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  1. Yeah , I recently found a close family that had two in this group, and they are weekly, or fortnightly communication with them.
  2. So unitwd country was called REPUBLIC OF Somalia, another secessionist myth busted
  3. So unitwd country was called REPUBLIC OF Somalia, another secessionist myth busted
  4. Check here new PM Hamza wake up call, after close 20 years of training Somali police and army, national leaders are STILL guarded by foreigners!!
  5. Colka waraf ma lagu deyey! I too believe it is a good idea to talk to them, to stop the bloodshed, and if Hassan decides, it is a good move. I honestly don't believe Somalis can beat this, why! how long has it been? and the virus is spreading. The SOMALIS are too divided and fragile to face them, we don't have strong military men, like in the past with the courage and know-how to face them. Administration, after administration, they are still here and doing more damage than ever. First trust-building, and 3 to 6 months of ceasefire, from both, and start negotiations, maybe Qatar or external party, trusted by both can get involved.
  6. Alot money is being made from this, too much taxation, but SL should protest ,yes, but not stop those who planned to go
  7. Maxaad ka fileeysey? Forget about doing forensic accounting, Waxan badankood can not read , say ku yimaadeen Waa la socota, don't get your hopes up! As you put it, they are not serious, and want 5 min of fame
  8. Let us get the bottom of this. NO country is immune from corruption, specially Africa. I am really surprised how much money they collected and nothing to show for. So much smoke and mirrors, independent auditors must be brought in. I don't trust damujadiid kangaroo court.
  9. First, Damu-Jadiid is having a field day, Congrats! Second, let us be objective, this ministry is the second most important role after the Prime Minister, a very powerful position. The revenue for the government has doubled or even tripled apart from paying army salary, public servants, not much was done. has any funding been given to farmers, to purchase equipment? any small jetties built? any boats, nets, given to fishermen, hospitals build? new schools? any infrastructure? where did all this money gone? someone needs to explain, and not necessarily this minister.
  10. Baahane, Somalis will remember him for long time. He wa very doggy weak unusual character
  11. The Mps need a lot of training, good start. External independent auditors must be brought, EY, Deloitte, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, or similar.
  12. Something very fishy, many legitimate questions. So much money and little done. On issue of travelling expenses, socdaalka,, parliament must do something about it, it has been and become one of the best and effective tools to money launder and steal one from the government, very old trick, thus has started back in 1960s, and was popular in Siyad Baree government too. STATE government officials adapted it , it is easy and very common practice, you could see Rooble attending insignificant overseas conferences recently, Deni always in and flying out and so on. One guy who used to work with previous minister told me, how busy he was checking relevant conferences so he can book and attend, and overcharge the government. Somalis must do something about, it is amazing how this becomes where most has been spent
  13. This issue is very touchy and people are emotionally charged, but after digging my own research, the flag cawaale made , is definitely Somali flag, but he must be influenced by the Somalia Italia flag, It is not two different countries having similar flag, imagine if SL, or Somalia choose flag like above having union jack, , it is obvious , what it relates to. Similarly, the blue Somali flag has identical star, and blue as Somali Italian one, and shabeelka in national emblem The national emblem has cross + at top. Many countries revisit their history, India for example, started renaming many cities. It is time to go back and find out truth, most of the members of those Somali leaders back then were not very educated, very not sophisticated, and some were forreign agents, like today. And MMA, your father, AUN, mentioned in the interview. It is UN flag, that is complete BS, cover story, and even 5 pan Somaia were later injected.
  14. There are other dark forces that does not want Somalia to move forward and be financially stable, corruptions to be back, Bayle extremely effective and increasing internal revenue, and for first government was able to cover and pay alot of government expenses, salary from Somali internal source. Those force who want Somalia to rely on forreign aid, NGos want him gone YESTERDAY!
  15. Yes he is very talented Masha Allah, anyways I think damujadiid and their M0ryaan Mafia, see history repeating itself, and doesn't want another incident , like last Governor of central bank, Yussur Abrar, they want someone they can deal thru corruption, Bayle is an obstacle to their agenda Insight: Graft allegations test West's ties to Somali president | Reuters WWW.REUTERS.COM A resignation letter by Somalia's central bank governor sent from Dubai has thrown Western donors into a quandary over...
  16. Italian colony's influence on the flag and national emblem is without a doubt . Waxbay noo hoos geliyeen. Beautiful flag anyways
  17. So far looks like Hassan was not ready, hab hab badan baa ku jirta His previous term is somehow haunting him
  18. Wax badan baa laga faaiidi karaa, video sax, laakin waxaa yaba nin rubuc qarni deganaa, ka shaqeeyey , nolol iyo xuriyad ku haysta UK, waxa uu uladhacay shayaadiin dadka qasha, oo dhulka ka taliyaan, baqdin, dilid, baad, extortion, dhac, iyo argagax dadku ku nool yihiin Waxa ugu yaabka badnaa, bal dib u daawo, waraysigii Hanoolaato, waxa u dhowr jeer uu ku celceliyey waxay dilaan dadka dawlada u shaqeeya,? Is that true? Maxaa culumo dileen, ganacsato? maxay aqoonyahan dileen, maxay maato dileen? Doqonkan Jamaal should visit Galcaio, Bosaaso, Mogadishu, he should meet the victims. Waxa rubuc qarni uu degenaa nacaskani meel fekerkiisa si xor u gudbin karo, maxay sababta dad ka feker duwan uqasheen! Dadka aan waxba galabsan oo dhiigooda ay banaysteen, Waa ururrada diimaha ka duwan, sida sufiyiinta, waxaan Oran karnaa Waa ka dhameeyeen dhulkeey haystaan. Bilowgii dhowr mar bay soo geliyeen iyagoo burburnaayo oo laynaaya dad.waayeel ah , ama meelaha siyaarooyinka Nacaskan caqliga yari waxa uu dhowr yiri, DiiNta Waa la isku xukumi, qolodee , ama groupkee hormood ka noqon? Wax sahlan maha madama dhowr guruup jiraan, kala duwan, yaa raba DiiNta shabaab wado? Sufiyiinta hadii loo dhiibo , iyana kuwan bay ugaadhsan! Inteey doonto sufiyiinta baa ka dhow oo ka macquulsan. Iyodoo maqaan sanawaad, years, culumo qayba badan la isku keeni, hubka dhiga, dood, dulqaadasho, meel dhexdhaxaad ah layskugu yimaado, laakin maskaxda magelaayo khawaarij haloo dhiibi ama hala heshiiyo ama.wax lala wadaago.
  19. Let us see what evdence they bring. It looks out of place, to go after highly performing minister, maybe retaliation against his recent media briefing, qasnadu Waa buixda
  20. What is this for ? Social media, tiktok?
  21. Big idea to do local cigarettes company, and plant tobacco locally 90% of business for tobacco companies are now third world countries, where not many awareness, taxation about health issues
  22. The enterview he gave to Hanoolaato guy is more compelling, he is 100% shabaab sympathiser, and convinced himself, shabaab is the answer. He was apologetic and whitewashing their heinous crimes.