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  1. You are probably the lost roadblock generation. Galbeedi shared information with us but the roadblocks and looting have been a national issue and security problems still this day.
  2. Farmaajo was getting large crowd this time where ever he goes. What matters is the end result. It is all about security so diaspora people can go back and invest instead of investing in Kenya. Will he continue support the national security apparatus reforms or reestablish the clan militia.
  3. An example of cancel a culture. A muslim womanMuslim leading the prayer in New York
  4. See this old man Waare, it is all about the money for him but for others, it is the world order.
  5. This is what Putin called cancel culture. The Somali opposition was claiming Farmaajo does not even pray but Rooble for example wears Khamiis and holding tusbax but does anything for money.
  6. You're right Hassan won and is now the president for 4 years. However, your tone is changed with Hasan's victory. The fact is after 31 years no roadblocks is tolerated in the south and elsewhere. Anything else is no issue. It will not benefit your clan family too, every day they are losing a loved one and the haraam money will make generation crazy. Just see how Rooble baahane behaves what he is going do more money he already had enough.
  7. Mahad Salad with SNA moqdisho clan Malesia If you hire him to lead the national security position, you are not interested in the concept of Somali nationhood because he likes his clan Malesia with the national uniform.
  8. Qofka runta sheegaa waa sixiroole. I never buy fake narratives.
  9. Xog: Sarkaal awood badan ku leh NISA oo is-casilaad u geeyey Mahad Salaad - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Is-bedelka maamul ee dalka ka curtay ayaa durba saameeyay hay’adda sirdoonka qaranka ee NISA, iyadoo la bedelay... Anybody non Hag will be targeted. The next will be national army and the police.
  10. The federal mother has been sick for a while. It continue keeping hostage the SSC and Makhaahir regions and stopping their inspiration becoming federal state for selfishness. And now they see Hassan Culusow a savior for benefit of maintaining status quo. Laftgreen can play the hard boll. For Hassan and co they want to see Saransoor, Shariifo Ahmed and Khadiija Diiriye type people in central south Somalia . He can also travel and sign port deals too, if not oil deals.
  11. You are completely wrong. This has nothing to do with tribalism. I never differentiated Deni, Biixi and Hassan co and their political base support or anyone that wants to maintain the status quo because they see it as beneficial for them. Farmaajo has his shortcoming like any other politician but his public popularities are higher than all others combined what matters most the world politics. If you want to steer the boat in turbulent waters, you have to navigate in the right direction, you can not simply try to repair it in the middle of the sea. Deni wants to continue to benefit from illegal fishing and get a share of donations from the world. A national statehood is not really a priority for him. So he is in fact sharing the same gaol as Mahad Salad, the poor people may have different takes but that is reality. Now his Garoowe is surrounded by Biixi and soon Mahad Salad and co will corner in Galkacayo after five years of peace when Farmaajo was in charge. Marrying Biixi cousin and dancing with Hassan will not help him. For Farmaajo, he is settled in modish to continue to inspire a Somali nationhood.
  12. Xog cusub oo laga helay amarkii agaasime Mahad Salaad maanta bixiyey - Somali News Leader WWW.WARQAAD.INFO Wararkii ugu dambeeyey ee laga helayo hoyga Fahad Yaasiin ayaa sheegaya in amarkii uu soo bixiyey Agaasime Mahad salaad uu dhaqan galay. Agaasimaha cusub ee hay’adda NISA Mahad Salaad ayaa la... There was information that this morning Mahad Salad attacked Fahad Yasin's house and took with him all his property and security guards. According to Moqdisho media, the previous leader from moqdisho was allowed to keep all his security gourds and continue getting paid. Next, he will be targeting the duufaan units, the only NISA battalion mixed from a different region. The small Galmudug population who came moqdisho in 1991 and occupied the heart of moqdisho will not see any changes. People like Mahad change of statehood is problematic. Before he was even named the next PM, he will name and fire all army security leaders and replace leaders Badbaado clan militia. This completely dismantles the aspiration of a national security apparatus. After that moqdisho clan melissa will start fighting each other and assassination and violence will increase when Alshabaab is weak. The salary will not be paid and chaos will start and this is what it means to maintain the status quo. I hope I am wrong. This is what a said from another topic. Hassan and co see a threat to the national security apparatus, will stop the security reforms, rearm the clan Melissia and threaten non-Hag people with violence. For Hassan and his co, it is all about money and maintaining the status quo
  13. It looks like "heshiis duruufeed." Deni will never be hesitated to fire useless Karaash. Deni spent a lot money in moqdisho. While Hassan sheikh makes sure his moqdisho bodies will get back their money spent and more by appointing positions. Deni will not likely get any. The tribe only will forgive him for bringing PM post, one of the reasons Farmaajo must go as I mentioned here a long time ago.
  14. This is the luck of qualification. Farmaaajo demanded loyalty which I did not like but used to hire qualified people. This person missed the purpose. "Somali people oo heshiis ah" yaa isdagaalsanaa. There may be some clan clashes sometimes but the civil war ended a long time ago. Somali does not need a seat holder or qori iskudhiib. It needs rapid development in all areas. With the new geopolitics where Arab countries are friends now and Ethiopia out of the picture and him wearing a pro-west hat, he will not have the same problems that Farmaajo had. He has an opportunity to do a lot more, especially security in the south. Alshabaab never been weaker, their time is up. If he thinks the whole purpose of government is drinking tea together and qori iskudhiib. He is misguided. It is okay to lower the political tensions. Laftagreen and even Qooqoor are making a difference. Hassan and Madoobe are expected to show tangible progress not "Somali wada heshiis ah" If Farmaajo government sent 10000 men outside to be trained and make difference. He should be able to do even more. Somali had the best 'qori iskudhiib" in 1960s before Siyad took over and 70% supported the military coup outcome for reason.
  15. The old days, the best place to live in Somalia were Moqdisho, Baydhabo and Hargeysa because of the weather and culture. Laftgreen must open the roads and build Baraawe port. It will make southwest political and economic center. The villa needs a bigger sign "Villa KGS'?
  16. Mahad Salaad oo magacaabay Taliyaha NISA ee gobolka Banaadir – Puntland Post PUNTLANDPOST.NET Agaasimaha cusub ee hay’adda Nabadsugidda iyo Sirdoonka Qaranka (NISA) Mahad Maxamed Salaad ayaa Taliyaha gobolka Banaadir ee hay’addaas u magacaabay… Sii akhri Is Hassan in charge? This is not the protocol we used to custom
  17. Hassan has been here before. What is that gone do average Somali person? nothing basically. Sometime soon Hassan will come to Washington and sign secretly the Berbera military base as he did the ports. Let us say Hassan leaves Madoobe and others alone in exchange to steal anything that comes moqdisho. That is what he is going to do basically
  18. Did Hasan create security and stability in 15 days? 1000 people a month were dying in moqdisho when Farmaajo took over. Hassan and co see a threat to the national security apparatus, will stop the security reforms, rearm the clan Melissia and threaten non-Hag people with violence. For Hassan and his co, it is all about money and maintaining the status quo.
  19. This group will take orders from the sitting president. Hassan only trained clan-based security forces who are loyal to their clan. This is something he can learn from Farmaajo. The Turkish are willing to train up to 15,000 men. So far they did train 4000-5000. These soldiers have been very effective and hold their position. Alshabaab gave up to try overrun their bases.
  20. Soomaalida cadaalad mataqaan ama SNM ha ahaadeen ama koofur. Even Ethiopia and Kenya use the last population survey to distribute and locate resources. That system will not work in Somalia because the major tribe in the city will take it all.
  21. If this is true that means Mark Boyden and co are in charge and Somali will be a toolbox to use for the region. Masar base in moqdisho very soon. They will seek regime change in Ethiopia and Eriteria. They will also ask Somalia to give up more territories to Kenya. Oil and gas is also in the deal. However after Midterm election Biden will be out of picture and USA domestic politics will change which will effect the foreign policy. Which means game will be changed and Hassan will dance different song.
  22. This is Somaliland way. Biixi will try to get some extension but the opposition tribe which was 30 years ago before they was power are more organized and powerful. I see Biixi give up his ambition unless his able to divide the opposition.