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  1. You see changes are happening already. This is Dani designed parliament and very much a copy of regional parliaments you have to pay them to show up. The security issue is also getting worst already. The SNA clan mellisia are already in the streets and police are leaving their posts. Plus Mahad Salad scares them. Like the last time Hassan was in charge, the luck of leadership and prioritizing security is absent.
  2. This tweet is a propaganda design to divide the group from NISA when there were a leadership struggle the group had. The group kill their members or best case arrest. They can downgrade a member and remove him what call shuura(board). Ones you’re joined a gangsters group you will be always be member. The other thing you understand Somalis will always defend their tribal members. You have to understand who they’re defending. When it comes Fahad Yasiin and gangs that killed thousands of Somalis, the best people in our society since Abdiqaasim government I will definitely support the guy they called “looma ooyaan”
  3. They were really mad. It seems they can breath now. The gang is fewer now but still control the local people who doesn’t share same ideas with them. People chase Rooble when he went Liido Beach.
  4. Galbeedi With our geography location we have to be bad boys before we can be good boys again. For Moqdisho I agree, we can give a break Mahad Salad and Mahad Karate and IC to deal each other.
  5. He is already trouble hiring Mahad Salad. Mahad is not even Suudi Yellexow type. Both are semi illiterate but Mahad is active criminal. The testimony of Gadax Bare and Ahulasuna leaders are credible let alone Fahad Yasmiin. Hassan is the leader of the group. They did not wanted Sheikh Shariifo, khayre or anybody else but him. He is gone deliver to them and he did already. He also getting 10% for every transaction as usual. He is already getting 10% for Kenya khat. He got his share of UAE money. He could not be more happy already. Now he could be only saved the PM, he is going to be appointed
  6. Facebook - log in or sign up M.FACEBOOK.COM Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get... Goodax Bare: Salad is Alshabaab One thing I know is. He is a criminal Was Hassan not informed about Salaad?
  7. This was not election but also Geopolitical coup. In reality Sahan group and associates countries won.. HSM will hide the Turkey for a while of course.
  8. Log into Facebook | Facebook M.FACEBOOK.COM Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Waxay dadku Sheegaan waxbaa kajira mahad Salaad Alshabaab
  9. Log into Facebook | Facebook M.FACEBOOK.COM Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. According to Mahad’s Ahelusuna uncle, he is a member of Alshabaab. This is not new.
  10. You are uninformed, the government control of moqdisho is limited. Each clan has their SNA. People like Mahad Salad never allowed any government to take full security of the city and HSM do not have problems with that. There will never be a court and the mother understands.
  11. No he was not kicked out. he was degraded according to this tweet. These are members from the moqdisho group assigned to moqdisho. The group leaders are from Somaliland + moqdisho tribes. They do have connections with their regions. Did not you listen Buurmadoowe .speech? Fahad clearly admitted that he is Ixtisaam group. When the two group spilt this is group that choose to go different route. Alshabaab kills the members of this group. Sh Abdinaasir from laascaanood was the last one killed Ixtisaam member
  12. Well you must to be ether naive or uninformed what happened and happens this country. If you believe HSM will do anything like that your out of in touch with reality in the ground. Can HSM even grantee the security of accused people? No. However this will overshadow his rule and the beginning of his second term disfiction government. He could not organize a simple caleemasaar party. This all about maintaining the status quo I was talking about. Different groups will not see anything change even if they part of change for reasons.
  13. The International world order has been challenged by Russia invasion of Ukraine and nothing ever gone be same. The road map that was created by the winners of war world II is dead because they never allowed others to be invited and modernize the system. This will have huge impact around the world and Somalia as well. No one can predict how the things will go for the next 30 years. The old system will not survive any longer. Hassan may bring extended Banaadir state or just Banaadir state . If Putland agree we may have Khaatumo+makahir state. as well the last colonized region of Somalia and the one British offered independent but Sayid refused.
  14. Madoobe seems happy now but no more excuse for him to stay after he finishes his term. Jubaland also needs qori isku dhiib dhiib. Hassan's hands are strength in the front of regional and world leaders with Farmaajo help. The regional leaders are weakened, especially two outsiders. Hassan has now a free hand and a better opportunity than Farmaajo. But it is up to him how he uses it. He either flies around the world with a group of Hag or he will let the government do its work and concrete big issues.
  15. Do you know that just by the time colonials arrived Somalia, Galmudug was a victim of roadblocks? That time the road blockers were from reer Bari. The darwiishs reached Hobyo all the way Hiiraan and ended that thing. Now after 30 years of roadblocks business you still threatening people with a gun. The darwiish may done a good thing for Somali but lost generations of men. What goes around comes around? The next time, it may be the locals that are going to chase you.
  16. Deni and many other of the new generation of Puntland leaders are either local or insecure. They got a similar paranoid syndrome that SNM. They do not even trust someone from Qandala. It must be from Garoowe, Gaalkacayo and Qardho.
  17. Ironically Rooble helped him to become a president again and the same Rooble stopped Farmaajo to became president a second time. Hassan is working hard to make the next PM useless. He already appointed so many people in his office. So next PM either will need the N&N support or he/she is going to be a victim of the moqdisho criminals on day one.
  18. He belongs a new hopefully Somali generation unlike Mahad bililiqo group.
  19. Hay'ada NISA oo xanibeysa dhaqaalaha loo uruurinayo Madaxweyne Hore Farmaajo - Somali News Leader WWW.WARQAAD.INFO Hay’ada Sirdoonka iyo Nabad sugida Soomaaliya ayaa la sheegya inay daba gal ku bilaabeyso lacagaha la sheegay in loo uruurinayo guriga loo... This is how they are going to use NISA.
  20. Moqdisho is a dangerous and strange place. people sipping tea with each other during the day and assassinating each other at the night. Fahad was very clever to infiltrate the criminal world in moqdisho and not only survive but defeated it as an outsider. There are many red and yellow lines, so many weapons are hidden and criminals will keep it that way because cash and money are involved as well. This criminality gives political leverage and economic opportunity. Hassan will build himself at least two new hotels before his time is up. He will also create at least three more 30 jir 30 million. The result will be even more HAG millionaires but local people will not have peace. The roadblocks from SNA clan melesia are already increased with daylight robbery.
  21. World Liberal food soldiers = laandheere= ABB The word laandheere lost it is original meaning.
  22. Boowe maxaa dhacay. Adaa reer xeebaad ahe maxadaarad cusub miyaa.
  23. Welcome to Berlin's "liberal" mosque—where burqas are banned, and men and women pray together WWW.NEWSWEEK.COM Men and women can pray together at the Berlin mosque, which is open to both Sunnis and Shiites. Qoomaluud also welcome. This is the target.
  24. Hassan hired CC Shakuur to become the next 30 jir 30 million. It is road block already for anything that is going to drought. They already collected 1.2 million in two days and local people are donating most of it. It’s a new Somalia movement Farmaajo just happens to be the leader with his character.
  25. You are probably the lost roadblock generation. Galbeedi shared information with us but the roadblocks and looting have been a national issue and security problems still this day.