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  1. Ameenah...beautiful!!! now where is that brotha hiding?
  2. I went to prayers...came home cooked something...ate some xalwo buskud and cake....planted myself on the couch to watch some t.v....got a headache so I tried to sleep but it hurt too damn much. no pain killers at home and didn't feel like driving in the snow. SO I ended up staying home and stressing about final exams, work, and winter break. there you have it...my eventful eid!
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    Originally posted by Bee: Flying...u gotta send me a pic once you do. :cool: I will insha alaah. Lakkad-lol its good to know Mixx unique/wiilo-lol I didn't me you ...you were responding to nino brown..
  4. Underdog-- lol there goes the male ego again. CK-thanks hon
  5. Originally posted by underdog: FALL REALITY SUGGESTIONS * Put down the Harlequin novel and GET A JOB * Turn of the soap opera and Laba ragco oo sunno ah tuko * Stop day-dreaming and go do something constructive.
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    lol...there are alot of ppl here that are on the defensive! I did not nor did anyone else say that the khimaar or the garbasaar are any less islamic than the jilbaab. There is no need to put down the women that wear it or to defend yourself if you wear the khimaar or the garbasaar... Barwaaqo----maybe
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    Rayaana--I see where your coming from hon...but its never fair to catagorize people like that. not ALL somali women are as you said...there are some who know the meaning of what a hijaab is regardless of how long or how big...they all carry the same responsiblities and duties. RaHIIMA-The khimaar with the abaay is a very good idea I was thinking about it the other day.. masha alaah sis allaha kuu siyaadiyo! rudy--lol...if you don't know what khimaar and jilbaab are I have no idea how to explain it. all that i can say is that one is bigger than the other...maybe my other sistahs can help you with that. salaam
  8. and we care what eminem says because?..................
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    I wanted to know how many of the ladies here wear jilbaabs. Is it any different than the khimaar. Is it easier to wear the khimaar than it is to wear the jilbaab...in terms of school and work. Just wanted to get some feedback from y'all. Salaam
  10. We registered her on one of those matrimonial sites but they keep turning down her membership because they think that the pictures are faked or it’s a joke of some kind. poor thing.
  11. Everybody has a different definition of what "moderate" is.
  12. ^^^^looool almost made me cry was so funny!
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    ^^^^ not an aayah or hadith.
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    When is the Eid

    ^^ not this year. Soem fasted on sunday the 26 of october and others on the 27th.
  15. yeah I know xaliimo's....and I also know faarax's and the fact that they don't really use their brains when it comes to some things.But the xaliimo....it would have been better if she instead informed her parents and then married the guy with out having to hide anything...saas baa sharaftu ku jirtaa!
  16. Originally posted by JamaaL-11: but it seems this 14 year old raggeedii buu ahaa! seems that way~ but the girl should have known better...she should have been more level headed!
  17. so where are the brotha's?
  18. ^^ we could "surprise you" and start all those topics. but why? this is working just fine for us thank you very much!
  19. I can't believe what i'm reading!! Why are you people so mean to our leader? dagaal ahaa wixiina!! we'll just wait for blair to come and visit....then we'll show y'all!! :mad:
  20. iyaga naag dhan oo nin la carartay maxeey u daba joogaan? 14 though? ?Macbuudka maanyada muusay!! I gotta give that little boy credit though!! he;s got potential. But the girl.....she needs an *** whippin'!