Laascaanood and Taleex, historical towns that always changed the future of Somalia

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15 hours ago, galbeedi said:

In Africa , usually the power goes to the man at the top and in Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed is consiladiting power already. The wife of Meles Zanawi was kicked out of the party and her assets were stripped. Last week at the Djibouti Ethiopian border $130 million dollars loaded in a van was captured at the border. Most of the looted money used to go through Jijiga and Wajaale and then transferred by Dahabshill to Nairobi and Dubai. It was one of the major reasons Illey was kept at  the money route to Wajaale.

I hate to do this to you during the holy month.

Wife of Meles was kicked out in Tigray 3 months before Abiy was even in top leadership of Oromo let alone prime minister. Now Abiy has appointed her to be in board of directors of METEC (The corporation that makes and exports Unmaned planes, armored vehicles, helicopters, maintains aircrafts for Uganda, Sudan and even west african countries, builds trains, buses, ) few days ago.

That $130 million dollars on a pick up truck/SUV  lol was not worthy of you to even scribble it I don't even know why you would strain your eyes to read it.

Don't try give Jigjiga a bad name for no reason and with completely untrue stories. Don't you know that Addis baba is connected to the world. Had you said contraband and qat route which the Oromo are fighting to control and when your side loses blame Kililka and Liyu, we would have thought you are being reasonable.

The trade route Ethiopia Djibouti is the reason of all this campaign and I know which side you are ON.


Wish you all well through the month..




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