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  1. Originally posted by ofleh: ]So it would have been better if a female had posted this? I don't understand. [/QB] She was talking about you referring yourself to a "dick in a bottle" not about you being a male.
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    2 crazy women huh? waayahay. Hibo it is summer time..you should come visit. I miss all my US friends. Zephyrine- I will send you a pic if you pm me your e´mail address.
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    ^^^^ thank you..yes its a girl..how did you know? she is only a month old right now. you changed your nick?
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    That was amazing Hibo..never thought of girlfriends being that important. Hibo I´m glad you have become more religious...but do I fir into the 90% of the friends you lost. No congrats on the baby? :confused: Speaking from experience..a husband and children can be too much to handle sometimes...thats where your friends come in. peace
  5. I would follow my mind...the heart lies.
  6. 5 years?!!! that should have cleared things for you guys..going out for 5 years with the phrase ´lets get married´ not coming up?
  7. Who is that Ku Klax Klan looking man in the first picture?
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    Girl Name

    I guess there are babies everywhere..
  9. Originally posted by Farxan: but the dignity of every family lies between the legs of thier ladies!! Not true. Every person is responsible for his or her own sins and for their own dignity.
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    Ohio folk

    thanks walaal for the info.
  11. Originally posted by Haddad: [For a myriad of reasons, one (at least) which could be perfectly valid. I am not talking about selfdefense. The Islamic history is full of examples where a parent killed his/her child (whether young or grownup) for valid reasons. As in every thing, there are exceptions, there's not a parent can't kill his/her child for whatever reason. There's always a (at least) justifiable reason. [/QB] What?!!! So was the father in this post justified in killing his daughter?
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    Ohio folk

    Hi there I'm doing some research on columbus ohio...trying to figure out if its better to live there than it is in mnpls. So I would really appreciate your input and feedback on things like job market, housing...cars....the somali community. Thank you.
  13. Originally posted by Warrior of Light: Proper sharia will be 100 floggings. That could only be used if the accused is willing to repent....you can't force punishment. I used to get angry when I hear the word extremist....I thought it was just an attack on muslims in general. Truth be told some of the "muslims" in this world are out of control! What happened to the middle ground? When did we take it upon ourselves to punish people for their sins...are we playing god now? Am I wrong or are parents supposed to love and guide...the rest is in god´s hands. What would make a parent kill their own child?!!!
  14. For those of you who can´t believe that a somali man would let his wife abuse him....I´ve seen a somali guy in my building get chased around by his knife carrying wife. But One thing I have to say is that scaring your husband with 911 is not very funny.....that number has been abused too many times. If you get pissed off at your husband talk to him about it...if that doesn´t work...bite him...it usually helps me.
  15. Originally posted by Jilaato_Cambo: ^^^wlc back girl Thank you sweety!
  16. Originally posted by Wiilo: Honestly that woman is already dead to me, why are we even talking about her? She just wants to get some attention that is all. Exactly...why the obsession with this woman??? GEt over it..move on!!
  17. University of london has distance learning programs..in any field.
  18. Yes please!!!! Thats my goal! Hibo please more info hon. Thanks
  19. ooooohhhh...boys you better becareful...you never know!!!!
  20. Kaafi--do you call your credit card company or your bank?
  21. Originally posted by Gediid: quote:Originally posted by Xafsa: Gediid...Gediid.Gediid.....You've got to be kidding me!!! You complaining about bariis iyo baasto? With hilib, saladh, moos, and a tall glass of cananaas? :eek: My taste buds are going insane..... Good to see you back ITs good to be back!!