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  1. This is Boston city ,not sure if our friend Che saw this.
  2. Abdul

    Ismaaciil Cumar Geelle in Muqdisho

  3. Abdul

    Waa digan sal liita leexadu ku sidato...

    Desperate----Empolying extreme measures in an attempt to escape defeat or frustration=Dying breed of secessionists.
  4. Agree 100% with Duufaan,its about the court decisions which likely will support Somalia' claim.Kenya is trying to bully the federal gov into some kind of out of court settlement.What they failed to recognize is that they no longer dealing with the hapless Shariff or his corrupt ministers.
  5. Abdul

    Villa Somalia is happy, only Madoobe left

    Little warlords.Kids,look at your calendar,it says 2019 and NOT 1991
  6. Abdul

    The original guulwade

    If you think Siad Barre (AUN) would do such thing in the full glare of the public,then you need your head examined.
  7. Who was incharge of Ethiopia in 1991 when this general was present in Burco?We all know around that time period,that country was also in turmoil.
  8. Garaad Kulmiye from Jigjiiga entered this area(Sool) with heavily armed police from DDSI and not only took over the peace making but also peacekeeping.I wonder what happenned to your"heavily-loaded-manly-balls".