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  1. I agree, but this peace deal will have add on effect. The ONLF has to come up with clear startegy if they stand what they are saying. And wish to be on borad for similiar peace deal.If peace is in the Region, I wish no one can justfy such attrocities as they are given the green light with the existing political situation in the Region.
  2. It is safe to say 'Somalis'don't know where they are heading to . This has to do with soci-culture of the Somalis, we are the worest of the worestd; Look we are proud with the all bad things, killings, looting, deceiving and the worest destroying your nation is just some thing common with the so call somalis. The mother of all these bad cultures is 'clanish faith'. Proposed solution; abandon the name 'Somalis' and integrate with other ethnic groups. Somalis are good when ruled by others, as now is widespread phenomina. Second never talk what we can not acheive; Somali wayn. Nin walba dadkiisa kale dhinaca ha ka raaco The last point, SOMALIA FOR SALE; let us sale the country not with the cheapest price but competitive price by allowing others to takeover. These are the realy issue we need to talk not superficials.
  3. Zack Wish doing well. Abdi-fatah is selling his political point of view that exists. People in the Region need peace at any cost so let politicians come up with innovative political solution, not emotional like that one!
  4. Positive! Bit interested the discussion you forwarded. But stil strugling to understand why this is taking too long? Where is the real problem now? Is it cos re-emergency of Islamist? Or is it prolonged social transformation as explained by some others? In any case, I see we can enlist the problems but could not act on it for its solution! that might be the bigest problem.
  5. Good reasoning but outdated. This is just reflecting what others described for us. Then, the question begins right from defining what ‘development’ means. And that is the core issue we are missing at this fast truck global change. Then Africa needs an alternative type of development not old mentality development prescribed by the woeful masters. The search of answer for these critical enquires needs more innovative and contextual not borrowed jargons.
  6. "Abtigissa" War waan nabad imide! See tahay saaxiib, ma ii facan tahay.
  7. TOOOOOOOOOO Much for reading!!!!!!!!
  8. Still having virtual fighting with less biting teeth.My laser does not see Somali at its 'existence'. Do we have a discussion of an other side of story 'the begining of the end of Somalis'.
  9. This conflict is ridiculous and the product of wrong political calculation. Why do they fight if their agenda is for freedom? A&T, you making allot of political compromise here and there. Of which is not the right option in this ruthless political environment with disguised politicians. This clash is a sign of lack of political maturity for both factions, and this depicts the political leadership capacity of the warring factions. Anyway, clan disease should be properly treated and using religion as common grounds for unity makes more sense but religion should not be used as a cover-up for hiding agenda.
  10. Why not for peace? Look, give a chance for peace making efforts. For me, Sh Sharif did the right thing. The Sherif is doing some level of diplomacy at least to restore salvation for the country. We have to appreciate, we should not criticise anything for the sake of being critique. Sh. sharif need backhanded compliment not nonsense critique. I fully support his diplomatic endeavours. Is he going to win in this, is some thing else.
  11. It’s unfortunate for Somali to have AY as a leader. Some predict the situation in Somalia might get worse than ever. However, this might not be true at all. There are hopes and prospects that things might get improved in the hands of youth Islamist, whoever they are. The good news is Ethio's withdrawal timetable. After withdrawal, the rival groups should come together and form a coalition government. Don’t be fooled the western propaganda, the youth Islamist are far better than the stooges in Baidobo and else where in the country. Therefore, there is a window of political opportunity as new leaders emerged out of this political crap.
  12. Agriculture in general including livestock can serve a linking point to achieve industrialisation. But, the question is when and how agriculture can be transformed in to industrialisation? Agriculture in-terms of livestock production is a bit complex and highly contested in the international market. Livestock for development demands some sort of commercialised livestock production or specialised livestock production. This means to be more competitive and innovative in the livestock sector and meeting the global standard for livestock trading such as free-livestock disease, certified animal health and putting in place all necessary facilities such check points, quarantine and abotiers. If you achieve to have market driven livestock production then livestock can be economically viable for the development. What you need is not quit rather to develop and advance extensively. Definitely, livestock sector will be profitable in economic of scale with high technique of production Crop production is another sector of agriculture. This sector is very important in many aspects. It feeds the population. It also helps the country to be self reliant on its domestic production and to have food security. This sector should be developed as well. If it is given enough focus, normally agriculture can be transformed in to industrialisation. Both agriculture and industrial sector feeds with each other and make possible economic growth to happen. To conclude, this needs more than a single answer. Therefore, what matter is the strategy in place not the making a decission on quiting or not quiting.
  13. D= Doorasho: Ama ha badsado ama ha yaraystee koley waa hawl dhaqameed marka waxaan u rajaynayaa kheyr. Inkasta oo aysan haboonayn odyagan wareersan inuu u yeedho hadana koley oday beeleed iga dheh.
  14. I think nothing wrong with the size of the parliament as far as it is a factor in the reconcilation. The number does not matter but what matter is the effectiveness of the deal Every thing is logic in restoring peace and stablity to this wartorn nation. No thing to be woried in this upnormal political situation except peace.
  15. Ina Yusuf has left no stone unturned for his survival. Anyway, the old man is desparete to get support to prolong his presidentail tenure. Oh, Ay is beeating a dead horse.