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  1. It's all about your interests at least for myself, you should favor which ever political party caters to your interests in somalia and the west. In somalia, political interests is synonymous with clan interests therefore one has no choice but to support one's clan interests. As napolean said "A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights".
  2. ^ I wasn't old enough(3 and a half) to go to dugsi, but i went for a few weeks, I quit dugisi after the macalin whacked me with a stick a few too many times. I do remember a small monkey that used to visit our house, might've been a squirrel monkey, apparently there were a lot of them in xamar. Before 1990, xamar was a great place.
  3. The only thing I remember from xamar is going to dugsi and getting a beating from the macalin, and then afterwards running away from the civil war. The place is cursed and a perpetual hellhole.
  4. Originally posted by nuune: PS: PL peacekeepers failed that mission to keep the city peace, lets try SL peacekeepers, I don't say troops, PL peacekeepers & SL peacekeepers, the latter is more organised. What do you have to back that claim? No offense but your topic is nothing but nonsense, what can somaliland rag tag militias accomplish that highly trained african and ethiopian and puntland peacekeepers can't? There needs to be peace and negotiations between all southern clans for peacekeepers to be effective.
  5. Al shabab are the biggest threat to somalia and somali unity, these lunatics need to be stopped by any means necessary.
  6. ^ Let me guess anyone who doesn't agree with you is conveniently sexist? How am I sexist? And here I thought my views were liberal, go figure. Can you give concrete examples, if not I suggest you shut it up missy and stop playing a victim.
  7. ^ why do i get the feeling your still bitter because I'm anti-somaliland secessionist. Is daji, it's not that serious.
  8. Originally posted by Ibtisam: ^^^LOOOL I doubt it was a women anyway, have you seen his views on women, he thinks they are talking walking domestic doll like creatures on this earth to please and clean after men. ? Easy on the character assassination there ibtisam, when did I say such a thing? lol@aaliyah, yup i'm simple guy and very easy to please
  9. Who rated me? If it's a xalimo, show yourself and claim your prize(me ).
  10. Hayat:i merely go for my cars in terms of looks Which brings us back to the original premise that women know nothing about cars.
  11. Cambodian breast milk I hear is tasty.
  12. Originally posted by *Hayat*: quote:I think I would prefer the Echo to that Mercedes. At least finding the door handle wouldn't be an exciting mystery at 2 AM in the morning in an empty parking lot lol. quite true!! you have an imagination cara protocol, you just compared the worst edition of echo to the best edition of mercedes. when you look at both in their best, they are not quite that far from each other. by the way i want a red echo that blue does not look nice. I want a red echo becuase its a small car, and the prettiest of small cars. if i decide not having a small car then that is where the mercedes comes in. you cannot be serious, mercedes and toyoto echo's are not in the same league. You could probably buy 3 echo for the price of a Mercedes. I will say that the echo is reliable like all japaneese cars, but when it comes to aesthetics and performeance, it's no match for a benz. it depends on what you want in a car i suppose. Anyways if your in the market for a reliable and nice cars, go for VW jetta. Here's a mercedes cl600, v-12 engine, a great performance car. But very expensive! Shall we compare that to an echo? p.s I changed my nick, I was the artist formerly known as protocol. i felt I needed a somali name. I was gonna go with shaydan shanlestey, but qalbi adeyg works.
  13. ^ Alright chief, I will leave your topic with this quote It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously"
  14. ^ Dunno. But who said this. Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought.”
  15. Originally posted by Cara: ^Waxaa geeya the young women their age won't give them the time of day, so they are desperate too. Birds of a feather lol you and your low blows. well since we are two desperate birds, what do you say we flock together?
  16. ^ Nice bugatti veyron! Too bad these cars too expensive for me to afford, maybe in 10 years.
  17. Oh no, eedo kool kat is here, I have to behave. I take back what I said. Actually older women are usually more mature and know what they want.
  18. Originally posted by COSTA: I like old women gabadhii 30+ ka weyn PM ha i soo dirto lol. why because they're desperate in most cases? I hear you.
  19. Bil-kiss I said you're slow drivers, hence why your insurance is cheaper. How can you people compare a mercedes: with a cheap echo
  20. Originally posted by Alluvial Diamond: So, you tell us all people of digil and midhifle are Oromos? Actually, yes a lot of them have oromo origins, what exactly is wrong with being an oromo that you think it's an insult? They are mostly muslim people.
  21. Originally posted by Nur: Protocol bro. Here is a saying that you suports your fears: Marriage: When a Faarax loses his Bachellors and a Halimo gets her Masters! On Mutca marriage, besides its assured ban, a rule of thumb is "would you consider to a relative of yours"? Nur No I wouldn't it, but I see the practicalities of temporary marriage nonetheless.
  22. hagbad waa only for somali dumar, who else uses that. But it's actually not a bad option. aaliyah do you have a savings account? credit card? What about saving, rrsp's, mortgages, all those have interest. The western world works on interest, it's very hard to avoid it.
  23. ^ All that being said, there doesn't seem to be xalaal alternatives for those are trying to avoid riba. I'm sure if there were alternatives, most people would stay away from loans. And not everybody, in fact I would say the majority of students can get through uni without loans. Those are the hard facts, there maybe exceptions, but it's definitely not the rule. It's expensive and if you don't have rich parents to support you, you have to take loans unfortunately or else take a few years off and work full time and save. That option doesn't seem practical. Of course we have to repent until we pay it off, but there really should be some kind of islamic loan system as an alternative.