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    BE A MAN

    Originally posted by pearl_shyte: women 2: " as for my husband, when he enters, he acts like a (sleepy) leopard; and when he leaves he acts like a lion. he does not ask about what he entrusted." translation: within his house, he is like a leopard:queit,sleepy(i.e., forgiving), and loving. in dealing with the outside society, he is like a lion: courageous,powerful, and respected. when he entrusts his wife with something, he does not hold her strictly accountable for it; rather, he is generous and willing to overlook the mistakes. Now thats a man!!!
  2. Originally posted by underdog: "Rude Hungry Herd"?????????? is that synonymous with unromantic? Flying, the girl is new here don't go running off giving her the ending to the movie I call it like I see it! Besides its Ramadan and to keep such information from a fellow sistah has got to be wrong! Y'all are a herd of hungry rude nomads.
  3. eat 'till I can't breath...then work 'till I can't stay awake! I'll be darned if I have to work with out eating all the xalwad iyo buskud I can get my hands on!!! It would be nice to go shopping and hang with family and friends...but oh well!! sheyhem I feel you----I gotta work a 10 hour shift!!
  4. ^^^ exactly! To me EID is a holy day to celebrate the end of a holy month...in order to enjoy it you need to have good clean fun!
  5. Originally posted by Lefty: , You could have done a better way of intervening these teenagers! funny walaahi.
  6. Originally posted by Shaqsii: iyadoo doog dhexjiiftoo daawaneysa ubaxoo show raaxo damacdoo durba gareyskii furatoo sii deysey timihii Wah wah!!!Khatar ahaa ninka!! Wlc Samiyah--dont mind these rude hungry herd of nomads.
  7. Hibo---I missed you too walaahi..school aint the same with out you! abaayooy like barwaaqo can you give me more info on the FGM project you worked on? mobb deep Gurmad is based in mnpls? you got anymore info about it?
  8. Masha alaah walaahi. That is beautiful dadkii waa shaqeeysteen walaahi. I need to start me a business back home.
  9. ^^ why thank you sir! <--Is it my eyes? or that blonde hair?
  10. ^^^^ Bisinka. Allah kuu sahlo walaal. I had one of those this summer...they said I hit and ran over a guy on a motorcycle. But alxamdulilaah I wasn't found at fault. Gediid waa luguu duceeynaa insha alaah.
  11. Originally posted by stpaulchick: Flying_still: I don't believe that they did it for the Arab countries and I still think it's copyrighted...but as Mizz_Unique said it's very nice to handle it. I don't believe it either. I can't stand those hijaabs! SEdex geesle waaye....me don't wear those. But the skirts look nice although I'm not sure I would want my islamic clothing to have the name of a kafir on them.
  12. Godobtir iyo dabagur aa? Bisinka!! The whole AIDS crisis is really over looked in somali walaahi. There is this lack of education adn no one is willing to educate the public about this disease because it is such a taboo topic. We need to get beyound this "ignorance is bliss" way of thinking and open our eyes. We need to deal with the here and now...some people think " waxaan annaga dhaqan uma lihin so it can't possibly be here" But its here so we gotta deal!! hibo wlc back sweety!
  13. ^^^^ It is amazing walaahi! Subaxan alaah. and they say were weak I haven't taken genetics for 2 years now.....but that class really did scare me..but not as bad as parasitology! About the issue at hand: I have a friend that keeps getting benign tumors every few months..she keeps getting them removed but they grow right back. I think they told her that as she gets older they might get more serious! scary!
  14. Originally posted by idil: Salaams... That's the way I've been feeling lately But alhumdullilah I've realised that praying and establishing a closer link with Allah (swt) is the only solution to all of my problems... Ma'Salaama Can I join your coub? I have also realized that there is nothing more powerful than praying and placing my trust with ALLAH. Insha alaah nothing will go wrong! Scarface---nice one bro.
  15. Originally posted by stpaulchick: Flying_still: I did see those CK hijabs...but isn't that wrong since it's copyrighted????? :confused: Yeah...but their claiming that Ck made those hijaabs and skirts for arab countries.
  16. ^^^ calm down now...don't burst an artery! you know we still love you please don't hurt me!
  17. Originally posted by Athena: Thanks 2 U. If any1 here thinks I dont have manners - raise ur hands.. Lug iyo gacan waliba! I done told you girl....bahal baa tahay!
  18. ^^^ lol....Its not uncomfortable.......you just gotta get used to it. Genetics huh?...did you notice that most serious diseases are X linked?
  19. Originally posted by Lucky: FS-i just asked my mother and she said its not heaLthy to sLeep with a bra on-its does contribute to breast cancer...she said to ask your doctors-they wiLL teLL you the same thing.<---aLL this is news to me. Thats scary! I gotta look into that some more.. Thanks lucky.
  20. Urcle!!! I miss that show...now he all grown up and he filled out pretty well. But yeah I've been wondering about those two (king and xaliimo) for awhile.
  21. Originally posted by Xalimo7: i can answer that, just an old friend i can relate, is it a crime? see u dude I have other thoughts of my own but we'll go with yours king450..oops I mean xaliimo7. Nafiso