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  1. This thing shook a super power , China, if it Africa, and Ethiopia, whole goverment will collapse
  2. Very true, Somali have never had a system of governance, nothing. The whole society is anti-order, very egalitarian. And also agree, economic boom could solve this .
  3. AND will bring World economy to its knees. I think if it comes Africa , it will be worse. Remember Ebola is not airborne, this is very contagious, more contagious than common flu
  4. Khat should be banned, do you have the numbers in SL? The Somali productivity is stollen by this drug, all work stops at lunch time.
  5. thanks for the informative post, It is time you should write a book, you seem to have alot of info. Boobe fro his eyes, looks very sick, bitter, and didn't know his whole family were treasonous. Si xun buu u dhintaa, nin dadkiisa, dalkiisa khaayima.
  6. They are known to be not so smart, I was even surprised how angry they are Farmaajo may go to Hargaisa .Why didn't you make a deal with SL when Culusow was in power? Cuz no brains
  7. Ok let us make a bet, don't run away or hide. I will add aslo another SL will either give this delusion, and dadkooda dhinac ka raaci, or will implode Make a deal wwith FARMAAJO BEFORE TOO LATE
  8. SULDAANKA, NANKAN ISKU nacamleeynaya warkood iska.dhaaf, maxaa adigu aaminsantahay? You don't believe SNM killed innocent refugees, innocent SOMALIS, just because they wrong do you expect Somalis to reconcile if you educated, just enjoying this complete nonsense and falsehood by this guy and this useless journalist wannabe. Btw, this guy didn't even deny massacres took place in Awdal.
  9. If secessionist and SL don't take the carrot and use the opportunity offered by President Farmaajo, it will come to exactly like Turkey talking care of their sovereignty, or how Tamil tigers were dealt with,and will be settled by force. We hope there will be few sane people, and not under the influence of Khat, in Sl leadership, and does not come to that.
  10. Former Somali Prime minister Mohamed Abdi Yusuf tells hard truth to secessionists.
  11. MAXAA kuu baxay Suldaanka? I see Garnaqsi, a massive shifts and open to negotiation
  12. yep , Galbeedi, don't read it too much, I doubt Ethiopia cares if SL and Somalia come together, what is in it for them?
  13. Adeer, stay in your sh1t and enjoy. You have no brains to understand what I am talking about and beyond repair, and like many lunatic secessionist probably die without knowing. You are victim and don't even know it, to point you fabricate things to rationalize your delusion SEEK HELP
  14. No problem, let us move the capital to Hargaisa, and you stick with condition, negotiate, :), who wants the sh1t hole Mogadishu, does not deserve to be capital anymore
  15. you in the middle of clan delusion, you are in deep sh1t and you not even aware. when was the last time you been there? unemployemnt 90%, corruption, nepotism, social problems, drugs, hopelessness, no health care, and you think you being doeing fine for last 30 years, think BIG. how many people die cuz of no basic healthcare, why are happy to beg ARABS while you can be great! Toosi luqundaada, Saaxb, no somali can subjugate you, you are free, dadkaaga dhinac ka raac!
  16. Sorry, you are right, maybe one of the first Muslim country to recognize. India recognize yyears before, while Pakistan was still there