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  1. I read this piece on Hiiraan Online already. Its an eye-opening account of the situation in Somaliland (and, by some stretch, in the whole of Somalia). Some highlights: It seems that these people lost the ability to produce. Almost all the businesses in the country are imports and resale. The country even imports salt which it used to export. A typical work day in a government office is less than five hours long. Once the Khat arrives from Ethiopia at about 11:00 AM, and at a cost of 60 million dollars per year in Somaliland alone, all adult males abandon their jobs. Seems like this system is in much need for strict labor laws. Five hours a day isn't enough to re-start an economic engine that halted long ago. Lack of labor laws and the Khat epidemic are problems across the Somali peninsula. The real problem is with the weak leaders who focus on micro-issues (i.e. qabiil, staying in power, etc.) whilst overlooking the macro ones: creating jobs, fighting against the Khat epidemic, funding education and health programs, etc. However, a positive light emerges from the darkness: The graduates of Amoud and Hargeisa universities are already making a difference. The manager and the accountant of Rays Hotel in Borama are graduates of Amoud University's business school. The financial controller of the elections' committee is a graduate of Amoud Business School. Some of the most active employees of Hargeisa municipality are graduates of Hargeisa University's Business School. These employees do not chew Khat and work longer hours than older government employees. They could serve as the ingredients for the much needed social and cultural rehabilitation of the Somali male population. This new generation of educated class who'd already seen the pitfalls of poverty and incompetence hopefully won't make the same mistake as their predecessors. And, from the fact that they work long hours and don't chew Khat, it seems they're learning from the past and are working towards a better future. May Allah's blessings be with them. Aamin! The future is in education and in educational institutions. Can someone really say this enough? I'm sure we all can't agree on the professor's political views, but we can at least agree on his social and economic points. Thanks for the post; its a piece worthy of discussion.
  2. Originally posted by Tolstoy: Gen. Morgan(i.e., Mr. Cabdi Bille of this century) But when former Guulwade-turned-President Dahir Riyaale ran out of Laascaanood like a terrified little school girl, he was pampered and welcomed into Hargeisa as the hero of the century, huh? Originally posted by Tolstoy: however if this little misbegotten word of "Defeated" seemed to conjure up rather ugly episode of the Somali pass, where your folks particular is concern, then in that case one apologise for one's conducts wholeheartedly.... Horta, intaadan afka furin, ilko ma kugu hareen? A genuinely honest question, so don't take any offense, Mr. Ambassador to a non-existent Nation of Victims. If I remember correctly, the so-called defeated lot might've been defeated in and around Xamar, but they were sure to raise Hell from Garbaharey to Galkacyo, sure to protect their native homelands with honor, dignity and courage. If I remember correctly, the supposed victors of that age have yet to put into good use their hard-won victory; the same imagined victory you boast off, emphasizing on the meaningless whilst overlooking the simplest of all facts: the nation's largest sea and airport remains closed due to internal bickering amongst the self-titled victors. Such geniuses, aren't they? This, my dear useless Ambassador, is history, written in the blood of the deceased, on the main pages of newspapers and on radio airwaves. However, since attaining YOUR much-fought for freedom from the socio-political chains of Southern (and I use this term loosely) colonialism, what else have you achieved internationally save for lending your talking lips to the bosoms of every Jew, Christian and Buddhist you can find in capitals across the globe? :confused: P.S. Get back to me on that. And please, for the sake of time, do make it short. Its a bit tiring reading the drooling of the waayeels who've mastered the art of fadhi-ku-dirir.
  3. Very picturesque, indeed! Originally posted by Sky: BTW That is one tough lady to be able to climb that mountain in that dirac and than smile in front of the camera not showing she's gasping for oxygen 2 miles above sea-level. And you know ALL this from simply looking at the picture?...Perhaps some of us have taken the idiom A picture is worth a thousand words a tad bit too literally, no?
  4. Somali PM Ali Ghedi is right on the money because he - as the leader of the federal government - wants Somalia to have standard foreign investment laws that apply to all the federal states before each state is allowed to make long-term deals with foreign companies. Why? Because profit from Somalia's natural resources should be shared fairly amongst all Somali citizens (with, perhaps, special emphasis on the actual region of development). i.e. If the Puntland admin were to sign an economic deal with a foreign company, would some of the profit reach other Somalis living in, say, Bu'aale or Xarardheer? I think not! The federal government must be given time to set up standard, nation-wide foreign investment laws before federal states are allowed to make deals that could potentially alienate some citizens of Somalia. P.S. The exchange between the PM and the Puntland admin in the media is a childish tactic that once again demonstrates the fact that Somali politics hasn't progressed much beyond the novice level.
  5. ^^ You readin' some funky maps, buddy! Garoowe lets its reputation speak for itself.
  6. Rag isku magacaabay Horjoogeyaasha Maleeshiyooyinka Xamar iyo Xamar daye oo sheegay in ay haboontahay Shaaweey in uu duqmagaalo ka noqdo Ceelbuur. Shir Maanta ka dhacay Magaalada Muqdisho oo ay yeesheen rag isku magacaabay Horjoogeyaasha Maleeshiyooyinka Xamar iyo Xamar daye oo looga hadlayay arimaha Gobolka Banaadir ayaa shirkooda kadib waxa ay kasoo saareen war. Nin Lagu Magacaabo Macalin Xaashi Maxamed Faarax oo Maanta markii ugu horeysay sheegtay in uu yahay Guddoomiyaha Siyaasadda Xamar iyo Xamar daye ayaa sheegay in Maamulka Gobolka Banaadir ay xaq u heleen Dadka Deegaanka Xamar iyo Xamar Daye. Macalin Xaashi oo Maanta Saxaafadda ugu waramayay Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegay in ay tahay hadal laablakac ah wixii Maalintii shalay kasoo yeeray Ibraahim Shaaweey, wuxuuna Macalin xaashi tilmaamay in hadalkaasi uu dhaawac ku yahay dadka qaar. “ Xalay oo dhan waxaan laseexan weynay Hadalka Ibraahim shaaweey kasoo yeeray, waxaana mugga shaaweey u sheegeynaa in uu duq magaalo kasoo noqdo Ceelbuur oo halkaasi loogaga baahan yahay Mahaanna majirto cid uu jagadaasi u qaban karo, unuka waan ognahay xilliga uu Xamar soo galay iyo qaabkii uu kusoo galay†ayuu yiri Macalin Xaashi Mar uu Saxaafadda u waramayay kana hadlayay sababaha ay shirkaasi u qabteen. Hadalka Kasoo yeeray Macalin Xaashi ayaa kusoo beegmaya xilli maalintii shalay uu Ibraahim shaaweey Xafiiskiisa ka sheegay in Maamulka Cusub ee Gobolka Banaadir uu u qaadi doono sida ay isbaarooyinka u qaadeen isla markaana uu isaga yahay Maamulka Sharciga ah ee Gobolka Banaadir. Macalin Xaashi oo Maanta sheegay in uu yahay Guddoomiyaha Siyaasadda Xamar iyo Xamar daye ayaa sheegay in aysan jirin cid isku dayi karta in ay dafiro Maamulka Cusub ee Gobolka Banaadir iyaguna ay taageersan yihiin Maadaama uu Prof.Geeddi kusoo magacaabay qaab awood qeybsi iyadoo la raacayo Sharciga Dowladda u degan Dowladdana ay tahay mid Federaal ah. Dhanka kale Macalin Xaashi ayaa waxa uu sheegay in aysan suurta gal aheyn in Xubnaha Muqdisho kusugan ay ka dhinac dhawaaqaan Maamul Kale oo ka madax banaan midka uu iminka Guddoomiyaha U yahay Dr. Maxamuud Xasan Cali Gaabow (Cadde). Kuma eka ka hadalka arintani Macalin Xaashi waxaa sidoo kale ka hadlay rag ay Muuse suudi si weyn iskugu dhaw yihiin oo sheegay in aysan jirin Maamul ka madax banaan midka uu hogaaminayo Dr.Maxamuud oo ay ku dhawaaqi karaan xubnaha labada gole ee Muqdisho kusugan. waa markii ugu horeysay ee Arintani ay ka hadlaan Horjooge yaasha Maleeshiyooyinka oo kala ah Macali Xaashi Maxamed Faarax, Shufaay Cabdi Xasan iyo Ninka kale ee isna lagu magacaabo Gudbaaye oo dhammaantoodba ah rag ay si weyn iskugu dhaw yihiin wasiirka Ganacsiga Muuse suudu yalaxow ay ku dhawaaqaan in ay si buuxda u taageersan yihiin Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Bamaadir ahna Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho Dr. Maxamuud Xasan Cali Gaabow (Cadde). Maxamed Shidane Dabaan Muqdisho. Soomaaliya.
  7. Ibrahim Shaawey - formerly named as Muqdisho mayor by Cabdiqasim's TNG - has recently said that he'll fight anyone claiming the title of Muqdisho mayor or who tries to implement his rule within the city. For starters, Muqdisho isn't a city that can be governed by one entity. Even as Muqdisho mayor during Cabdiqasim's tenure, Md. Shaawey spent most of his time in or around Hotel Ramadan. Now, he's claiming he'll battle anyone who tries to do something about the security situation of the city. If Md. Shaawey is indeed the mayor of Muqdisho, why doesn't he express his power? A puppet and a mouthpiece trekking in dangerous waters, he is. Now, did an editorial piece about Md. Shaweey's words of war directed primarily at Dr. Max'd Xasan Cali Cadde - the official appointed by PM Ali Ghedi to hold the double post of Muqdisho mayor/Benadir regional governor. LINK: Are the natives of Muqdisho really being challenged by the newcomers? This is undoubtedly an expression of the changing population dynamics in the post-1991 era in Somalia's Capital. But for the natives to be sidestepped, militarily challenged and denied the posts every other "government" in the past 15 years had naturally given them - this is a new development.
  8. Originally posted by Bakar: The word conspiracy, as it relates to your dormant ambition, fits in the context of above quotation: to act in harmony toward our common end, which is expansion and control of land through the extinction of the original inhabitant . Hence this is the sole purpose of building Jubaland administration. Interesting. Precisely, who is the original inhabitant? And, if the original inhabitant can't self-govern, doesn't he automatically invite foreigners - and I use the term loosely here - to govern him? Originally posted by HornAfrique: expect a president to be named any moment now. *clears throat* Drum roll please...And the winner is Colonel B.A.S.H. *clap* *clap* *clap*
  9. Intii uu noolaa uuna ku dhex jiray siyaasada Soomaaliyeed, Col Yeey wax badan waa lagu eedeeye. Laakin, su'aasha waxay tahay: maxaa laga suubin karaa eedeyntaas? :confused: Afhayeenka Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya oo ka jawaabay eedeyntii madaxweyne C/llaahi Yuusuf ay u jeediyeen Xubnaha labada gole ee Muqdisho ku sugan Jimco, August 12, 2005(HOL): Afhayeenka Xukuumadd Federaalka Soomaaliyeed Md. C/raxmaan Nuur Maxamed (Diinaari) ayaa ka jawaabay eedeyn ay xubnaha labada gole ee Muqdisho ku sugan u jeediyeen Madaxweyne C/llaahi Yuusuf Axmed, kuwaasi oo madaxweynaha ku eedeeyay in uu sameeyay Qiyaano Qaran, isla markaana uu la kufay Xilkii loo doortay. C/raxmaan Diinaari waxaa uu sheegay in warkaas ka soo baxay Xubnaha labada gole ee magaalada Muqdisho ku sugan uu yahay mid iska sheegasho ah oo aan micno weyn sameyneynin, wuxuuna ku difaacay Madaxweynaha in uu howlo shaqo oo muhiim ahaa u tegay Deegaanka Mustaxiil, halkaasi oo uu kulamo kula yeeshay Waxgaradka, Siyaasiyiin iyo Odayaal ka socday Gobolka Hiiraan, kuwaasi oo uu kala hadlayay sidii loo taageeri lahaa Dowladda Federaalka, isla markaana loo sameyn lahaa maamulka gobolka iyo degmooyinka hoos yimaada. C/raxmaan Diinaari waxaa uu ka hadlay arrinta ay xubnaha labada gole qiilka uga dhigteen markii ay ku eedeynayeen madaxweynaha in uu sameeyay qiyaano Qaran, taasi oo ahayd in uu tegay Gudaha Itoobiya, wuxuuna sheegay Afhayeenku in madaxweynaha uu howlo shaqo u tegi karo dal kasta oo caalamka ah, haddii Itoobiya tegisteeda ay dembi noqoneysana ay xubnaha madaxweynaha eedeynaya tegi jireen Itoobiya iyagoo Hoggaamiye Kooxeedyo ah oo hub iyo waxyaabo kale doonanaya. Xubnaha Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya ee ku sugan magaalada Muqdisho ayaa qoraal ay shalay soo saareen kadib kulan saacado qaatay oo ay yeesheen waxay ku sheegeen in madaxweyne C/llaahi Yuusuf uu sameeyay qiyaano Qaran, isla markaana uu la kufay xilkii uu Umadda u hayay, iyagoo marka ay eedeyntaas soo jeedinayeen soo daliishanayay in Madaxweynaha uu dhaqdhaqaaqyo ciidamo uruursi ah u tegay gudaha Itoobiya, isla markaana uu qorsheynayo in uu weerarro ku qaado gobollo ay ka mid yihiin Hiiraan, Bay, Bakool, Jubada Hoose iyo Banaadir. Salaad Iidow Xasan (Xiis) Hiiraan Online Mogadishu, Somalia
  10. Originally posted by Suldaaanka: I mean, we know once the south gets its acts together and Mogadishu returns back to normalcy, Puntland will just fade away into the background. You think?
  11. Allaha u naxaristo Sheikh Axmed Deedaat. I've listened to many of his lectures on video and always found him to be an intellect of a unique kind for he repeatedly put the non-believers in their inferior position. May Allah SWT have mercy on his soul. Amiin!
  12. Oh great, another calaacal post. Horta, raggu markay calaacalaan ma waxay ka tirsan tahay calaamadaha Yowmul Qiyaamah? :rolleyes:
  13. Wuxuna xildhibaan Indha-buur intaa ku daray “wax muddo dheer laga daahsanaa ayuu dadku hadda gartay, in uu walaaloobo, nabad wada qaato, isxushmeeyo, wada noolaadoâ€. ...And the truth shall set you free! Its the 21st century and our Somali people are still collectively debating about the positive merits of peace while the rest of the world debates about the morality of stem-cell research. Nonetheless, its a step in the right direction. Life is 10% hadal and 90% ficil. I hope MP Indhabuur's wise words will be turned into practice.
  14. LOL The same never/under paid Puntland militias that are keeping Somaliland forces at bay in Yagoori (therefore keeping the S/land dream just a dream), keeping USC militias in check at Baraxley checkpoint in Galkacyo AND protecting Jowhar (alongside USC-Mohamed Dheere militias) from the supposed upcoming offensive from Mogadishu. If that's not a national duty, I don't know what is. P.S. Do you think the upcoming military coup in Garoowe will be a bloodless one like the 1969 one? Just wondering...
  15. Oh great! We get the classic calaacal thread simply for criticizing the security program of Puntland leader Cadde Muuse. No one's perfect. Cadde, like everyone else, has his shortcomings. I've always said Cadde is a development-oriented type of leader. Yet, he's shown weakness in apprehending and punishing a few select men who've killed others in cold blood and hid behind their sub-sub-clans. Where's the justice? There can be no true development without justice. Sorry, I don't vote Republican. To this day, most Republicans still believe the U.S. is in Iraq because of 9/11 (which is something GW Bush has continously said - despite much evidence otherwise). Most pro-Col Yeey folks still truly believe that he single-handedly built Puntland. Yaa ruwaayadaas laga dhaa-dhicinaa? Reer Puntland have always been ripe for law and order - in pre-1998 days, Northeastern Somalia was relatively safe compared to other regions of the country, except for brief periods of fighting. Which made Col Yeey's job much, much easier as Puntland leader. Let's see if Col Yeey can impose law and order in Muqdisho, since he's such a freaken genius!
  16. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: 1-Ansixinta dastuurka (Afti) 2-Parliamentarian election: from clan appointed to elected MPs. 3-Political parties. Nah. This is more like the list: 1. Get rid of all Col Yeey's lackeys (which means majority of ministers) 2. Get rid of all Col Yeey's lackeys (which means majority of ministers) 3. Get rid of all Col Yeey's lackeys (which means majority of ministers) As things stand today, the Cadde admin is a dissappointment in many aspects because, other than the Pres & VP, the men in power largely remain the same. So how are we to expect reform when yesteryear's leaders are still in office? The way I see it, Puntland is still indirectly run by Col Yeey. I'll give Cadde his shining moment when he shows me he's indeed the Man in Charge.
  17. Ah, here is something I can classify as great news! I hope other Somali doctors can follow in this pioneer's footsteps.
  18. Originally posted by M.I.L.K: WooW this is some great News. What's so great about some unknown Canadian MP visiting Jowhar? :confused: He's going there so he can take pictures of poor Somalis and tell a facinating tale to his voters of how he helped uncivilized Africans who can't even govern themselves! A selfish move by some Canadian redneck is somehow seen as great news through your eyes. But to you, all that matters is that Col Yeey and his Jowhar wing are getting more international attention!
  19. Originally posted by HornAfrique: True there can be no progess without peace and security, but are you suggesting that Cadde Muuse clamp down in the repressive and oppressive ways of Cabdulahi Yusuf? Well, he's clamping down on the free press, isn't he? Victims: Shacab newspaper, SBC editor, STN station, etc. Yet, common criminals are allowed to kill and hide behind the facade of sub-sub-clan lineage and walk free amongst the people. The xil-cusub buu Cadde magacaabay line is getting old, useless and redundant! You know, I was shocked by the Garowe prison incident. Then when the same thing happened in Galkacyo, it told me that Cadde isn't really in charge but every moron with an AK is. Col Yeey ruled Puntland because he owned the vast majority of the AKs on the streets. Cadde, if he wants to finish his term, needs to do the same. Without fear, people will never get in line. When alone on Interstate 5, we don't take the carpool lane for fear of police! Same rule applies to law and order in Somalia, and in the whole world.
  20. Originally posted by HornAfrique: It is the people that have to lose the mentality that unless there is a forceful hand in control, then they can do whatever they want. Exactly! But these people - who've known anarchy and lawlessness for 15 years - are not yet conditioned to loose that mentality. To them, its an eye for an eye. If a member of Clan X happens to kill a member of Clan Z, then Clan X has the automatic right to do a revenge killing on a member of Clan Z. This my friend is called anarchy. So WTF is the Puntland gov't for? :confused: I think the Cadde/Afqurac admin's ultimate test lies with re-securing Puntland and making the local population feel safe (for living and investment). My point is that there can be no progress or development without security. The cycle of violence across all major northeastern Somali cities of late is a distressing sign that the men in power aren't hard enough on the criminals who continue to destablize the region, yet they immediately detain journalists for even criticizing the Puntland gov't. You tell me the sense in that!
  21. HORN - I don't think Cadde or Afqurac have a hidden agenda but the reality is that they claim to be the "regional heads" of northeast Somalia - therefore, every legal and illegal act that occurs in that territory will reflect on their leadership and their character. Don't get me wrong - Cadde is a development-oriented type of leader but what he's missing is the element of dealing with people (esp Somalis) with gacan-bir. Episodes - such as the illegal Garowe prison incident and the commando-style act in Galkacyo where Reer Hebel executed a killer headed for execution - happened because Reer Northeast believe Cadde is a soft guy (which, as far as I've seen, is true). I do agree with the guy who wrote the article in the sense that, despite the fact the Col Yeey/M.Abdi Xashi admin didn't do much in development, they secured northeastern Somalia and such acts didn't take place in their collective 6 years in office. Cadde - if he wants to survive as Puntland president - needs to step up his game. The only way to deal with bahalo is to become a bahal yourself.
  22. EXCERPT Waxqabka Cadde Iyo Af-Qudhac Lixdii Bilood Ee Ay Xilka Hayeen, Dhib Iyo Dheef. Boosaaso waxaa ka dhacay dil loogu gaystay 15 ruux oo isagu jira shacab iyo ciidamo, waxa Boosaaso u dheeraa qaraxyo iyo falal ay ku tallaabsanayaan Budhcad Hubaysan. Qardho oo ah goobta uu ka soo jeedo Madaxweynaha Puntland waxa ka dhacay dilal isugu jira aano qabiil iyo Budhcadnimo waxaana ku nafwaayey 7 ruux. Garoowe oo iyadu ah Xarunta Puntland ayaa waxa ku nafwaayey 9, iyada oo ay ka dhacday arrintii ugu foosha xumayd ee Abid ka dhacda meel maamul ka jiro, markii laba maxbuus oo ku jiray Xabsiga dhexe, isla markaana ku xidhxidhnaa Silsilado dad shacab ahi u soo dhaceen oo qololkii ay ku silsiladeysnaayeen ku dhex toogteen, ilaa iyo maanta aan sharciga la horkeenin dadkii falkaasi geystay iyo kuwii ka danbeeyeyba. Magaalada Laascaanood waxa iyadana nabaddu faraha ka baxday markii ay lixdaa bilood gudahood ku geeriyoodeen 17 ruux, oo isugu jira ciidamo iyo shacab, gobolka Soolna uu yahay halka uu ka soo jeedo madaxweyne ku xigeenku, ayaan ilaa iyo xilligan inta badan gacanku dhiiglayaasha sharciga iyo caddaaladda la horkeenin, iyaga oo ku sugan duleedka laascaanood. Gaalkacayo waxay noqotay goobta ugu dhimashada badan uguna nabad galyada xun, waxaana ku nafwaayey maalin kaliya 20 ruux ka dib markii laba maleeshiyo beeleed oo aan ka tirsanayn maamulka Puntland isla jiidheen, kuna dhex dagaalameen magaalada badhtamaheeda Muddo dheer, iyada oo aanay laba cali isweydiin dadkii ku dhintay ee ka soo jeeday Puntland, waxa kale oo magaalada Gaalkacayo Ka dhacay dilal fool xun oo ay ku nafwaayeen 43 ruux ayna ugu danbaysay dhacdiid Tar city Hutel. Allaa Mahad leh Wabilaahi Towfiiq Axmed Samater Cali USA SOURCE:
  23. Originally posted by OLOL: Siyadists cadres will never cease defending their adored chief comrade....Let us not defend maniacs simply because they hail from our immediate clan. Siyyadist? I've been called many things in life, but I suppose new things always come along. Anyhow, I didn't defend Siyad Barre - and I'm not from his "immediate clan." I said he killed people - but your previous article made him more evil than he really was. Bottomline: As long as Somalia (and today's so-called leaders) continue to plague our nation, no Somali leader will ever amount to Siyad's shadow. Be it Gen Aideed or Col Yeey, Caato or Col Hiiraale! They're all shit compared to Somalia's late strongman! Originally posted by OLOL: and I am STILL Somali/Italian/Canadian/American!! kind international man of mystery!!! Sounds like identity crisis. I'll look through my rollodex for Dr. Phil!
  24. Originally posted by OLOL: Afweeyne have managed to single-handedly lead Somalia to a total economical, political and societal destruction and destitution. His regime was responsible of the murder and killings of more than 200,000 innocent Somalis. First of all, his name is Major General Maxamed Siyaad Barre (Allaha u naxaristo). Secondly, no man can single-handedly bring down an entire nation. It took thousands of people to bring Somalia down to its knees. Thirdly, Barre probably killed the 200,000 "innocent" Somalis you mentioned - but what was Gen Aideed (Allaha u naxaristo) and his USC militias doing? Were they killing thousands of pigeons? :confused: Gen Aideed probably caused the death of more people than Barre - it took Barre 21 years to kill that many while it took Aideed less than 5 years! Gen Aideed - who might be a hero in your eyes - died at the hands of his own kinsmen. He was killed by the same people he was trying to free. He died of the same disease he infested Somalia with. Barre? He held Somalia together for 21 years. Aideed? He couldn't hold Mogadishu alone together. Aideed could never even stack up to Barre's shadow! Today's Mogadishu dilemma was not caused by Barre as you'd love for us to believe, but by Aideed's legacy.