Mustafe cagjar calls Liyu Police illiterate thugs saying ''waa in aad wax barataan oo aad dugsiyada gashaan''

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Maashaallah si fiican ayuu u hadlay runtii. Waar dadoow aynu u samirno abtigiis oo fursad wax uu ku hagaajiyo ninka siinno. Soomaalaay fudaydka iska daaya. 

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It looks like  he is totally  re educating them on all the elements of human growth and how govermental institutions functions in modern society . He is explaining the private sector and individualism. It looks like everything is at zero in kilinka shanaad I wouldn't expect that much from that region..


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Oodweyne, How do you know all these? and why are open to give a chance, let us say Muse Biihi, but clearly already know  how bad this guy going to be, while he is merely there less than a week.

Could the problem be you, and a case of pre-concieved, bigoted against not Abtigiis but his clan?

Gaal dil gartuisana sii, be objective, not Daahir yaa shamis.

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Nin maalmo kooban masuuliyad u hayey maryooley maskaxda Amxaar ka gumeystay lixdameeyo sano, kuma aragti iyo maamul xuma intaa ka maquuta shaqada uu qabtay Abtigiis maalmaha yar.

Waa arin fiican inuu xooga saaro dhisida maskaxda qofka Soomaaliga ah, intaan lagaarin dhisida laamiyo iyo ceelal. Halka aanu ka dunsanahay, burburka ugu xoogana uu ku dhacay waa dadka. Hadii dadka in la dhiso lagu guuleysto, ayagaa dhisan inta ka maqan.

Kuwan SOL la soo jiqilla weyn cayda, caraatanka iyo mucaaradnimada aan xikmadda ku qotamin ee lagu weeraro qofkii maalin masuul noqda, waxay u baahan yihiin in ay waxbartaan oo iskuulaad nolosha laga barto loo diro.

Intii sidaa ku caafimaadi wayda, waxaanu uga dalbaynaa maamulka SOL inuu u furo qeyb si gooni ah loogu xanaaneeyo, dhaqaatiir kasoo shaqeysay Maanakoobiyo ay kayihiin Moderators:D








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I hate to say it but I agree with OOweyne this time.

There is simple paramotor to measure if a leader is serious about building  government institutions and a national project that mirrors the people it serves. There are also simple universal criteria to set up a national government that is rapresentatative of it's people. Here are some although they mifgt be other rules I different parts of the world.

1-a political party wins an elections and appoints its cabinet and political officers from the ranks of their own party while also considering certain geographical and demographical criteria. In case of the United States, no one cares which region the cabinet hails, because they all serve on the pleasure of the president. 

2-The president might chose his cabinet without party affiliation, but  through merits and experience while considering regional aspects of his appointees.

3-A national government might  represents different political geographical, religious and other identities to create a national consensus. Lebanon is an example.

If the Somali leader discards all of these and other inclusive and merit based universal criteria, then he must use the overriding criteria that the Somali people are measuring the government---Tribe affiliation.

We would be foolish to respect someone who has a lot of opportunity to raise the meritocracy of the state , yet decides to double down the old tribal games that destroyed his predecessors.

If this Mustafe guy nominated ten or twelve merit based cabinet giving each region  or tribe one minister and declares his intension to create a strong accountable government, he could have been certainly welcomed.

What rubs people the wrong way is that Mr. Cagjar didn't win election or selection. He was parachuted in by outside powers. He talked the talk of Somalinimo, the flag , and the national anthem, then  as soon as    he was given an opportunity to walk the walk  and redeem the nation and the people,  he appointed half of the cabinet and eight out of nine of the security  service to his clan.

If you tell us that you are using clan criteria for the cabinet,  then we have every right to enquire  which tribe got what.  Just listen his speech. 

He said, " Afar , shan sano Kadib isakaga bax oo wax baro, ka dibna walaalka ama Ina Adeerka booska U bane". he did not said that , Give the post to another Somali".

Look,  Muuse Biixi was elected , yet we objected because of his past history and the way he formed his cabinet. WE supported Farmaajjo and gave him at least two years to formulate his national security strategy. Within five months or so, If the hides in the secluded green zone while war is raging in Balcad and Agooye, we will demand that he be dragged out of the place .At least no one is accusing Farmaajo of clan cabinet or tribal favoritism.

If you guys think,  in this age of change,  we will tolerate a 99% clan militia commanded 99% by the clan, you are mistaken.

I Galbeedi my self and others  are  trying to create and send to Ethiopia a new political and geographical boundary for Ethiopia that might abolish the Kilil and create new counties within the Kilil and reduce this over sized ethnic zones including the Oromo zone. I do believe that the Oromo zone must be divided in four or five counties while the Somali zone is divided in five zones. We will publish the new maps as soon as this project is finished. The Wallega Oromo has no business with one in Haraghe or Showa. 

It is a tough decision to make, but according to Somali experts from Somali Galbeed ,  the Somali zone might not progress at the current situation. If things doesn't change, and change quickly, we might use the nuclear option.

You want to know how the rule of law is enforced in the Somali state? here is a small sample:

A local friend told mine whose family was originally from Dhagaxbuur had some neighbors which included  Cabdi Illey and his family. Illey dropped out of school and became a gangster and later became an enforcer. This guy's  brother went to law school and started working in Addis as an associate judge. Later he asked for transfer to the Somali state to serve his people and became a judge during Illey regime.

One night,  while reading his next day court cases, he saw a paper written by an officer that accuses a local guy some kind of a crime. Whether the writer was under some kind of influence , impaired or totally ignorant, the judge could not read or figure out what the accusation letter contained. The next day when the defendant was brought to court he told the clerk to read. She couldn't, so does others.

The judge admonished those who brought the case and asked the defendant directly of the accusations. The young man told him that he exchanged some  harsh words with one of the guys referring about people stealing his blot of land. The judge dismissed the case and told the officers to bring real cases to court and learn how to write either with Somali or Amharic.

In that same night,, at the middle of the night the Liyu police came and took the judge to the central jail . He stayed their about two weeks and no one was able to free him. Finally , his mom,  who was neighbors to Illey in Dhagaxbuur, went to Illey and asked him to release. hooyo inanka maxaad ku xidhay?, waxa uu ku jawaabay, " wuu kibray oo waxa uu keenay in uu saraakiisha caayo oo uu yidhaahdo waba ma garanaysaan iyo waxaas, haddana magacaagaan ku soo daynayaa e haddi uu mar dambe waxaas faraha la gal god baan ku ridi".

When the judge heard what Illey said to his mom, he left thee zone and went to Addis and Diri Dhaba , and got a job from NGO, never returning to his own town. Thousands of professionals had left the zone to other places. That was the law of the Somali zone.




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One fat question to all of you consultants, experts of the world here including new v/p of kililka:

Does America hire its soldiers from Yale?
Does Britain hire its special forces from Cambridge or Oxford?
Does france hire its foreign legion from Ecole Technique?
Does Ethiopia hire its special forces from Addis Ababa university?

It has become a fashion to say illiterate, nomad...etc and everybody clapping hands yet I would not trust my security to Oodweyne or galbeedi here than the nomad when it comes to it.

Training should have been better needs improvement is one thing, saying the Liyu are nomads, illiterates..etc has only one objective, that is to serve the wishes of those who always were against the idea in Ethiopia.

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They are militia not trained no discipline at  All Meles zenawi put them together in order to counter ONLF and with success ONLF does not exist atleast not military any more.

Abtiigis has to give his clan  90 percent of all the political seat or else they will form a rebellion against their galla over lords in Nazareth meqershe and finfine for axmed abiye.

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18 hours ago, Oodweyne said:


Well, that is a "fine judgement" to arrive at, indeed, my friend. And, of course, whilst those fine upstanding folks of your imagination are out to be back to school in "re-learning" (or perhaps learning for the first time) the "art of life" and all that naturally will follow from it, I gather that you in turn will be in that street corner's school where they habitually teach the "art of political sycophancy". Eh, my friend?

After all, by the looks of it, the speed in which you are going at the rate of it, in-terms of your ability to be a "politically obsequious" for the likes of Mr Abtigiis, could actually make one to see that such low-grade-school will not have too much of a difficulty in putting its "finishing touches" on you in this regards, since you are almost there, intellectually and consciously, my friend....:P

Oodka, sxb I'm not/never been here to trade insults with the undisputed bad mouthing 👑 of SOL. What benefits are to gain from going into insult marathon with you☺ 

We both have been long enough here to see how fair I treat every new Nomad leader,  no matter where he is from.

Abtigiis is one of those leaders that need time to fix this broken place. If he doesn't do right, then it will be fair to skin him for his record. 

Bal aanu eegno waxa u qabsooma muddo sanad ah, iyo midda uu muteeysto cay ama amaan.

Niyad wanaagu waxuu hagaajoyo maahee waxba ma dumiyo. 

Siyaasaduna maaha keliya midda tabloidska England ee kuwada nacay, ama kuwada jeclaaday, ee meel dhexe arinta qotomi. 






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