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  1. Guys, There is not much to celebrate, but this decision , does it resolve Somali chronic political problems or does it make it worse? Somalia is extremely failed state, I can only compare maybe Haiti, in terms of lawlessness and social fractures. This decision is wise if one group takes over whole country by force, similar to Maxakiim style, and outside intervention does not happen, one group wins, if this is the case, this may work. If segregation and division continue, we are back to 1991, and missed opportunity, this serves well SL. There is a third likelihood, HSM changes tune and builds organic miraculous team, that unites the nation, very unlikely I am concerned it will be back to 1993 when international community abandoned Somalis
  2. HSM will drop her in heartbeat, all Ruto has to do is give him few coins.
  3. Thinking the same, over 50, they can't write like that now
  4. 21 October baa ka danbeeysey,
  5. Private sector is extremely efficient and zero corruption, everywhere Somalia where all public sector is rotten
  6. Yes it is business and UAE may offer something they can't refuse Remember UAE controls series of ports across this region Anyways, I hope they stay away from UAE, eventually they will kill it if they get hold of it
  7. very similar to Afghanistan, they were busy building palaces, stealing millions, and we know how it ended
  8. of course, waa ka goantahay, but will it be possible? Mate, you are assessing risk from wrong side, Somali gov in Mogadishu i think is too weak to stop this and busy stealing small Somali resources, but you should analyse it the risk it posses to SLers, and SLers may stop this
  9. It is highly possible Somalilanders are working with Shabaab, and eventual takeover, against TFG interest and formation of strong state The HSM and his team of looters are not very smart and obsessed with plundering the meagre resources.
  10. this is just a show for the international community, the real systemic corruption is still untouched
  11. very interesting, get-rich quick scheme, it will open a side business to deliver cars to Garacad, for example and sell in Mogadishu
  12. Very very unlucky country What was HSM thinking? That he exclusively write his own constitution? And where will it work? Unukaa Leh territory? Btw I was alarmed how some here including Galbeedi thought, something good would ever come out in this rotten process? That would work? How? Any changes must be first done by independent experts, that has no interest other than making a great nation. I am certain if this country does not change this trajectory, and not build a very strong institution, that is inclusive , Shabaab will take over
  13. were the ballistic missiles used? i heard they put one thru, as demo, without real payload, and it went thru
  14. i think whole exercise was Iran to demonstrate that they can hit, they have not even used their superior weapons. Anyway we, see what happens when Israel attacks, the issue is Iran does not have IRON dome.
  15. how many more deaths before you realise this is futile? what happen in SOOL was 100% avoidable, H@rti and PL are willing to curve your clan territory, and you may as well join Israel or Habash. Work towards peace, and you will not be forced to union
  16. SL will be on suicide mission, U see they seem to not taken anything from the bloody defeat
  17. I saw it and was really surprised why replace AMISOM, Atmis, and bring another one Very very strange
  18. 3 is too under reported I believe minimum 6
  19. HSM as predicted, will take this country down the drain anyways, PL must control their borders,