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  1. I've been out of touch with SOL so I don't know if people changed names or personalities. Soo dagoo i daaweey -----i daaweey soo dagoo i daaweey amoorahaaga daaweey. I love that song too dawaco!!
  2. MSSU= Minnesota Somali Student Union. Organization of all the somali students in higher education in the state of Minnesota.
  3. Gediid...Gediid.Gediid.....You've got to be kidding me!!! You complaining about bariis iyo baasto? With hilib, saladh, moos, and a tall glass of cananaas? :eek: Ladies..cooking isn't all that hard...it just takes time thats all. And boys...I know you don't expect your woman to do all the cooking...do you?
  4. Originally posted by Nafisa: P.S I know I've seen the one with the glasses somewhere...is he a member of the mssu. I think he's the new coordinator..I;m not sure....
  5. I don't really watch law and order that much. But CSI?...thats my drug every monday and thursday nights! Gotta get my dose.
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    ^^^ hey hon.... my honeymoon very much enjoyed how are things with you in the queens land?
  7. congrats hanad! I see my MSSU people in there. Great job guys.
  8. You speak the truth my dear. This place must be cursed!!
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    Hibo that was deep hon....brought me to tears too. takbiir..allah akbar! Thanks sweety.
  10. Originally posted by ILHAAM: I just realized no one has brought up the greatest song of all (my opinion). ...RUUN by Lafoole. Jamal? Lakkad? Anyone? My thoughts exactly! That is the best song of all time!
  11. learn from the mistakes of 2003. work on being a better muslim and grasping a better understanding of islam. do not be afraid of the unknown...take some risks things will work out insha alaah.
  12. Its good to see something like this at last. but this article is sort of confusing...is it for or against this new trend?
  13. Originally posted by Continental Batchelor: My kindest regards go out to you walal. I hope you have a long and fruitful marriage that is guided by allah. Remember to be patient, obedient and tolerant coz you are going to start a long and prosperous journey with your habib. May allah guide both of you to janah, ameen. that was beautiful walaal....thank you so much and aamiin.
  14. Originally posted by Ameenah: ^^welcome bck gal. Thought we lost ya Damn...Somalis r just mad thanks hon. good to be back!
  15. where would the tapes be sold..does anyone know? If so let me know.
  16. ...Iäm sorry but I can't help but laugh!
  17. Naayaa how come you didn't tell me about this? Anyways happy belated B-day.
  18. ^^^^ you mentioned her...but I got it. that girl seems to know everybody..
  19. Thanks all.... Con.Bach´---who is A.A?
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    Women travelling

    Originally posted by Libaax-Sankataabte: quote:Originally posted by Caakifah: War naga aamusa move the hell on!! all the brothers that are responding to the sister have it in for her! Ceeb. Baashi xaal qaado saxib.!!!! No such thing as CEEB walaalkiis. and why just Baashi?..why not Darman and taqwa and kheyr?
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    Women travelling

    I have no problem with you or anyone else correcting someone when they make a mistake. Its the way its done thats got me thinking. You don't need to be insulting people when making a point. This is one of the reason ee somaalida diinta aga cararaan...explain ..thats all. I find that people who get aggressive when they are making a religious point don;t really know what they are talking about....all thats being repeated is " if you were smart and a muslim then you would see the truth in it" those comments themselves are hardly intellectual. Your trying to explain a very sensitive topic here...it should be done with care. Your representing the diin...how it is received depends on your presentation style..sO becareful that you don't portray the diin in the wrong light. anyways carry on...I see that people are bent on their ways.