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  1. Marriage is just a trap especially in the west, a way for a man to loose his financial and social freedoms and be tied to one woman. I really think the shia way of 'temporary marriage' is more appealing especially for those of us living in the west. But how many women would agree to it?
  2. ^ All types, from elderly women to buxom blondes. It maybe a stereotype but it's true, women and the elderly are infuriatingly slow drivers and don't know much about cars.
  3. Who said I don't have a job? I do have a part time job, but a part time job alone especially at minimum wage will not cover everything. I'm not speaking for myself but others with loans, because fortunately for me I don't owe that much. I'm sure allah(swt) will be understanding. Intentions and doing good are more important than just 'staying away' from sin.
  4. ^ Women are horrible drivers and don't know anything about cars, that's basic knowledge. Originally posted by STOIC: 4.Domestic skills-Could you just please just judge us in the context of what our momma taughts us-Stay out of kitchen if there is skirt in the house! lol. so true. Gotta love somali moms. I was taught a man in the kitchen is ceeb.
  5. Originally posted by Ibtisam: Protocol, that is not true, you can get around it and people do, it just means some hardship. No one said it is going to be easy. Technically you could, but you would be compromising on your studies because you'd have to be working 30-40 hours a week especially if you have to pay rent, textbooks, food etc. We're human, not machines who wants to go through that much hardship and hassle especially when your young? At the end of the day it depends on the person and what is important to them.
  6. You can't get out of student loans, how else are we expected to pay for school and hence make a living? Luckily I don't owe that much because of scholarships, assistance etc. But I'll be owing more because of post grad school next year. Interest is part of life in the western world, you can't get out of it. Get a part time job and work enough in the summer to pay off the tuition if it's possible.
  7. Originally posted by Ibtisam: ^^Oh SLand. Well they seem to be doing ok, so I would not worry too much about including them in anything at this stage. Even without a "king" they have somehow managed to get their shiid together long enough to provide peaceful conditions for the people who live there. Therefore they don't have problems (well not as big as the south anyway). You have to love the propaganda that's feed to these people. Just to let you know, Bossaso is safer than hargeisa today and more welcoming to all somali's, I guarantee it.
  8. Originally posted by Cabdiyo Cabdi: Hi all, anyone know how i can reformat my computer. It's badly infected with viruses that i can't even log-in. How do i clear /get rid of everything? Mahadsanid. save your work and try system restore. Anyways, PC's are easily infected with viruses, you should've gotten a mac.
  9. Originally posted by Oodweyne: ^^^ Adeer , when you said this: quote: Originally posted By Pirate-lander , Also, the SNM khat rebels were the weakest rebel movement, and without ethiopian assistance and other somali rebel movements( ssdf, usc etc), morgan would still be in hargeisa today. Consider yourself luck old man. All one can do, is to say, that is enough for you tonight, dear lad . Therefore, be off to bed (for I am sure of it, that the family is cursing me for keeping you up in this late in the night). And do not worry, for you could keep the lights on; just in case you think that dark may bring the worst for you... Nigthy,...nighty,,... dear lad ... khat is a hell of a drug, Good night senile old khat addict, and don't let gen morgan or other bad puntland bogeymen give you nightmares.
  10. Originally posted by +Faheema: Protocol, is every Black person who supports Obama and is proud of his success and accomplishments related to him? Why is it when a Somali who happens to be from Somaliland is proud of their success and accomplishments branded a "Tribalist"? I don't get your point. Are somalilanders a unique ethnic group different from the rest of somali's? They are branded 'tribalist' because honestly speaking that's the reason they are proud of said successfull person, because they share a tribe with him and hence feel his accomplishments are their own. Let's be honest here. Anyone who supports 'somaliland' separation from the rest of somalia is a tribalist, and that's the reality. The whole reason somaliland is seeking separation is because they are unwilling to work with other somali clans. That's the narrow minded mentality that's prevalent there, and no I'm not hating, just stating the truth.
  11. Originally posted by Oodweyne: ^^^ Did it ever occured to you, that I may have seen more gore and blood in real life than you have ever seen in movie theatre in your life, dear lad ?... As for Morgan, Adeer, cowards, are the ones who run away when things are about to be decided on the front... And on that score, Morgan was always and has been an "AWOL" kind of guy from any battle he was supposed to be involved in ( and that is all throughout his life )... Which means, I can tell you that the guy is very smart cokie. For when things get bit dicey, then all one will hear is "woosh" , he is gone for good... In other words, he always will fight his battles in the air-waves like the BBC Somali service, instead of the ground where it mattters the most...D No it never occurred to me, and you are nothing more than a bullshit merchant. We both know it. No doubt at the very sound of gun fire you would flee in a heartbeat. I bet when the civil war was going on, you fled to england for some tea and biscuits. Also, the SNM khat rebels were the weakest rebel movement, and without ethiopian assistance and other somali rebel movements(ssdf, usc etc), morgan would still be in hargeisa today. Consider yourself luck old man.
  12. This guy is the biggest cugdadlow, He hates his own race.: Clayton bigsby.
  13. Oodeweyne lol. All of that nonsense, just proves how much of a coward you are. To quote jackie chan "I let people talk who like to talk.It makes easier to find out how full of shit they are." Nothing but hadal, you will no doubt piss your pants at the sight of a Kalashnikov. Btw, is general morgan still giving you guys nightmares after all these years?
  14. A bloated government will not be able to accomplish anything, I don't mind clan representations, it's the reality of Somalia, but this is too much.
  15. Originally posted by RedSea: Protocol, I bet if i opened a thread about AMAL express you'd all be saying 'oh masha Allah' this and that. And probably would go bananas if someone came out and said otherwise. However the only difference here is that Dahabshiil is recognised as xawaalad for all somalis.It helps all somals regardless. This recognition here is just one of many in the resume. But mr. Protocol is just being the protocol we all know. You have nothing else to say, but constanly hate on people whose peers you'll never be. My family doesn't own amal express, so why would I care? Does every somalilander have a share in dahabshil or something hence all the defensiveness from you lot? And I was only trying to get your reactions earlier and it seemed to have worked. Dahabshil is not bad actually, they are in bossaso as well. Ganacsi qabil ma laho, maybe it's time you all learned that. Easy on the pointless faan and I will leave you be.
  16. KK I just like to keep our somalilander friends grounded in reality, hadi kale the nonsense about 'way daqaaqday' would be nonstop. BTW, isn't nigis just underwear in reer waqooyi? or am i missing something?
  17. sayid Oodweyne would urinate on his pants and die of a heart attack at the mention of a firing squad. Are you trying to scare the senile old man?
  18. Dahashil is the worst somali xawala. read it and weep. I like how all the landers came to dahabshil's defense, even the females like ibtisam. Some real clan indoctrination must go on in these people households.
  19. Originally posted by somalipride: quote: Al-Qaeda fugitives from Iraq and Afghanistan settled in southern Somalia and formed religious fundamentalist groups like Al-Itahad Al-Islamiya and Al-Shabab armed groups. Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden visited Somalia in mid 1996 along with number of his children. Large number of Arab and Somali fighters in Afghanistan against the Russian occupation entered Somalia after collapse of Somali government 1991. So Bin Laden Visited Somalia? Someone tell the writer of this article the terrorist card is played out. He must have been in a coma for the last 5 years or something. No joke, I'm completely serious. I think he was high on khat when he wrote this garbage.
  20. Originally posted by Sophist: Protocol! I was just being silly! Sophist. PS: I have nothing to be proud about- I am not Hafidul Quraan. All the books I have read and the wealth I am creating waxbadan ii tari mayaan! I understood you were being silly, I was just making a general point not directed at anybody. Very true, your last statement.
  21. AfricaOwn I'm sure it is homie. I can tell inaa guri cugdad ka buuxo lagu koriyay. It's nothing serious on my end, laakin keep hating if you must. Haters never prosper though.