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  1. Aaliyah it is tough but the most amazing thing you will ever experiance. The reward gets sweeter as your baby grows and you will just want more and more and more until you can no longer have them. i was scared the first time and when the baby came out, i was like what is it all over? and i said, wait, i want another one right away. Aaliyah and all those unmarried girls, if you came across the right guy, pls dont postpone until i dont know when coz lator when ur nearing 40 and ur clock ticks to the stop line, you will have many many regrets. avoid that by all halaal means.
  2. Thank you all for your duas. Illaahay hanoo aqbalo adinkana waxaad rabtaan ha idiin sahlo ajarna idinka siiyo.
  3. Malika is something on the way soon? Wax khayr qabo Illahay kaaga baryey.
  4. aniga am planning to have 7 or 11 or 13 or 15. intaas ka badan maba dhali karo in illahay lix lix iisiinaayo ma ogiye. so far only 1 and one on the way. waxaa iigu ducaysaan in mataano kuwaan hada wado iigu xijiyo illaahay kuwaana nabad nugu kala keeno. who knows, some of you might be innocent,righteous and god fearing.
  5. Faynuus


    read alot of quraan. i helps alot.
  6. Supremacist walee war baad haysaa. hadeeyba halyeeynimada Puntland iyo guardianshipnimadii ay noqotay **********nimo lugu faano, Illaahaybaa uma maqan shacabka reer puntland iyo inta kale kulayka gumaysiguba gaaray. the day will come when somalia's men and women will live up to their name and reclaim our scavaged country. Meanwhile Somali sujiu, despite all the obstacles and segragations they face, fight really hard for what is rightfully theirs and am proud of the little they acheived and the more they will in the near future insha Allah.
  7. really? i thought a pimp had a totally different meaning and i hope u dont mean that dayuus thing. There is nothing wrong with a husband letting his wife work while he takes care of the home.not that it is a traditional thing but if they concent to it, there is nothing wrong with that. Remember we are governed by shariah and letting the wife work outside the home is not HARAM as long as she adares to the islamic teaching. the man must also provide for his family but what if she is more competent or capable than him?
  8. I think CL, hardline feminist she is, didn't compare daycare with stay at home parents but she compared the outcome. do kids raised by parents at home grow up to be scccessful and disceplined than the daycare ones. Spending those first years at home with your kids and puting their needs first is the best thing a parent especially a mother can do for her kids but if financial burden forces her to be out, then she has no choice. those of us who also opt to have more kids won't find staying home until all kids grow up idea very appealing. i want to be a good mom, iam i think and want to have a career, be productive and be part of society at large. i dont want to be confined in my home. am an adult and believe that we have the capabilities to be more than a mother, wife or just a freaking career women. we can have most of what we want alltogather but if our trains jam, then mom it is gonna be for me.
  9. Val so u got the passion for adventure.good luck.
  10. Malika it was just a hypothetical question.am in school now again on my way to a new career but as i said earlier i really wouldn't enjoy being a trailer for someone. for my kids on the hand, anything and i mean i would give up/sacrifice everything except for my ibaada. CL and Aaliyah what a lively debate. Hayam just wondering if ur considering ur propposed choice number 3?
  11. Faynuus

    Ugly Education

    kkkkkkkkkkixkaaaaaaaaaax. Zack ilkahayga magtoodaa lagaa rabaa saan u qoslaayey. maxaad ku tir gabadhii gabadhii markaas.
  12. Ilax well said brother. But though that would be a nice role, what i meant was would you give up your chosen career for your spouse's career? being in the kitchen cabinet as you put it, is like salbalaarsi for the partner and it may not be ur dream or a role you would other wise choose ma garatay? mida kale does the :power of the bed: apply to you guys also? Aaliyah. Maansha Allah sis, Allaha ku siiyo kuwo baari ah, be accomodating him too.
  13. lol@che. what a good scenerio that would be. I would give up but not entirely i suppose.
  14. If your spouse took a new role like a governer or any other role and there is a conflict of interest between the two of you, would you give up your line of work to support or promote your spouse? if yes, how long? eid mubarak again.
  15. eid mubaarak dhamaantiin iyo eheladiinaba.