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  1. Waxaa jeclaan lahaan in aan suaalo ku saabsan cilmiga faalka Diinta sida ay ka qabto in aan weydiiyo.. I know IN diinta eyna ogoleen cilmiga faalka, laakiin hadana waxan maqlaa, eraya is dhaadhaafaya..Qaar waxey leeyihiin Hab diiniyan aya jira? qaar waxey leyihiin hadii aad sameesid ha aaminin...Faalka diinta maxey ka jirtaa si loo fiirsan karo ay Diinta ogashahay.... Hadii aad ku jirtid xaalada xun ee aad ka shakiso dad kula dugan ama ganacsi idinka dhaxeeya ama cadaw kugu ah in ay kugu sameenayaan Sexer, AADAN ka fogaan karin..oo aad dareemesid waxyaalo iska cad, xaladada is badasho..yacni arin shaki ka badan aad dareentid..dhaqan iyo muuq ahaanba aad ka dareentid in eey si qaldan wax u wadaan ...tusaala ahan wuu ku salaamay..waxaa ka dhumay CONTROL waana isku qasantay, gurigaada ayuu yimid waxyaala saaid ah ayaa darentay(i know shakiga in uu xunyahay, laakin practical ayaa wax u dareentay)...waxaa rabtaa dadka noocaas ah in aad xaqiijisid ..SIDEE LOO XAQIIJIN KARAA DIINIYAN AHAAN?... PLEASE WAA ARIN MUHIIN AH OO CAAWINA U BAAHAN...? sidee dadkaas leeskaaga xaqiijin karaa..? p.s Arinta muhiinka waaa sidee dadkaas leeskaaga xaqiijin karaa? si tilaaabo aad u qaadid..i know waxba mey teri karaan..ilaaah magantii ayaa laga gelayaa ....lakiin sidee lo xaqiijin leeskaaga celiyo..
  2. ps i think ..hablaha somaliyeed wax badan ayey caawiyeen after bur burka somalia AS entrepreneurs...
  3. ^ LoL @ entrepreneurs don't go out for work. Are they not the busiest people out and about, drumming up business for themselves? yep they dont go out for a work,(that is meant they dont go out early morning and come back afternoons). of course they are the busiest once but how? under the umbrella of entrepreneurships they are different certain levels that you may conduct, Entrepreneurs might have the options to choose whether they go into large big industries where uncertaints and risks are somewhat high as well as opportunities and failure are veryhigh or they can go through niche markets. There are also entrepreneurs who come up with the concept, make the Business plan and sell to others, or come up with the concept, make the business plan, run it and sell it to others. as wife i recommend them to go into niche markets, is very easy, markups are veryhigh but creativeness is Very important critical factor for those entrepreuners into niche markets.. You can have a base at home, but it doesn't mean you put up your feet and cook lunch when you should be working. No one makes money that way Dear val, you can have base at home, put up your feet into running project and cook lunch in either of two ways: you started running your venture in early years and now have evrything in place( you employed different ppl with different careers as managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, financial Analyst, economist an so on) at this stage you have your own office at home(one feet into running project while you cooking and having time with your family, but it must take more then 10years to reach at this level), Or You can be into niche markets, be creative person, envisioner or masterminded under entrepreunership life. Val i hope you will join into us, and become socend of OPRAH . i head one somali woman in north america, after she get devorced she started thinking of idea of making SAMBUS and sell to local Maqayadaha, In a meanwhile she met and consult with this lecturer who were her neighbour,fortunately he offered a help to her, took her to local restaurants in order to show her SAMBUSI, in early days she started offering her sambusi to MAQAYDAHA as for free(no charges),successfully her Sambusi become most snack food consumed in that erea. See i hope now she is having a good time with her children while she is making alot of markups.
  4. What am I doing? I am in economics and public policy, I can't imagine doing anything in somalia/somaliland other than NGO work. through NGO work is the only possible way we can help out our country....the only subject i failed during my studies(economics), i always like to deal with reality that why i failed this subject, Hayam Can you predict what chine's economic will be alike in a comming ten years(lol, joking)
  5. xeeeebtaa jaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiroooooooooooooooo.....
  6. He did more then that...wabiga, masijadada ceelalka ku yaala ayuu canshuur ka qaaday! dadka masakiin aha ayuu xolahooda bililiqestay xoog ku maamulay..i dont know maxkamada islamka sababta ay ninka noocaas ah uga dhigtay godoomiyaha amniga....waan taageera maxkamada islaamka lakin sheekadaan mafahmin?
  7. i dont know if someone else posted this idea: best career for moms is ENTREPREUNERSHIP..It helps run your business(independent), you dont go out for work( as wife, is not good to go out for worka according to our islam books). after you graduate in this field it helps alot in terme of creativity and innovation( you can be creative in any aspect of life even in terms of relationships between your husband and you..children and you)...after my prayers waxan ilaah ka baryaa mid ENTREPREUNER ah inuu ilaah ii sahlo..lool.. ps i am not sure if it is offered in bachelor'degree
  8. love does not exist, why you hate someone you loved before? i would give it another name like something starts and ends...
  9. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk@rudy....i dont know what to say?
  10. very interesting..baadiyo doog leh...
  11. what a lame excuse lol ! find them sxb
  13. watch tamil shows persian shows hindi you like to watch tamil shows..what in eart u dont have to watch anything else!
  14. capriciouness! where are u going man?
  15. The Good: You prayed Subah paryers, read your JUZZ of holly Quran and after finishing u went your university library to read.
  16. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  17. spend some time here and you will also become a sceptic Are we now? Centurion We need to inspire ourselves so that tomorrow we optimistically can say that but cant see any phenomenal/cognizable goodwill of peace there. Do you sometimes encounter why our country last in restless war, we are politically in dire unrecoverable condition....out children might have chance to do that...
  18. 1. MA TOSHE 2. MA TASHIISHE Abti manan fahmin labadan , if you dont mind interpet them abit more Enermously growing percentage somali divorse is becoming norms as well as epicode among us! the world developed, lifestyle changed, peaple changed me ntally and physically ,culture interrelatings, adultery, life of solitary become norms. your brain cells unconsciouly record proceedings evets happen around you and simply mold with your upbrinings this way u are prepared to pratake in model role lifestyles where adultery, Cohabitation, solitary life, women has higher rights them men, everything is simplified for you muslim we somalis more vulnerable to environment changes..( one of research i have done when i was in mugdisho was why divorses is also happening here possibly more then western possible cause result i found was this young girl never mind to get divorce as her older sister, her friend, may be her mother been doverced , so it fun for her to get divorced, very sad walahi!) samethere in western,we most of us live in imaganition boggling(believe me this true and onething that annoys me shit!) is not the man not fullfilling his role or women not incompetant to her unconcsiouly changed whether it is through media or enviromnet you live ...Solution is just practice in islam..and refer everything that goes wrong to islam book for it to more thing..dont let you your needs(marriage) to simply take you to wrong person...just make sure who you are going to marry accordingly. p.s sorry for QORAALKA hadi uu isku habeesnen ma aqaan my computer aya wax ka qaldanyihiin:)
  19. aha ideas changing now, Nubia says i wouldn't associate financial security with nursing because is poorly paid and Danshid says It is likely to be ISKU-DAYASHO as we acustomed and norms among somalis, HAYAAY something like phenomenon! nursing is helpful profession, but we over-widely went into it. p.s i did not mean to harm someone's moral but help out those are vulnerable to be mis-leaded by what is going on around.
  20. lool, he married two wives at the sametime that is what he intentionally wanted to hear from market " this guy married two wives at sametimes" , there is no any other reason/ envision might behind that
  21. we all hope to help out our somalia(lost ppl, country) but as those annoying sensless inclined trablism ideas exist among us is hard somali professionals to try to propel our country indeed As Northener depicted economic crises i is very critical factor(infrustructure is not in place, you dont expect any income there, lasttime i was there in mugdisho ppl being employed by who's their tribe is, not by their career, verybad, )