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    I absolutely heart Nostalgic images of Somalia, Here is one from sometime in the early years of the 70's, A road trip from Mogadishu with my Uncle Ali Matan Hashi, Aunty Daleys & Big sister Aisha and other relatives
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    Impressive, Another amazing project by one man in Afghanistan, which is dry and arid, more similar to our landscape.
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    Gobweyn, Jubbada Hoose, Somalia.
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    Does anyone recently bought an empty lot in Garowe? What's is the price? Mooge, jump in. When was the last time you visit there?
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    Mooge, I am looking in the suburbs away from city center. Who manages land sales? The last thing I want is run into Xamar like situation. How far is the nearest village to Garowe? Tallaabo, I am assuming you are talking about me. I never hid who I am.
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    What we need most is speed limits for the vehicles carry this shit. The khat-carrying vehicles are literally the fastest moving things in any city. Nobody gets out of the way for the police vehicles, ambulances, or the firefighters despite their sirens, but everyone would flee the road for the khat pickup trucks. Even the mad folks (and there are many in any Somali town) would immediately get the hell out of the way when the speeding khat truck is spotted. As the casualties of these drug-dealers are mounting, the government should either take the sirens off every other emergency services vehicle and surrender them to the khat dealers or severely limit their speed. The drug dealers who have no shortage of cash should not just pay "mag" only to kill again.
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    Mr. warabe, your government already taxes khat dealers and they are supposed to take that money and provide services to people niyoow. if they are not doing that, then they are crooks so you need to address the real issue here which is corrupt politician stealing people's taxes without providing basic services such as health.
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    Absolutely Saaxib, The days for our youth to be doing the same is nearing. I was corrected, that picture is from 68'
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    Agree. The terror group is a master of fake news and propaganda. They tell more lies than anyone.
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    That is an absolutely a beautiful pic saxib. The youth were chilling back then enjoying life, minding their own business. That is a treasure!!
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    Don't buy into the propaganda, these are soldiers captured, paraded, to demoralise their enemy, defected, No they have not defected, captured, and given guns with empty magazines, soon they will be executed. Question everything!
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    I don't really care about Yemen. But this civil war will not end soon. Here is an interesting map.
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    Imagine these types of water retention schemes back home with our arid and thirsty land. It would literally transform the landscape. It is in my bucket list.
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    After parading them in public as useful idiots, paranoid Shababi agents could still execute the duo for being "spies". Sad indeed!!
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    thanks guys. i will post more soon.
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    I remember sharing this image with my extended family's Whatsapp group, saying some of you ayaa ku jira sawirka. They believed, weyba iska raadinayeen.
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    Observations: 1. More non ethnic Somalis. 2. Kids appear well fed no sunken cheekbones and hollow eyes. 3. The Khawarij wave had not reached the land as evidenced by the teacher not wearing a tent.
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    Congrats to President Faroole.
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    I don't know where you can buy the book, but you can read a great deal of its content here

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