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  1. Asalamu Aleikum to you all. Have u seen what I seen on Dayniile.com and Somalitalk.com To help our sick Somali kids is one thing but to show them naked private parts on the net is another. I am willing to help our needy kids and I encourage others to do the same, but I totally disagree with some of the Somali web sites who are showing and displaying our little brothers and sisters on the net naked. I wrote an article in Somali and sent to all Somali owned and operated sites protesting against this practice and I will argue to all of you to the same, imagine if that was your biological sister or brother would you allow this to happen to them, what about if that was your mother or father (remember today’s kids will be tomorrows fathers and mothers) would you allow your father or mother to be shown here naked. NO WAY. PLEASE SHARE WITH US WHAT U THING ABOUT THIS. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. JABARTI OSMAN
  2. Thanks Sister Awo for posting this interesting subject (Love), which most of Somalis misunderstood. Aniguba qadraan soo arkiyo qaarakii hodane Inaan Eebahay idin qaribin qariya laabtiina. To support your argument, if you look Ilmi's poem you will see that he didn't even got the chance to talk to her accept to fall in love with her, and this is the proof. Harka galay hurdadu way xuntee hohe maxaa i seexshay!!!! Bal inaan habaar qabo maxaa hodan i waydaarshay!!! The second poem is about when Hodan heard that Ilmi is sick because of her, she tried to visit him but he was at sleep, short after she left he woke up and he was told that Hodan had came to visit him but he missed her because of his sleep. That when he read this poem. If love is a feeling, yes he was in love and that’s what causes his death, but if love is shukaansi no that did not happened. But guys let me ask you how many couples are in Shukaansi stake but never got their destination. Love is something that we can talk about, but you can't touch love, you can't see love but you can’t feel it, and that's exactly what Mr. friend Elmi had felt. Jabarti.
  3. (Can you believe this evil and cold blooded man is from Wajir, North East , Kenya.) I wonder how many like him (her) are out there, infecting and destroying innocent life’s. PROTECTION IS THE BEST PREVENTION. BUT BEING A MUSLIM ABSTAIN TILL MARRIED IS THE BEST CHOICE THAT’S IF WE WANT TO LIVE IN HEALTH AND DIE WITH DIGNITY. JABARTI __________________________________________________ A man diagnosed with HIV has been found guilty of "callously" infecting two women with the virus in a landmark legal case. The jury at Inner London Crown Court found 37-year-old Mohammed Dica guilty of two counts of "biological" grievous bodily harm on Tuesday. Father-of-three Dica, from Mitcham, south-west London, had told police both women knew of his condition before they had sex. But the court heard he told his first victim he had undergone a vasectomy and pursued the second victim, a mother of two, repeatedly telling her he loved her and wanted her to have his children. He played with my life and he's destroyed it Dica's second victim Read the victim's story The jury of six men and six women were told that both women could be dead in 10 years. The case is believed to be the first successful prosecution in England and Wales for sexually transmitting HIV. Prosecutor Mark Gadsden told the jury that grievous bodily harm usually described a physical attack but could include psychological harm from being stalked or getting nuisance calls. He said: "He coldly and callously infected these two women." Appeal likely Judge Nicholas Philpot rejected an application for bail and a request for a psychiatric report - but said he would adjourn sentencing if further concerns were raised. He added: "If I had to sentence him today there is no doubt he would be going to prison, and for a long time." Dica, who may only have a few years to live, is planning an appeal against the verdict. His second victim, known only as Deborah, sobbed as the jury returned its verdict. Mohammed Dica is the first person to be successfully prosecuted in England and Wales for passing on the Aids virus, HIV, through sex Conviction is a landmark legal ruling She said: "He played with my life and he's destroyed it. This has been a tragic part of my life. "Not only did I find out that I had contracted HIV but also discovered that the person who gave it to me, whom I trusted and loved, had been infected for five years and devastated my life and the life of another woman with intent. "Sadly this is not over for me. "My sentence has begun but I can now move on knowing that justice has been done." Others infected Speaking after the verdict, Metropolitan Police Detective Sergeant Jo Goodall suggested Dica may have infected others. "This is a landmark case, being the first successful prosecution in England and Wales, for inflicting grievous bodily harm by infecting, in this case two victims, with a serious sexually transmittable disease, namely HIV, in over a century. "I admire the courage of the two females in coming forward with this allegation. People with HIV should feel able to disclose their HIV status without fear of rejection or discrimination Derek Bodell, National Aids Trust chief executive "I hope that the outcome of this case will encourage other victims to come forward, especially since it may well be that there are other victims of this man." Anger at verdict Derek Bodell, National Aids Trust chief executive, said: "Today's case is a tragedy for all parties. "Treating cases like this as a criminal offence will not prevent such incidents in the future, and on the contrary may be counterproductive. "People with HIV should feel able to disclose their HIV status without fear of rejection or discrimination." The HIV charity George House Trust said the case set a "dangerous and frightening precedent for all people living with HIV." In a statement it said: "Every adult has a responsibility for their own consenting sexual behaviour and for protecting themselves. "Criminalising the transmission of HIV simply puts all of the responsibility on people living with the virus. "HIV positive people already live with uncertainty, discrimination and stigma. "This court case does absolutely nothing to improve public education about HIV. It does nothing to help create an environment where people with HIV can live without discrimination." Chief executive Michelle Reid said: "This case means that people with HIV will now have to live with the fear of prosecution. "It will mean fewer people being open about their HIV status; fewer people taking HIV tests because unless you¿re HIV status is known you cannot 'knowingly' infect someone and fewer people benefiting from support and health care. "This is a dangerous step backwards to the climate of blame and ignorance of the 1980's." BBC.
  4. You want to believe you’re the exception the strong Muslimah with her hijab and humbleness while your friends walk around shamelessly but tell me what have you done today to help Allah’s religion? Did you offer a smile to that old lady you saw on your way to school this morning, or did you turn your head away and in an attempt to be humble looked as though you were arrogant instead? Did you carry on quietly showing the true meaning of hijab or did you giggle with your friends and eye that brother with the nice car? Did you stand up in class even if you were the only one to prevent al-munkar when your teacher preached homosexuality and told you we came from apes? Or did you sit quietly hating it in your heart because you know the Prophet said that is the weakest of iman, and you’re the exception, remember? Did you strive to learn something new today or settled for doing something else instead because you think you know enough and that it doesn’t matter anyway cause you’re already so much better than the rest? Did you feel anger and devastation when a calamity befell you or did you raise your hands to al-Qadir and allowed your heart to fill with sabr? And tell me, since you think you’re the exception - exception from who? The ones living in a time from which there will be very few ashabul-jannah and hoards of ashabul-jahim, tell me ya ukhti what have you done to help Allah’s religion today? If you want to believe that you’re doing all that you can then remember Sumayya who lay in the burning sun with blood flowing freely from a fatal wound yet her heart and lips overflowing with La Illahe Illalah; if you want to believe that your struggle is the most difficult then remember the wives, sisters and daughters of the ashab who fought alongside the Prophet; remember Nasiba bint K’ab who took her saber and went to fight with the Prophet when the arrow men disobeyed his orders on the battle of Uhud, remember Nasiba bint K’ab on the battle of Uhud when her son was injured remember how she took care of his wound and told him to keep on fighting, remember how the Prophet pointed out her son’s injurer and she boldly hit the mushrik across his knees causing him to kneel before her making the Prophet smile so that his molars showed, remember Nasiba bint K’ab and the fire of iman inside her heart and the hand she lost during the battle of Yamam. Remember A’isha, the mother of believers, and the pregnant Umm Sulaym who went with her husband into jihad and remained firmly with the Prophet while the Muslims fled from the battle of Hunayn, remember her fury for the sake of Allah when she asked the Prophet to kill all of those who had upon the conquer of Makkah accepted Islam but had turned away when their lives were at stake, and remember Umm Ayman who gave water to the thirsty and cared for the wounded on the battles of Uhud, Haybar, Mu’ti and Hunayn; remember all these Mujahidas and so many more true Muslimas who struggled for the cause of Allah, remember them and compare your iman and struggle to theirs not to the shells of women living today and see whether you’re truly an exception or a poor excuse for a Muslim Woman. Writen by: Unkown person Posted by: Jabarti
  5. This is very interesting article about how The Jews and their protectors America is trying to dominate the world with no respect of So called international law or unilataralism. How they hide the truth and spread lies after lies. How they manopolate our mind thru the mass media. Here the article written by Brother Mohamed Khodr Jabarti “You and Me Against the World” is the title of a wonderful romantic song by Gladys Knight and the Pips that I once enjoyed immensely. It’s a song of a love so strong that it can withstand all of the world’s pressures and disapproval. However, America (my country ‘tis of thee) and Israel’s faux paux love affair have now ruined the song for me. Tragically, hearing it now only conjures up images of hate, oppression, lies, weapons, hypocrisy, double standards, political intimidation, cowardice; the buying and selling of values, morals, and principles; a corrupt media, a naïve people being taken advantage of; and worst of all, the “ethnic cleansing” of a people from their land by an “ethnic race” that has been cleansed of all responsibility for its deliberate murder of both Christian and Muslim children in the Holy Land of Palestine.The history of the “special” relationship between Israel and America has been extensively documented by many historians and scholars, including Israeli and American Jewish scholars. Unfortunately, for the west and particularly for us Americans, these books are deliberately kept out of our bookstores and libraries – for politically “kosher” reasons. It’s the same old story of the powerful American Jewish lobby ensuring that very little, if any, truth or criticism of Israel is ever publicized. Hell hath no fury like “Israel” scorned.Given America’s downsized attention span and its lack of desire to be enlightened beyond what it’s easily spoon fed by our media, I’ll try to summarize how this detrimental binary relationship between Israel, a country of 4 million Jews, and America began, and how it defies the rest of the world’s sense of peace and justice. You see, for centuries, Christian Europe had a problem. A problem prejudicially called “The Jewish Problem.” European Christians didn’t like the exclusivity of Jews, their lack of assimilation and withdrawal into their religious and social world, their strange language and customs, and of course, there’s that “Christ Killers” charge. So, over time, they persecuted and killed the Jews – their acts culminating in the horrors of the Holocaust.Escaping Jews found peace, freedom, respect, and sanctuary in the (ready for this, America?) “Islamic” world. There, they prospered in all fields like never before – to the point that the famous Jewish physician/theologian/philosopher, Moses Maimonedes, served as the personal physician to Saladin. Europe had only two ways to deal with its people “problems” – either kill undesirable elements or export them. Thus, Europeans formulated the idea of “Zionism” which was later adopted and developed by Theodore Herzl as a political ideology to export the Jews to Palestine. Although the concept of Zionism was adopted by secular European Jews, the majority of the world’s Jewry, particularly Orthodox Jews, rejected Zionism on political and religious grounds. After World I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, England and France divided “their” Middle East into crude countries and borders. Palestine was taken by England to counter French influence. Under Jewish pressure and England’s desire to curry favor with American Jews in order to draw America into World War II, Lord Balfour, England’s Foreign Minister, wrote a letter of 68 words to a rich Jew, Lord Rothschild, in which he supported the establishment of “a” Jewish homeland in Palestine as long as all non-Jews were taken care of. After WWII, America became the dominant western power. As well, the Holocaust had cemented, into the psyche of every westerner, the horrors of Jews being murdered. The world was motivated to “finally settle these Jews in Palestine.” Harry Truman, to curry favor with New York’s Jews in his election (a pattern that has been followed since then; most recently, by the newest Islamophobe, Hilary Clinton), pressured the U.N. to adopt a resolution approving the Balfour Declaration and a plan to partition Palestine into two separate states – one for the Jews and the other for the Palestinians. To this day, the Jews are shocked at why the Palestinians didn’t simply agree to the idea of partition, “which could have settled the matter peacefully forever.” Here’s JEWISH logic for you: the Palestinians should have accepted that foreign powers thousands of miles away, because of two pieces of paper and their own domestic politics, gave the Jews (a very small population) the right to take 56% of their home (actually, the best part of the house) while they, the owners of the house (a larger population), were given the “right” to keep 44% of their home (and the worst part). Obviously, if the Palestinians had only accepted that agreement, we wouldn’t be fighting today. But no, they refused. So, the Jews took advantage of their greater military strength and took even more land, another 22% of the house. Now, the Palestinians are living on only 22% of their original land. Of course, the world becomes angered by this injustice – after they’ve just given the Jews a land they never had. So the U.N. starts protesting and passing resolution after resolution saying, “You can’t do that.” But, you see, Jews have an “ace” in the Security Council. It’s Uncle Sam-uel. The American Jews make sure that no President, no Congressman, no media, no Hollywood, no publishing company – in short, no words – ever leak to the American people about the truth of how the Zionist Jews have massacred poor Palestinians, wiping 500 villages from the map, destroying every mosque and church (yes, church, there are Palestinian Christians), and expelling 800,000 Palestinians from their homes, on foot, into refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, and neighboring Arab countries. Instead, let’s make romantic movies about the Jews… let’s publish Exodus… let’s begin the Greatest Story Never Told campaign to ensure that Israel is forever perceived as right and good, and that Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims are perceived as bad. You see, we Americans like things simple and direct. Just tell me what to believe. From then on, the power of the American Jews has grown and grown, and they have become bolder in their lies. And wait… they were still greedy for the rest of the house. In 1967, they launched a preemptive war against the Palestinians (and Arabs) so that they now occupy the entire house – 100% of the Palestinian’s homeland. That ended any sense of freedom, justice, peace, dignity, right to seek a livelihood and an education, and freedom of movement – any sense of a home for the Palestinians. All of Palestine was now under Israel’s military control and occupation. The historical, geographic, and demographic hijacking, erasure and eradication of Palestine was complete. No other historical precedent exists in which a people’s home has been physically eradicated, and totally transformed into the home of an invading race. A total transformation accomplished with remarkable blitzkrieg under the sponsorship and support of “my country; land of liberty; of thee I sing.” The United Nations Security Council drew a “line in the sand” when it adopted U.N. Resolutions 242 and 338 demanding that Israel withdraw its occupation from the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Of course, this is Israel – not Iraq. U.N. resolutions are meaningless, even when they are introduced by the U.S. Hence, dear America, you’ve become the “sucker” for anything Jewish and Israeli. What began for America as an emotionally sympathetic adoption of Israel after the Holocaust has now become our being victims of an overwhelmingly intimidating force that doesn’t permit our government, media, nor our citizens the opportunity to think about or question U.S. policy toward Israel. No one dares call Israel bad for killing babies with weapons paid for by our tax dollars. Yes, our tax dollars. Every Israeli has received over $22,000 from every American citizen since 1949 – to the tune of $150 billion. Couldn’t you use that money for your kid’s college tuition? In fact, we’re sending a ve ry rich country – richer than most European countries and richer than most U.S. states – about one third of all our aid to the world. That’s like me sending Bill Gates a welfare check every month. But do you think our cowardly Congress will ever stop this aid? Not in your life – if they know what’s good for them. Anyone who has dared question the aid sent to Israel only drives rich Jewish organizations to work to defeat them in the next election – like Senators Fulbright and Percy. A lesson not lost on any of our politicians. What this means is that 5 million American Jews - less than two percent of our population – actually dictate and formulate our foreign policy to protect Israel at every turn. Forget the bunk that this is ANTI-SEMITISM (I am a Semite). This is AMERICAN PATRIOTISM. This is standing up for the American values of freedom, self-determination, justice and human rights for all people; in this case, the Palestinian people. While Israel, for the last ten weeks, has been killing Palestinian children daily, launching air and sea attacks on Palestinian homes at night, destroying farm land and uprooting olive trees, starving Palestinian civilians with closures, and even firing on ambulances (all of this is documented by every international human rights organizations and by the United Nations), our media and our shameful politicians, from Clinton to Albright to Congress, is portraying Israel as being “besieged” by stones, with its very survival in question. That’s also the usual BUNK. Israel has the world’s fourth largest army and owns nuclear weapons – all of which they either received or stole from us as well as sell to our enemies. Israeli LOGIC: we are the victims because their stones hurt our feelings – yet we’ve killed over 300 of them and wounded 13,000, while only 25 of us are dead. Please, somebody, help them with a massive Prozac shower.It never fails that, whenever the United Nations General Assembly which includes almost all of the world’s nations, takes up the Palestinian issue, the entire world votes to condemn Israel while the only two countries voting against its resolutions are – you guessed – AMERICA and ISRAEL. According to Israeli logic, the entire world is ANTI-SEMITIC and hates Israel. I wonder why. And why, by extension, the entire world hates America?Does that explain why the world is up in arms against us – killing our military and diplomatic personnel, committing terrorist acts against Americans, burning our flag, wanting to boycott our products, even wanting to go to war against us? All because we’re DUMB enough and cowardly enough to succumb to America’s powerful Jewish lobby? Is this our country or what? American Jews enjoy unparalleled success here in every field. You can’t turn on a TV news program without seeing an American Jewish “expert” speaking on Islam – or on any other subject. Are there no Muslims in this country, no Catholics, no Protestants, no African Americans, no Native Americans, and no Cubans, etc., qualified to speak on topics that impact them? Our own Senate has 11 Jewish Senators without a single Black, Hispanic, or Muslim Senator. Maybe that’s why the world considers our Congress a rubber stamp body for Israel’s Knesset (parliament). Our newspapers should be renamed from the New York Times and Washington Post to the Tel Aviv Times and Post.To be fair, there are many American, European and Israeli Jews who understand the paradox of a country that was founded following the Holocaust, and Judaism that has become a military killing machine of Palestinians civilians. Unfortunately, they are like you and me – intimidated or relegated to the sidelines and unable to reach our media or politicians. Israel does NOT represent ALL Jews – nor does it represent Judaism. It’s simply an extension of European imperialism and expansionism that sells itself as a “strategic friend and ally” to the west, and that is serving as the west’s “colony” in a hostile world – first against Communism and, now, against the greater evil, “Islamic Fundamentalism.”Whether we like it or not, my fellow Americans, Israel’s song of “YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD” lacks political, economic, or military sense. Israel is a liability, in the Middle East, to us and to the Islamic world. It truly is America’s “Achilles Heel.” It makes no sense that our loyalty should be with one nation consisting of four million people in lieu of our relationships with 60 Islamic nations that consist of 1.3 billion people in total. We are sending Israel money while all those countries are giving us money through purchasing our products. Europe, Russia, China, and Japan support the Palestinians and enjoy good business with the Islamic world while we won’t even ask Israel why it bombed and killed our sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967. Our Congress funds the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. while denying funds to our WWII Veteran’s Memorial. That is outrageous. Our loyalty to Israel is detrimental to our values, economy, sense of justice and national interest. Clinton and his Jewish foreign policy team want to send $480 million in military emergency aid to Israel so that they can replenish the bullets and rockets that they have used to tear through Palestinian flesh. We may be drawn into or end up paying for a war that we don’t want or need because of Israel’s military aggressions – and its unmatched influence on our government and institutions. Our sons and daughters are already dying in the Middle East because of Israel. Many more will die if we don’t act firmly with Israel, and end this conflict by demanding the enactment of U.N. Resolution 242, based on peace for Israel and justice for the Palestinians, that America introduced in 1967 and that Israel has thumbed its nose at since. If we don’t, America won’t have peace and security. Our children will continue to die and our economy will suffer. Don’t just sit there, my friend. Tell Congress what Rabin said in the White House in 1993: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” For me, I’m mad as hell and I can’t take this anymore. Can you?
  6. Facts: -Today, there are many types of infections that are spread through sex. -These infections are called Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD. -Some are easily cured, but others can seriously damage your health. -They can affect your ability to have children and can cause cancer. -There is no cure for STD’s like warts, herpes or HIV. -In Canada, a teenager is nine times more likely to get an STD than adult (30-39). -The birth control pill protects against pregnancy, not STD. -Use the pill and the condom together to protect you against STD and pregnancy. TYPES OF STD: -Chlamydia -Gonorrhea -Vaginitis /vaginal discharge -Yeast infection -Trichomoniasis -Bacterial vaginosis -Pubic lice and scabies -Genital herpes -Genital warts (HPV) -Hepatitis b -Syphilis -HIV/AIDS SYMPTOMS: (People with STD may or may not have any symptoms.) -Different or heavier discharges from the vagina. -Burning feeling when urinating (peeing). -Sores or itching, particularly in the genital or anal areas -Appearance of a rash. CATCHING STD: -Having unprotected sex. -Your partner has or has had an STD. -You have a new sex partner or multiple partners. -You share needles for drugs, body piercing or tattoos. STD CAN BE SPREAD IN MANY WAYS. It is usually spread through sex because the bacteria or viruses travel in the semen, the vaginal fluids and blood. Saliva or spit can Sometimes spread STD if you have a tiny cut in or around your mouth. Coming in contact with infected blood on needles and syringes can also spread STD. A women infected with STD can pass it to her baby during the pregnancy or at childbirth. There is no vaccination against STD except in the case of Hepatitis B and condoms although they can protect you most of the time, can also break or not be sufficient if not put on properly. PREVENTION: -If you decide to become sexually active or thinking about it remember always use a condom at all times, do not give in to pressure. -Because knowledge is power, read more about STD’s and inform yourself. -Take your health at heart and take care of yourself. -Communicate with your partner, inform him to about STD. -Choose one sex partner instead of multiple partners. BUT THE BEST PROTECTION IS STILL ABSTINANCE!!!!!! Protection is the best prevention Allah told us in the Quran that we shouldn’t even be near to (sinna) or unlawful sex whether we know the person that we are having sex with or not. Remember the Hadith of the prophet Mohamed Aleihi Salam: “O youths whoever can afford should get marry, if you can’t then you should fast, because it lower your gaze and reduce your sexual desire” Please and please brothers and sisters don’t loose your life for 3 minutes. I guess you know what I mean. I have seen a healthy looking Somali bro and sisters who are (HIV) positive. They are with us, among us with a mission that is to spreading the desease for whatever reason. Posted by: Bro. Jabarti [ September 02, 2003, 02:01 AM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  7. NOW THAT I AM BIT OLDER AND WISER By: Mr. X This story is about of my best friend, he is young and talented brother, he has creative skills, he write poems and produce drama plays, he is natural born leader. He doesn’t know that I am posting this article but what I will do is that I will not mention his real name since he doesn’t like his name to be mentioned here or anywhere else, but the story is true, its about his life, yesterday and today. I hope this story will help a lot of our young brothers and sisters who are going thru similar experience. Soomaalida waxay dhahdaa (geel laba jir soo wada mar) (rag labaatan jir buu ku balamay) etc… This story is exceptional one, it talks about a young Somali man who ran from his war turned country to find peace, education, hope and good future but found himself in a country where he know little about its culture, religion, weather, people and its system. He left behind his mother, sisters, brothers, and his father died in crossfire in Mogadishu. Without any further introduction here is the story told by Mr. X himself. Enjoy it… Jabarti. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now that I am bit older and wiser, I've learned that life's tribulations that hit you like patches of dark night will only make you stronger. They say success is the journey, and what a journey I have been through. Born and raised in a small village in Somalia, I was a happy little kid with no problems and no worries. I use to dream of sitting on top of a mountain drinking milk and tea, having trees filled with fruits and flowers surrounding me, singing with birds and butterflies in beautiful harmony. But the big oak tree that I played under never told me the journey that lied ahead. The green grass, and the rhythmic pattern of the far away hills, and even the soothing feeling of a cool African night all told me lies of a life, they painted pretty and nice. In search of a better life and a vision of prosperity my family moved to Mogadishu. But like fire to propane hatred ignited a civil war that exploded in all directions. My journey has now taken its first steps, and even if I tried I couldn't stop it. With a blink of an eye my world was covered in darkness. Memories will not allow me to forget the day that I got lost and in my search my father died in the crossfire. My virgin eyes were not ready to see the sight of blood let alone my father's dead body. The journey has now turned bitter. I couldn't find my mother and my siblings. And my mind now and then on its own puts the image of my father in front of my eyes. And with each image I realize that taking his presence for granted was wrong, cause ever since the good Lord took him my nights became so long, days filled with laughter became so sad, and I can't seem to forget the good times that we had. Now I am on my own, pain rips at my heart with its claws trying to expose my soul. I scream out in anger, pain, and sorrow, but darkness chokes every ray of hope. My grief spills out upon the earth as endless as this journeys it self. I wandered the streets like a wild animal, eat other people's trash and slept in a battle zone. I survived by saluting those at night that band and loot. At this point if I had known the path my life Was heading towards I would have ended things a while ago; I hated waking up in the morning and prayed every night to remain asleep. So badly I craved to end the misery. If success was the journey, I'd rather not be successful at all. I was found by an organization for homeless children who set me up with a Somali family. They brought me over to Canada, and kicked me out my first year. They said I was grown and that it was time for me to take care of myself. Too many things in my life turned out to good to be true, every time something felt perfect things got in the way. I was all-alone again. But this time the journey throws me off a cliff and left me to die. I joined a gang for reasons you will never understand, and got addicted to drugs. I became violent and never really cared too much about anything as long as I had my knife by my side. I kept on playing a game in which the rules kept changing on me. I was in and out of jail with no goals or Ambitions. I went through a constant battle between good and bad and at the end of each day it seemed like evil had claimed another victory. You and I both know that sometimes you lose yourself in this world and your shadow deepens even more left only with endless distractions, intellectual dialogues that go nowhere and a suffocating reasoning of what is right and what is wrong. I was singing a sad song that nobody heard but me. And like a bird locked in a cage, I put on a fake smile so people wouldn't know the hell that I was living. My weak heart at times made it hard to breathe and my lost soul found comfort in sadness. It’s truly beyond me why I put myself in harms away again and again but at this point of the journey I was in too deep. I always felt however, that this life style was not my destiny and that I had one foot in greatness. I had a heart darkened by a journey but ready to love again. I read in a book once that said: " Love made a body of dust soar above the heavens, It even excited the mountains and they danced, The intense love of the beloved descended On the lover with same intoxicating influence That caused a man to fall down fainting." And in haste I forgot that this love requires growing. Instead sadness engulfed my heart and tears broke open like a dam, pouring out through channels I never knew existed. I cried a thousand tears but with each tear had a thousand wishes. And like a full moon in a clear night it finally dawns on me that things in my life had to change for my survival. Like my friend said, I was no longer going to let my life be subservient to street predicaments, my success was eminent. So I got up and dusted myself off. I found strength in my beliefs and inspiration in my father. My faith became strong like the pyramids and deep like the river Nile. And finally my anguished soul found the answers to its questions. The long journey has now come full circle, I went back to high school and graduated, and I'm getting married in two years with a year left in University. I work to support my mother and siblings whom I have found and are back home. I have come to the understanding that in life the hand you play is dealt to you by your creator, my better judgement opened up my heart and eradicated my sadness. Something deep in my soul tells me that I am going to make the right choices from now on. "For whom ever God (Allah) guides non can lead astray and whom ever God (Allah) leads astray non can guide." (Prayer) I have surrounded myself with righteous people who with a cacophony of voices whisper harmony and goodness into my soul. I found hope in prayer and all of a sudden I don't feel alone anymore. Never should I forget the actions that destroyed what my heart achieved or the images that covered what soul believed. I have hurdle over obstacles and ran through fear. I can now look the world in the eyes and say. "You may look at me with your evil eyes, you may manipulate me with your wicked lies but just like Mayo Angelo I still rise." I said: Now that I am bit older and wiser, I've learned that life's tribulations that hit you like patches of dark night will only make you stronger By. My best friend Mr. X Posted by. Jabarti [ September 02, 2003, 01:57 AM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  8. Sheeko Soomaali ayaa waxay leedahay, dhurwaa ay gaajo ku cagaaratay ayaa wuxuu arkay daanyeer siisocda oo daba guduudan, markaas ayaa wuxuu yidhi "Ragna hilib ayay la yihiin ragna dabaday ku war-warteen" My point is that, there are some people here on earth who can't find a right person to marry, where as some others are marrying on space. what a different world. Jabarti Couple Says "I Do" In First Ever Space Marriage The bride poses with a cardboard cutout of her husband WASHINGTON, August 11 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) - The bride, in a sleeveless white gown, had her feet firmly planted on the ground. The groom, in a blue flight suit with black bowtie, was almost over the moon. When a judge pronounced them man and wife they blew each other kisses across the ether, in a ceremony being touted as the first wedding to be celebrated between Planet Earth and space, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported Monday, 11 August. The groom, Russian cosmonaut Yury Malenchenko, was aboard the orbiting International Space Station, hurtling some 400 kilometers (240 miles) above New Zealand, during the ceremony Sunday afternoon, August 10. His bride, 27-year-old Yekaterina Dmitriyeva, was in an auditorium at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas that had been decorated to look like a wedding chapel. "My favorite moment was when the judge read the poem and when I got to read my poem to Yuri and just feeling the whole moment of it," the radiant brunette with gold star glitter in her hair told reporters at her wedding reception at a nearby restaurant. "It was so cool. It was just straight to the heart. I almost wept," she said. "As Yuri is the furthest away, we are the closest because of the communication that we have," she said. While guests enjoyed smoked salmon and borscht, she posed for pictures with a life-sized cardboard cutout of her new husband. "It was a celestial, soulful connection that we have," she added. Malenchenko and his best man, U.S. astronaut Edward Lu, participated via video, appearing on a huge screen in front of the wedding party and some 200 invited guests. Lu played a wedding march on a keyboard he brought to the space station as Dmitriyeva marched down the aisle on the arm of a family friend standing in for the Russian cosmonaut. The two space compatriots had also arranged to have a wedding ring and tailcoat delivered on a supply vessel to the ISS, where they are on a six-month tour. Malenchenko, 41, proposed to Dmitriyeva in December before blasting off for the ISS in April. The two decided they couldn't wait for his October return to tie the knot. Texas law allows a marriage to be celebrated when one of the parties is absent for valid reasons - usually because they are in the military or in prison. The couple plans to hold a second, firmly earthbound wedding in a church in Russia when Malenchenko returns to Earth in October, and then spend their honeymoon in Australia.
  9. Dear brothers and sisters, There is Arabic saying, which goes like this: "Laa Shukran Alal Waajib". Which can roughly be translated to "No thanks or complement to normal duties or ones service." Therefore, what I had done was not an extraordinary rather its something that I been or was doing for the past 10 years. I love my people, I love them to succeed in both lives, and I especially try to help the youth and the young kids since they are the only future of our community here in N.America or even to some extend, to rebuild and reclaim our motherland “Somalia”. Most of our youth are accompanied by single mother, with no father or in some cases no elder brother, therefore what they need is a father figure, they need someone to look upto, and they need a good role models, (someone like you and me). Those of you who are like my age late 20s or early 30s can be the best role models to our youngsters since we were born and raised in Somali, since we know our culture, religion, and values, since we know both cultures namely Somali and N.American one, we can bridge the gap b/w our youth and their parents (intergenerational conflict), youth and the mainstream society, youth and police, and youth and school administrations. . In my conclusion I thank all of those brothers and sisters who read the article, lets this be the beginning of good and bright future of ours, lets share and exchange our thoughts, dreams and most of all our experience. Each and everyone has a potential and talent, lets put our efforts and energy together and help our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and elders of our community we are the mind, the power and the future of Somali whether in Canada, America, Europe or back home. Thanks to all of you for your good heart, faith and the complement, I am humble brother who was just doing his job toward his community, I done my share now it’s yours. Special thanks to Brother Libaxsankataable, !!!!! Keep up the good work libaax and the other moderators, Somalia Online is the best Somali site. “By youth for youth” Sincerely, Jabarti. Jabarti2020@hotmail.com
  10. I am proud to be Somali, I seen my nation unified, I grow up there, went to school, spend my childhood with my nieghbors regardless of their tribal affiliation. What we are going thru is normal proccess for every nation, look first and II world war in Europe, Americal Civil War, look at them now , regardless of their ethnicity, or raligion they put their diferences a side and unified by their National Interest. Look at us, we are a nation of one raligion, race, ethinic, and Language, etc yet we are divided..... divided by what !!!!!???? Those who faught and died for our nation and its freedom were youth like u and me, did u ever ask yourself what u can do for your nation but not what your nation can do for u. Its about the time we took our role in our society, our people needs us, our nation is crying for help from its youth (U and M). If we cant do that much now lets atleast celebrate our National Day with PRIDE. Jabarti Osman
  11. Sorry for those brothers and sisters who can read and write Somali, I guess its about the time for you to learn your mother tongue (Somali language), because you are missing the richness and the sweetness of Somali language. HESHIIS NABADEEDKA PUNTLAND WAA TUSAALE KU DAYASHO MUDAN!!! Hardan iyo is afgarwaa sababay gacan ka hadal dhimasho iyo dhaawac sababay kadib waxaa Sidaan dhamaan maqalnay ka dhacay heshiis aad loogu farxay deegaanmada la magac baxay Puntland, heshiiskaasi wuxuu dhexmaray labada garab ee ay kala hogaaminayaan Cabdulahi Yusuf iyo Cadde Muse. Dadka siyaasadaha raac-raacaa waxay leeyihiin khilaafkani waa mid aan kasoo bilaaban oo keliya is afgaranwaaga ama garabmarka qaanuunka puntland oo dadka badankiis ay fahamsanyihiin inay tahay shayga keliya oo dhaliyay khilaafka deegaankaasi ka dhacay. Raga meesha ku hardamay waa ruug cadaayo wakhti wakhtiyada ka mida isku saf ahaa amaba kula jiray labadii maamul ee midina ahaa kii ina Siyad midina ahaa kii Kulmis ee ka soo horjeeday keligiis taliyahaasi. Waxii doonaaba sal ha u ahaatee waxaa xaqiiqa in raga meesha ku hardamay ay khadiyadu ama arinku ka gaartay meel kharaar maadaama ayba gaartay gacanka hadal iyo dhiig daata. Intii khilaafkani jiray waxaa waanwaan nabadeed isku dayay guddiyo badan oo Isimo iyo waxgaradba leh , dhamaanse way ku guulaysan waayeed isku soo dhawaynta labada dhinac, midba kan kale ayuu eeda iyo inuu fidmada ka danbeeyay ka dhigay, meesha uu isaguna iska dhigayay midka keliya ee xaqa ku taagan oo qaanuunka waafaqsan. Laba ilaa sadexgoor dagaalo dhacay oo dhimaso iyo dhaawacba keensaday kadib, waxaa guddiyadii iyo ragii isku dayay nabadda ay gaareen quus ay aamineen in aan wax xal nabadeed lagaari karin maadaama dhiig daatay raguna meelxun kala gaaray, laakiin ragaasi sama kataliska ahaa waxay ilaaween in “Allah” dhiniciisa ay wax kastaa ka suurto gali karaan, wax aan dhici karina ay agtiisa ku fududahay inay dhacdo, taasi ayaanan ku fasiri karaa heshiis nabadeedka ee maanta la isku gacma saaray deegaamada Puntland. Degaankan Puntland waa goob ay wada degaan dad isir , degaan, dhaqan, dhiig iyo dhiilo wadaagba ah, waa meeshii keli ahayd ee ka badbaaday in dhiig ku daato ama dagaalo sokeeye ka dhacaan marka laga reebo xasuuqii Keligii taliyihii Ina Siyad Barre uu u 80 tameeyadii u gaystay deegaamadaas. Dhiig daadasho la’aantaasina waxaa marka koowaad mahadeeda leh Allah marka xigana shacabka reer Puntland oo ah shacab fahamsan nolosha qiimaheeda, dhibaatada dagaalka,iyo iinta iyo aanadu waxa ay keeni karto. Iyadoon aan wax maamul ahi jirin ayaa deegaamadaani samaysteen xeer hoosaad ah in qofkii qof dila la soo qabto hadii uu gardaro dilkaasi ku dhacayna la dilo gacan ku dhiiglaha, taas ayay ahayd wixii kala nabadgeliyay malaayiinta ruux ee ku sugan deegaamadaasi. Waxaa mucjiso ahayd in meel aan ciidan Booliis, dowlad , iyo maxkamadi ka jirin laga hirgeliyo oo la dabakho sharcigaas isaga ah, sida xaqiiqdu tahayna waxaa dhacday in tobanaan goor gacankudhiigle baxsaday ay beeshisu ama qabiilkiisu amaba xataa walaalihiis soo qabtaan oo gacanta u soo geliyaan cidii wax laga dilay si ay xadkooda uga gutaan, mucjisoonyinka deegaamadaan ka dhacay waxaa ka mid ah in markii qaar ka mid ah gacan ku dhiiglayaashan loo soo gacangeliyay cidii wax laga dilay ay cafiyeen oo ku bedesheen mag ama diyo, taasi oo ku tusinaysa naxariista iyo isjacaylka ka dhexeeya walaalaha reer Puntland inuu yahay mid aan wax dhaawici kara ama fidmo dhexdhigi karaa jirin oo aad u jeedid in xataa meesha ugu kharaar hadii xaajadu gaarto oo dhiig daato ay diyaar shacabkaasi u yihiin in ay wanaag iyo maxabo ku khatimaan khilaafka iyo dhibka. Nin diidi kara in dhibaato dhacday ma jiro, nin inkiri kara in dhiig daatay ama khilaaf dhacayna ma jiro, laakiin ciriiri kasta fudayd ayaa ku xiga, dhibkastana waxaa daba taal dheef. Soomalidu waxay tiraahdaa (nin sar muraayad ku jirow dhagax ha tuurin) sababtuna tahay barwaaqadii , ganacsigii, isdhex mushaaxii, shaah wada cabkii, kaftankii, isa sooryayntii , iyo samihii reer Puntland lagu yiqiinay waxaa gilgilay oo xoogay yare hakiyay khilaafkii deegaamadaasi ka dhacay, laakiin iyada lafteedu waxaan filayaa inay inoo ahayd darsin oranaya (dagaal wiil ku dhinta mooyee wiil kuma dhaso) . Waxaa heshiiskani tusaale u yahay dhamaan shacabka Soomaaliyeed gaar ahaana meelaha weli sida maalaayacniga ah loogu daadinayo dhiiga daahirka ah ee dadka Muslim,maatada iyo maxaysatada aan awooda lahayn ee Soomaaliyeed, kuwaasoo ah caruur, dumar iyo waayeel, sida Muqdisho, Kismayo, Baydhabo, Caabudwaaq, iwm. Heeshiskani waa darsin wuxuuna darsin u yahay nimanka hortaagan midnimada Soomali wayn, nimanka aan u aabayeelayn shacabka Soomaaliyeed, nimanka caruurahooda dibadaha gaystay si ay tacliin, caafimaad iyo amni u helaan dadka kale caruurahoodana gumaada, waxay darsin u tahay kuwa kala qoqobay shacabka isu hiloobay ee walaalaha ah kuwaan oon kala maarmin sida gacmaha mataanaha ah ee bidix iyo midig. Shacabka reer Puntland waa kuwii horseedka weligood u ahaan jiray midnimada , xoriyada iyo xaq udirirka Soomaali wayn, hadaba maanta waxay muujiyeen wax ku dayasho lagu faano leh, oo ah NABAD IYO NOLOL, taasina waa tan keliya ee looga bixi karo dhibka maanta dalkeena iyo dadkeena Soomaaliyeedba haysta. Waxay leeyahay GUUL HESHIISKA PUNTLAND, GUUL MIDNIMADA IYO WADA JIRKA SOOMAALIYEED. Gabagebadii waxaan tahniyad u dirayaa Cuqaasha, Isimada ama Guurtida ka soo shaqaysay heshiiskan sida Boqor Buurmadow iyo Suldaan Saciid, sidoo kale waxaan hanbalyo iyo mahadba u dirayaa kuwa aqbalay heshiiskan kana tanaasulay mowqifyo ama mabaadi adag oo ay aaminsanaayeen , iyagoo ka doorbiday ama fahmay qiimaha nolosha iyo nabadu ay leedahay. Ugu danbaystii Hishiiskani waa mid taariikhda ka galay baal dahab ah. Allah waxaan ka baryayaa inuu ka dhigo mid hirgala , lagu baraaro oo lagu barwaaqoobo. Inta garatayna guul inta aan garana Allah ha garansiiyo. Jabarti M. Aw-Osman
  12. Mad cow madness Waxaa la yaab leh in aduunka oo dhan gaar ahaana (Canada)ay ka qaylinaayaan laba xanuun oo lakala yiraahdo MAD COW AND SARS. Labadaan xanuun soomaaliya waa laga heli jiray mid lo’da ayuu ku dhici jiray oo waali jiray, kadib waa la qalan jiray oo hilinkiisa la cuni jiray (that’s why u see lot of Somalis who are experiencing Mad Cow sydroms) sidoo kale SARS ama waxa aan u Soomaaliya uga aqoon jirnay SAAR wuxuu ku dhici jiray Islaamaha Soomaalida, laakiin umay dhiman jirin, xanuunsan jirin balse waxay ka qaadi jireen fudayd iyo inay break dance ku dheelaan meelaha SAARKA lagu tumo, (in other words it was like Somali Senior night club). Hadaba, we Somalis have a lot to offer to our Canadian neighbors who are experiencing this new and threatening health problems. Aaway reer Barigii SAARKA tumi jiray !!!!!!! Jabarti!!! Picking his wife up at the airport in Calgary just two days after the revelation that a Canadian cow had tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), Jack Daines sure was surprised when he came upon the full-color photo of his livestock auction yard splashed across the front page of a national newspaper. The shot seemed to be accompanying a foreboding headline, one that worried about the economic fallout that awaited Canada in the wake of the discovery of a single mad cow infection (BSE's more colloquial name). Funny, says Daines, because the reality in southern Alberta, the heartland of Canadian beef production, and at his Innisfail Auction Market, is business as usual. "All the media are calling me, and they want me to say we're all sitting around bawling," says Daines. "The rural people that live in the agricultural sector, it didn't even faze them. Feeder cattle, bulls that I couldn't get $1,500 for a week ago, were getting $1,800 to $2,000 on Wednesday. Mad cow did not affect our sale one bit. It's a nothing deal to the people that are actually close to the thing." But with the American market now shut--the ultimate destination of more than 60% of Albertan beef--the cattle headed for feedlots and not the slaughter are the hotter item at Daines' auction these days: they won't be table-ready 'til sometime in the fall, and bidders are betting things will be back to normal by then. Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has assured his constituents, who comprise 70% of feed cattle production, that the bans now in place in the US, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and New Zealand will likely be lifted in less than two weeks, a prediction even Daines calls overly optimistic. And the repercussions are likely to linger much longer than that. Never mind the terrifying example of Britain, where the $6.5-billion industry all but collapsed after a BSE epidemic in the late-'90s, with sales plummeting 70% and 20 countries banning British beef. There's almost no chance Canada is facing an epidemic of that proportion. But even with minor incidences, the aftershocks can be disastrous: in 2001, McDonald's suffered an 80% drop in profits in Japan, with only seven recorded cases of BSE. Sales have yet to recover. Meanwhile, retailers of Canadian beef will be forced to find alternative sources in the short term. "If it goes on too long, it will jeopardize our market share," says Dave Chatters, MP for Athabasca and a former cattle rancher, "because the US market will bring in beef from other places to replace the Canadian beef." While the animal production industry accounts for 0.4% of Canada's GDP, the ripple effects of BSE could be substantial. The Alberta Beef Producers estimates the industry, directly and indirectly, contributes a total of $15 billion to the economy. The beef cattle industry in this country accounts for almost 400,000 jobs, and within days of the US ban one abattoir in Guelph, Ont., announced it was laying off 75 workers. Canada is a world leader in the sale of breeding cattle, bull semen and embryos worldwide. At this very moment, due to China's ban on Canadian genetic cattle products, $20 million in orders for genetic product is at risk, says Herb McLane, executive vice-president of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council. Canadian tourism, already reeling from SARS and weakened by a falling US dollar, will suffer too, as it did in Britain, where scares like BSE and foot and mouth disease sank tourism as much as 20% in 2001. Canada is still dealing with the economic fallout from the last time this happened, says McLane. That was in 1993, when, much like this incident, one cow in Red Deer was diagnosed with BSE. The animal was an import from the UK, so Canadian officials were able to fairly say the problem was not a domestic one--BSE is not thought to be contagious. And that was before scientists had made a link between human consumption of infected beef and the risk of contracting variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a lethal brain-wasting illness that has killed roughly 134 people worldwide. That didn't stop the European Union from banning Canadian cattle--permanently. "We've never been able to restore fully our exports of cattle back to the EU," says McLane. "We did for a few years, and then the Europeans came out a few years ago with what they deemed a BSE risk assessment and canceled the importation of all Canadian and US cattle and embryos." It's probably a safe bet that, like virtually all European agricultural policies, that decision was heavily influenced by economic nationalism. But that may be one of the big unseen threats of the current cock-up: it puts Canada at the mercy of its markets and provides a convenient pretext for foreign farmers to hobble an increasingly dominant competitor that has, even recently, had an advantage in an attractive exchange rate. In 2001, while US market share of beef exports to Asia and Mexico declined 6.4%, Canada's grew 4.4%. This country is now the third-biggest beef exporter in the world, behind the US and Australia. It was little surprise then when Aussie agricultural minister Warren Truss told reporters in May that the Albertan find could "open up marketing opportunities for Australia." Canada itself has been blamed for mixing mad cow with politics. In 2001, the Liberal government was accused of unjustly banning beef imports from Brazil following their delay in providing documentation on animals imported from Europe. Only after Brazil--convinced the embargo was an economic cheap shot driven by an ongoing trade dispute between Bombardier and its own aircraft manufacturer Embraer--threatened all-out trade war did Canada agree to lift its barrier after three weeks. As it is, the US market is already feeling a lot less warm to Canadian goods than usual. The Bush administration has shown itself to be less committed to free trade than its neo-conservative credentials might otherwise suggest. From softwood lumber to Canadian wheat, Canucks have had plenty of obstacles, thanks to the White House's willingness to bend to lobby groups. The US is already implementing its controversial "country-of-origin" legislation, drafted as part of last year's farm bill and scheduled to become law in 2004. It will force meatpackers to clearly label the origin of all beef products at the supermarket, ostensibly because some American shoppers would prefer to buy local. And while Canadian ranchers are virtually subservient to US buyers, the Americans can probably get by just fine without us, since our meat comprises only 5% of US consumption. Our own government's churlishness toward the Bush administration over Iraq, meanwhile, may have ruined any hope of winning special breaks from our biggest export market. But some pretty major US-based packers have big operations in Alberta, and you can bet they'll be bending over backward to help us get those borders open again. In the end, acrobatics may be what's called for. Realistically, everyone in the know would admit that, much like Canada's run-in with SARS, the mad cow plague is more an incredible stroke of bad luck than the result of a vigilance gap with the US. Ruminant-to-ruminant feeding (a dainty name for feeding animal remains to cattle for protein, once widely practised in the UK and widely blamed for the BSE outbreak there) has never been popular here or in the US, due to the availability of cheap grazing land and grain feed. Health Canada's regimens for beef inspection exceed World Health Organization standards, but both Canada and the US test only a tiny fraction of their cattle populations for BSE. (Since 1993, Canada has checked 10,000 cows out of a population of more than 13 million.) "We consider both countries to be inadequate," says Jean Halloran, director of the Consumer Policy Institute, an advocacy group in Yonkers, NY. The only way to ensure safe beef, she argues, is to follow the European model of testing every cow at slaughter after it reaches a certain age--something that has rooted out a lot more BSE cases than were initially suspected. "Of course, that occasioned a new round of concern from consumers," she says. "But that's the price of long-term security." Halloran may get her wish if domestic producers hope to convince beef importers it's safe to buy Canadian again. And that's assuming the problem gets no bigger than it already is, with just one cow infected out of more than three million processed annually. Americans are in an extremely defensive mood these days, but they readily put their herds on Orange Alert whenever the slightest threat of BSE is raised: a few years ago, more than 1,200 Texas cattle were quarantined and 22 tonnes of feed recalled after it was discovered that one bag of illegal feed supplement, with processed cow-meal ingredient, had found its way into the state. But the cost of assuaging heightened US fears with additional testing and tracking procedures stands to take a big bite out of profit margins. In Britain, farmers pay as much as £100 per cow for regular inspections. That could eliminate the last of any low-dollar advantage, already threatened by an elevated loonie. For that matter, the tarnished reputation of the safety of our meat products, already being served up in the form of late-night zingers by American talk-show hosts, is virtually guaranteed to translate into wider support for the country-of-origin initiative. The additional tracking efforts that the program will demand will add US$50 or so to each head of Canadian cattle exported to the US, as slaughterers and retailers are forced to segregate cattle by nationality and lower their bids to cover extra costs. Less than 48 hours after Canada's BSE announcement, National Farmers Union lobbyists and R-CALF USA, a Montana cattle association, issued statements arguing that Canada's bad news was proof the labeling regulations were more imperative than ever. It's questionable whether one cow, diagnosed before it even reached the food chain, is worthy of such a histrionic response. And indeed, there are differing opinions on when and how the blockades facing Canadian beef products will fall, though everyone agrees that the sooner they do, the better. For Daines, the fate of Alberta's cattle industry has more to do with how long the newspapers remain stuck in a slow news cycle. "The only other news out there right now is that there's a woman trying to golf in the men's PGA," he says. "They'll beat this thing to death."
  13. After seing an article on Somaliaonline talking about Oral sex which I found very interesting, I tried to find out the Islamic point of view on this subject based on Quran and Sunnah and the consences of the Ulamma from four fiqhi schools. Oral Sex Is oral sex permitted? Books of fiqh tend to be quite dry when it comes to bedroom behavior. What you usually find is in the form "everything is permissible, except for x, y, and z" instead of a detailed checklist of things to try if you wish. While the traditional approach of generality is fine as a teaching tool for students of knowledge who would be asked specific questions, it is less effective when laymen have no one to ask, when the only people available to ask mean well and know a bit more than the questioner but are laymen themselves, or when laymen go to the books directly. So, since the issue of oral sex is frequently asked it seems necessary to give a general answer. I apologize that the questioner is going to get less and more than he originally asked for. The basic list of things that are unlawful between husband and wife include: Anal sex Sex during menstruation and nifas Sex that would be harmful or prolong recovery from an illness When books talks about what is lawful, they typically mention that a husband and wife may pleasure one another in any way they wish other than the above mentioned things. Although not specific to sex, we can add the following: Swallowing filth Needlessly getting filthy These things are obvious. Regarding the issue of oral sex, if it can be done in such a way that no filth is involved, then from the perspective of lawful and prohibited it in and of itself would be considered lawful. But the term "oral sex" covers a wide range of activities, and there are differences between the various schools of fiqh regarding the purity and filth of bodily fluids, namely: sperm and vaginal secretions; there seems to be agreement among the Hanafis, Shafi`is, and Hanbalis that pre-ejaculatory fluid is filthy. Something that entirely escapes the problem of filth is a man kissing the outer parts of his wife's genitals and sucking her clitoris. The first is mentioned in many books of Hanbali fiqh, saying that it is permissible before penetration and offensive after; and to clarify: the issue mentioned is not restricted to the outer parts. The second is mentioned in the Shafi`i work Fath Al-Mu`in and its meta-commentary `Iyanat Al-Talibin. For further reference, look through the index of the book of marriage for the sections concerning looking at members of the opposite sex and the sections conerning bedroom behavior . Based on the basic guidelines above and based on the example of a man kissing his wife's genitals, it should also be lawful for a wife to kiss her husband's penis as long as she avoids any areas where there is pre-ejaculatory fluid. But what Westerners usually have in mind when they talk about oral sex are fellatio and cunnilingus. Regarding pre-ejaculatory fluid, the only opinion I have ever seen is that it is haram. Additionally, even though the Shafi`is and Hanbali schools both consider sperm to be pure, they both agree that it is unlawful to swallow. This makes fellatio very highly likely to be unlawful. I suppose an enthusiastic couple could always use a condom. As for cunnilingus: there are differences of opinion regarding whether or not vaginal secretions are pure or filthy, before and after penetration, and depending on where they are secreted from. Because of this, it is best avoided. Should a couple decide to perform these acts, they must be sure to rinse out their mouths afterwards. This is something they should be doing in any case, and it is an essential part of purification for Hanbalis. For added benefit and so we don't need to repeat this topic again: Hanbali books mention that it is lawful for a husband to achieve ejaculation by his wife masturbating him, and by rubbing his penis between her thighs or breasts. They also mention that while anal sex is absolutely unlawful, it is lawful to place a finger on the anus as long as it does not penetrate. One of the reasons for mentioning these detailed examples is to show that they were not unknown to the scholars, and in sha Allah to add strength to the idea that the general rulings mentioned in the books are sufficient for working out these detailed cases. Up to here the topic concerns the lawful and the prohibited. But this issue is a completely separate from whether these acts should be done, and whether one spouse can compel the other one to do them. When I asked my sheikh about these very issues he pointed out that while each spouse is responsible to provide for the other spouse's sexual needs and to keep them chaste, it is absolutely unlawful to abuse one another, mentally or physically. He also points out that Allah Most High in the Qur'an orders husband and wife to act amicably and well towards one another, and one needlessly forcing the other to do something--even when they have the right to demand it--goes against this principle. I once asked whether or not it was disobedience [nushuz] if husband demanded fellatio from his and she refused. His answer was that she is ordered to submit herself to him for intercourse: something she has not denied him here. Even if people find this whole topic disgusting in practice, we should take note that the example given in the books is one where it is the wife who receives physical pleasure, not the husband, and that the location mentioned is the one most likely to bring about an orgasm. So much for the idea that Islam totally ignores the sexual needs of women, rendering them as little more than house keepers and sex toys for the husband's every whim. That the example of oral sex in fiqh books is for her pleasure and satisfaction should not go unnoticed. And Allah knows best. Jabarti Osman
  14. Waraa soomaali maryoolay akhriya this interesting topic about how we should aproach ladies since we are from Mars and they from Venus. lean how , and when in order to succeed in relationship and dating. 1) Being Too Much Of A "Nice" Guy Have you ever noticed that the really attractive women never seem to be attracted "nice" guys? Of course you have. Just like me, I'm sure you've had attractive female friends that always seemed to date "jerks"... but for some reason they were never romantically interested in YOU. What's going on here? It's actually very simple. Women don't base their choices of men on how "nice" a guy is. They choose the men they do because they feel a powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for them. And guess what? Being nice doesn't make a woman FEEL that powerful ATTRACTION. And being nice doesn't make a woman choose you. I realize that this doesn't make a lot of logical sense, but get over it. Until you accept this FACT and begin to act on it, you'll NEVER have the success with women that you want. 2) Trying To "Convince" Her To Like You What do most guys do when they meet a woman that they REALLY like... but she's just not interested? Right! They try to "convince" the woman to feel differently. Well, I have news for you... YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE HOW A WOMAN "FEELS" WHEN IT COMES TO ATTRACTION! Never, ever, ever. You cannot convince a woman to feel differently about you with "logic and reasoning. Think about it. If a woman doesn't "feel it" for you, how in the world do you expect to change that by being "reasonable" with her? But we all do it. When a woman just isn't interested, we beg, plead, chase, and do our best to change her mind. Bad idea. Another one that will never work. 3) Looking For Her Approval Or Permission In our desire to please women (which we mistakenly think will make them like us), us guys are always doing things to get a woman's "approval" or "permission". Another HORRIBLE idea. Women are never attracted to the types of men who kiss up to them... EVER. Don't get me wrong here. You don't have to treat women BADLY for them to like you. But if you think that treating a woman well means "always getting her approval and permission for things", think again. You will never succeed by looking for approval. 4) Trying To Buy Affection With Food And Gifts How many times have you take a woman out to a nice dinner, bought her gifts and flowers, and had her REJECT you for someone who didn't treat her even HALF as well as you did? If you're like me, then you've had it happen a lot. Well guess what? It's only natural when this happens... When you do these things, you send a clear message: "I don't think you'll like me for who I am, so I'm going to try to buy your attention and affection". Your good intentions usually come across to women as over-compensation for insecurity, and weak attempts at manipulation. 5) Sharing How You "Feel" Too Early With Her Another huge and unfortunate mistake that most men make with women is sharing how they "feel" too early on. Attractive women are rare. They get a LOT of attention from men. Most men don't realize this, but attractive women are being approached in one way or another all the time by men. An attractive woman is often approached several times a day by men who are interested. This translate into dozens of times per week, and often hundreds of times per month. And guess what? Attractive women have usually dated a lot of men. That's right. They have EXPERIENCE. They know what to expect. And one thing that turns an attractive women off and sends her running away faster than just about anything is a guy who starts saying "You know, I really, REALLY like you" after one or two dates. This signals to the woman that you're just like all the other guys who fall for her too fast... and can't control themselves. Don't do it. Lean back. Relax. There's a much better way... 6) Not "Getting" How Attraction Works For Her Women are different from men. You need to accept this fact, and deal with it. When a man sees a beautiful, young, sexy woman, he INSTANTLY feels a sexual attraction. But does the same apply for women? Do women feel sexual attraction to men based mostly on looks? Or is something else going on? Well, after studying this topic for over five full years now, I can tell you that women usually have their "attraction mechanisms" triggered by things OTHER than looks. Have you ever noticed that you see a lot more average and unattractive men with beautiful women than the other way around? Think about it. Women are more attracted to certain qualities in men... and they're attracted to the way a man makes them feel than they are to looks alone. If you know how to use your body language and communication correctly, you can make women feel the same kind of powerful sexual attraction to you that YOU feel when you see a hot, sexy young woman. But it's not an accident. You have to LEARN how to do this. And ANY guy can learn how... 7) Thinking That It Takes Money And Looks One of the most common mistakes that guys make is giving up before they've even gotten started... because they think that attractive women are only interested in men who have looks and money... or guys who are a certain height... or guys who are a certain age. And sure, there are women who are only interested in these things. But MOST women are far more interested in a man's personality than his wallet or his looks. There are personality traits that attract women like a magnet... And if you learn what they are and how to use them, YOU can be one of these guys. 8) Giving Away All Of Your Power To Women Earlier I mentioned that it's a mistake to look to a woman for approval or permission. Well, another similar tactic that a lot of guys use is GIVING AWAY THEIR POWER to women. Said differently, guys try to get women to like them by doing whatever the woman wants. Another bad idea... Women are NEVER attracted to men that they can walk all over. Women aren't attracted to Wussies! 9) Not Knowing What To Do In Each Type Of Situation A woman always knows what you're thinking. I know, it might be hard to believe. But if you're out on a date with a woman, and you want to kiss her, she knows it. And if you don't know HOW to kiss her, and you just sit there looking at her and getting nervous, she won't help! And this goes for ALL aspects of women and dating... Approaching a woman, getting her number, asking her out, kissing her, getting physical... everything. If you don't know what to do in each situation, you will probably screw it up... and LOSE EVERYTHING. 10) Not Getting Help This is the biggest mistake of all. This is the mistake that keeps most men from EVER having the kind of success with women that they truly want. I know, guys don't like to make themselves look weak or helpless. We don't like to ask for help. Hey, I've been there myself. Let me tell you a little about me. About five years ago I became fed up with the fact that I didn't know how to approach, meet, and get dates with women that I was attracted to. It frustrated the hell out of me. One night I was out with a friend, and I saw a woman I wanted to ask out, but I just couldn't get up the nerve to do it. I can still remember that night... I made the decision to do whatever it took to learn how to be successful with women and dating. Well, after a lot of hard work and trying all kinds of crazy things, I finally figured it all out. I can now approach just about any woman and get her number almost instantly. I've dated models, I've dated actresses, and I've dated nice, normal, regular girls as well. It has been a very rewarding experience. I no longer feel that sick, insecure feeling... like I don't know how to meet women... and I might wind up alone. I know that anytime, anywhere, I can go out and meet attractive women.
  15. I found this interesting article, therefore , I thought I should share with you guys. I hope u will learn something from it, or atleast enjoy reading it. Jabarti. April 29, 2003 Is Somalia a Model? The conventional wisdom during periods of transition – or revolution if the term is appropriate, as may well be – is that the most important priority is to establish order. Disorder, on this understanding, is pretty close to the natural condition of man, especially in times of stress and uncertainty. So U.S. military people – subject to possible problems from "pockets of resistance," a marvelous military euphemism meaning, as nearly as I can figure it out, guys with guns who want to kill you – are to be the establishers and keepers of order, through force exercised as a de facto, if not necessarily de jure just yet, central government. While Gen. Garner would no doubt sincerely prefer to have help from some kind of Iraqi constabulary in the process, the important thing is to be prepared and systematic about applying force to stave off disorder. Everybody knows that without an entity prepared to use force – preferably one with the cachet of being designated a state, government or legitimate designee thereof – you would have anarchy, and anarchy inevitably means chaos, disorder and a surfeit of suffering. So somebody has to have power and a willingness to exercise it. Or is it possible, as the French philosopher Proudhon put it, that "Liberty is the mother, not the daughter, of order"? Is liberty only possible if order is first established by force, or does order arise best from an atmosphere of liberty, from free people developing their own interpersonal agreements, arrangements and accommodations to stave off disorder? Is it even possible to think this way when discussing a traditional society with an overlay of modernism brought on through occupation or influence that has involved a highly centralized structure? It might seem unlikely to look to a country like Somalia – yes, that Somalia, of Black Hawk Down notoriety, an example of failed nation-building, where modern ideas were unfortunately not applied properly leading to a reversion to tribalism – for an answer. Yet, I'm about to suggest, such a glance might prove instructive. THE STATELESS NATION In the April 2003 issue of Liberty magazine is a fascinating article by one Michael van Notten, a Dutch lawyer who married into the Samaron tribe of northwest Somalia and lived with them until his death last summer. Spencer MacCallum, a long-time advocate for the idea of building free societies from the community level up, helped him with the essay and further amplified it after Mr. van Notten's death. "The Somali nation abolished its central government ten years ago and became a stateless nation," the article begins. "During that time, the fears expressed by many international observers that Somalia would fall into chaos have not only not been realized, but many Somalis are finding statelessness an agreeable condition. Somalia is more peaceful, and the people are becoming more prosperous. Boosaaso, located at the tip of the Horn on the Gulf of Aden, is a case in point. When Somalia had a central government, Boosaaso was a small village. Into its port a few small fishing boats came each day to offload fish. Occasionally, a cargo vessel came in as well. Officials of the Republic crawled over these boats collecting taxes and demanding payment for every kind of service, real or imagined. "With the demise of the Republic, control passed to the local community and the port began to be managed on a commercial basis. A lively import/export trade developed and soon reached an estimated value of U.S. $15 million per year. Private enterprise provided essential public services such as trash collection and telecommunications. In eight years, the population grew from 5,000 to 150,000. Parents and teachers put up schools for their children and even built a university. In the absence of a government-run court system, the heads of extended families of contentious parties settled disputes on the basis of customary law. "While Boosaaso is a dramatic example, its experience is more the rule than the exception throughout Somalia. Somalis are thriving and prospering without a central government. Exports in 1998 were estimated to be five times greater than they had been under the Republic." That's not what you expect to hear about Somalia, which seems to have disappeared from the radar screens of the world's international observers (with the exception of an occasional report of a terrorist training camp out in the hinterlands) about 1995. But van Notten makes a persuasive case that on balance things are better for the actual people who live in Somalia than back in the days when the country's leaders tried to sustain a central government. And he does a pretty good job of explaining why this should be so. TRADITIONAL OR CUSTOMARY LAW Most westerners, especially those with political (if not necessarily ethnic) roots in England, are justifiably proud of what has come to be called the Common Law, a set of principles for handling disputes and outbreaks of crime or violence that is arguably the basis of the philosophy of law practiced in England, the United States and some Western European countries. What seems to be the case is that similar more-or-less informal but generally agreed to customs, often quite culture-specific (and so not recognized as such by outsiders or visitors) have grown in other countries to handle the disputes, disagreements and pockets of resistance that seem to develop wherever people are human. In Somalia, according to van Notten, "they have only returned to their traditional, pre-colonial system of clan government. A clan is a kin-based association of a large number of extended families." In Somalia, a country of about 15 million, colonial powers began occupying the territory shortly after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, withdrawing in about 1960, when Italian and British Somalilands were combined into the Republic of Somalia. "Thirty years later, in 1991, that government collapsed and was dismantled. Each of the 60 Somali clans within the former territory of the Republic reaffirmed its sovereignty, and clan leaders undertook responsibility for maintaining law and order. Today private individuals assure order by participating in what amounts to a free market for security services." Returning to localized clan government was not swift, easy or without problems. As in the former Soviet Union there was a period of banditry. The United Nations intervened to try to re-establish a central government, one of several efforts by the "international community" to provide in Somalia the kind of centralized state structure most westerners associate with civilized governance. There were Muslim fundamentalists who tried to establish a theocracy. There were problems establishing freeports that could work with clan elders in the interior to establish mutually agreeable ways to run export markets. According to van Notten, Somali clan law differs from western legal systems in some important ways: "Criminals are not imprisoned but only made to compensate their victims. "Crimes against society do not exist, which obviates the need for public prosecutors. "Fines must be paid to the victim or to his family, not to the court or clan. "Everyone must be insured against any and all liabilities he or she might incur under the law. "Judges are appointed by the litigants, not by the clan." Different clans may apply these principles with different local wrinkles, but the clans follow the same general principles well enough that decisions are usually respected by other clans. Thus law and order (or at least a semblance) is accomplished without prisons, without a central government, and without taxation. The system, like any legal system, is not without shortcomings, including inadequate protection of the rights of women. But "in rural Somalia, which comprises probably 90% of the country, the customary law continues to operate," according to van Notten and MacCallum. The writers compare the system to the period of Judges in Israeli history, before the establishment of a monarchy, a system the British author Robert Southy dubbed a "kritarchy" about a century ago. Hungarian-born sociologist Raphael Patai, in his recently reissued 1974 book, "The Arab Mind," describes a similar system, with its own local or traditional wrinkles, of clan-based or village-based dispute resolution system in most Arab countries. The problem, especially as the world becomes more globalized and larger cities develop, is how to apply clan-based customs to cities where people from many different traditions may live. DANGERS OF CENTRALIZATION Michael van Notten and Spencer MacCallum contend that democracy as a system of governance is ill-suited to a clan society like Somalia. "Democracy presupposes independent political parties and an electorate willing to debate issues and vote accordingly. In a society comprised of close-knit kinship, ethnic, or religious divisions whose members would find it unthinkable to vote otherwise than by group affiliation, the group with the largest number ends up controlling the truly awesome powers of government. Its own ethic then dictates that it direct those powers to the benefit of its own members. In self-defense, other groups must then vie with one another to capture the power by coup or revolution or else attempt to secede. The turmoil in Somalia following the demise of the central government consisted of groups attempting to position themselves to control the government they assumed would soon be re-established. In this case the mere expectation of a centralized power structure was sufficient cause for conflict. The United Nations interventions aggravated the situation by keeping alive that expectation. The conflict has only abated as the probability of a central government being established has receded." LESSONS FOR IRAQ? Could anything be learned from Somalia that might apply to Iraq? One would have to be careful to respect and understand local traditions and dispute resolution methods, but at least the lesson that a strong central government structure quickly becomes a prize whose power is almost inevitably used to favor one's own clan and to disfavor others is worth considering. Saddam's regime, of mostly Sunni Muslims, with most positions of real power held by people in several key families in the town of Tikrit, can be viewed as an example of a near-worst-case scenario of one kinship-based faction seizing total power and exercising it ruthlessly. In an interesting recent article on the History News Network Website out of George Mason University Eric Davis, Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University, who is about to publish a new book on modern Iraq, argues that "Iraq Might Be a Better Candidate for Democracy than You Think." In my view, his argument amounts to the contention that based on recent history that could well re-echo now, Iraq has enough manifestations of independence that it might be able to tolerate a democracy, or to ameliorate some of the aspects of democracy that could get ugly if it worked out to be "one man, one vote, one time." Davis argues that the country had a relatively flourishing civil society beginning in the 1920s and on through the period of the monarchy, into the 1950s. There were "a highly respected legal profession, a vibrant press, political parties, artist ateliers, writers associations, labor unions, and an extensive coffeehouse culture. This nascent civil society expanded greatly after the end of World War II." Abdal-Karim Qasim, who led the coup that toppled the monarchy in 1958, tried to establish "a federated entity, much along the lines of the European Union," and ruled as a secular leader. But he was executed by the first Ba'athist regime in 1963. Eventually the Ba'athists established a unitary state that became increasingly despotic and cruel, and erased civil society. I have no more right than anybody else to tell the Iraqis how to run their country. But they could do worse than to strive for a country with something resembling a federal system – a weak central government that leaves most day-to-day decisions to localities, or even a system without much in the way of a discernible central state – so long as there are ways of handling disagreements that stretch beyond strictly local boundaries, perhaps reciprocal agreements that one locality will respect the judicial decisions of other localities. Can you imagine the United Nations, the United States or the "international community" viewing such a system as other than "chaos" and "dog-eat-dog" and very much in need of a biggest dog to step on the unruly? While Iraqis might benefit from a close study of Somalia (allowing for large differences in the two societies) I very much fear what will be set up will be the kind of powerful centralized structure likely to lead to conflict and, eventually, to a relatively despotic kind of rule – perhaps with more persuasive democratic "cover" than Saddam could muster, and almost certainly not as cruel as Saddam at first – but, especially with oil as a single most important resource, something that resembles a kleptocracy more than a kritarchy. – Alan Bock