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  1. Oodweyne, the era of warlordism, is gone, Somalia is moving ahead, stop praying that South will go back to anarchism, it is very weak position, as old man to hope everyday your SOMALI brethren to suffer, and go back to civil unrest. Dadkaaka dhinac ka raac, yes, You believe in cause of secessionism, but at the same time, to hope and pray bad for your Somali brothers, is very unfortunate, I remember you betting all your money, that a D-block guy will never come to top position, do you remember? what happen? how? what will happen to you, once Farmaajo returns? or someone from D-block Should you be in suicide watch? And finally, you stop being bully, name calling, I swear it does not do anything, yes, Galbeedi and I and more are from SL, and believe in one Somalia, get use to it. You see , it would be more productive, if you get out of the hate group, go and meet other folks, like MMA community, or southern,Somalis, it will be better than hoping indha SHIBIQ;Indhayar will deliver recognition. Make your case, with other Somalis.
  2. Suldaanka, and Oodweyne, and other new minions, come here, Taiwan, will do this for us, Taiwan will build our navy, etc ,but does not have an answer, what SL will do for Taiwan! SL leaders misread few coins they yearly receive, from EU, UK, which is designed for 100% to stop the poor SOMALI refugees flooding Europe, and they misread like someone likes them, It is only EU;UK interest! to stop refugees, maybe help a little economically, so they stay.
  3. Galbeedi, You are giving too much credit, this is nothing and believe is just desperation, hor orod, iyo istus, within a year they will be forgotten , they will not be even noticed, Remember how US throws under the bus, many countries, far more significant Ask yourself, what does SL or even Somalia has to offer? Very destitute, and always asking aid, we can't even feed our pple. SL is making the biggest mistake ever, annoying a security council permanent member ,history will show. It is a bet of US/West going to war with China, and even then, what priority is AND significance will SL bring to table? a small town of 200K population, in US, adds more to world economy , than whole SOMALIA. It is just a big blunder, and historically, Somalis with delusional, miscalculate many world moves SIYAD Barre going against Soviet and dancing toward West, and many more. Ina OMar Geelle is doing a good job, hosting multiple super powers. SMART.
  4. what is the meaning of naag? Why is it bad? Naag simply means woman it is our chauvinistic culture, baa ka dhigay kelmad cay ah, hadii si kale tahay ii sheeg
  5. Oodweyne, How is this Unakaa leh thinking compatible with modern Somali state? SOMALIS if they want to move forward must abandon these claims. Failure of leadership and anarchism tendency has put Somalia, where it is. Can you remember Islamic courts time where dotard Ali Mahdi was humiliated and his bodyguards and car confiscated? He lives in thriving and booming city, should focus more on business side.
  6. Dameer aan saaranahay ciddiisu These idiots have no shame, it is very dying ideology, Horusocod baa la rabaa. CALI MAHDI should be grateful he has the freedom to say these, it was few years ago nimanka afka duuban xamar ku karbaadhayeen, kuna bahdilayeen.
  7. Where there is a will, there is a way. Check Iraq n Afghanistan, far more dangerous and within few years there were one man one vote. Aslo, check Somalia, not the areas with Shabab, Pl, Galmudug, Hiirshabale, Mogadishu, there are.many safe areas. Saxb, armaa adigu wareersaneeyd, oo aadan arkey waxa u muuuqda dadkan aad isahayd waa wareersanyihiin? In doorasho dhacdo one man one vote, iyo shabaab waxaa ka wayn is aaminaada somali dhexdeeda iyo nadaam ogaladaan.
  8. Isagii baa doodii ku biiray , oo dhinac la saftey MMA, Sheeko cusub oo kuwan wariye isku sheega sameeyaan baa hada jirta, in Lacag, extortion, laga dalbado madaxda dalka , hadii kale lugu shido oo sidan Nadaara.
  9. I agree ,most parts, ,noway he will stay if he loses, These nonsense multiple parallel regional governments must end, else no solution will come. Somalis with 12-15 MILLION , poor can not afford all these governments, so winner, in terms of central gov MUST TAKE over. And win or lose, that is Farmaajo’s goal. But dozen mini Governments, their salaries alone is too much and too much bureaucracy At minimum, North n South blocks.
  10. In many cases , it is IC who care more.of protecting Somali government, why do they spend billions of their hard earned money ? Many Somali politicians are their to enrich themselves, and many are too incompetent, and know nothing about governnance Can you imagine Somali government without 30k Amisom forces? Who pays them? How much a year? Why we still need them? Can Somali government survive without them? Soo nasiib dark maaaha in marar badan wadanka ay u tudhin badantahay IC, oo hadii faraha laga qaado , dib usocod noqon!
  11. I honestly believe some of IC knew it Majority of Mps/Ministers have multiple nationalities, and conflicted loyalties. All future somali public servants must hold only Somali nationality
  12. Guys, Farmaajo ayaamkan xagiina buuba u jajabanyahay, ka qaleeya with second most powerful man in SOMALIA as Duriyada, still ma ka daba lulataan!
  13. Khayre ma salaan buu noqday?
  14. OK let us put Speaker as interm President , and work toward one man one vote.
  15. you are projecting your feelings, honestly, I would aslo get rid of Farmaajo, Let Mursal sort out till one man one vote. They both failed together I don't see the world the way you see it, believe me.
  16. Good question, it is Khayre's own ambition exceeded what is good for SOMALIA, Somalia will have one man one vote election, no more selection, and KHayre was in favour of old illigitmate ways. Let it take another 2, 3 years, Somalia must not go back to old system. Boowe, Socodkiisii buu ka dheereeyey, and in future, as obvious, in so many ways, we get rid of PM position all together.
  17. Saxb, Khayre SOCAY, hadal mayaal, Yaa bedeli bay kula tahay?