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  1. dowladnimo allah hana gaarsiiyo horta. Amiin i don't think its an informed opinion that the jubaland issue will escalate into a 1990 version of bloodshed. The worst that could have happened, did already happen, and from now on, the political heat will slow down, i.a. sfg heykal iyo hanaan dowladeed midna malahan, marka runta laga hadlo. Waayo, dad ku ogol inaad fogeeso ma ahan siyaasad bisil, ee waa baas iyo balaayo abuur. I think the sfg should compromise for they shoulder a bigger reponsibility and represent the whole nation. P.s. somali hadeeynu nahay, anagaa isku maqan, oo iswada jalafteneeno, ee allow sahal umuuraha.
  2. it sucks to see a ''somalilander'' (like xx) take position in the issues of somalia! Hypocrisy at best
  3. @abtigis, did adan speak as a kenyan or as an og? i hope that will clear alot. the worst thing is, when someone hates the invasion of kenyan forces into somalia, because of a somali tribe.
  4. Maaddeey;954641 wrote: Where's Hassan's provocation?. Hal eray oo xanaf leh ka soo saar hadalkiisa, what every video, on the contrary Faroole & Co. baqbaq & aflagaaddo aa lagala joogi la'yahay. Is dejiya asxaabta, haddii kale Goobanle & Indhacadde oo baxbaxsada aa la soo deynaa!. afkaan dhiig aya kada'aayo iyo qiiro xumo. moryaanimo ayuu miciin biday, wa ayaan daro!!
  5. NGONGE;952481 wrote: Sincere or not does not matter online, saaxib. All you have to worry about here is if the words make sense or not. A conference that ignores the pleas of the federal government and goes on to elect a president only for the federal government to hit back with a hand granade called Hirale, shows ALL sides to be BAD. Wax fahan. saxiib you are putting the cart before the house, here. it is illogical to discern how you devoid yourself sincerity while online, and while at it, you reckon sense. wax fahan. what happened is in the news, but your stance is not. wax fahan
  6. xabad;952235 wrote: Discuss what issues ? clan and cantarbaqash, coz that is being discussed here and am above that. i will repeat nothing good will ever come out of an Islamist , if that angers you, so be it. This is crazy, !! i mean, you can't submit a non issue comment to a discussion, and end up claiming to be above the matter of the discussion , what a lost purpose. you don't know what you are talking about! and that says a lot about your previous comment. p.s. only a bozo will brag of repeating a non-sense.
  7. @ gabal, if what you stated is true, why support bare hiraale,? that hints otherwise. ps. you can't demonstrate your hate for Kenyan troops in kismayu port, through the support of bare hiraale. the two are different. @ngonge, your stance that ''we are all bad guys'' is not sincere enough and real. either you condone the status quo, or you are overriding an ill view you hold.
  8. xabad;952212 wrote: Add to that he is an Islamist and no good comes out of those people :mad:. Wlc back professor. Stuff and non sense at best. discuss issues as others, or dip your head in hot oil.
  9. Che -Guevara;877348 wrote: " buux dhaafiyay " In week? Salaad and his tabloid outlet should be hanged for insulting Somali women on hearsay, Could not agree more. this thread is a pure insult on somali women, and this trend of one man news from website, is disgusting.
  10. NGONGE;876726 wrote: ^^ Adeer, call me a child or a bufoon if it makes you happy. Just come up with something worth reading and I promise to pat you on the back and tell you that you did good. I promise I said. isfahanka waa qaali, amaan galyadaa se kamudan.
  11. Haa dee. children need to have the last word. it's still childish,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. NGONGE;876712 wrote: But I have something to say you empty bucket. I am telling you that you are talking RUBBISH. One can not contribute anything positive to RUBBISH. Wax fahan. a child mentality, what did i say,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. Malika;876707 wrote: His topic tend to be unrealistic , he talks of building cities, when the nation is still fragmented not only at national level but to neighbourhood level..Nevertheless, his posts are positive and do offer an insight to what could be if we ever sort our differences out. i acknowledge your indefinite support for ngonge,,,, but please come up with an example of an unrealistic positive thing of the sorts, while at that, salute the bold.
  14. @malika, kheyr badan, alxamdulilah. my key holder is causing problem. it has a the image of a black star,,,,,,,,,,calanka somalina waa cadiin.