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  1. Western Europe by then dwelt under the flag of feudalism, and Africa's current situation draws semblence to their feudalism. So, could be true that we will witness an African reconassence. Afterall, Africa couldn't get worser than it is now.
  2. In the United states there appears to be a return to utopianist Karl Marx's ideology of creating one borderless, race-less, religion-less mankind community. Marxist theorists who have been long excluded from mainstream inter-paradigm(academic) debates and media are gathering consensus from global audiences eager to understand the analytical explanations of the structures of the field of International Relations offered by the strands of Marxism. Marxists now walk with a renewed optimistism and confidence, knowing that the relevance of their theory in the study of IR is indespensible. Karl Marx's Core-Periphery, Bourgeois-Proletariat, labour-surplus and others are now more relevant than ever. The draining empty of wealth from the periphery and the growing income gap are some of the few factors which Marxism offers a precise explanations to. So my fellow Nomads.... From your point of view, do you think Marxism can answers the questions you might have in regards to International relations? Or Do you think Marxism's contributions to the study of International Relations are valuable?
  3. Kheyr, You are quite right to say that Freedom and Equality are falsehood, in other words they are unachievable even if they are true. Liberals, don't give people total freedom, they only order the state out of people's private lives. Thats all they differ from conservativism or any other ideology. You have asked a question which was, is the xijaab a liberation? Well, I believe it is liberation and at the same time equality. For a woman to be treated un-human, then that brings inequality to them. So, when a woman wears Xijaab, she is not seen as an object but as a human being with beliefs and opinion that matter. Thus, she is given full rights just as men.
  4. The deaths of tens of thousands of Somali men during the civil conflicts has left women as the sole economic heads of households with little or no source of income. Furthermore an estimated one million residents fled their homes to refugee camps in neighbouring countries while many skilled, able, experienced and educated people fled overseas to join relatives. Due to the absence of central government business sectors across Somalia have for many years remained informal and unregulated: very dangerous on one hand but liberating on the other. Source: Progressive Interventions Ladies please read the article. It is fascinating work our women are doing. Thank you.
  5. So my friends, meaning those of you in the US, how does global politics seem to you? I just would like to have a general idea of what Americans think their government is doing across the global political horizon.
  6. Pax Americana? by Anthony Aman For many months the people of the world have been trying to figure out just what it is that President Bush is trying to do. Many people think the administration's goals are simply to enrich themselves and their supporters. Others cite this war as an attempt at "closure on the Gulf War" - the son completing the father's job. Still more believe oil is the primary goal. An astonishing document has come to light that finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together. The name of this most revealing report is "Rebuilding America's Defenses." Details of this treatise was written by Jay Bookman, deputy editorial page editor of the Atlanta Journal-Consitiution, and published on Sept. 29. "The official story on Iraq has never made sense," Bookman writes. "The connection that the Bush administration has tried to draw between Iraq and al-Qaida has always seemed contrived and artificial. In fact, it was hard to believe that smart people in the Bush administration would start a major war based on such flimsy evidence." He continues, "The pieces didn't fit. Something else had to be going on; something was missing." The report was written five months before the attacks of Sept. 11 and is authored by six members of the current administration, including Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, I. Lewis Libby, along with 21 other people who attended meetings or contributed papers for the report. Bookman goes on to explain what the plans are for world military domination and how Bush has mirrored those plans so far. "In essence, it lays out a plan for a permanent U.S. military and economic domination of every region on the globe, unfettered by international treaty or concern. And to make the plan a reality, it envisions a stark expansion of our global military presence." "Rebuilding America's Defenses" puts the entire world on notice. America will get what it wants, from any country on earth, by any means necessary. If we perceive resistance ("a threat to national security") we reserve the right to strike preemptively with or without the support of another country. The authors of this amazing manifesto dream of an American Empire with George W. Bush as its first emperor. Bookman goes on to say, "They envision the creation of what they call a worldwide 'Pax Americana,' or American peace. But so far, the American people have not appreciated the true extent of that ambition." Apparently neither do our elected representatives. Calls to Olympia Snowe's office and Susan Collins' office yielded no knowledge of such a document. There has been no discussion of this vision of Pax Americana in the congressional debates. Not surprisingly! If they were to debate such a scheme it would lend legitimacy to the Bush plan for expanding America's military domination just before the elections. If the American people really understood the implications of this plan how would they react? How would our allies react? How will our adversaries react? This scheme presents scenarios of apocalyptic proportions. The world's resources are limited; our power is not. If we control the resources, we could control the world. But what about the people who live in those resource rich countries? Will they simply join with us to promote Pax Americana, quietly acquiescing to our demands? Is it not likely that resistance will be encountered from every quarter in every way possible? What terrors await us as we accumulate more of the world's wealth and territory? Will this truly create "American Peace"? How many more American citizens will be required to enlist in the armed forces to replace the "spent assets" as time drags on? What cost will we be required to bear for this scheme? The war on Iraq is estimated to reach $100 billion and that's just the first country in the Axis of Evil. What sacrifices must we accept to fund this vision? Once we conquer one country how will we hold on to it while going on to the next, and the next? Will we go the way of the Soviet Union, bankrupt by our own military overspending and overreaching ambition? Rome's empire collapsed and the world settled into the Dark Ages. Who can predict what fate awaits us if we should fail? Now we are about to hand over the decision to use that power to President George W. Bush. Once given it will be nearly impossible to rescind. The debate in Washington might sound like it is about Iraq and it's despised leader and weapons of mass destruction. But is it not time to ask if it is really about "Rebuilding America's Defenses" - Pax Americana? Whether knowingly or not, a vote for a resolution to give him the unfettered power to attack Iraq also gives Bush or Cheney or whoever wields the power of the Presidency the green light to attempt to conquer the world. Is that what we want our congresspersons to do? Perhaps it is time to start asking those who make this decision exactly what we are agreeing to.
  7. This are fabricated un-worthy words. Its against the ethics of Somaliland. A contradictory note coined to be a blasphemous rhetoric against a land that has the Shahaada as its emblem of nastional flag.
  8. Do you want to see a peaceful somali? shoot him first and get peace after that. This is proven theory.
  9. Hawdy fellas, Well, I quite agree with all the comments posted except Baashi's comment, which fails to tell us how Somalis can engage in a globalized world without having a state? Don't you think that it is the state itself that paves the way for globalization? But if the state's involvements in the markets should be minimal - in a continent like Africa - where there is no infrastructure to support smooth operation of free markets, how can globalization take place? ---- Fellas, we should bare in mind that there are two names mistaken to one another. There is GLOBALIZATION (Capitalistic/Imperialistic) and GLOBALISM(is said to a marxist notions)
  10. Ever heard the saying "A good Somali is a dead Somalli"?
  11. We live in a world where connectivity and integration are at their best and still maturing. A world where distance is measured in duration and borders are disapearing. A world where nationalism is threatened by global inclussiveness and cultural uniformity. Where Nation-state and nationalism is seen as a thing of the past and irellevant. The Japanese business strategist Kenichi Ohmae asks this question: "If the Cold War is over and money flows around the world beyond the reach of governments, who, indeed, needs the nation-state?" The answer is simple, we all need nationalism, to heal up the wounds inflicted upon us by the phenomenon which Capitalists call globalisation. We need to feel secure in our own homes/lands, unique in our own terms, and have pride in the culture we practise. This is a much discussed and oftenly contravercial topic, it has been a battle field for those who report that the so-called 'Death of the nation-state', and the nationalism. Inter-paradigm debates (by people with a state) are already being motioned to discuss the threat posed by globalisation towards nationalism. So, in our case or shall I say, in Somalia's case, was our civil war the result of weak nationalism coupled with foreigh global influences? So, I ask, did Somalia ever had anything that even looked like Nationalism? If we are to join the global sphere, do we firstly need to have a nationalistic state, state which can drag us out of the shadows of the embracing warlord? What is nationalism? Before I answer that question, let me ask another question which of relevance to this topic. In our Somali sense, who is a nationalist? For example, if loyal Somalia Online users are called 'Nomads' to differentiate them from other users like 'Somalinetizen'of Somalinet, can anyone who is loyal to maintain Somaliness qualify to be called a Nationalist? Can nationalism be an ideology that represents and preserves a culture, tradtion, religion and interests of collective group of people in a certain region? My last question is, Do we Somalis really need globalisation more that nationalism or the other way around?
  12. Reer goleed miyaa naagta mise Somalida kale? she looks like a mushunguli. After all she may not be a somali
  13. Man the last two pix look like a place called "Golf link estate" in southall, a no go area for somalis in west London. Whole estates with Somali families and thugs -- scary place. If you are a Somali U might get mugged several times a night by somali youths. Bad image.
  14. SOMALIS LIVE IN FEAR OF LOOMING INTERNET BUBBLE Rival Tribe Leaders Claim They Can Stop Giant Bubble from Devestation MOGADISHU, SOMALIA ( — Red Cross officials in Somalia, which in September became the last African nation to go online, appealed for calm today as the country anxiously awaits the Great Internet Bubble, which many fear will wreak havoc on their villages, livestock, and loved ones. "It is said that once you are on this Internet, it is inevitable that the Great Bubble will come for you," bemoaned Issaq tribesman Siad Barre, who stood guard outside his home with a rusted AK-47. "I have heard it appears like a thief in the night and will steal our goats and children." "No no, the Great Bubble is made of sand," said Barre's neighbor, Farah Abgaal. "It rides the wind and will swallow us whole. That gun is no use, Siad. You are a fool."Both Abgaal and Barre dismissed as "Western lies" the Red Cross' explanation that the so-called Internet Bubble is not some kind of animal or phantom, but an economic term to describe a period of intense speculation. Instead, they heed the counsel of clan leaders who warn that the Great Bubble has devoured America and much of Europe, and will soon come for them. In a speech in downtown Mogadishu last night, Gen. Gidir Muhammed warned people to be on the lookout for "mighty portents and omens" that will precede the Bubble's arrival. "First we will behold the Vile Infusion of the Venture Capitalists, who will offer us riches in return for our enslavement," said Muhammed. "Then will come the evil Dotcoms, who will take over our coffee houses and seduce us with jobs of great promise." Muhammed predicted that he alone could stop the Bubble, but only if rival clans rallied around him and killed his enemies. In response to the speech, roving thugs immediately executed 145 businessmen. "They were agents of the Great Bubble," one soldier explained. "It has the fangs of a boar and arrives in a Hummer." Asked if he actually believed that, the soldier became quiet for a moment, then whispered, "Not really. We just talk like this to get on CNN. How'd Intel do today? My E*Trade account is down again." Added Siad Barre, still holding his AK-47: "We will see who is the fool, Farrah Abgaal, when the Bubble makes kishwari with your wife!"