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  1. The International world order has been challenged by Russia invasion of Ukraine and nothing ever gone be same. The road map that was created by the winners of war world II is dead because they never allowed others to be invited and modernize the system. This will have huge impact around the world and Somalia as well. No one can predict how the things will go for the next 30 years. The old system will not survive any longer. Hassan may bring  extended Banaadir state  or just Banaadir state . If Putland agree we may have Khaatumo+makahir state. as well the last colonized region of Somalia and the one British offered independent but Sayid refused.


    Madoobe seems happy now but no more excuse for him to stay after he finishes his term. Jubaland also needs qori isku dhiib dhiib. Hassan's hands are strength in the front of regional and world leaders with Farmaajo help. The regional leaders are weakened, especially two outsiders. Hassan has now a free hand and a better opportunity than Farmaajo. But it is up to him how he uses it. He either flies around the world with a group of Hag or he will let the government do its work and concrete big issues.

  3. Do you know that just by the time colonials arrived Somalia, Galmudug was a victim of roadblocks?  That time the road blockers were from reer Bari. The darwiishs reached Hobyo all the way Hiiraan and ended that thing. Now after 30 years of roadblocks business you still threatening people with a gun. The darwiish may done a good thing for Somali but lost generations of men. What goes around comes around? The next time, it may be the locals that are going to chase you.

  4. 14 hours ago, Samafal said:

    All Puntland politicians are either corrupt or incompetent kkkkk. Ninyahoow Laandheeronimo raadiskii bay naga hortaaganyuhiin ma iska tiraahdo 😂.

    I ask you one question, bias aside, do you honestly believe that Said Deni is more corrupt and incompetent than Farmajo, discuss?

    Deni and many other of the new generation of Puntland leaders are either local or insecure. They got a similar paranoid syndrome that SNM. They do not even trust someone from Qandala. It must be from Garoowe, Gaalkacayo and Qardho.

  5. Ironically Rooble helped him to become a president again and the same Rooble stopped Farmaajo to became president a second time. Hassan is working hard to make the next PM useless. He already appointed so many people in his office. So next PM either will need the N&N support or he/she is going to be a victim of the moqdisho criminals on day one.

  6. 1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:

    I would have commended any fair investigation but I saw HSM, Shakur and Rooble sipping tea with Yasin Farey who was now MP too.

    Moqdisho is a dangerous and strange place. people sipping tea with each other during the day and assassinating each other at the night. Fahad was very clever to infiltrate the criminal world in moqdisho and not only survive but defeated it as an outsider. There are many red and yellow lines, so many weapons are hidden and criminals will keep it that way because cash and money are involved as well. This criminality gives political leverage and economic opportunity. 

    Hassan will build himself at least two new hotels before his time is up. He will also create at least three more 30 jir 30 million. The result will be even more HAG millionaires but local people will not have peace. The roadblocks from SNA clan melesia are already increased with daylight robbery.


  7. 1 hour ago, Holac said:

    lool. The mucaarad already startedto kill the "build a home for Farmaajo" project. They are saying the money collected should be given to the draught victims instead of building a house for Farmaajo who gets $33,000 every month from the government as per the salary for former presidents. 

    Guddoomiyihii hore ee gobolka Banaadir Thaabit Cabdi Maxamed ayaa qoraal uu bartiisa Facebook soo dhigay wuxuu ku yiri, “Qoysas baa quraac quudan, qado iyo casho warkoodaba daa. Guri sharafeed mise Gaajo, Alleylehe gaajo baa gurmadka mudan! Haloo gurmado hooyada harraadsan, sabiga iyo waayeelka gaajada u la’anaya, taa baa darajo sare leh diiniyan iyo damiir ahaanba.”

    Hassan hired CC Shakuur to become  the next 30 jir 30 million. It is road block already for anything that is going to drought. They already collected 1.2 million in two days and local people are donating most of it. It’s a new Somalia movement Farmaajo just happens to be the  leader with his character. 

  8. Farmaajo was getting large crowd this time where ever he goes. What matters is the end result. It is all about security so diaspora people can go back and invest instead of investing in Kenya. Will he continue support the national security apparatus reforms or reestablish the clan militia.

  9. 6 hours ago, Dalmar1 said:

    The tribalism cloaked under the fake nationalism exposed on this Thread and the Forum itself is the embodiment of Hypocrisy, i do wonder though why an old dude from Somaliland's Borama region is so obsessed with an Region (occupied by HAG) he has ZERO relations with, its deplorable.

    Somalia is to today under Federalism, so i suggest everyone focuses on their regions instead of intruding in another man's regions and its affairs.

    President HSM is an legally elected President with an 5 year Mandate, and whatever he does, he will do it by the book Constitution and through the Parliament, so anyone who opposes him is simply an criminal traitor Qaran-dumis who needs to be harshly dealt with accordingly ASAP.

    You're right Hassan won and is now the president for 4 years. However, your tone is changed with Hasan's victory. The fact is after 31 years no roadblocks is tolerated in the south and elsewhere. Anything else is no issue. It will not benefit your clan family too, every day they are losing a loved one and the haraam money will make generation crazy. Just see how Rooble baahane behaves what he is going do more money he already had enough.

  10. The federal mother has been sick for a while. It continue keeping hostage the SSC and Makhaahir regions and stopping their inspiration becoming federal state for selfishness. And now they see Hassan Culusow a savior for benefit of maintaining status quo. 

    Laftgreen can play the hard boll. For Hassan and co they want to see Saransoor, Shariifo Ahmed and Khadiija Diiriye type people in central south Somalia . He can also travel and sign port deals too, if not oil deals.