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  1. Nafta,i'm also 19,but i ain't tryin to get married like my friend but some day i'll but not today,maybe after collage LOLOLOL thnxs 4 the help tho
  2. thnxs ya, da's a big help well i don't have a problem other than her age da's about it, but i'll be there for her either ways so i hope the best for. and again thnxs for those who shared their point of view wit me.
  3. i have a friend, she's only 19yrs old, but she's planing to get married to her boyfriend he's 23.but the problem is i don't think they should get married cuz she's too young, i told her so many times that she shouldn't but she never cares what i say, so what ya think about that, is it ok her to get married or i'm right by telling her not too.
  4. hey gurl sup, i ain't trying to be mean or anything i just want to let u know that i have alot's of bro's. if ur just waiting someone to nock ur door i'm more then happy to hook u up with one of my brother's halla me back gurl.
  5. well there's alots of things that i can not live without it, let's see my perfume,lip stick, cuz my lips has to be shinny everytime, of course my car without it i can not go anywhere.etc
  6. sup superman, first of all let me just say that whoever this gurl is she most be the luckest gurl ever.second b4 u talk to her find someone that knows her well. so u can have a idea about her. then u can do ur thing, remember one thing do ur thinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. 1lovvvvvvvv wish u the best.