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  1. 11 hours ago, Samafal said:

    Kkkkk Don't be such a sore loser. Election fever has finished, CBB need to quit because no amount of weeping, blaming and regrets can bring back your Igu Sawir-No-Substance hero Farmaajo. He is gone and may that be so forever.  

    The CBB are hating on Dani just because he is from D-block and with their low iQ reasoning he should have supported Farmaajo unconditionally and gave him votes, and as he has not done that he is bad!!!!! These are the same fake Wadanis who tell us Farmaajo is not tribalist and he is not corrupt blah blah blah so then why do you want people to support him on clan lines and not ideas and policies towards improving the situation of the country? Tribalism in Somali politics is dead and buried and the people are yearning for battle of ideas. In 2017 most of HAG rejected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and voted for Farmajo!!! Why? Because they believed the hype and Igu Sawir as I and many millions Somalis did. But after five years it was clear he did not have the  forehead and what it takes to steer the boat in turbulent waters. So instead of going back to drawing board and taking stock and admitting their blatant failures, CBB & Co. are continuing with their usual insults and lies that has led to their demise in the first place.

    You are completely wrong. This has nothing to do with tribalism. I never differentiated Deni, Biixi and Hassan co and their political base support or anyone that wants to maintain the status quo because they see it as beneficial for them. Farmaajo has his shortcoming like any other politician but his public popularities are higher than all others combined  what matters most the world politics.

    If you want to steer the boat in turbulent waters, you have to navigate in the right direction, you can not simply try to repair it in the middle of the sea. Deni wants to continue to benefit from illegal fishing and get a share of donations from the world. A national statehood is not really a priority for him. So he is in fact sharing the same gaol as Mahad Salad, the poor people may have different takes but that is reality.

    Now his Garoowe is surrounded  by Biixi and soon Mahad Salad and co will corner in Galkacayo after five years of peace when Farmaajo was in charge. Marrying Biixi cousin and dancing with Hassan will not help him. For Farmaajo, he is settled in modish to continue to inspire a Somali nationhood.


    Wararkii ugu dambeeyey ee laga helayo hoyga Fahad Yaasiin ayaa sheegaya in amarkii uu soo bixiyey Agaasime Mahad salaad uu dhaqan galay. Agaasimaha cusub ee hay’adda NISA Mahad Salaad ayaa la...

    There was information that this morning Mahad Salad attacked Fahad Yasin's house and took with him all his property and security guards. According to Moqdisho media, the previous leader from moqdisho was allowed to keep all his security gourds and continue getting paid. Next, he will be targeting the duufaan units,  the only NISA battalion mixed from a different region. The small Galmudug population who came moqdisho in 1991 and occupied the heart of moqdisho will not see any changes. People like Mahad change of statehood is problematic.

    Before he was even named the next PM, he will name and fire all army security leaders and replace leaders Badbaado clan militia.

    This completely dismantles the aspiration of a national security apparatus. After that moqdisho clan melissa will start fighting each other and assassination and violence will increase when Alshabaab is weak. The salary will not be paid and chaos will start and this is what it means to maintain the status quo.


    I hope I am wrong. This is what a said from another topic.

    Hassan and co see a threat to the national security apparatus, will stop the security reforms, rearm the clan Melissia and threaten non-Hag people with violence. For Hassan and his co, it is all about money and maintaining the status quo



  3. It looks like "heshiis duruufeed." Deni will never be hesitated to fire useless Karaash. Deni spent a lot money in moqdisho. While Hassan sheikh makes sure his moqdisho bodies will get back their money spent and more by appointing positions. Deni will not likely get any. The tribe only will forgive him for bringing PM post, one of the reasons Farmaajo must go as I mentioned here a long time ago.

  4. This is the luck of qualification. Farmaaajo demanded loyalty which I did not like but used to hire qualified people. This person missed the purpose. "Somali people oo heshiis ah" yaa isdagaalsanaa. There may be some clan clashes sometimes but the civil war ended a long time ago. Somali does not need a seat holder or qori iskudhiib. It needs rapid development in all areas. With the new geopolitics where Arab countries are friends now and Ethiopia out of the picture and him wearing a pro-west hat, he will not have the same problems that Farmaajo had. He has an opportunity to do a lot more, especially security in the south. Alshabaab never been weaker, their time is up. If he thinks the whole purpose of government is drinking tea together and qori iskudhiib. He is misguided. It is okay to lower the political tensions. Laftagreen and even Qooqoor are making a difference. Hassan and Madoobe are expected to show tangible progress not "Somali wada heshiis ah" If Farmaajo government sent 10000 men outside to be trained and make difference. He should be able to do even more.

    Somali had the best 'qori iskudhiib"  in 1960s before Siyad took over and 70% supported the military coup outcome for reason.

  5. The old days, the best place to live in Somalia were Moqdisho, Baydhabo and Hargeysa because of the weather and culture. Laftgreen must open the roads and build Baraawe port. It will make southwest political and economic center. The villa needs a bigger sign "Villa KGS'?

  6. 22 hours ago, Khadafi said:

    Lets be reflective MMA. Weather you like it or not Hassan Sheikh knows that Somalia is a fragile state that needs reconcilation after the 25 years of the regressive somali civil war.  Farmaajos advisers were all 75 plus who served Barres regime and who were old or senile. But Frankly speaking, its all about instututions MMA. Hassan Sheikh knows the real politik of Somalia. When Jubba land under madoobe  entered the kismaayo with kenyan support Hassan Sheikh Mohamud realised he did not have the military strength or would it wise to engage in a political haggle. What did he do? He accepted him. He created Golaha Qaranka amaanka where all somali local leaders would host.

    That symbolism showed that Somalia was going forward.  Farmaajo unfortunately waisted his time by trying gain absolute power in federal states. He extended his time. He depleted the public trust. While Barre was ousted he was welcomed by waited the political power  engaging in a never ending power struggle. Hassan Sheikh M  is a man of the ngos. He knows peacebuilding. He only fault his sorrounding himself by incompitent advisors. For example. Mahad Salaad is tainted man, a  man who did not deserve that positition.  HSHM  has learned from his misstakes and he can fully concentrate of Mogadishu and securing Mogadishu. Breaking the seige of al-shabaab. 

    HSHM  handed over fully functioning mamuuled goboleedyo and state instututions to Farmaajo while Farmaajo handed him a secret army trained in Eritrea. This army probably comes from all somali clans but the secrecy arround it hurt him politically.   On the foregin policy of HSM is fully aware while sitting with Cafwerki and Abey that unlike them his state is fragile one and no hybris will enter his head. Unlike Farmaajo who really thought he had power when his own minister could not even travel to ceelasha biyaha. That hybris is gone. He is also a man willing to work with the outside world. Weather we like it or not Somalia is with its fragile state needs all the support it can. He will continue the alliance with Turkey.  In conclusion: Xassan Sheekh Maxamud will not waste 4 years by trying force  the federal state in submission. He knows the road-map is Mogadishu. Atmis demands  that the ICC-community demands that. His focus will be securing Mogadishu and the state instututions. 

    Regarding the secceionists. Unlike Farmaajos emotional-based politics for apoligizing and then getting nothing. He knows how to deal with the extreme anti-somali clan oriented city state iss or fuu land.  He will deny them the money. No one in this forum knows but the hotell bills of Muuse Biixi during his horrendous American trip was paid by the federal government of Somalia. Nothing of that sort will happen.  Racist clanists will not receive support. The young youth or flocking to the Mogadishu and work and live in Mogadishu.   Thats how it should be.

    The nepotism of HSM is gone. Give him 6 months,  I know as a somali nationalist MMA that you want a return to a strong central Somalia where somalism and pan-somalism prevails. We all want that. But the countrey my friend has gone the a vicous  civil war that I dubbed the "the regressive jahhiliyya war". We need healing.  Federalism gives the clan fanatics  a breathing spot.

    Its time though that HSM and the federal government of Somalia actually gives information to the population of Puntland, and Koonfurgalbeed etc that they should demand clean water, education from their leader,   To sum it up. Hadii waraabi aas ku noqday dhuuso mareeb oo doodisa dhuuso mareeb iyo guriceel ka doodayo nabad waa la helay.



    Hassan has been here before. What is that gone do average Somali person? nothing basically.  Sometime soon Hassan will come to Washington and sign secretly the Berbera military base as he did the ports. Let us say Hassan leaves Madoobe and others alone in exchange to steal anything that comes moqdisho. That is what he is going to do basically

  7. 4 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    One of the new ABBs:



    Did Hasan create security and stability in 15 days? 1000 people a month were dying in moqdisho when Farmaajo took over. Hassan and co see a threat to the national security apparatus, will stop the security reforms, rearm the clan Melissia and threaten non-Hag people with violence. For Hassan and his co, it is all about money and maintaining the status quo. 

  8. This group will take orders from the sitting president. Hassan only trained clan-based security forces who are loyal to their clan. This is something he can learn from Farmaajo.  The Turkish are willing to train up to 15,000 men. So far they did train 4000-5000. These soldiers have been very effective and hold their position. Alshabaab gave up to try overrun their bases.

  9. If this is true that means Mark Boyden and co are in charge and Somali will be a toolbox to use for the region.  Masar base in moqdisho very soon. They will seek regime change in Ethiopia and Eriteria. They will also ask Somalia to give up more territories to Kenya. Oil and gas is also in the deal. 
    However after Midterm election Biden will be out of picture and USA domestic politics will change which will effect the foreign policy.  Which means game will be  changed and Hassan will dance different song.

  10. As far as I know Hasan Salad do not have any meaningful schooling background. He was a security guard  of a business man before he was elected  as a member of parliament. 
    It is all about undo the security apparatus and reestablish the old moqdisho clan based security.  The city is getting bigger and ******** from Galmudug are more worried about the changes. Southwest has the most to lose if they doesn’t show unity and support their administration.


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  11. 13 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    Why so. The two envo are Edna adan and sharif. Who knows they might come to an agreement 


    sharif wa nin. Af gabaan I don’t think he hates somaliland like the cheese guy

    For your logic D-blocks hate Somaliland and Hag is friendly.

    Do not be too excited about what Sharif can do for Somaliland, except for the best case to free the western donations. The western donations did not transfer Somaliland for to better and Somaliland like the rest of Somalia will continue to suffer.

    Shariif, Hasan, and most of the HAG elites do want to maintain the status quo. Moqdisho federal government is a tool for them to get rich and control the security apparatus. Same way the Biixi group want to maintain the status quo.

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  12. No one asked if it was fair for Somalia to get 5206 out of the 1 million people.  I see our pro-colonial people fight nothing again to come first. It is not the queen, is not fair. Out of 350, SNM will take 300 and give 50 the rest. And they will tell us loudly that it is fair. As I mentioned here before Hargeysa rapid population growth has to do with urbanization and immigration. The birth rate is around 2.8 close to Jabuuti 2.5. Between the two rivers, it is 6%. End of the day it is about the population and no one is going back to the 1960's  numbers





    Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has decided to allow 79,237 people from India, to perform Haj this year.


    Nigeria has been allotted 43,008 pilgrims, Afghanistan has been allotted 13,582, and Turkey has been 37,770 pilgrims, this year. UK, USA, and France have been respectively allotted a quota of 12,348, 9,504, and 9,268.


    Madaxweynaha dowladda Puntland Siciid Cabdullaahi Deni ayaa maanta ku wajahan magaalada Nairobi ee xarunta waddanka Kenya. Madaxweyne Deni oo hadda… Sii akhri

    Deni is not happy. Instead of going to Garoowe, he is going to Nairobi. Abdulaahe yusuf said if they knew Somalia was going to be failed state he would not fight Siyaad Bare. As usual, we may see the Putland government use its resources to continue fighting Mogadishu government rather use to build the bad roads.

  14. On 5/20/2022 at 5:35 PM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    I really doubt it there is nothing in Mogadishu for him his clan does not live there he has no relatives I think he will go to the Middle East like most of the presidents from his clan. Or perhaps even Canada he has a Canadian passport 

    Everything is clan for you.  Moqdisho is a major city for the Farmaajo clan. The largest private hospital is owned by someone from his clan. Only 40%-50% of the population are from Hag. 25% from Southwest, 20% from others including Banaadiri. D blocks and South Dir make 3% to 5% each.  

  15. Galbeedi

    This time there were no sign of a lot of foreign government money involved rather the money came from foreign and somalis' companies. I will not name them here but you will see Hassan Sheikh sing some deals. Besides Xasan sheikh and Deni had a lot of money already. There were Zaad service providers inside the election place. You take a picture of your ballot and get paid instantly. 


    Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — An anti-corruption organisation in Somalia, Marqaati, alleges that a total of $50, 000,000 was spent… Sii akhri

    buying votes in Somalia is not new but doing it inside the voting place is something new. It was all about Deni and Rooble working together. The final round for 9 million alone. This makes sense for 202 votes that Hassan shiekh received in the end.

  17. They do prefer easy-going people and money collectors. Always poor and weak to stand on their own. Indeed  there are political similarities between Pakistan vs Somalia


    The US has made Pakistan "a slave" without invading it, ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed, asserting that the people will never accept an "imported government".



    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Sida ay ogaatay Caasimada Online, doorashadii guddoomiye ku-xigeenka koowaad ee golaha shacabka iyo aqalka...

    parliament #11 is worst ever. This is new for the parliamentarian elections. She revealed everything for her speech about who her group consist. All these men are sharing with her the 300, 000. Same website reported it was 2 million for madoobe election. Indhacade is a deal maker here and have access the election room.