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  1. Let of people doesn’t know that Somallia population is growing faster than Ethiopia for now half century with all the problems Somalia had.

    1960 Somali population was estimated 2.5 millions

    1960 Ethiopia population was estimated 25 millions

    1960 Ratio was 1:10

    2023  Ethiopia 120,000millions 

    2023. Somalia poor 18,000 millions 

    2023 Ratio 1:6

    Not including NFD + Jigjiga population 

    Ethnic Somali population will surpass Amhara populations in two years and 10-15 years, there will be more Somalia population than Oromo.


    Jabuuti going the opposite way. All that Area  Issa tribes resides from Deridhaba  to Jabuuti will be annexed by others.





  2. 16 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    wadani and faisal are on board  che is absolutely correct when he says  the opposition is more obsessed with the kursi then the country  they dont care , they might even have the same policy as muse they just want to be in the decsion making position but they dont differ that much


    Elite Somaliland politions are not interested going to Moqdisho, they rather stay Hargeisa and steal.But it seems a lot of poor landers understand the dire situation they are facing. But people like Biixi can still manover them. The world is changing very fast and not any better soon. The old empires will clopse and new ones will born but unfortunately things will not better and Somalind has to make a choice.

  3. The reason is Iisa population is not growing any more even living peacefully without wars unlike other Somalis. Since they adopted French culture their birth rate is continuously declining. Ethiopians doesn’t even need to take Saylac which luck infrastructure they will take over Jabuuti by immigration and eventually Somaliland. 

    Jabuuti birth rate vs Somalia birth rate



  4. 5 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

    I put the word invest in quotation, the reason being they start with a soft language. It was not too long some reer Awdal folks are portraying Saylac as a place Ethiopians can invest.  The soft word is followed by the term access to the sea and then ownership.

    Indeed, Ethiopia does not have the money, but they can house and build permanent bases on the coast. Any village or population will be displaced for security reasons, so on and so forth.

    Abiya is very broke and weak right now. The west want to replace him after they sided with Tigray. However he does have enough forces to reach  less populated the Somali cost in the area Saylac.  but he has to find  an sponsor from west. they already have Hasan Sheikh who signs what ever they asked. He already signed free sea access for west. Somali oil and other fake companies are owners of the whole sea for minerals and fish. They are  not done with Hassan yet, he did not signed any new base officially. It could be one of western countries first and ethiopia joining later.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

    The problem with that is Somaliland's eventual problem with Ethiopia becomes every Somali's problem. What's next? What if another moron, say from Garowe, decides Garacad is a good place for Ethiopia to "invest".

    Ethiopia to "invest what they default their l International loans. They can not even borrow.  Both Abiya and Biixi are desperate to stay power and find something to tell the poor. 

    Ethiopia became Africa's third default in as many years on Tuesday after it failed to make the payment on the $1 billion Eurobond. While the payment was due on Dec. 11, a 14-day grace period clause meant it technically had until Tuesday to provide the money

  6. On 1/1/2024 at 3:07 PM, Arafaat said:

    There is a general public opinion that the political stagnation in Somaliland can not remain and current directions can not continue to be sustained, and thus why politicians are desperately looking for other pathways. 

    This is probably the reason. In Jabuuti meeting, Biixi was offered a confederation with South Somalia by Geele and Xasan sheikh, just few days after Hassan canceled the Khaatumo team to join the regions game in moqdisho. He asked money but they did not offered him anything for him. He was already planning to go Adis and Biixi decided to accept the Abiya sea option instead.

    In 1887, the Somalialnd  elders signed a protection treaty with British and Khaatumo people paid the highest price to save somalis in the region. For this time the matter of sea should stay between Somalilanders and Ethiopia. Let them sort out for their mess

  7. For many years I was comparing and contrasting here Somaliland  and Kurdistan. Now those hired lawyers in west who support Somaliland  are comparing Kosovo and Somaliland after Iraqi Kurd lost their hope of independent state.  As some Kurd will always be a tool and victims for neo colonials who eager to use them, there will always be same policy in Somaliland. And now Hassan Sheikh in villa moqdisho , those policy had been signed and implemented already. For Somaliland they will always hope that somehow foreigners will help them to achieve bigger goals in exchange for their services. The latest attempt of reaching Oromo groups are great example. Now that SSC-Khaatumo achieved a military victory in laascaanood, Jamaahiirta movement must reach Ceerigaabo. Somaliland  was very successful cleansing local people in that area and encouraging pro Somaliland tribes to move deep in the heart land of Sanaag,  building goojacade style camps with settlers. Or at least Khaatumo administration must reach Ceerigaabo. This only will bring hardcore Somalilanders on table, moving forward. They do not have plan B. They are still working on plan A

  8. 9 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

    Is tolka having a collective mrental breakdown?


    They can not understand the West ended the so call war on Teror. Dawaco meeley baruur kubaratay ayay macaluul ugu bakhtigaa. The idea of functioning  as Kurdish or Taywaan not gone bring any more fruits for them. West or Ethiopia do not need their services whether Adna and Waraabe cries in the churches or synagogues. The global geopolitics is going a different direction. It is in fact going to the Indian Ocean.  

  9. This was predicted and it is just beginning of destruction  what remained the gorgor and Danab units. Instead of continue where Farmaajo left, focusing on Shabelle regions and go beyond. He focused on empowering H clan melesia in central regions and allowed H mellessia  to come back in Baraawe and Marka. Now he lost the trained units and clan mellesia is free to establish their roadblocks. The militants are weak and their time has expired but Hassan doesn’t have a plan. Before end of his term there will no be national s army left, just few Hag mellessia with roadblocks. 

  10. They tend to not like their own unique people or good people. “Ma anoo aarsankara ayaan duco qaataa” that was the old Biixi. The old guy Saleebaan Gaal knew how this will end but never did anything to stop it. His first reaction of news of laascaanood for first day war was very much telling.

    End of the day is about their strength. As long as they have teeth they can use to bite they’ll. 

  11. On 8/30/2023 at 6:45 PM, Che -Guevara said:

    A new round of clan militia recruitment is underway. Muse and his sycophants seem to have lost their minds.

    It doesn’t really matter. They don’t have independent clan melessia rather government controlled clan malessia which they call national army. The Somaliland national army is comprised. Only some of HJ and HY knew the way back home. Some of them are still lost in the Doodi region. Some of them were captured close to Eyl district. The time is not their side and they put themselves in spotlight. Of course they want fight back but they don’t have much choice for right now. Time has caught up. They’re lucky if they keep what they got whether political, economicly and area of control.

  12. 2 hours ago, Arafaat said:

    "More and more dark clouds seem to be gathering in the eastern region of Somaliland, and the drum beats of war can be heard from afar."

    This term of "eastern region of Somaliland" is misleading. First it is north Somalia if you want to include SSC and Maakhir regions.  If you  do not want to be partial, do not use the terms and  language they use.

     Caynabo from Sool  is in fact the center if you look the map. Buuhoodle is closer Hargeysa or Wajaale than Garoowe where colonial powder is. Nothing east


    20 minutes ago, Game changer said:

    First we will change the leadership  , and improve our unity , economy and military power.     Markaas Wixii Ka danbeeya cidaanu doono baanu Ku duulayna imika  laakiin dagaal Kuma jirno halays dejiyo.     Somaliland waa Dal Aanu dagaal Ku dhisnay , oo xiniinyahayaga Ku taagan .  Marwalba dagaal u joog baanu u Nahay.     Anagu ma haysano sharciyad caalamiya oo  qarankayaga  xaqiisa dhawrtay.   Waxaanu xoog , karti ama caqli Ku helno  uunbaa noo hantiya.   


     Waan gartay, sidaasaan filyaa aniguna marka laga reebo inaad Biixi dhakhso ubadeli kartaan. Waxaanse kuusheegayaa waxa kaliya ee aan kuqancin karo Jamaahiirta waa inay nabad helaan, hadii kale waxaad haysato  oo dhan ama kuuhadhay bay rabaan









  13. The momentum is with united SSC. The front line is 100 km away from Laascaanood. People will come back to city and the live will come back normal.  Remember Somaliland did not come to Laascaanood themselves.

      In fact the two army have distance of between 5 km between Gumays and OOG. Somaliland has not any capacity to attack SSC right now, Even a small successful attack will help them to present something.  Somaliland and SNM do not have a tradition and experience of planning large scale attack. They will not take that risk with speed of SSC forces, they could be overrun again. They may attack some area with small unit of SSC forces and hope capturing some trucks to present as a victory. Some type of SNM style of fighting to attack one village and  go back home.  I do not see anything else the defeated army capable of doing. They did not fight last week and their moral is very low. They lost any advantage they had militarily. Before the last week defeat , you could see they were already exhausted, their formation and attacks were weak compared to the beginning of the war. Where SSC forces were gaining strength and experience. I am not expecting any large scale of attack from Somaliland army. These emotions will die and it will  be a frozen conflict with a define SSC victory.

  14. I was making appoint here that Somaliland needed this defeat. They never released they got more than they deserved. In 1950 only small part of Togdheer, Sool and Sanaag were occupied by SNM tribes. Much of the north flat land is occupied by SSC even today . 1991 they came up  a new country  and the idea that they are closing the colonial borders. With that dream failed they can start a friendly approach to their neighbors. They are and always be traders. A trade can not fight his neighbors.

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  15. On 8/19/2023 at 12:14 PM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    Game changer is right enemies will for ever fight until one side is completely defeated that’s just the way the laws of nature work


    As you said it look like one side is completely defeated. Do you accept the fact and change your mind?

  16. It took almost 8 months but it ended with complete destruction and defeat of Somaliland army. This army was equipped with 8 very good shape tanks owned by Somali army. 5 tanks are captured and two are destroyed. Only one missing right now. We wanted this to be done earlier but total defeat is what needed to shot up those hardcore SNM people who believed they won the civil war. This defeat was needed for the peace in the region and the future of the Somali nation. It also a reality check for those who occupied moqdisho and hitchhiked Somali political settlement 


  17. The road is open for SSC forces to go all the way. Only Sheikh mountains could stop. SSC elders and new leadership stopped SSC forces to enter OOG and villages inhabited Somaliland tribes. To stop looting and killing civilians population. The defeated Somaliland army left most its heavy weapons and remaining groups went different directions. 



  18. It failed quickly than expected. Somaliland army did not offer any meaningful resistance. And had zero coordination.Crazy Biixi waited and waited but finally he forces collapsed. Somaliland army is done. 

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  19. 1 hour ago, baala xoofto said:


    The Somaliland Army went as far as Hamdi Hotel, but returned back to their original line as their orders at the time was to not leave their existing front lines even if they gained ground. 

    It is not the first time that Somaliland Army made incursions into Eastern suburbs of Laascaanood after the attacking militia were defeated in the battle. 

    The new orders give the Army option to stay and consolidate newly gained ground.

    Was not the “army” want to capture the city badly? They were forced to hide their bunkers in Goojacade. 

  20. 2 hours ago, baala xoofto said:

    The Sool Elders declare that they are now fully onboard with the ceasefire, dropping all their pre-conditions. 

    Like I said, it would only be 1 or 2 more major engagement to bring them to table. 

    I think this time, Somaliland should not accept ceasefire, for the ceasefire to be effective, they need to:

    1. Demand militia from Puntland must vacate the town immediately.

    2. Hand over terrorist leaders like Abdi Madoobe

    3. Move all clan militia outside of Urban centres.




    Fake photoshopped video. This video was proved to be photoshop.

  21. 1 hour ago, baala xoofto said:

    This man was deported after he was caught with a young teenage girl in a hotel in Laascaanood back in 2012. 

    At least Somaliland has done the right thing when things like this are found out.  

    Can you say the same about Xalane Compound? Give us a break. 

    There is a war against our culture and religion and that war is not only towards Somaliland but to all of the Somali speaking regions. Somaliland is the only one that is actually doing actively something about this, talking about this and raising awareness about this. 

    The same problem is unchecked in Ex-Italian Somalia. 

    I remember when this man was deported. He was not in Laascaanood. Laascaanood is very conservative city. He hired house in Hargeysa where he was bringing women and recording them. This was going for long time before he was deported. The tapes was confisticated by Somaliland government. A lot of victims unfortunately, that the Hargeysa women for months were asking each other "Naa makabad baaday" meaning are you in recoding of the German man.

    This qoomoluud has been part of Hargeysa specific culture. It originally started when Isaaaq tribes signed a treaty with British colonial not  to have kids in their land. Which means British children can  no born in that region. If the a British female became pregnant she have to leave the land. With these arrangements the British brought what  they are known in that part of Somalia. Now the NGO and many other foreign agency spread the liberal culture with local tolerance.

  22. 18 minutes ago, baala xoofto said:

    Don't know what you are smoking, you must have sunk your head deep into the fake news gutter. 

    Somaliland Army is station right on the Laascaanood-Garowe road - the control station. That has been the case since yonks.

    Like I said, iska ilaw Gooja cade iyo bunker or whatever.. That is not even the story. You cannot take the road to Garowe at all. 

    Also, the Somaliland Army , as we speak, have retaken Hotel Xamdi. Also Buurta Sayyidka. 

    With all the talk about Caasho Saleebaan ayaa ciidan keentay, Canab Maxamuud ayaa ciidan Keentay. Things are going back to where they were before Hargeisa ordered the army to move out of Urban area. 

    You just little ignorant uninformed SNM dreamer. I am telling you the SNM days in Laascaanood are  about to end. You are not a local person who knows that place. It  is all about SNM bunkers in Goojacade which is only 6km from the city. Godey style bunkers where SNM forces are hiding.  I grantee you it It will cleared sooner rather later. This is it.

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