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  1. I barely deal with my inlaws. Especially because hubby's parents passed away when he was too little to understand (ilaheey ha u naxariisto). And the rest of his family is in Africa, except one sister. A lot of people waxey i dhahaan, you're lucky you don't have any inlaw parents. That always leaves me stunned, it just sounds wrong, like they've passed away, only Allah how they would've been, maybe I would've been lucky to have them as inlaw parents. Allaahu aclam.
  2. Aaliyyah;913735 wrote: Soo true @ YOLO. LOL..laakin nasashada haku talax tagin. Moderation is best in all things. Haha true Aaliyyah. Lakinse, nasasho maba arkin maanta lol Tomorrow another busy day ahead!
  3. Ms MoOns

    Wearing white

    I had a relatively small wedding. And tailored one of my dresses with a guntiino fabric and white silk. Best of both worlds lol and turned out really nice. And the other dress was a bright gold dirac
  4. Today I felt like just staying at home and didn't go to university YOLO
  5. Alhamdulilah oba! Thanks I never thought I was that geesi. My sister was saying, why didn't you just let go of your bag lol
  6. Today, I (nearly) got robbed. For the first time. But (surprisingly) I fought the guy and screamed my lungs out lol Who's more stubborn, can't beat me in that. Still shocked though.
  7. Brunette, I like the dark mysterious look. Going out or staying in?
  8. Today, I nearly burned my baati whilst cooking. The joys.
  9. Marksman;896390 wrote: @ Che-Guevara. A German friend of mine said Dutch sounds like German but retarded. I will never forget that. Haha. LOL I strongly disagree. It's the other way round. The German language sounds more like a retarded knock-off of the Dutch language. They just sound loud and rude.
  10. OdaySomali;896395 wrote: Één van de goede kanten van het Nederlandse school-systeem is dat talen verplicht zijn. Maar middlebare school had ik nooit in Nederland meegemaakt. Ik ben al bijna 10 jaar uit Nederland... en als mijn rekenen goed is dan zou dat zijn geweest rondom de tijd wanner jij middlebare school begon haha. Ik geloof bijna zelf niet eens ho'e lang geleden het nu is. Dus welke opleiding route nam jij op school... Gymnasium, Havo of VMBO. Of is dat nu alemaal veranderd? Haha, nee dat is niet veranderd. Ik heb 6 jaar VWO (gymnasium equivalent) gedaan. Mijn middelbare school tijd was lang, haha. VMBO studenten hebben het makkelijker met hun 4 jaar, ben je zo mee klaar. Met vwo diploma op zak was ik naar UK verhuisd.
  11. Apophis;896382 wrote: A question for Dutch speakers: how do you maintain a hold of the language after leaving the country? Do you practice? I ask because I used to be very fluent in Swahili but I have totally forgotten it because I never had the chance to us it in the UK. That's a very good question. Practice does make perfect. However, I haven't been away that long from Holland, so it's too soon for me to forget it that easily. I still speak Dutch with my siblings, my husband and email almost daily with close Dutch friends. I guess because of my regular use it's harder to forget lol - I must say though, it depends on age as well. Children tend to forget a language easier ones they stop using it. My little brother was 7 when we came to the UK, didn't know a word English and now he speaks English more fluently than Dutch. While older people tend hold on to a language a longer period of time, even without regular use.
  12. OdaySomali;896379 wrote: Gefeliciteerd Ms MoOns. En trouwens jouw Engels is erg goed voor iemand die hier alleen maar twee jaar is. Goed gedaan. Dank je wel! Haha, in Nederland leer je Engels als een verplichte vak vanaf de middelbare school toch. Daar heb ik heel wat van opgestoken, plus had een persoonlijke ambitie voor de Engelse taal You're not too bad yourself haha. H0e lang ben jij weg uit Nederland?
  13. Yep. Ik kwam uit Breda. En de weinige Soma's die er woonden verhuisden allemaal naar UK.
  14. They say men see things more logically and women tend to mix logic with emotions. Personally, I disagree with that. It's all about individual differences. It depends on the individual what side of the brain hemisphere is easily more triggered. Men react emotional as well, just not in the same sense as women. Men tend to express themselves with for example anger/aggression. That's an emotion as well, you know.
  15. I'd rate myself 7/10, always room for improvement. Alpha, your food looks decent. I like men that aren't dependent of women cooking for them. Kudos to you. P.s. you sound arrogant though, don't get too happy lol