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  2. Go Sens Go!!!!!! Bring the cup to the nations capital.
  3. Originally posted by Aeronwen: Yes, plastic surgery sucks. Not to those otherwise irredeemably ugly. Be considerate.
  4. Any discount purses for males? Ooops I mean european!
  5. Originally posted by Khayr: quote:Originally posted by Socod_badne: So according to this hadith my mom, sisters and female relatives are likely to end up in Hell then Saddam 'the butcher' Hussien? Unbelievable!!! This is a twisted and self serving, islam bashing rationalizing. What is the answer to my question?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  6. So according to this hadith my mom, sisters and female relatives are more likely to end up in Hell then Saddam 'the butcher' Hussien? Unbelievable!!!
  7. Actually that is not true. Getting angry is not a good thing, holding back your anger is. Then release it all in midget throwing match. I tell ya, it feels good.
  8. Originally posted by Nazra: My older brotha’s think I am a drama queen :rolleyes: He's right, you're attention seeker! Get a life.
  9. "Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Angola of to Germany" What happened to the 5th african nation? I thought africa sends 5 nations to the World Cup. It will be interesting to see how the newcomers (Togo, Angola) fare. Will they be as sucessfull as cameroon at 90? As Chelsea fan I'm glad Ghana and Ivory Coast (not a newcomer I think). I got to see D. Drogba and M. Essien
  10. Originally posted by Muhammad Amriki: It seems like these days you can find alot of Muslims who know more about music than they know about Islam. Allaahu mustacan. May Allah save me and my family from such a horrible fate. What horrible fate? I don't like suspense man!
  11. Originally posted by Nazra: I never knew that a Somali gurl can be into rock metal music. Yuk! What's so 'yuk' about rock music?
  12. Originally posted by Lidia: Hello Socod_badne , The reason I said that, is because the loudness of the music keeps me awake and energized...I guess different people have different methods. Hello to you too Lidea , You know what? You're absolutely right about different ppl having different tastes. I've seen some ppl who drink coffee to sleep
  13. Originally posted by Wordette: .... so that such like the following reaction don't occur; quote: Originally posted by Socod_badne: quote: Originally posted by Nazra: Girls break their virginity by riding horses and doing extreme physical activity. Looooooooooooool! Is this a joke? I hope you get my point. What are you insinuating wordette? The responses to this thread gave me chuckles.
  14. Originally posted by Pucca: quote:Love exists. Don't you feel love for your Mom and dad? thats a whole different kinda love... nope..i dont believe in the 'love' you speak of. Yes it's different kinda love but love nonetheless. I know the love refered to in this thread is between man and woman. Judging from what those who have 'experienced' love remark, it's an idea very appealing to me. And for good reasons. Love in my view enriches life, nourishes the soul, makes you and those around happy(or sad--sometimes).
  15. Originally posted by Lidia: The reason I asked you this question is because, I listen to these kinds of music, it helps be focus when i study, but now I feel guilty because some of the songs are about...well darkness and Satan. Heavy metal rock helps you study? I find that interesting, most ppl usually listen to something less loud like classic music or whatever.
  16. Originally posted by ayaanick: A women isn't only praised for her virginity, but for being a human. Whether a virgin or not is between her, and her creator the Allmighty Allah SWT. I agree wholeheartedly. Virginity is overrated in my opinion.
  17. I changed my mind. These are music please: Canada USA Western Europe (ex Germany, England, France, Sweden...) Somalia/land (move up when there is peace and normalcy)
  18. Very informative thread. Wish for more similar posts.
  19. Leave our Holy prelates alone!!! :mad: They are law onto themselves, for they are surely divinely guided. Above criticism, above earthly laws...the collective wisdom and knowledge of the entire world is the antechamber of what these prelates possess! Imagine what the world would be like without them :confused: I don't know but I wouldn't recommend taking chance.
  20. Originally posted by Socod_badne: who is Rahima? The Mod? It says you're the person the 'edited' my post, that must mean you're the Mod. Why did you delete it? :mad:
  21. The Holy Land, Somaliland, will be independent regardless how others feel about it. Allah's chosen ppl, Somalilanders, are stronger then ever. They've been through a lot, they got the fortitude and firm self-believe along with the confidence to handle any challenges that may lay ahead. Insha'allah, Allah's holy warriors -- S'land's soldiers and security forces -- are on the stand-bye to repulse any foriegn invasion, infilteration and subversion. The valiant Holy wadaads of S'land (bearded or otherwise) are ready to beat kafirs, infidels and their imitators with truth and verity of Allah and his messenger. Allahu Akbar! And with latest elections, the Holy ppl have spoken -- for INDEPENDENCE. With Allah's blessings! Maa'shaa allah! So, all you S'land haters, know who you dealing with -- the Holy land, Holy ppl, Holy warriors, Holy wadaads and Holy inspired elections!!! I say that is alot of HOLINESS! Insha'allah, Somaliland will be the realisation of Shangri-La. God speed! Bismillah!
  22. Originally posted by Warrior of Light: ^^^ Very true. Another reason bicycle accidents. What is true?