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  1. That's is what we all route for. The case to be decided at ICJ. But, don't discount the incompetence and the naivety of today's Somali officials. They can capitulate spectacularly at any time with shallow promises to support them against their arch enemies (i.e. other Somali politicians) Hoteelka ayuu noogu yimi, kadibna, wax walba oo aan tabanaynay wuu naga ogolaaday, anaguna waxba maanu ka ogolaan tabashadiisa. Warkaas ayey meesha lasoo shir tageen. Caruur ayaana hadalkaa loo sheegaa, ee cudi ka dhageysan mayso. What did Prez Farmaajo did gave in return for the all goodies that he received from Uhuru? We will know the truth in the near future, and of course it will come in drips from either the Kenyan officials or their allies in the martime case. It is irony, that even Minister Cawad is aware, no one believe Somali officials' record.
  2. Suldaanka, Sxb Shaydaanka iskanaar, dhibna dad hala jeclaan. In aad Allow balada ka hay dhahdo weeye waajibka Soomaalinimo iyo Islaamnimo ee ku saaran. Shalay ayey aheyd markuu Talaabo kulahaa, ninyahow Aakhiradaada u cabso. Taladaas waa mid wanaagsan ee qalbi furan ku eeg.
  3. And according to the self appointed Wadani foot soldier, this is a small, non relevant footnote!!! Oday sidee wax kaa noqdeen maalmahan, intaa waa lagaaga hanwaynaaye.
  4. Che, The right question to ask here, What made this level headed guy so upset? Did N&N bought the silence of the elites at SOL .
  5. Maakhiri, Sxb, intaan la gaarin waxa la miisaamayo, waxa haboon in marka hore, miisaanka Maryooley ay wax saarto inay dib u eegaan inuu saxan yahay. Miisaan qaldan wax la saaray inuu natiijo sax ah keeno waa midaan la sugayn. Marka hore, aanu iswaydiino midka qiima badan, nafta iyo sharafta qofka Somaliaga ah markii loo barbar dhigo mashaariicda aad halkan soo dhigtay. Mida xigta, qofka masuul noqda, waxa la eegaa, maalintii uu masuuliyada qaaday iyo maalintii uu kategay/laga qaaday xilka, xaalada ay sugan yihiin dalka iyo dadka uu masuulka ka ahaa. Mida kaloo muhiimadeeda leh waa inaanu meel isla dhigno, qofka masuuliyada loo dhiibtay ama faramaroorsaday, waxa saaran waajib ah in uu ilaaliyo nafta iyo sharafta dalka iyo dadka, asaga ayaana leh masuuliyada ugu danbeeysa wixii dhacay mudada uu xukunka hayo. Hadaan usoo noqdo ragii Maryoolay masuul usoo noqday. Ragii ka horeeyey Kacaanka, waa Halyeeyo aan helin mudnaanta ay leeyihiin in loo qiro, ayaga ayaana leh wanaaga tobanka sano ee hore Siyaad loo tiiriyo, waayo wuxuu ka dhaxlay ayuu wax ku dhisay. Kacaanka kadib, ragii masuuliyiinta noqday, maysan helin fursadda uu helay helay Siyaad, waxa kale oo nasiib daro ah in ay dhaxleen kuna mashquuleen la tacaalida iyo badbaadinta bukaankii uu Jaalle Siyaad geliyey Koomaha(Coma). Midwalaba oo ragaa kamid ahna waxuu kadegay masuuliyada asagoo wadanku dhaamo, ama lamid yahay maalintii uu madaxda ka noqday.
  6. Che, The Oromo attacks nowadays are dying down. These look more isolated cases rather than organized ones we have seen earlier this year. The swift removal of Mr ileey became some sort of blessing in disguise. In order to consolidate power, Jawar and Abiya have bigger fish (former ruling Tigray elites) to fry. This move against the top army guys will either make them rule the country for real or, turn the clock back to the power struggles of the early 70s. It will probably take longer time than early 70s for any ethnic group - including the over ambitious Amhara - attain complete monopoly of the power in that country. This time over, there is no proper ally in the form of the cold war era to fall back to. Add to that, Abiya was smart to extenguish the hostile neighbor threat that can be used by his opponents as whipping horse. Sheekadu waa tii carabta ee aheyd, Masaaibu qawmin cinda qawmin fawaaidu. Maryooley siday u nasiib badan yihiin uma helin hogaan uga faaiideeya fursadaha.
  7. Oodka, sxb nothing wrong in trying to fix what is possible now. If things keep going in the way they are now at the MoF and CBS, it will definitely lay solid foundations to be built on. That is exactly what Dr Bayle and his likes hope to leave behind. The horrors you mentioned are real and, still there but, to sit back and do nothing will not make them go away. My predictions are, if (and big IF to say the least) this team survive the many traps laid ahead until 2021, they will be collecting federal taxes in all over the six states including Mogadishu and, roll out the new Shillings to every corner of these areas.The SL issue though is a totally different ball game.
  8. Galbeedi, Sxb I feel your concern in that regard. Yes, there are Nomad parasites who also came back from the West serving some corrupted International NGOs for self enrichment. However, the picture is not all gloomy. There are people who already came back from the comfort life of zipping latte at Starbucks, they have chosen to fix what ever possible now, instead of criticizing or waiting for benevolent dictator, they do their best for the country. The positives are not only the international grants, look closely to the changes in tax collection (which I am proud to have paid multi thousand dollars since Jan-18), salary payments and, nascent anti-corruption efforts. All these efforts will bring us closer to the elimination of the debt arrears under the HIPC initiative. The problems we face are accumulated horrors of several decades, these will need many years of hard work before turning the tide. It needs the combined effort of many people with good intentions. We cannot wait for Galbeedi to get permission from Madam and start his revolution , some of us have already got that coveted seal of approval and are on the ground, not for revolution but, definitely to contribute in the long process of rebuilding this broken country. Your good revolution is needed but, allow the ones on the ground to pave the road for you and, other ambitious late arrivals. In the end, if you remember, none of the 13 SYL founding members held the highest positions after independence.
  9. These two grants are not the business as usual, money laundering schemes we used to see. They came in the form of budgetary support for specific measurable purposes and, after many months of hardwork and confidence building reforms. It is easy to sit at your warm sofa and criticize. There are guys who refused to do just that, working tirelessly to turn the page of the past disfunctional decades. Unless we recognize the work of those who do good things, no matter how small it looks, we will not come out this dark tunnel. These guys at the MF & CBS deserve some credit.
  10. Another very positive news today is the EU's €100 millions grant for budgetary support. https://apnews.com/ac620b3df7b64702b7e11e927ca67263 They need to protect this A* team at the Finance ministry and the CBS. There will sure be onslaught on these guys from many unhappy entities (remember the sponsored smear against Dr Bayle during his time as FM)
  11. We cannot discount the Shark loan firms trying to capitalize on this critical situation. Dr Bayle revealed today, ghost loans on the tune of $1billion, with no proof of who signed, sitting among the publicized $5.5 billion arrears.
  12. Guys, hold your horses and Fatwas It is not a loan but a grant. For your information, Somalia does not qualify for World Bank loans. Not until it clears the accumulated arrears, or these loans are forgiven under the heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) scheme. Reuters has already corrected its earlier reporting by adding this line at the end of the article (This story corrects to show Somalia is receiving grants, not loans) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-somalia-worldbank/world-bank-approves-first-loans-to-somalia-in-30-years-idUSKCN1M61EN
  13. Oodka, sxb I'm not/never been here to trade insults with the undisputed bad mouthing of SOL. What benefits are to gain from going into insult marathon with you☺ We both have been long enough here to see how fair I treat every new Nomad leader, no matter where he is from. Abtigiis is one of those leaders that need time to fix this broken place. If he doesn't do right, then it will be fair to skin him for his record. Bal aanu eegno waxa u qabsooma muddo sanad ah, iyo midda uu muteeysto cay ama amaan. Niyad wanaagu waxuu hagaajoyo maahee waxba ma dumiyo. Siyaasaduna maaha keliya midda tabloidska England ee kuwada nacay, ama kuwada jeclaaday, ee meel dhexe arinta qotomi.
  14. Nin maalmo kooban masuuliyad u hayey maryooley maskaxda Amxaar ka gumeystay lixdameeyo sano, kuma aragti iyo maamul xuma intaa ka maquuta shaqada uu qabtay Abtigiis maalmaha yar. Waa arin fiican inuu xooga saaro dhisida maskaxda qofka Soomaaliga ah, intaan lagaarin dhisida laamiyo iyo ceelal. Halka aanu ka dunsanahay, burburka ugu xoogana uu ku dhacay waa dadka. Hadii dadka in la dhiso lagu guuleysto, ayagaa dhisan inta ka maqan. Kuwan SOL la soo jiqilla weyn cayda, caraatanka iyo mucaaradnimada aan xikmadda ku qotamin ee lagu weeraro qofkii maalin masuul noqda, waxay u baahan yihiin in ay waxbartaan oo iskuulaad nolosha laga barto loo diro. Intii sidaa ku caafimaadi wayda, waxaanu uga dalbaynaa maamulka SOL inuu u furo qeyb si gooni ah loogu xanaaneeyo, dhaqaatiir kasoo shaqeysay Maanakoobiyo ay kayihiin Moderators
  15. I second, what Xaji said. Nine appointments are too little to justify, throwing the baby out with the bath water. Unless, the intention was to throw it with any little excuse in the road.