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  1. But it looks he is afraid to withdraw, and want to, as long as they are not hunted down
  2. So finally Biihi accepts to meet the delegation , good progress
  3. US Ambassador urges Somaliland President to create distance between opposing forces in Las Anod HIIRAAN.COM Mogadishu (HOL) - The US Ambassador to Somalia, Larry...
  4. I saw another clip where whole villages flooded cuz of this road, locals furious
  5. Yes,is not opened yet, and destroyed by first rain
  6. And Bx What are secessionists plans about this? Hargeisa Airport Struggles with Passenger Traffic Drop Amid Sool Conflict and Flydubai’s Shift to Mogadishu HALQABSI.COM HARGEISA - Hargeisa Egal International Airport has...
  7. And what is wrong with that? Ergo is involved, you have to respect
  8. Yes massively underestimated, they didn't do any modelling, the whole bridge needs to be rebuild
  9. Both of them were idiots, Abraham Accord will not fly among Somali public
  10. Lol , welcome any white guy cuz he may bring recognition
  11. You are desperate, the only Somali region, recently ,with 40 cases , convicted, is Hargaisa. It is tip of iceberg But to be fair, this thing was going for thousand of years, and exist every corner on earth, some areas more than others like Philippines, or Thailand where some boys opt out to be girls.for economic reasons . It was extremely common among Roman empire
  12. Definitely not same guy, the guy who was deported was older guy, this guy came as student of phD
  13. Marcus, caadi maaha , by spending 20 years in SL , and writing his Phd there, he knows all the secrets I think he was spy , phD under cover, sent to understand secessionists mindset! Baaxo, when was he deported ans where there any charges?