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  1. one word: Politics. know your audiance and form your speech accordingly. I know in my family if your a soft spoken female they think your ****** ...taas waa doqon haddii farta afka loo geliyo ma qaniineeyso. but if your a b!tch when you need to be then they respect you...Walaahi in ay naag nool tahay..taas shit-ka ma qaadato!
  2. This whole idea of setting your priorites in life is all a waste of time and an illusion to waste our time. There is no way of knowing what we will do first...so why waste time and space. What you want doesn't really matter: man purposes, God disposes...so if we know that at the end only what God wills will happen then why the extra brain ache? Take care of things as they come up...deal with them one at a time. So our priority should be the Diin and Allah....the rest shall follow. Khayr: Walaal maskax wareer annaga hanugu ridin.
  3. Taqwa- The answer would be Ali (R.C) Question: what is the one sin allah will not forgive?
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    ^^^ she has hasn't she? what was she in highschool in that pic?
  5. Power point hon. Its alot less hassle...you can fit in everything..pics...notes etc.
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    how do u?

    Power point hon. Its alot less hassle...you can fit in everything..pics...notes etc.
  7. Age group: 21-24 1 education 2 marriage 3 career 4 children Those prorities aren't written in stone, so I would have to be flexible 'cause sh!t happens.
  8. Mr Brandes agreed to have his penis cut off, which Mr Meiwes then flambéed and served up to eat together. :eek: Acuudu bilaah!!!
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    Women travelling

    I don't see where all this talk and debating comes into play. Either you believe or you don't. Allah takes care of his religion...why aa isku xabeebineeysiin?
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    Libaax....why you gotta put a pic of my cousin up there? Nafisa-abaayo thanks...I'm gonna go check out the masjid this friday night insha alaah. Do you have a number for her?
  11. Originally posted by JamaaL-11: If you were in a situation whereby you are likely not to get the husband you want, will the thought to elope cross your mind? Caakifah Islamically you need two things: either the parents permission or their knowledge of your intentions. I would tell them str8 up that this is the guy I want to marry...waa diideen maahanoo then ninkeeyga waan iska mehersan lahaa knowing full well that I did nothing wrong and that I showed my parents respect by letting them know.
  12. Originally posted by Nin-Yaaban: I have a question for all the true Soomaalis in this site(not the Amerikaan, gaalo wanna be's), whats the punishment for a girl who brings a shame to her her family (by sleeping around)? This is for the true NOMADS. She gets to marry you.
  13. ^^^ ASraa!!! MAcaaneey don't be mad at me!!! Me is very sorry. I will call you insha alaah.
  14. There were a couple who admitted to having contacted AIDS in Hargeisa on the Radio.. and guess what happened to them. They were kicked out of the Hotel they were in (they came from Burco), their house was smashed to rumbles, their families abandoned them.. and they were asked to leave their home country.. Now they reside in Ethiopia deprived of the last precious moments of peaceful death. That is sad walaahi. Its like Somalia is traveling backwards. Even here in the states somali people wgi hav eit don't tell anyone...even if they are about to get married. I heard the story of a somali couple that were about to get married...right before the whole thing was finalized someone told the groom that the bride had AIDS. He didn't believe it so they went to a shiekh together. The girl was asked about it and as it turns out when she was younger and still in somali her parents gave her away to a guy in America. the guy has AIDS but didn't tell anyone. Years later as he got sicker she went to a doctor who told her that she had HIV and that 10-15 years later the symptoms will manifest. She ended up divrcing the guy and leaving. Which doesn't make any sense to me....why would you want to go and infect poor innocent people? Anywho...now she lives here in MNPls.
  15. Hurda kama bogtoo barkin baan ku tiirshaa bugga iyo calooshee beerkaan u seexdaa berberada ma qabanaayeee annigoo bur burayoo dhinacyadu i barareen waago iigu bariyaa. Boggi jeceylka wuxuu i baaday buggi jaceelka wuxuu i baaday ayaan iga ba'eeynee!
  16. I think this back lash was expected...if it wasn't then it should have been. Allah subaxanahu watacaalaa syas in the holy qur'an: Walan tardhaa cankal yahuudu walan nasaaraa xataa tatabicu milatahum.( writing could be wrong) which roughly means:. Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion.
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    ^^^ yes it should.
  18. Originally posted by JamaaL-11: quote:As for the guy they aint gonna kill you Oh! they sure will! shakespeare said.."hell has no fury like a woman scorned"..I say .."hell has no fury like a parent pissed". When you are 14 year old boy, the last thing you will wonna talk to parents about is guur. So at what age do you think a boy or a girl is mature enough to face their parents about this issue? your probably right that 14 is too young to be talking to parents about such things. Is it even halal in la is la rooro ( as you said)...just wondering
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    You guys do realize that the same can be said about the khimaar and people who wear it? Besides you shouldn't be concentrating on other people's actions doesn't matter what type of hijaab they wear.
  20. But there is not one of God's commandments without two ways of approach to the Devil: one by deficiency, the other by excess. that is something that is really not talked about much. All the emphasis os placed on on people who do so little. Forgetting : "Inna kheyral umuuri awsadhuhaa." Conscious Manipulation thanks walaal.
  21. haa dee...its the law of the universe...but I should say you don't get who you want. you always end up Settling.
  22. Originally posted by -Shukri-: ^^HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA!!! What planet do you live on??? Cuz if you can find guys like that (starts to pack suitcases) I can catch the next rocket there!! lol...exactly my point. Aint no brotha out there with all those qualities! I was just trying to show the brothers here that you don't really get what you want.