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  1. sanaag my ppl live there what you talking about my grandad is buiried there half of my family is from there maxaad sheegaysa
  3. Duke what you think you cane make garowe as great as mogadisho adiga mooday
  4. beesha banadiir dagta suport somaliland hundred procent thats Why Ethiopia and tfg wont be sucsesdfull
  5. When we where figting the kafirien back in the 18 then we became mujaheediin wa fii sabililah Lots of snm veteran alive sylaanyo iebrahien meygaag abdilahay asker ina bixi lots
  6. this is great we are gonne take over all easteren sanaag verry soon qardho baa lugu tagayee cadde muuse
  7. I love it qarax ya waluu bahanyahay mar mar qaadkii waanu ka cajisnay mar mar moogtay
  8. i am gonne wait till 17 april also in hargeysa we gone do then the mawla ta nabbi becous then also the sixt imam jacfar al sadiq was also born our great grandfather
  9. another step in 2 recognition viva somaliland mashallah
  10. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Muuse bixi for president we will rule for ever or Proff iebrahien meygaag samtar furreh those 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ibrahim Meygaag is an honarable man, so yes to him. But we do not need the likes of Muse Biixi ruling Somaliland. But this is my question to you mr.Saylac: why did you choose those two and what do you think they can do for Somaliland that others cannot? I don't mind voting for Dahir Riyaale for another term instead of voting for waraabe,silaanyo,muuse biixi,gaboose, saleeban gaal, and the likes of them. But, I will consider voting for Ibrahim Meygaag,Edna Ismail, and Abdikadir Jirde if they choose to run. Dahir Riyaale Kahin is not a new comer to politcs, he was a Diplomat at the Somali Embassy in Jabouti, an Intelligence Officer (this is the one you know about him), a businessman, governor of Awdal, and vice president before he was elected for president. He is the first Somaliland president to be elected in a free and fair election. Under his administration, we succeeded to have three elections, and joined the UNPO. We have a free press, central bank, better army, and schools. All of this has happen under his leadership. In Somaliland, we have a peaceful nation where everyone is equal. However, there is a problem of corruption and women are virtually not represented in government,parliament, and political parties. i be honoust with you iebrahien meygaag samatar furre camir ayuun My mother is called ina hebbel hebbel ismacil samatar ismacil and meygaag where brothers, we like family he is like my uncle Muuse bixi is like a snm veteran he will take care the country like it is becous he fought for it Also we have tribical linage with him aswell but we cant talk here tribes
  11. Muuse bixi for president we will rule for ever or Proff iebrahien meygaag samtar furreh those 2
  12. why isset inportent man its gone somali youth leage cant excits no more becous the somali dont have a one commen interest Somalilanders want there recogniton for there independen country The puntland ppl still want 2 have mogadisho bye force but they cant The ppl of the south cant see or hear puntland and Ethiopian ppl