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  1. To lix afar: Brotherhood is a concept most Muslims around the world want to have. The sad part is that most people only pay lip service to it. The Ummah is divided along the lines of nationality, race, and class. I know Islam lays a great emphasis on unity but the opposite situation prevails today. Brother lix afar I know this is a useful topic for us to discuss but come on. Do you really think Somalis should be having this discussion? What the hell do we know about brotherhood? If we had that kind of approach it would be great, but we all know that isn’t the case. Anyway, Let me go back to the point I was trying to make. Is brotherhood in Islam possible in this day and age? I will say yes. It’s possible and exists in some parts of the world, just not in our part of the world...lol… Somaliya Ilaahey ha’u naxariisto!
  2. Lix Afar IYO NUS: Are Somali youth today leaders or followers? Ahhh…I would say a hesitating ‘no’, only because I know there is certain amount of truth in what you asserted. There are capable youth Somali leaders, it depends what you’re asking of them. For instance in Toronto I personally know young guys who really want to help to improve the problems of their community. The problem is they gradually become cynical after encountering with the older generation. I am always bashing the older Somalis. I know their behaviour is a result of the environment they were brought up, which was detrimental to the formation of their characteristics, but they must learn to cope with the changing world. Let me go back to the point I was trying to make. There are responsible young people who have a good intention of helping their community. It’s just that we often feel the impact of the irresponsible ones. The responsible ones are unaccounted for. Generally speaking the well-meaning Somali leaders in Europe and North America can’t find away to unify their cause, they always find a way to fight over insignificant things. The Somali community is in a predicament but it’s not without a hope. KEEP HOPE ALIVE BROTHER, God knows we need it.
  3. Some of you guys are true nomads, in the true sense of the word. Let me how many countries i've been to... 1. Somalia 2. Yemen( Aden, San'a) 3. Italy(Rome, Torino, Florence, Napoli) 4. U.S. (New York, Detroit) 5. Kanada
  4. Aside from HORN, everyone else blames tribalism for the ruins of our homeland. I have yet to see people presenting different stances on the shortcomings of our 'political process', if I can call it that. Tribalism was always there and our people used it for identification purposes. If we attributed all the problems to tribalism, we will be over simplifying the problem and we will be doing ourselves disservice. Tribalism is an instrument a desperate ‘politicians’ resorted to and the unfortunate thing is many of our people bought it. It seems tribe is a sole ideological victim. Endless conferences (fourteen in total) have proved to be fruitless because our ‘political leaders’ don’t seem to have adequate political ability to solve the problems at hand. Many factors can be cited for the political instability in that country. One thing I wish people in Somalia would learn is to work collectively, instead of seeing everyone as a potential enemy. Paranoia has greatly crippled our quest for a peace, to say the least.
  5. Muslim intellectuals have struggled for an answer as to how to govern a modern state. It has been a source of division for Muslims around the world. The problem is there is not elaborate framework with which to organize a government. That’s why we have been vulnerable to leaders who have used Islam to legitimize a corrupt and oppressive governments. As a result of this uncertainty many ‘Muslim’ countries now a days prescribe to some form of secularized ideology.
  6. It’s good to be ambitious but you must also face the obstacles. The trouble is how do you go about solving the problems of Somalia with Islam? How do you start this process? It is well known Somalis are not religious people. One thing they’re first and foremost is, they’re qabilist. Some people with hidden political agenda play the Islamic card, and when we hear this empty rhetoric we get all excited. The Ulema in Somalia are not even in agreement with themselves, and when you know this is the case, what the hell do you do? All I am saying is don’t discuss something you know is not going to work. Peace and stability in Somalia can be achieved but not by power hungry Criminals who created the problem in the first place, and DEFINATELY not by "wadaado" who can't even agree among themselves.
  7. I think the prospect of Afro-Americans getting compensation for the evil of slavery is very slim. The wound of slavery will always be there, but Afro-Americans should find alternative way of addressing the social problems that seems to haunt their communities across North America. Dwelling on those experiences, however evil, will do very little to help their cause.
  8. Wow qac qac I am impressed man. I never knew you were such a selfless man, a gentleman and a scholar indeed. You fed him and he didn’t think of you eh? Some people man! Was he some big ugly insatiable guy? I know another guy who is short and annoying. He talks like Hitler and hates enlightened people. We tried to include him to the civilized community but to no avail. This man refers to all the learned people as “secular or gaalo wannabes.” There’s no pleasing this guy, I guess a man can only do so much. I gave up on him of course.
  9. Rudy I will have to agree with mr. qac qaac. Learn to be cool and stop writing proper English. Qac qaac may be an unyielding nutcase in his stance but he always stresses the importance of being ‘with it’, Something Rudy would know nothing about.
  10. I smell a love tension between x quizit and khayr. what u all think.
  11. Rudy bro i thought u were with the program. get on with the program homeboy. It is a slang man, no one ever said to u WHAT THE PROBLEM IS? HOLLA BACK. u feel me... anyways i think, u r not hip. but thanks for the correction... whatttttt lol. then again this is not the topic.
  12. Libax Vladimir Lenin was not a jew. Leon Trotsky was a jew who was the leader of the red army.
  13. I think Dr. Mahatir has been misunderstood by many people. He didn't indiscriminately condemn the Jews. He said the Jews are in the position they’re in today due to economic superiority and if Muslims want to get out of this cycle of poverty and wars, they will have to do it through political and economical pressure, as oppose to suicide bombing.
  14. You could have fooled me mr. qac qaac. Why post something that long? No one is going to read it. If you're gonna post something, make sure it's your own. Don't copy and paste maaan...that's just not cool.
  15. I deserve that african! I walked right into that..lol....why did u have to be so xaasid though? Couldn't you have spared my feelings? All I can say is... be nice