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    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Senator Cabdi Xasan Cawaale (Qaybdiid) oo ka tirsan Golaha Aqalka Sare ee Somalia ayaa faah-faahin cusub ka bixiyey halkii ay ku dambeysay natiijada baarista weerarkii...

    Even Qaydiid claims a victim. There was a video around where Qaydiid men were killing two captured boys in Jilib while he was present Sometime between 1991-1992. I see these people want uninterrupted anarchy.

  2. We just had a coup in Somalia against the popular vote. That is the difference between liberal and right-wing people. The right wing people like Bolton and Trump will not hide their intentions and plans. The liberals pretend not to know anything. 

  3. While he is meeting with  a group of Gal-mudug parents who claim they are parents of the soldiers in Ereteriteria. The 5000 men who came all over the country because Farmaajo was the president, he meets just a few families from Gal-mudug who most likely come moqdisho after 1990. The same community that victimized the local people in Banaadir.

    What justice these families are looking for and why he is crying when he gives away the native people's property.


  4. Interesting how Deni humiliated himself by meeting a low-level admin of the Abiya administration. He is mistaken for Abiya who will not change his policy on Somalia before he leaves office.

    In the other hand Jubaland just replaced Putland when it comes to Somalia politics.  As Galbeedi pointed out Putland is declining, instead changing the course and leaving alone the people of Sool and Sanaag to create their own State, the cast system will collapse without repair.

  5. 1 hour ago, Arafaat said:

    I get that the Deni and Diani issue is still unresolved, but nevertheless this latest incident could have easily been prevented as neither had actually intended going to war or inflict so many casualties on one another at this moment on this issue. Similar incidents can easily repeat itself between regional and federal officials, even in other states, if there is no structural coordination, communication and diplomacy between the federal and regional officials. 

    This has nothing to do about communication. Hassan and Hamza did not even set up their government. He did not presented his federal state plan yet.

    Remeber  Sacdiya was hand-picked by Deni for him to achieve his goals in moqdisho. She became the highest putland parliamentary achiever. It was a very symbolic gesture from Sacdiya who was able to get some small food from moqdisho. She was also useful the fight to remove Farmaajo for them.

    This has to do with two things.

    1) Deni and Faroole want the donors to come Garoowe directly and only their close people to manage

    2) Maintain the status quo and stay away moqdisho government as usual after losing the PM competition this time.

    In conclusion

    For Deni and Faroole the 15 people who died in the incident are worth stopping these types of interference as they see it. They probably congratulating each other for now.


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  6. There are some similarities between Deni and Sacdiya. Sadiya si talking about the puntland cast system. Garoowe is ruled by Faroole people but Deni have a problem in Boosaaso.

  7.  His government did not start yet. He still collecting the fruit of last government. Main difference is at least for now he is doing anything for regional level or localities. This is the most important area.

    As I mentioned before the party that wants maintain status quo won. That is  what it means Somali heshiisa oo  dunida laheshiisa. It means 5 independent president in localities and Hassan gives small share of what he gets in name of federal government. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to  make hard decisions you can not  be friend with every body.

    Hassan will  not address the clan mellisia in Moqdisho and around the country and that means anything he does will backtrack like the last time. 






    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Rag hubeysan oo watay gaari nooca raaxada ah ayaa maanta weeraray Saldhiga Booliska degmada Yaaqshiid ee gobolka Banaadir, halkaasi oo uu ka dhacay dagaal...

    Today: The clan militia attacked a police station and four are dead. This is the freedom they were asking for and another reason they did not like a "dictator". Anarchy and freedom have the same meaning in the M00ryaan world.



    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Ciidan hubeysan ayaa shalay la wareegay guri ay magaalada Muqdisho ka degan tahay Maryan Aadan Amiin oo loo yaqaano Maryan Isxilqaan, oo ah agaasimaha arrimaha...

    Yesterday: The clan militia are fighting probably a stolen house in Abdiasis neighborhood modish. The SNA clan militia called it "ciidamada milateriga" who get paid by the government are doing all this. Hassan created this melitia his first term and now they are back in the streets.


    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Wararka naga soo gaaraya magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya in maanta qarax lagu dilay Xaashi Cumar Xasan, xilli uu ku sugnaa degmada Dharkenley ee gobolka Banaadir...

    Another citizen was targeted and killed in Mogadishu. But M00ryaan Darboweyne who owns 10 trucks with guns from SNA and his own clan militia paid by the government, they called him "wax garadka moqdisho" thinks,  that replacing faster the remaining top security personnel will solve the problem. As galbeedi put it, you can not have both the government and the mafias. This is what they are trying to do in Moqdisho but it is impossible. You have to address the root of the security problem in moqdisho. It is armed clan Malesia and the weapon inside the city whether they work for the government or protecting the clans.


    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Muxiyadiin Xasan Cali (Darba-weyne) oo ka mid ah waxgaradka gobolka Banaadir ayaa ka hadlay xaalada amni ee dalka, gaar ahaan dhaca ay geysanayaan kooxo burcad ah oo...


  10. Waxaan maqlijirey indho adagaa mabisadbaa. Give Hassan credit for his patience at least. It is a skill that is not part of M00ryaanism culture. Now Erdogan did this for purpose as he is a master of political tactician. And I see Hassan who owns huge buildings in Turkey, smiling all the way and signing things he does not clearly understand. Assuming Turkey with a bad economy will write personal checks he can cash.  He is by himself without capable people who can understand diplomatic language.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    Lax walba meesha ee isdhigtaa lagu qalaa.

    Imaaraad ka daba orod haka saarto. Turkiga were offended by the snub their daljire received in Xamar while Imaaraadi one was taunting us with all his meetings. This rufiyaan ambassador disappeared now since Baahane left the scene and the new ra'iisul wasaare has not met him, too.

    Then Xasan Sh. going to Imaaraadka and secretly making deals, allowing them to open bases and giving dekedda Kismaayo. Then allowing Masaari intelligence to snoop their base's communications. There are a lot more going on and this hastily arranged flying to Ankara. I don't think there was an official invitation.

    Xasan Sh. had a good relationship with Erdogan in his first term, as were Shariifka iyo Farmaajo. Sadly that is broken now. 

    For what he has done, he should wait for a better time. Turkey does not have a problem with UAE but the west who are not happy with Turkey increasing Africa's presence. + treating  Fahad Yassin badly after the election was over. Hassan let Rooble and Mahad Salad on behalf of him and they messed up. Without dealing with Fahad Yasin issue and fully bringing in both Turkey and Qatar, the Turk will not come on board.


    Koox hubaysan ayaa maanta degmada Dharkeenley ku dilay Cismaan Axmed Macow oo ahaa macallin wax ka dhiga jaamacadda Horseed ee… Sii akhri

    This happened last night while Mahad Salad forces were working in the streets. You can not have both the clan mellesia, criminals, and police same time in the streets.

    The best and most skilled people are killed in moqdisho daily for a long time now. And people like Dalmar do not see it as a problem. For some tribes, every one qualified is already dead. He could appoint Yusuf Garaad or even Abdishakuur for NISA if want to reward his friends from that tribe.

     Waraabihii hasha  dhashay looga tegay wuxuu dhahay, maxay  ku nuugtaa ama kanuugtaa. 

  13. Making Mahad Salad, the cousin of  Mahad Karatay the NISA leader was a mistake he will never recover it. Mahad did  not wast time to go after the pervious leaders and employees of other tribes. His UAE trip was not good either. They did not provide any substantial promise even drought relieve. Turkey + Qatar provided 2 billion dollar aid for Somalia the last 10 years. They were looking forward to invest Somali oil and gas. Hasan made a choice for foreign policy and bad one for Somalia.  Now he left Kenya who want to negotiate the Sea agreement and Ethiopia who doesn’t trust him and West who wants to isolate China, Russia and Turkey but not offer anything meaningful. 

    He also forgot the geopolitics has changed. In fact the UAE and Turkey are big friend now and both invested the current Ethiopia government. Qatar is not any more isolated and West friendly. When your listen a M00ryaan expert you’ll end up looser.


    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Koox hubeysan ayaa markii u horeysay hab aan hore loo arag u jabsaday guriga qoys degan xaafada Black-Sea ee degmada Howl-Wadaag ee magaalada Muqdisho, kuwaasi oo dhac...

    Moqdisho was becoming safer, especially before Rooble. Now clan melesia is back and Hassan co does not see it a problem.

  15. On 7/1/2022 at 11:26 AM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    The mad mullah was a camel thief after 1904 there was not a single incursion against the British matter intact  after the ilig treaty  in 1907 the mad mullah ageeed to be part of the Italian empire and be protecterate  under them , after that he started just accumulating wealth and stealing camels nothing heroic of freedom fighting spirit so if one steals ur hard earn wealth if u fight backs gainst him does that make u unpatriotic not at all u just want what belongs to u  ma ninki ina shixiri inanadis gawracay Ayaad islaanimo ka sugaysa  ama garaadki reer laaacanood kurka jaray just for power .


    The Habro tribes did not have lot of camels to steal. They had goats, and was very poor except some Wadani tribes. The Darwiish was part of bigger war beyond Somalia. There are things that cannot be dispute. The thirteen crusader wars.






  16. Some people were criticizing me for blaming Hassan too early. The fact is things will not get better for national symbolism. In a few days, it is the national week and you do not see the festival around the world where Somalis live. Here in Minneapolis, one main street is normally closed for celebration. This year is very quiet. Hassan is not even the country busy with signing the Abrahamic accord in UAE.

     About this time five years ago, Somalia was winning games, in fact, was close to qualifying for the final round one time. Volunteers from around the world were participating, without getting paid and fighting hard for every second of the game.

    Here in America, the celebration of July 4 is already started a long time ago. A country of settlers, slaves, and the worst civil war. The myth of nationhood is important for the psychic of the nation and that is why people want to pay for a house for Farmaajo.

  17. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    But Deni does not need a house, he is self made millionaire before he even joined politics. So no tuugsi for him from poor fellas 😂


    Right I read how he got his money, different way than Hassan. For sure he got his local support as well.  He gets fish money directly without going the putland bank as well😁



    Garowe (PP News Desk) —  Since 1998 Puntland State of Somalia has issued fishing licences to foreign companies. Successive...


  18. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    There was no plan B to be had. Home base would be like " Dani iigeeya" if he had became president. It is nature of human being that they lament the losing part.

    But they are buying a house for Farmaajo who lost the election!. He is done with Somali politics forever. It will be difficult for him to come back. He probably lost to the UAE man of Somalia status as well. He will be lonely in Garoowe with his usual family supporters.

  19. 1 hour ago, Samafal said:

    Balo sheeg badnidaa ninyahoow? Cadyahoow Fatmaajo  ku cun ama ku ciideeyay miyaa waxaagu?

    Maah maahda si khaldan ha uisticmaalin. Aniga ima khuseeso, xoogna malehi aan wax kuciideeyo. waxaan kahadlaynaa, waxaad kaga fiicantihiin ama aad kufiicantihiin inaad soo bandhigtaan ayaa larabaa.

    At the end of the day, it is governing, law and order, or stealing, maintaining the status quo.

  20. 55 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:


    The anti- Farmaajo foriegn camp would not encourage Deni to antagonize HSM as they now have direct access to Villa Somalia. Emirates ambassador practically lives there.

    I agree it's all about Geopolitics. For three years Deni and others were busy meetings with embassies in Naraibo. At the end of the election, Rooble was given a full mandate to end Farmaajo rule for good, especially U.K and U.S.A played a big role.

    Now Deni and Putland lost Jubaland community as well and Everyone knew what happened, he just needed to keep quiet for at least three months.