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cynical lady

Troll, Shaah, Cakes and Sheeko

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I will rent a car this time (I hope the tyres don't get punctured on those Hargaisa roads). I hope I don't hit anyone or adhi or geel for that matter. Bal ii soo duceeya.

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Leaked: Mainstream Media's Dictionary. Letter B

By Imran Garda in


on Sun, 06/19/2011 - 05:06.



baggage. n.


Part of travelling entourage left unfondled by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).




bailout. n.


Urgent taxpayer-funded cash payment for upgrade of banking executive’s yacht after financial crisis.




Bahrain. n.


Nothing happening here, move on.




bank. n.


Distressed and oppressed institution, in need of immediate government financial assistance. Advertises between our bulletins. See infallible, bailout.




Ban Ki-moon. n.


Short form of Korean name. Add “has called for all sides to exercise restraint and engage in dialogue" for full form.




banner. n.


Written public affirmation or statement, usually found at demonstrations. Banners with the words “PEACE; LOVE; HARMONY” or related concepts generally avoided. Camera ideally focused on “DEATH TO AMERICA; 9/11; SHARIA LAW; NO IMMIGRANTS; GO BACK TO MEXICO” and other related concepts.




Barack Obama. n.


See Messiah.




barbaric. adj.


Dastardly Third World acts like “honour-killing”, genital mutilation and sacrificial sheep slaughter. Not to be confused with first-world social issues. See crime, domestic abuse, McDonald’s.




BBC. n.


Moral compass. Useful website when AP, Reuters or AFP agencies are lacking in information. Copy-paste discouraged. Always re-phrase. See God.




bleak. adj.


See Israeli-Palestinian conflict.




bluff. v.


Any Hamas, FARC, Hezbollah, Naxalite, ETA, LTTE offer of peace or ceasefire without conditions.




bomb. n.


Top story.




border. n.


Arbitrary, 20th century artificial line drawn up by first-world leaders, imposed on third-world countries. Often heard in conjunction with Ban Ki-moon.




breaking news. n.


See airstrike, bomb, earthquake, tsunami or Tiger Woods.




brown. adj.


See suspect.




bulldoze. v. tr.


Peaceful clearing of disputed land to fulfil divine will. See West Bank.




burqas. n.


Banned, violent weapons engaged in asymmetric warfare aimed at overthrowin

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the car in hargeysa are they insured?


maybe i should set up an insurance company! hmmm

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salaam aleykum and happy friday


CL heheheheh no name calling yaah! will buzz you hadhowti


hi chubacka, ii waran cadeey?

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Jimco wanaagsan dhamaan...It is such a s.l.o..o..o..o..o..w day for me today!


Juxa, Soomaali maa insurance co u set up gareynee? Intaadan officeka furin aaba bankruptcy galee...:D

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^^ Koolo, lool bankrabsi, beentaa ma ahan, I personally know two people who did set up, and lost 38 thousand dollars in 3 months, they operated same way as those one's in our corners, WHATT, kabahooda ay ka soo carareen, so many mistakes they made, I warned them before they did set up and make sure to make field study, and even wanted me on board, knowing the local market very well, I turned down, and they went there, later, they came to me telling me some of the biggest mistakes they made.


Right now, another friend is there, doing exactly the same thing, but in different way, I don't have to disclose everything, but gave him all da advice, field study, field study, of course, advicekaas yar aan ku lahaanaa businesskiisa half.

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JB i hope you get it! and i hope you remembered firm handshake and no high-5


salaam aleykum all, feel very rested even though i had busy weekend (away from work of course)


bal warama reer xaaji cilmi

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