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  1. For what reason they got increased payments. The killings of the Liyuu Police and Marka leader? How much he got himself? Now he is richer and Karatey is much more richer. Dangerous time.
  2. This was expected and warned. Mahad controls NISA and his cousin Karatey is the facto leader of Alshabaab. These two will target anyone they preserve enemy and against their interest. It just beginning but there are other like Alidheere, Kaboweyne and the fight of moqdisho dominance already started.Dangerous time ahead.
  3. My understanding is this man's family was the first settlers of Hargeysa city. Like moqdisho Habro tribes came late to settle in Hargeysa. Originally Hargeysa, Berbera, Burco and ceerigaabo were cosmopolitan cities. Everything changed in 1990 and as land in cities became expansive the original settlers' land was reoccupied with the support of the Somaliland government courts. I think this is the case. This man is one of many Somalis minorities who is killed because he asked back his family properties in old cities which are very expensive today.
  4. Khadafi Your analysis makes sense first time because this time you added the role of IC and the new geopolitics. It wasn’t long time ago when Sahan for first time purposed peace deal with Al shabaab. I also believe Mahad Salad and some other galmudug boys are involved as well to facilitate the whole plan where Deni was dropped the last minute. However I do believe Alshabaab will loose this adventure. First they do not get numbers and have hard time to recruit beyond deep south and west Somalia. Secondly the Liyuu police outnumber them although not armed well. And Finally the aggressive and the die hard Liyuu police with some help from Ethiopian military will clear Alshabaab no more than three weeks more.
  5. The benefits of his trips cancel each other. This time around in the world, it is not anything like before so this is a zero-sum game. It is all about personal business gains for him. He does not understand the fundamental change that happened in the world over the last three years. You can not tell Somalilanders that Britain is longer a powerful country. This guy does not understand there is no money.
  6. Daawo: Jawaari, Muudey, Shariif Xasan iyo siyaasiyiin ku dhawaaqay Isbaheysi ka dhan ah C/casiis Laftagareen - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Isbaheysi siyaasadeed oo loogu magac daray golaha ‘Samata bixinta maamulka Koonfur Galbeed’ ayaa maanta... Alshabaab is attacking inside Somalia state in Ethiopia and Hassan is leaving for the seventh visit in two months. In moqdisho, they openly attacking SW and leadership to destroyed and bring back more roadblocks. Hassan is not in charge. I do not think he supports what is going on but weak to handle the situation.
  7. Putland did not give Hamsa support so far. It is more likely he gets support from Gedo in this case. You can not simply blame him this point. Neither Hassan or him are in charge , everything is choas right now. Mahad Salad and M00ryaans are in charge. Even the police are already divided based on clans and not functioning as a unit.
  8. Even if that happens what is that gone do for you. Another Anders Cooper school with guy students or something similar with that line. Or the new Taiwan or Kurdistan in the horn. Tells what benefits your hoping from the British in E continent
  9. Strange love! “ingiriis dhaladkiiyow Waanu kuudhega beelnaya xagee kaadhunkadaa”
  10. Really. You were just complaining about the 1980' s and now here you are talking about neutralization. I did support the government last time again SNM and my position never changed. So rush and do not miss an opportunity. SNM and Today I support the
  11. You are telling us that H people from north Somalia do not have a link in Jubaland, specially Kismaanyo and some Galgaduud people do. Both Warsangali and Sool clan tribes have been present in Kismaanyo for centuries and even Kenya. The last time I visited Marka city in1988, there were more putlnaders than the whole HAG people let alone Galgaduud people. The presence of clan militia does not really mean, the place belongs to you. It is true Bare Hiiraale and his Galgaduud brothers captured and ruled that place for a long time period with the support of the "Islamist" militants who were working with this group for that time before they became powerful enough to create their own things. Is this Mahad Salad new plan to revive the Galgaduud brothers?
  12. Somaliland is its own place that locals control, as Buuhoodle district is where the small airport is open the traffic from everywhere and deals Ethiopian neighbor region. The problem of the formation of Khaatumo state is and has been Putland who does everything to stop the support of so-called Garaad elders. The Puntland PMs in Mogadishu were the only obstacle in that direction. Any of moqdish presidents had any problem to deal Khatumo directly one way or another.
  13. Puntland oo ku celisay in dhaqaale loo waayay sixidda Imtixaanka Shahaadiga ah ee dugsiyada sare – Puntland Post PUNTLANDPOST.NET Imtixaanka shahaadiga ah ee Puntland, gaar ahaan dugsiyada sare ayaa weli dhaqaale la’aan loo sixi la’ yahay, sida uu ku… Sii akhri Compared to Jubaland. The budget in Jubland is in fact balanced. Everything you say about Madoobe. His budget may be small but balanced. Could not Deni do something here? His minister is loud and communicates with students and parents. In Garoowe, they will find the money for a political meeting and in Hargeysa they always found money for afternoon Qat. Different priority right?
  14. Who are those in moqdisho? Do you mean Hag people I think that is who you are referring to? For the failed state of Somalia, each community is it is own first. Your Somaliland is not recognized by anybody, right?
  15. I was trying to respond to the putland people like Arafat and then Xaaji came with his Somaliland republic agenda. We never got along well working with pro-colonial regions and their maintaining status quo systems. We definitely welcome the new federal system but we are too many and live in the larger region. A new, open, and prosperous Somalia free from colonial games that support different groups to divide the Somali people is what is desired. Og one of the largest Somali communities was one time marginalized. At one point in time, Both Putland and Somaliland were arresting any Og male in their regions and sending them to Zenawi. Both Riyaale and Faroole were doing that, we gave them protection and support, even on the war front. They changed the game, they made deals with their occupiers and their situation changed for the better in every place they lived. Both the Ethiopian and Kenyan passports are accessible to all Somalis these days if needed. Rather than desiring to maintain the status quo you should open your mind and bring interesting solutions for all Somalis.
  16. Just make a meaningless long story short. You want the status quo to continue. Too bad nothing is permanent.
  17. Maakhiri Do not you think Khaatumo and Maakhir unite to create a new federal state with access to Red Sea and our Awdal good friends follow suit later. I do not understand why many maakhir people are still pro putland. Even with economic benefits the tribal borders that putland is based on will not work in the long run. Even Mudig must to go one side.
  18. Things changes quickly in Somalia peninsula. When I left Somalia less than two years before the clopse of Siyaad Barre regime. There were more landgruiserd in the street than ever. People were stealing government than ever. But No one could predict what about to happen. When Somaliland people came to moqdisho things changed quickly. Female Hag people who did not know was telling me their intentions about specifically D people. How the things changed in moqdisho in 1990 quickly has to the foreign involvement. The regime changed was planned unlike Ethiopia they did not plan to save Somalia or Siyaad refused. Soon the curripted government lost the foreign aid and Caydiid was send to Ethiopia and the rest is history. Ogaadeen’s has shown some unity lately but there numbers in Somalia is very small. Their nomads moved to NFD and really not present much of Jubaland. They can ride behind the foreigners as Hag did and Somaliland does now but they luck numbers in Somalia and end of the day the foreign support will not be for ever.
  19. He is not separating businesses and politics. Everything is business and transactions for him. Now he is forced to go Ethiopia soon because he visited the other neighborhood countries. He will not get personal checks or even investment from any of these countries. We doesn’t know what Saudi will offer to him, maybe small person check for him and some humanitarian aid.Qatar will continue stay low profile and stop building more roads and buildings. He should realize there will be no foreign blank checks coming from foreign country when Somalia is in the process of IMF. He still needs to collect taxes from the port with increased percentage each year as volume continues to increase with all the goods going to Ethiopia and Kenya.
  20. People like Samfal feel save that Farmaajo is not around anymore. It is like the best that could happen in their lives. For them nothing really needs to be done. They are happy the way the things are right now. Simply maintaining status quo. Hassan see this as his job. Remember he was compainning that he will hire those who vote him. The trips are business for him. He is infact running away to do his jobs. He is not ideologically motivated and people around him are not ideologically motivated. He only promised one thing smooth elections and he will do that.
  21. Galbeedi They were also abusing the Bantu people in the upper Shabeele burning villages in Mahaday district even during the Farmaajo time at least in the beginning. We can definitely give him credit for going to Eritereria and visiting the soldiers with his all fake tears and smiles on the ways. But it is not done yet. He have to bring back them, deploy and pay them well with all their sacrifices already. He should also follow suit any continue with more representative national forces.
  22. Basically, they were saying he's going to use the soldiers against them and while he was more interesting in creating a national army that take order from the government instead clan militia everywhere, just the example of Putland this week. Not only Diyaano family has a militia, Faroole, Deni, and Gaas do have clan militia. In the south, they are called SNA and get paid by the government.
  23. Cabdi Qaybdiid: Dil ayey ii qorsheysay kooxdii Farmaajo, kadibna la qariyo meydkeyga - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Senator Cabdi Xasan Cawaale (Qaybdiid) oo ka tirsan Golaha Aqalka Sare ee Somalia ayaa faah-faahin cusub ka bixiyey halkii ay ku dambeysay natiijada baarista weerarkii... Even Qaydiid claims a victim. There was a video around where Qaydiid men were killing two captured boys in Jilib while he was present Sometime between 1991-1992. I see these people want uninterrupted anarchy.
  24. We just had a coup in Somalia against the popular vote. That is the difference between liberal and right-wing people. The right wing people like Bolton and Trump will not hide their intentions and plans. The liberals pretend not to know anything.
  25. While he is meeting with a group of Gal-mudug parents who claim they are parents of the soldiers in Ereteriteria. The 5000 men who came all over the country because Farmaajo was the president, he meets just a few families from Gal-mudug who most likely come moqdisho after 1990. The same community that victimized the local people in Banaadir. What justice these families are looking for and why he is crying when he gives away the native people's property.