopolitics. For three years Deni and others were busy meetings with embassies in Naraibo. At the end of the election, Rooble was given a full mandate to end Farmaajo rule for good, especially U.K and U.S.A played a big role.

    Now Deni and Putland lost Jubaland community as well and Everyone knew what happened, he just needed to keep quiet for at least three months.


  6. Things are going worst for the Somali government that controls Mogadishu. A year of  Rooble did things worst. And now Hassan does not have a good start. The other day the owners of a local airplane company announced they will stop flying and now Banaadir market is closed for three days for protest to pay taxes. Neighbors in Taleex street stopped the traffic.

    Now everyone can do whatever they want, I think that is how moqdisho people interpret Hassan's rule. It will not matter whatever foreign support Hassan gets by signing the deals foreigners want. Hassan is still Hassan and anarchy is back in Mogadishu.

  7. I see Hassan celebrating this as well. Are we celebrating a local Melissia fighting back? Is more likely leaders of all involved are all same locals. The picture of this guy from Bakool is misgiving. Where are the two others captured?

     Last time Hassan had initial success when he nationalized and armed central regions' clan militia instead of continuing where shariif Ahmed left. Guutada koowaad halqabiil, Guutada labaad qabiil kale. For example Guutada 12 which operated shabeelada hoose was exclusively Mahad Salaad's clan and they were abusing the locals. He did stop paying them and they ended up road blockers and clan mellesia. Farmajo had to start from scratch.

    Somalia needs long time solution. Hassan needs to sport the Galmudug administration function, support paid local police in every district, and remove roadblocks. There are 120 roadblocks between Hiiraan and Galkacayo alone. 



    The programmes will be delivered in partnership with the Somaliland government to promote long-term stability in the region.

    Highlights, press releases and speeches

    Just a few examples

    You did not come up with anything different. Somaliland got the largest foreign development aid since 2000.  As I told you things have changed since 2018. A fake nation with a confusing budget! 

  9. 18 minutes ago, Samafal said:

    To make Ethiopia happy shall we hand over the Prime minister ūüėā?

    You are still learning.

    No secret that this PM is a pro-Nairobi project. What you do not understand is soon people from the Pro-Nairobi project will also take over Ethiopia after Abiya's departure. And you will end up with an unbalanced big pro-Nairobi project. The region will become the new poor gulf and fragmented with conflicts while the pro-Nairobi project will control the waters. You definitely see that as a positive, something that Bari and their elders learned a hard way a century ago when they were deported from home.

  10. On 6/14/2022 at 11:24 PM, baala xoofto said:

    Actually Hargeisa receives the lowest external support. In fact, according to budget paper, this year SL only expects 6m dollars from World Bank/IMF. That compared to Mogadishu expecting close $200m. 


    Somaliland receives 40 -60 million dollars annually from the EU since 2000. It receives also an additional 20 million from the British government. Before 2018 Somaliland was receiving more funds than the rest combined. Farmaajo government refused to sign some of this money. Somaliland relied on and still relied on these funds. Berbera's revenue increased last few years but still Hargeysa function with these funds. 


    3 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    I agree. It is about that seat goes to different communities.

    It is very early to judge Mr. Hamza Barre. One positive thing is he isn't from diaspora and by the tweets I see, he was involved with local indigenous education with Hassan Sheikh long time ago.. Some us might look down about his education in Yemen, but Sudan and Yemen are where most Somalis back home go for higher education. He even went to study in Malaysia which is a  plus.

    Also, the Islaah or Somali branch of the Muslim brotherhood , background is way much better than the rigid Salafis. Islah in Somalia was involved mostly in education and helping the next generation from inside than train them with guns like Sheikh Ina Dahir Aweys. In fact, their whole Manhaj is to build an educated, benevolent, Islamic oriented youth through the community. That is huge plus for Mr. Hamza.

    I am sure he will be definitely better than Rooble.

    Yet, my advice to premier Hamza would be to very pro-active. If the security issues get bad he would be the first to be blamed. There would be a lot of home boys deputized for the security departments  through nepotism and when the tire touches the road they will all fail. 

    He should remember that nice outgoing an going along former premier Saacid Faarah, the process to replace him started within 8 months with Hassan Sheikh blaming him to be weak and incompetent. Remember, the mother of the fedearl Somalia , Puntland,  is also watching carefully for any mistakes and will be the first to bring the motions to depose you despite the K&L thing. It is a blood sport out there.

    The negative side so far is the perceived connection with Kenya. Mr. Hamza,  how you treat the Kenyan file will show the Somali people if you are your own man and genuine fellow who is seeking a good neighborly relations with Kenya or somebody dispatched by our neighbors ( Waa in aad muujisaa in aadan ahayn nin dhabarka Kenya ka soo taabata). Furthermore, I know the Galmudug boys might be your allies, but if you don't put them in a short leash and stop  the dual track of anarchy and business  dealing side by side, you will lose. Waa Iga digniin.

    This young man has an opportunity to do some good things and we have to give him a chance to prove himself.

    Congratulations Mr. Hamza.











    I do not think it's just positive to be someone who lived in the country for the rest of his life. These people tend to be less experienced and more tribal and self-interest-oriented. Hassan and Hamza are very good examples of that. We knew Hassan already and Hamza is the same character. Africa was a liberated people who went EU and saw other countries.

    The other thing is they can not balance each other. Both are pro-Nairobi groups. The relationship between important countries could suffer. The West is going to bring back the dual-truck policy. Deal Puntland and Somaliland separately and the south.

  12. 5 hours ago, baala xoofto said:

    There is a lot of donor money flooding the city - close to 700m dollars from foreign donors. So probably that is where they are all going. 

    In the end, donor money is not reliable. It depends on KPI that is given and if achieved, then more $$$ are released, if not achieved then that money just disappears in thin air and will never be released. 

    Right the budget. With the Somali geopolitical location will never dry. Somaliland was receiving it for 22 years. SNM never shared with the other region they claim. That is how Hargeysa function. This time Moqdisho is also receiving with name federal government 


    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) ‚Äď Faah-faahino dheeraad ah ayaa ka soo baxaya dil qorsheysan oo maanta koox hubeysan ay ka geysatay gudaha magaalada Muqdisho, gaar ahaan xaafadda Daallo oo ka...

    They did not tell you why he was killed. He is one of the Ergo who selected Mahad Salad. Revenge killing, nothing else.


    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) ‚Äď Wasiirka wasaaradda maaliyadda Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Bayle ayaa shaaca ka qaaday lacagta ku jirtay qasnadda dowladda, markii uu xilka la wareegay madaxweynaha...

    The last time Hassan government left 5 million in the account and 60 million debt owed by moqdish business people. The west stopped to contribute the government account 18 months ago. Still, the government revenue increased, first time getting close to 1 billion. Hassan government will also get the money that the west was holding. The plan was to add Putland and Jubaland by 2022 and by 2023 the rest of the region. Hassan inherited a lot of money and will even get more. The question is he going to use it to build himself more hotels, create more 30 jir 30 million? the time will tell.

  15. 6 hours ago, Samafal said:

    You are playing in the hands of Al shabaab. They like this kind of iskudir so they can get powerful. Of course there are people who work with them but they are far and few. If we are being honest no clan has suffered under Al Shabaab as the HG suffered. They lost many powerful generals, businessmen and elders. 

    In Galkaio Al shabab were playing clans against each other so that no one points fingers at them. They killed many people from different clans and sub clans and it was discovered that it was only Al Shabaab sleeper cells that were killing people and were using mistrust between communities to thrive within.

    Sxb nin wayn baad tahay caqligaaga ka shaqaysii. Stop following the herd. Fahad if had credible lead that men like Mahad Salad were working with Al shabaab, he could have used many channels to expose them. The fact he is talking now and claiming that he has evidence is not credible. The least he could have done was to leak a list of MPs working with Al shabab to the media. And next bug his phone and expose that too. He would basically publicly putting him on trial. His current screams seems a revenge on Mahad's opposition during his NISA leadership.

    You are getting there but you have to be brave enough to thank Farmaajo government and Fahad Yaasiin for the Gaalkacayo success. It did not just happened. Gaas thanked Siyaad Bare for building Boosaaso port. Imagine how putland benefited.

     It was not Putland and Galmudug doing this themself. Because it was the mixed security force created by Farmaajo government, Danab and NISA worked together. And finally, the people of the city participating. Mahad Salad type people tried to stop it by kidnapping people in south galkacayo. I am afraid things could change.

    In Mogadishu, the same thing happened. Fahad and his steam cleaned. Kaboweyne ,Alidheere and Karate are not in moqdisho anymore. Now Mahad Salad group is fully empowered and others will come back. They will revenge on each other daily. It already started.

  16. 35 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    He is really uninformed. Since the Carta government of 2000, no parliament failed to get enough members for their first session. This is serious.

    Duufaan is correct, Al-shabaab tried to storm last year a Gorgor base in Aw deegle while the army was asleep 3 in the morning and were repulsed and defeated with 75 Al-shabaab casualty. Between 2012-2015 they have not only captured , but also overrun many Amisom bases and took all the weapons .

    The problem is that except the mafia, Mogadishu residents probably believes Fahad Yaasiin and they are scared . 

    Everyone should be scared in moqdisho and that is the aim of the mafia. They felt losing ground and have to regain control again. The mistake is they forget the time has changed and moqdisho has changed. Xalana people are also scared. Now what Hassan is gone do, is the biggest question to build confidence back?  It is like dadqalkii  waqooyi galbeedka Somalia.

  17. They control a lot of these media or can be easily blackmailed. They did not expect this.

    "I wish that you would stay in my memories
    But you show up today, just to ruin things
    I wanna put you in the past 'cause I'm traumatized
    Too busy playing the victim to be listening to me when I say
    I wish that you would stay in my memories"
    In my memories, stay in my memories"